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									       Volume 5, Issue 2
                                                           News and Information for the Customers of
                                                                   the Alameda County Water District
                                                                                                            Autumn, 2001
A Message
From the General
Manager                                   Construction Begins on
                                          Groundwater Desalination Facility
Increased                                 A dusty field in Newark might seem like an unlikely place to kick off one of the most notable
                                          construction projects to take place in Northern California in quite some time, but on October 19

Security                                  that is precisely what happened. With shovels in hand, the ACWD Board of Directors officially
                                          broke ground on the ACWD Groundwater Desalination Facility (Desal Facility).
                                          The only facility of its kind in Northern California, the Desal Facility will use a process known as
The terrorist attacks of September        reverse osmosis to remove salts and other minerals from brackish (slightly salty) groundwater.
11 have raised questions in many          The soft water produced by the Desal Facility will be blended with harder water pumped from
peoples minds about the vulnerabili-      other parts of the groundwater basin to maintain a more uniform water hardness throughout
ty of ACWD facilities to sabotage.        the year and throughout ACWD’s service area.
Although we have received no
                                          Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, ACWD
threats that would lead us to believe
                                          General Manager Paul Piraino noted that the Desal
that our facilities or our water supply
                                          Facility will benefit more than just water quality.
might be potential targets, we have
                                          “The Groundwater Desalination Facility represents a
heightened security throughout the
                                          major step toward making the most of our local water
District as a precautionary measure.
                                          resources,” said Piraino. “As non-local water supplies
Specifically, we have:
                                          become less reliable, it becomes more important to
s   Increased security services and       make the most of local supplies. This facility will             The Desal Facility will use reverse
                                          increase the dependability of our water supply for it           osmosis membranes, such as the
    restricted access to key District                                                                     ones pictured here, to convert
    facilities.                           represents a brand new source of water completely               brackish water to fresh water.
                                          under local control.”
s Promoted   heightened security
    awareness amongst all District        Approximately 50 people attended the ceremony, including representatives from the City of
    employees.                            Newark who have worked closely with ACWD employees to bring the Desal Facility project to
                                          the construction phase. “The cooperation of the City of Newark has been greatly appreciated
s Increased    our already frequent       during these beginning phases of the project,” noted Piraino at the ceremony. “Residents
    water quality sampling schedule       of Newark have a right to be proud that the City has supported the construction of such an
    within our drinking water             innovative facility within its borders.”
    distribution system.                  Construction of the Desal Facility is being undertaken by Pacific Mechanical Corporation of
Additional security measures              Concord, California and is scheduled to be completed in 2003 at an estimated cost of $17 million.
have also been instituted by
agencies which supply water to
ACWD. Both the San Francisco
Public Utilities Commission,
                                                Capital Improvement Projects Update
which is responsible for the Hetch           s Canyon Heights Tank Replacement
Hetchy system, and the                          The Canyon Heights Tank, which supplies water to the residents
Department of Water Resources,                  living in the Canyon Heights area of northeast Fremont, was
                                                recently demolished and replaced with a new welded steel tank
which operates the State Water                  seismically designed to resist a major earthquake. The new tank
Project, have taken steps to                    has a capacity of 500,000 gallons and holds treated water ready
reduce the likelihood of an attack              for delivery to customers.
on their facilities.                                                                                                  The new Canyon Heights Tank
                                             s Ohlone Tank Upgrades
The safety and reliability of your              The 1.5 million-gallon Ohlone Tank was previously part of Ohlone College’s private water
                                                system. Feeling the maintenance and water quality responsibilities associated with the tank
drinking water supply lie at the heart          could be better handled by ACWD, the College transferred
of our mission as a public water                ownership of the tank to the District late this year. In order to
supply agency. Rest assured that we             bring the tank up to our distribution system standards, ACWD
                                                recently completed a number of upgrades, including seismic
will take whatever steps are neces-             retrofitting, modifications to piping to improve water quality,
sary to ensure that an abundant                 the addition of a chlorination facility, and recoating of the tank
supply of pure water will flow from             inside and out.
your tap whenever you need it.
                                             s Middlefield Reservoir Roof                                              The upgraded Ohlone Tank
                                                The first major overhaul of the 7.5 million-gallon Middlefield Reservoir, which was constructed
Paul Piraino                                    and placed into service in 1959, was recently completed. The former wooden roof was replaced
General Manager                                 with steel beams and corrugated metal sheathing which will act as a giant diaphragm to resist
                                                an earthquake on the nearby Hayward Fault. Seismic upgrades were also made to the reservoir
                                                walls and inlet/outlet piping, and a new water-tight liner was installed.
Rainy Season
Northern California’s typically damp winters lull many people                   aerators, a toilet tank bag,
into thinking they can take a break from water conservation for                 and toilet leak detection tablets.
six months or so. Not so, say Vana Phibbs and Amy Kirn-Leist                    To order a free kit call 1-800-292-7687.
of ACWD’s Water Conservation Department. “In our semi-arid
                                                                                A $75 rebate is available to all ACWD customers who
climate, conservation is important every month of the year,”
                                                                                purchase a qualifying Energy Star water and energy efficient
says Phibbs. “Since we never know how much rain will fall in
                                                                                clothes washer. This rebate program is scheduled to last
California from year to year, conservation is one way to ensure
                                                                                through June of 2002. For additional information and a list
a reliable supply of water.”
                                                                                of participating dealers, call 510-357-6231 and ask about
Besides turning off your automatic sprinkler system during the                  the Water Utility Clothes Washer Rebate Program.
rainy season, there are other ways to save water this winter.
                                                                                “Residential customers aren’t the only ones who can save
                                  Phibbs recommends taking
                                                                                water this winter,” says Kirn-Leist. “Businesses which
                                       advantage of two pro-
                                                                                participate in our Designated Landscape Program (DLP)
                                        grams offered by ACWD.
                                                                                simply have to follow the recommendations contained in
                                             Free Water Saver                   their personalized reports to realize significant water savings
                                             Kits are available to all          all year long.” DLP participants receive a free landscape
                                            ACWD customers who                  survey which is the basis for a report showing recommended
                                          live in a single-family               irrigation versus actual consumption. A new report is issued
                                         home built prior to 1994               every four months. If you would like to see if your business
                                         and which has not been                 or homeowner association would qualify for participation,
                                          retrofitted with water effi-          simply call us at 510-659-1970, extension 221.
                                           cient fixtures. The Water
                                           Saver Kits include two
  Free Water Saver Kits are available
                                           high-quality low-flow
        to Tri-City residents.             shower heads, two faucet                                          The ACWD

