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					                                                 BUSINESS RELATED DVD/VIDEOS AT DCCC LIBRARY (sorted by date)
                                                                                     LC Subject
                    TITLE                       YEAR       CALL #        VHS#                                                               Faculty Comments

Effective Communication in Teams                2005 HD42.E34          DVD
                                                                                business failures;
Enron:The Smartest Men in the Room              2005 HD9502.U54 .E57 DVD        corrupt practices
                                                                                                         Too much to view in one setting; better viewed in segments; Good for identifying diff. betw.
                                                 2005 Management
Facilitative Leadership: Teamwork, Planning and ConflictHD57.7.F335    DVD                               Authoritative & facilitative leadership;
                                                                                                         Useful in Supervision, Leadership, Prin.of Management, Corporate Training and Adult
                                                                                                         Classes.(LD 10/06)
Hire the Best                                    2005 HF5549.5 .I6 .H5742
                                                 2005 HF5549.5 .J63
Losing your Best and Brightest? Try Offering Career Management Tools .L67
                                                                        DVD     job satisfaction

                                                                                organizational change;
Fish Sticks                                     2004 HF5549.5 .M63 F57
                                                                     DVD        job satisfaction

                                                                                                         Growth of Walmart; Import, export, cost point; great for logistics, gobal trade.(LD10/06)
Is Wal-mart Good for America? (PBS)              2004 HF5429.215 .U617 DVD
Art of Effective Communication                   2004 HF5718.A78        DVD
                                                 2004 HF5389.B873
Business Etiquette: Maximizing your Opportunity for a Successful Career DVD
Managing Change                                 2004 HD58.8 .M255             reorganizations
                                                                              manufacturing; mass
Modern Marvels: Assembly Line                   2004 TS178.4 .A87      DVD    production
Inside Story: E-Commerce in Business            2003 HF5548.32 .E28    DVD
                                                                                                         Concepts for Prin. Of Management. And Human Resources Classes; Could be used for in-
Performance Appraisals:Getting Results          2003 HF5549.5.R3.P47 DVD                                 depth training; includes worksheets
                                                                                                         and examples. (LD 10/06)
                                               2003 HF5387.P76
Professional Development: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility    VHS#YY2442
Greed: Is it Necessarily Bad? (ABC News)       2002 HB835.G74          DVD
Interviewing                                   2002 BF637.I52 .I52   VHS#YY2476-2477
                                                                            motivation; attitude
                                                                            change; customer
Fish! Catch the Energy, Release the Potential!  2002 HF5549.5 .M63 F57
                                                                     DVD    service
                                                  2002 HM1126.P43
Globalization (Peace and Conflict Resolution Series)                   VHS#YY2439
                                                  2002 HD30.3.H68
How to Communicate Clearly and Effectively with Employees              VHS#YY2500
Power of Attitude: It does make a Difference      2001 HF5549.5.M63    VHS#YY2504
Supervising the Difficult Employee                2001 HF5549.5.E42.M36VHS#YY2503
                                                                                television advertising
42nd Annual Clio Awards                         2001 HF6146 .T43 C583VHS#YY2303
Coming to Terms: An Introduction to Contracts   2000 K840.C66        VHS#YY2435
                                                                                                         3 Separate Modules; 1 person talking; Might be great for Career & Counslng Ser.; Includes
How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation        2000 HD42.563          VHS#YY2502                        worksheets and activities. (LD10/06)

                                                                                                                                                                             mag / rev. 10/04
                                                     BUSINESS RELATED DVD/VIDEOS AT DCCC LIBRARY (sorted by date)
                                                                                             LC Subject
                     TITLE                         YEAR         CALL #         VHS#                                                                Faculty Comments
Negotiating for Business Results                   2000 HD58.6 .N423     DVD
Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace         2000 HD6060.3 .P73    DVD
                                                   1999 HF5549.5 .M5 .H68
How to Deal with Cultural Diversity in the Workplace                     DVD                            Workplace diversity issues (LD 10/06)
                                                   1999 HN25.W4
Where We Stand: Democracy, Free Enterprise, and One's Standard of Living VHS#YY2196
Non-Verbal Communication                           1999 HF5549.5 .C6 N66 VHS#YY2302
Is America Number One? (ABC News)                  1999 HC103.18                economics; free enterprise
Effective Teamwork                                 1998 HD66 .E33        DVD                            Review of successful team characteristics; Great to use before setting up teams in any class (LD10/06)
Making the Net Work for You: The Smart Website 1998 HF6146.I58                  advertising; e-commerce
Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet (PBS) 1998 TK5105.875 .I57 N47
Not for Sale: Ethics in the American Workplace 1997 HF5387.N6            VHS#YY2079
Teamwork: Ten Questions & Solutions to Achieve 1997 HD66 .T43            VHS#YY2290
                                                   1996 HD58.9 .A66
Apollo 13 Leadership: Down to Earth Lessons for You and your Organizat DVD                              Covers Leadership, vision, values, interdependence & accountabilty; Use in conjunction with Apollo 13 w
                                                                                                                Would be great for any adult night class (LD 10/06)
Mauritius: Celebrating Diversity                   19961 HF5549.5 .M5 .M38
                                                                         VHS#2510                               Classic on diversity; island of Mauritius (MAG 11/06)

