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									Cooperative Extension Service
      Budget System
      Budget Defined

  An estimate, often itemized, of
expected income and expense for a
    given period in the future.
       Budget Planning

Rough Draft Due to District Directors
          by February 28
 Before January 31st –
Identify Budget Needs
 should include travel, agent and
        support staff salary
adjustments, equipment, supplies,
      facilities and programs
Counties with District Board

  County Extension Council should
 develop budget recommendations
         for District Board
Counties without District Board

        CEC shall appoint budget
      sub-committee to obtain the
          from the Fiscal Court
Anticipated Income

     Real Property
   Personal Property
Motor Vehicle/Watercraft
         Real Property

refers to land and generally whatever
 is erected, growing upon, or affixed
              to the land
      Personal Property

all tangible property, other than real
       property, consisting of a
separate, distinct and moveable item
Motor Vehicle/Watercraft
Anticipated Delinquency = 3%
   Collection Rate = 4.25%
           Suggested Rates
  Actual rates can be obtained from
            County Sheriff

Reserve, Capital Improvement Fund and
 Equipment Fund values are generally
   carried over from current budget
 Anticipated Carryover

 Estimate of funds on June 30th of
current year minus Reserve, Capital
Improvement Fund, and Equipment
     June   30 th,   Current Year

Checking and Savings Balance = $400,000
           Reserve = $50,000
        Cap Imp Fund = $100,000
       Equipment Fund = $25,000
Anticipated Carryover = $225,000

Anticipated Expenditures
Support Staff Salary and Benefits

       3 Different Benefit Levels
        25% Benefit Rate

Support Staff Hired Prior to July 1, 2004
   45% Benefit Rate

Support Staff positions created
         July 1, 2004
     9% Benefit Rate

Part-time and temporary Support
SALARY: Support staff; Full time; Partial
Benefit Support
                               Hrly Annual
                Personal ID    Rate    Hrs       Salary     Benefits Amount

                 Support Personnel at Benefit Rate of 25%

Support Staff          9999 $10.00    1957.5    $19,575      $4,894 $24,469

Support Staff                 $0.00         0       $0           $0      $0
Agent’s Salary
Base Agent Salary Contribution
Category       Rank       Contribution
   I           1-25        $57,000
   II          26-50       $51,000
   III         51-75       $45,000
   IV          76-100      $39,000
   V           101-120     $33,000

 Existing 2 Agent Counties = $2000
   Drop down menu in template
    4th   and Up Agent Positions

      Agent Salary Adjusted Annually for Increases
     District Director will send amount of increase
Agent Positions Created Prior to 7/1/09 = No Benefit Cost
Agent Positions Created After 7/1/09 = 36% Benefit Cost
SALARY: Proffessional Staff        Salary Benefits Amount
                    Agents No Benefits
Base Agent
Contribution                       $2,000          $0 $2,000
           Agents Positions Created Prior to 7/1/09
Agent Salaries
(4th and up)                           $0          $0     $0
                                       $0          $0     $0
                                       $0          $0     $0
                                       $0          $0     $0
     Agents Positions Created Since 7/1/09 (36% Benefit)
Agent Salaries
(4th and up)                           $0          $0     $0
                                       $0          $0     $0

 Agent travel allotment shall be equal
  Support Staff Positions at the same
level - travel allotments shall be equal
Professional Improvement
  -Maximum raised to $2500/agent
 - Recommend $1250/Support Staff
   - Use for travel, subsistence, and
     registration fees for approved
professional meetings and activities.
Total Travel &
BASE PROGRAM SUPPORT:           Number Amount
Number of Professional Staff   2 Agent     $0
Additional Operational Costs
(per person)                         0     $0
                  Subtotal           0     $0
Optional County Support
Marketing Items                            $0
Postage                                    $0
Publications                               $0
Office Operation
Rent/Bldg. Payments            $0

Capital Improvements           $0

Facility Maintenance           $0

Utilities                      $0

Contracted Labor or Services   $0

Janitorial Supplies            $0

Supplies & Services            $0

Telephone                      $0

ISP Provider                   $0

Cable/Satellite TV             $0

Insurance (Bldg & Equip)       $0

Storage Rental                 $0

Facility Rental                $0

ADA Needs                      $0
Equipment (Purchase/Lease/Rent)       $0

Equip. Repair/Maintenance             $0

Vehicle (Purchase/Lease/Rent)         $0

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair          $0

Vehicle Insurance                     $0

Postage/UPS, etc.                     $0

Board Expense                         $0

Treasurer's Bond                      $0

Bookkeeping Expense                   $0

Audit(every 4 Yrs) Financial Review   $0

Agent Program Support                 $0

Assistant Pgm Support                 $0

Marketing & Special Programs          $0

Agent Cell Phones or Pagers           $0
Reserve for Emergency

   Cannot be charged against –
takes board action to transfer into
        another line item
Capital Improvements Fund        $0

Equipment Fund                   $0

Reserve                     ($2,000)
      Other Budget Forms
       Schedule of Disbursements,
      Memorandum of Agreement,
         Local Government Forms;
are all linked to Extension Budget Forms

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