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                                OUTLINE OF THE
                             TRAINING SEMINAR
 What is an Appetiser?

        “Appetiser” is a training seminar which aims to bring people, who work with
  youngsters in different places in Europe and to introduce them the possibility to work
        in the international setting. This training seminar serves for motivating new
  people to become beneficiaries of the programme. The target group - youth
   workers and youth leaders, who are active in their own organisations, but they do
            not have any experience in organising international youth activities.

What do you get when you order an Appetiser?
 Surprisingly, but when ordering an “Appetiser”, you get a delicious ice cream!

 The main ingredients, as we can see, are concepts
    of Non Formal Education and Intercultural
    Learning, which help in providing personal and
professional qualities for the participants. These are
 the first concepts, which a newcomer meets, when
        coming first to international youth work.

             On the other hand, when you order an
    “Appetiser”, you get a 4 day program which
 includes sessions on the ice cream concepts with
        the emphasis on showing participants good
                                quality projects.

 What you do not get when you order an Appetiser?

 When you order an “Appetiser”, don’t expect to get on your plate:

 1   a Contact Making Seminar.

    Building a partnership between participants is not an aim in this seminar, although
            it’s a natural space for finding potential partners for your future projects.

 2   a “YOUTH” programme information seminar.

    The entire story about the “YOUTH” programme is not told in “Appetiser”. Just
                         first bits to taste and appetite to get more information later…

 3   a result oriented seminar.

      At the end of the seminar participants will not be asked to build partnerships and
                                     create potential projects. It’s a seminar to taste…
Menu of tasted Appetisers

Until this moment 19 National Agencies have sent their participants to the following
“Appetiser” seminars:

“Appetiser” in Malta – made in June 26-30, 2004 by Maltese NA. In total
26 participants were there from Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium – FL,
Poland, Iceland, Romania.

“Appetiser” in Poland – made in June 27-31, 2005 by Polish NA. In total 20
participants from Poland, The Netherlands, Norway, Lithuania, Belgium, Austria, and

“Appetiser” in Greece – made in June 8 – 13, 2005 by Greek NA. In total 23
participants were there from Malta, Greece, Sweden, Czech Republic, Turkey,
Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Germany.

“Appetiser” in The Netherlands – made in June 24 – 29, 2005 by Dutch NA. In
total 22 participants were there from The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Latvia,
Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria.

How does an Appetiser taste like?

In total 91 youth leaders/workesr has already tasted “Appetiser”. They say that
it tastes   like:

   -   First intercultural learning experience in youth work (64 %)
   -   Building self confidence in taking future action in international youth field (32%)
   -   Motivating to enlarge own organisations’ activities (27%)

And they still want to taste   more:

   -   Information about the “YOUTH” programme (52%)
   -   Sharing of their own experiences (47%)
   -   Quality youth projects (20%)

Cooks of Appetiser

There are 3 main chefs, producing the delicious “Appetiser”:

Yvor Broer – a trainer from The Netherlands/ Denmark
http://www.salto-youth.net/find-a-trainer/12.html <--- See his profile

Athanasios (Sakis) Krezios – a trainer from Greece
http://www.salto-youth.net/find-a-trainer/681.html <--- See his profile

Monika Kezaite – a trainer from Lithuania
http://www.salto-youth.net/find-a-trainer/404.html <--- See her profile
How to apply for the training course?
Please send in applications to your respective National Agencies.
In Catalonia:
Mireia Vilamala i Verdaguer
Equip Internacional
Secretaria General de Joventut
Generalitat de Catalunya
Tel. 93 483 83 21

   Deadline for applications to the National Agency of the YOUTH programme in your
    country is 02/05/06