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									Hello! I am a regular
guy so to speak father
of 3 beautiful little
girls, and working a dead
end job in the furniture
industry desperate to
give my girls more I set
off on my venture into
the internet business
world through all the
wasted time and lost
money paying all these
companies I just became
fed up no more would I
pay these places for
something I could learn
to do for free so I
registered at all the
auto surf sites that
offered free credits
mainly the one offering
a thousand or better
took the steps required
at each site to receive
my surf bonuses that
was 10 sites surfing each
account 5 hours a piece
and you don’t have to sit
at your computer for
the five hours just
check to see if your surf
bars haven’t stopped
that very same day I
checked and I had 6 sign
ups on just 1 of my web
sites instant profit
here is a list of all the
sites I used to do this

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