                                                                                                             A publication of the Alameda
 Board Approves Purchase                                                                                     County Water District

 of Additional Groundwater                                                                                   Board of Directors
 Banking Capacity                                                                                            Jim Gunther, President
                                                                                                             Arthur Lampert, Vice President
 On July 12, 2001, the ACWD Board of Directors approved an agreement which increased
 our storage capacity in the Semitropic Groundwater Banking Program from 16 billion                          Joseph G. Damas, Jr.
 gallons to more than 48 billion gallons. This was accomplished through the purchase                         Marty Koller
 of Vidler Water Company’s groundwater banking capacity in the Semitropic program.
                                                                                                             John H. Weed
 ACWD entered into the Groundwater Banking Program with the goal of
 minimizing water shortages during drought years. The program
 is, in effect, a savings account made up of water rather                                                    Board meetings are open to
 than cash. During wet years, when we don’t need all of                                                      the public and held on the
 the water we are entitled to from the State Water Project,                                                  second and fourth Thursdays
 the unused portion is diverted into the California
                                                                                                             of each month at 7:00 p.m.
 Aqueduct where it flows to the Semitropic Water Storage
 District, an immense groundwater basin in the Central                                                       in the ACWD Board Room,
 Valley. Here the water is stored until we need it. Should we                                                43885 South Grimmer Blvd.,
 experience a severe drought and a cutback in our State Water Project
 supplies, we can make “withdraws” from our “account” stored in Semitropic.
 With the Vidler purchase, ACWD has achieved one of the key recommendations of our                           Paul Piraino, General Manager
 Integrated Resources Planning Study, which was adopted by the ACWD Board in 1996. In
 order to ensure a reliable water supply for the Tri-City area, this report, in part, recom-
                                                                                                             Business Office:
 mended the acquisition of approximately 48 billion gallons of off-District storage by 2030.
 The Vidler purchase has allowed us to achieve that goal nearly 30 years ahead of time!                      43885 South Grimmer Blvd.
                                                                                                             Fremont, CA 94538
   Improving Customer Service
   The Alameda County Water District is committed to providing you with outstanding                          Website address:
   customer service. To ensure that we are fulfilling that commitment, we recently developed       
   a Customer Service Questionnaire that will allow you to easily and quickly provide us with
   feedback about your interactions with us. Questionnaires will be mailed to a random
   sample of customers who have contacted us with questions, concerns, or requests.
   If you receive a questionnaire in the mail, please take a moment to fill it out and send it
   back to us. Your responses will help us to provide you with superior customer service.
   If you didn’t receive a questionnaire but would like to fill one out anyway, drop by ACWD
   Headquarters or give us a call at (510) 659-1970, extension 209.
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