Julius Caesar Newsletter Publisher Projects – English 2 Oral Presentation Rubric by galenbarbour


									                                   Julius Caesar Newsletter
                                 Publisher Projects – English 2
                                   Oral Presentation Rubric
                              2                  4                    6                     8
Content             Little or no         Limited             Covers topic, and     Provided in-depth
                    knowledge of         knowledge of        answers               coverage of topic.
                    topic. Missing       topic.              questions;            Knowledge of
                    details. Unclear     Uncomfortable       however, does not     topic. Holds
                    purpose. Does        with material.      elaborate or          audience
                    not have grasp of    Only able to        explain               attention.
                    information          answer simple                             Answers
                                         questions                                 questions with
Collaboration       Does not work        One student          Makes an effort to   Works as a
                    together to          speaks for whole     work together.       cohesive unit to
                    present findings.    group.                                    make presentation

Physical Delivery   Very distracted.     Somewhat             Seems                Very confident,
                    Slouching or         distracted.          comfortable,         relaxed posture
                    leaning on           Superfluous          relaxed
                    podium/desk          movement, and
Organization        Presentation         Somewhat             Coherent             Very well-
                    disorganized         organized            presentation         planned and
                                                                                   Planning evident
Use of Technology   Newsletter has       Some empty           Technology           Very good layout.
                    many empty           spaces.              enhances             Excellent balance
                    spaces. Too          Technology tool      presentation.        between articles,
                    many images.         used to some         Chooses design       and graphics.
                    Very few articles.   extent. Design set   that enhances        Uses technology
                    Inappropriate        takes away from      presentation.        as highly
                    material             material             Room for             effective tool
Elocution/Eye       Read off the         Primarily read       Made an effort to    Eye contact at all
Contact             screen or paper;     from screen or       make eye contact.    times. Enunciates
                    no eye contact.      paper with           Voice is clear.      clearly. Good
                    Mumbles or           occasional eye       Pronounced           volume and
                    speaks too softly    contact. Voice is    majority of names    pacing
                    for students in      low, and             correctly
                    back of room to      incorrectly
                    hear.                pronounces
                                         characters' names,
                                         places, events,
Grammar/Mechanics   Presentation has     Presentation has 4   There are 3          There are 1-2
                    gross mechanical     spelling and/or      spelling and/or      misspellings or
                    errors. Has 5 or     grammatical          grammatical          grammatical
                    more spelling        errors               errors               errors
                    errors. Errors
                    detract from

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