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					Coface Collections North America, Inc.

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Coface Collections North America, Inc.

             For more than 60 years, Coface has helped companies manage
             and protect their accounts receivables.
             Our division, Coface Collections North America, Inc. – formerly
             Newton & Associates – has been a leader in the U.S. Commercial
             debt recovery industry for many years. We have a proven track
             record, a commitment to customer service, and the ability to take
             advantage of and respond to the advances and changes in the
             collection industry.

             The combination of Coface Collections North America’s recovery
             expertise and the Coface global resources ensures that we are able
             to handle all domestic and international collection needs.

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Coface Collections North America, Inc.

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        About Coface                                   Our approach        What we provide

    Coface Group                                 CCNA overview           Investigation
                                                                           Private Investigator Network
        Worldwide Trade Facilitator             One-on-One Customer
                                                 Service                   Financial Investigations
        Key Figures
                                                 Licensing               Client Education Services
    Global Presence
                                                 The I.N.C. Approach     Litigation Management
   Coface North America
                                                 A range of Collection   International Collections
        History
        Regional Locations                      Methods                 Free Services
        Our Business Lines                      How we operate            Reporting
                                                                           Final Demand Letters
                                                                           Business Activity Scan
                                                                           On-line Access

                                                                         Additional Services
                                                                         Placement Form

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Coface: Worldwide Trade Facilitator

   Founded in France in 1946; International expansion in 1990’s

                                             One of France’s leading
   Subsidiary of                             listed banking groups

   Rated: AA by Fitch
          Aa3 by Moody’s
          AA - by S&P

           Coface facilitates business-to-business commerce
        worldwide, offering solutions to all companies – whatever
        their size, nationality, or business sector – for managing,
           protecting, and financing their accounts receivable.

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Coface Group Key Figures

Amounts in millions of euros   2007     2006
Consolidated turnover          1,571    1,461
Information                      145      126

Receivables Management            44       36

Insurance                       1,111    1,069

Factoring                        210      172

Public procedures management      61       58

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Global Presence
                                             Austria       Luxembourg             Bulgaria
                                            Belgium           Malta                Croatia             Estonia
                                            Denmark        Netherlands             Cyprus          Kazakhstan
                                            Finland         Norway               Czech Rep.          Latvia
                                             France         Portugal              Hungary          Lithuania
                                            Germany          Spain                Romania           Poland
                                             Greece         Sweden                 Serbia           Russia
                                             Ireland       Switzerland            Slovakia          Ukraine
        Canada                                                                    Slovenia
                                               Italy           UK
                                           Liechtenstein                           Turkey
                                                                                       Lebanon           Syria
                                                                       Jordan                                                                       Japan
       USA                                                             Israel                                              China       South Korea
                                                 Morocco             Tunisia
                                                             Algeria              Egypt                                    Bangladesh         Taiwan
                                                Mauritania                Libya         Saudi Arabia            Qatar                 Hong Kong
                                                              Mali              Chad                               India
     Costa Rica                               Senegal                                                                         Thailand         Philippines
                                                           Burkina Faso            Sudan                  U.A.E.
        Panama                                                                       Djibouti                                          Malaysia
                                              Côte d’Ivoire                                            Oman
            Colombia                                                  Cameroon                                                     Singapore     Vietnam
                                                   Togo                                                                                Brunei
                                                   Benin                                                                                Indonesia

                            Paraguay                                                                                                                 Australia

                                                                            South Africa
                    Chile        Uruguay

                            Argentina                                                                                                                            New Zealand
                                           Total network                        Subsidiaries or branches in 65 countries

                                           97 countries                   CreditAlliance partners in 32 add’l countries

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Coface in North America - History
         Coface takes on equity stake in credit
        reporting agencies, Veritas Group and Justicia

         CNA Credit becomes member of Coface
        CreditAlliance; Joint venture for Coface to                   Coface North America             Coface Collections North
        provide export credit coverage to CNA Credit                 Insurance Company created         America acquires one of the
        policyholders                                                                                  largest US commercial
                                                                      Coface SA – Canada              collection agencies, Newton
         Coface acquires Kompass Canada franchise                   Branch office launched            & Associates

                         1990’s                                2002             2004          2005     2006 2007

                                          Coface purchases CNA Credit in         Export Development             Coface Canada
                                         North America, becomes managing         Canada (EDC) names              expanded to include all 4
                                         general underwriter for CNA             Coface as domestic credit       Coface Business Lines
                                                                                 insurance provider for its
                                         Coface acquires Kompass USA            insurance program

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Coface in North America – Regional Locations
                                                        & E. Canada
                                                                       New England


                Regional Head Office         Regional Branch Office

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Coface in North America: 4 Main Business Lines

Accounts Receivable Protection                                Corporate Ratings and Information
Our credit insurance policies are                             Our products are designed to help our clients to make
designed to protect the companies                             decisions quickly and confidently on the basis of reliable
and banks against the risk of default                         information on their trading partners’ financial situation
to whom they grant credit. The protection                     and their liability to honor their commitments (solvency
ranges from ground up cover to cover of exceptional           info). It also helps them to identify
losses for balance sheet’s protection. It can also protect    potential business opportunities
the full portfolio of buyers or selected operations.          with creditworthiness parties
                                                              (marketing info).

                                                              Accounts Receivable Management
                                                              Our customized solutions are designed to provide our
                                                              clients with several outsourcing options for the
Accounts Receivable Finance                                   management of their invoices and their claims. Our
                                                              solutions concern any receivables whether they are
Our financial solutions are designed to provide a viable                          covered or not, small or large,
alternative that will allow the client to grow its business                        domestic or export. It ranges from the
with confidence, wherever in the world.                                            management to the purchase of
                                                                                  overdue receivables

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CCNA overview

   Coface Collections North America, Inc. (CCNA) offers
   comprehensive, flexible, collection services in the US and abroad.