Triumph of the Nerds: Riding the Bear (PBS)        1996 HD9696 .C52 U515862

Triumph of the Nerds: Great Artists Steal (PBS)    1996 HD9696 .C52 U515862

Internet Roadside Café                             1996 TK5105.888 .I58       VHS#YY2281

The Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe and Russia HF5415.12 .E815 E44

Slim Hopes (advertising)                           1995 BF697.5 .B63 S64 VHS#YY1790
                                                                                     bus.ethics; advertising-- Ethical issues role played by a panel of CEO's portraying difficult decisions, personal
Doing the Right Thing                              1994 HF5387.D644                  ethical aspects
                                                                              VHS#1566                         values, and special interests; Interesting
                                                                                                                but there is no interaction; students just view the video (LD 10/06)

The Team Approach                                  1994 HD66 .T42             VHS#YY1643

                                             1994 HD66 .T4
Teamwork: My Job Would Be Simple if Everyone Would Go Away                    VHS#YY1702

Cornerstones of Quality                            1994 HD62.15 .C665         VHS#YY1640

Joanne Ciulla: Ethics in the Workplace             1994 HF5387 .J8            VHS#YY1956

Beyond the Glass Ceiling                           1994 HD5064.4 .U6 B49 VHS#YY2035
                                                                                                                Student panel discussion led by professor; highlights key ethical concepts; up-to-
Business Ethics                                    1994 HF5386 .B86           VHS#YY2078                        date(LD10/06)

Problem Solving (Business Environment)             1994 BF449 .P76            VHS#YY721

Inside the Global Economy (7 VHS tapes)            1994 HF1359 .15            VHS#YY2282

                                          1994 HM131 .G768
Group Dynamics: Why Good People Make Bad Decisions                            VHS#YY1858

The North American Free Trade Agreement            1994 HF63211 .N67          VHS#YY1740

                                                                                                                                                                                       mag / rev. 10/04
                                                 BUSINESS RELATED DVD/VIDEOS AT DCCC LIBRARY (sorted by date)
                                                                                    LC Subject
                       TITLE                    YEAR      CALL #       VHS#                                                      Faculty Comments

World Of Opportunity: Managing in a Global EnvironmentHF5549.5 .E45.W67HS#1593
                                                1993                  V                          International Business, global awareness and growth of business worldwide (LD10/06)

                                                1992 HF5813 .U5 A4
The Ad and the Id: Sex, Death, and Subliminal Advertising             VHS#YY2115

Psycho-Sell: Advertising and Persuasion         1992 HF6146 .T42 P89 YY1370

European Community (Economics)                  1992 HC241.2 .E8574   YY1364

Networking Your Way to Success                  1991 HD69 .S8 N4      YY2085

                                               1991 BR115.E3 P47
Perspectives: A Judeo-Christian View of Economic Issues               YY1199-1203

Quality or Else: the Global Marketplace         1991 HF5415.157 .Q33 YY1189

Quality or Else: Change to Survive              1991 HF5415 .157 .Q33 YY1190

Quality or Else: How to Hit the Moving Target   1991 HF5415. 157 .Q33 YY1191

                                                 1990 CB158. BB8
Business of Paradigms (social prediction/corporate planning)          YY499

Time Management                                 1990 CB2395.4 .B42    YY1002

                                              1989 WSJ
How to Read Between the Lines: Getting More Out of theHG4571 .W3      YY698

Advertising Layout                              1989 HF5825 .A38      YY544

The Quality Connection                          1989 HD62.15 Q35      YY955

The One Man Band that Went to Wall Street       1989 HG4572 .O54      YY988

Empowering Others (psychology-motivation)       1989 HD50 .E43        YY1185

Why You Buy: How Ads Persuade                   1988 HF5823 .W59      YY1371

Managing Your Time                              1988 HF5549.5 .T5 .M36YY720

Problem Solving (Business Environment)          1988 BF449 .P76       YY721

Dealing With Stress                             1988 BF575 .S75 .D43 YY722

Coping with Conflict                            1988 BF637.S8 C66     YY719

Expressing Yourself                             1988 HF5718 .E977     YY718

Projecting a Professional Image                 1988 BF637 .S8 P76    YY716

Broadcast Media                                 1988 HF6146 .T42 B663 YY1732

Anatomy of Japan                                1987 HF3127 .B73      YY1300 economics

                                                                                                                                                                 mag / rev. 10/04
                                                 BUSINESS RELATED DVD/VIDEOS AT DCCC LIBRARY (sorted by date)
                                                                                      LC Subject
                    TITLE                       YEAR        CALL #       VHS#                                                        Faculty Comments

Still Killing Us Softly: Advertising 's Image of Women
                                                    1987 HF5822 .S74    YY1214                        classic by Jean Kilbourne. Women and advertising. MAG 10/06
                                                                            Eastern airlines; labor
Collision Course                                1987 HD6960.5 .U5 C66YY1324 disputes

The IMF at Work                                 1986 HB3881 .I58 I63    YY1067

Economics USA (14 in series)                    1985 HB171.5 .E32       YY1217-1230

Motivation                                      1985 BF503 .M67         YY1761 employee management

The Meeting Robbers                             1985 HD30.3 .M4         YY1188

                                               1984 HF5549.5316 .M67YY954
More Than a Gut Feeling (employment interviewing)

                                                                                                                                                                    mag / rev. 10/04

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