   CCNA corporate office is located in Metairie, LA.
   Branch offices in:
    Vancouver, WA
    Tucson, AZ
    East Windsor, NJ
    Denver, CO

   Coface has the largest international collections network in the
            world in terms of geographical presence.

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One-on-One Customer Service

    In today’s volatile economic environment the choice of who you will
     use as your debt recovery partner is just as important as knowing
                  when to place an account for collections.

      At CCNA, we still believe in the one on one relationship which
       assures our clients of quick and professional service from a
                   representative they know and trust

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     Commercial collection agencies are required to be licensed or bonded in a
     number of states.

     Below is a list of states that require licensure/registration. For your protection as
     our client, Coface Collections North America, Inc. is licensed/registered in these

                       Arizona                          Minnesota
                       Arkansas                         Nebraska
                       Colorado                         Nevada
                       Connecticut                      New Jersey
                       Delaware                         North Carolina
                       Florida                          North Dakota
                       Idaho                            Ohio
                       Illinois                         Oregon
                       Indiana                          Utah
                       Louisiana                        Washington
                       Massachusetts                    West Virginia

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The I.N.C approach

        A Full-service commercial debt recovery from credit

       We employ sophisticated investigative resources to gather and analyze
       information in order to achieve optimal results.

       The financial information and other pertinent facts that we gather enable our
       collectors to negotiate from a position of strength.

       Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology and resources with
       expertise, experience and finesse

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A Range of Collection Methods

     Customer Service/Audit Approach
   The most diplomatic approach to the collection process

     Professional Collections
   A collection method designed to rehabilitate a problem customer

     Dispute Resolution
   A process that makes use of a team of arbitration and negotiation specialists

     Total Collection Package
   Our most aggressive collection effort, a combination of technological resources
     and recovery professionals utilizing every legal approach to collect your account

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How We Operate
   First Debtor Contact: within 2 hours of placement, if placed before
   3:00PM CST

   First Client Status Report: within 48 hours of placement

   First Results: within 15 days you will
    Have your money
    Know when it is coming
    Or know why it’s not

    Field Investigator Network
    Financial Profile Network
    Largest International Network

   Fast-Track Remit:
    Quicker access to funds with twice-monthly remittances

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Private Investigator Network

     Coface Collections North America, Inc. can go face-to-face
      with your debtor, around the corner or around the world.

             Network of more than 10,000 investigators worldwide

             Licensed, insured and credit trained

             Face-to-face debtor interaction

             Brings local presence to long distance debtors

             Reveals financial information not available through
             traditional resources

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Financial Investigations

     Coface Collections North America, Inc. uses every available
        resource to build a complete financial picture of every
                           debtor company.

     Electronic searches for suits and liens
     Multiple credit report analysis
     Private investigator reports
     Secretary of state corporate search
     Use of multiple database resources
     Information analysis by senior collection staff and management

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Client Education Services

                  Tools and timelines to enhance your in-house

                  Client E-newsletter

                  Your personal CCNA contact for on-the-spot credit

                  Convention seminars and on-site training

                  Web based client resource center

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Litigation Management

       While the use of legal resources for collections is not
     anyone’s preference, it sometimes becomes the only option
                          for debt recovery.

    Nationwide network of credit attorneys
    Seamless transition from collections to litigation
    Litigation executed in debtor’s Jurisdiction
    Legal fees incorporated in contingency rate
    Single point of contact throughout the collection process on every
    Recommendations for suit based on detailed financial

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International Collections

       CCNA is your single point of contact for business both
                     international and domestic

     Coface has entities in 65 countries and CreditAlliance partners in
     32 additional countries.
                         Total network: 97 countries

     Shared online system for immediate action on international cases

     Member of international association of commercial collectors

     Network of international collection attorneys

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Additional features and services

     When you choose Coface Collections North America, Inc. as
       your debt recovery partner, you gain access to a host of
                    additional features & services

     Extensive licensing
     Full insurance and bonding
     Credit services and individualized outsourcing
     Confidential aging analysis
     Vendor credit services
     Membership in several collection associations, CCAA, CLLA & IACC

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      Coface Collections North America, Inc. has developed a
     layered approach to reporting that is designed to meet all of
                      your information needs.

    Confirmation letters with every placement

    Written status reports supplied upon request

    Open & closed account reports available upon request

    Verbal updates on individual collection issues

    On-line access to all reports and debtor files

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Final Demand Letters

     A CCNA letterhead directing payment to you

     Creates a formal final in-house collection effort

     Separates “customers” from “debtors”

     Allows for substantive incoming collection calls

     Reduces your workload and collection cost

                                              Whether it is our 10 day demand letter
                                              or our 2 day fax demand, when you use
                                              this free service from Coface
                                              Collections North America, Inc. you
                                              show your clients you mean business.

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Business Activity Scan

       CCNA handles millions of debt recovery for our clients.
      That database is now at your disposal with the use of our
                        Business Activity Scan.

     CCNA database search
     Access by telephone number
     Takes only a few minutes
     Available for debtors or new clients
     Updated daily
     Puts a national perspective on your problem accounts
     The service is absolutely free

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On-line Access

     Live access to the collectors’ debtor narrative

     Real time view of payment register

     Immediate access to performance reports

     Secure viewing under assigned password by location

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CCNA Placement Form

                      Please contact us for a
                      CCNA placement form or fill
                      it in on www.coface-

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Thank you

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