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									                                  Educational Leadership and Foundations
                                            Weekly Newsletter

      ALL textbooks for spring MUST be ordered by October 15. If for some reason you can not order your books
       by then, please see Jacque Jacobs.

      Kathleen Jorissen has volunteered to be the “publicist” for making our scholarly works known in the
       WCU community (e.g. The Reporter). Please send any notifications of presentations and publications
       to Wilma Nations for the weekly newsletter and from that information, Kathleen will disseminate to
       appropriate university wide publications. Remember, your scholarship is important in your own
       work and your discipline, but it also enhances the reputation of our programs and department when
       others are aware of that work. Thank you for sharing ALL your good work.

      The Dean is pleased to make you aware of the Chancellor’s Meritorious Award for Engaged
       Teaching. The following timeline is in effect for the Chancellor’s Meritorious Award for Engaged
       Teaching (attached) – Fall 2008
       Timeline for Nomination/Selection Process
              Nominations Submitted to the Deans by October 10
              Deans’ Faculty Advisory Committees Convened between October 11 and 21
              Select up to 5 nominees, rank ordered, per college
              Names and nominee packets submitted to Carol Burton, Provost’s Office, by October 22
              Letters of Recipients/Announcements distributed by October 31 (if other deadlines are met).
      Note: recipients are not eligible for nomination for three years from original award. Last year’s
       recipients will not be eligible to be nominated until 2010. Last year's awardees from CEAP were
       Sharon Dole, Kelly Kelley, Alvin Malesky, Maurice Phipps and Mickey Randolph. We have many
       faculty in our college who are deserving of this award. Peer nominations and self-nominations are


      For UNDERGRADUATES only, there is an approved resolution (attached) allowing faculty to award
       a grade of “A+” which will appear on a student’s transcript, but will not carry additional quality
       points (will be 4.0 as is an “A”). Effective Spring 2009.

     A new student in the Principal add-on program posted this in a class: “About 10 days ago, I
       think I was looking at going back to school simply as that – I was going to take the classes
       necessary to add on principal licensure. Now I see that I have embarked upon a journey. I
       believe it will be a life changing experience. I will be a different person a year from now, a better
       person and a stronger person and one that is ready to truly be a leader in every sense of the
       word.” Celebration for the faculty teaching in the MSA/Add-on license program that a lot of
       hard work in ReVisioning the program is, as Frederick Buskey wrote, “…being fulfilled in a very
       special way.”

Celebrations/ Thanks!
    Dr. Kim Brown (Ed.D. 2005)has had an article entitled “Testing the Testing: Validity of a State
      Growth Model” accepted in the International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership based on
      her dissertation work. Dr. Dixie McGinty served as her dissertation chair. Dr. Brown is now on
      faculty at UNC-A.

Traveling this week!


       October 1 - 2nd year reappointment dossiers due to Department Head
       October 6 – ELF Department Faculty meeting 10-12
       October 9 -14 Fall break
       October 10 – completed packets for Chancellor’s Engaged Teaching meritorious award due
       October 15 – All textbooks for spring are due
       October 6 – ELF Department Faculty meeting 10-12
       November 3 – ELF Department Faculty meeting 10-12
       November 7 & 8-Passages to eLearning 2008 – Maggie Valley Country Club
       November 14 – 3-5 year appointment dossiers due to Department Head
       December 1 – ELF Department Faculty meeting 10-12
       January 26 (’09) – 1st year reappointment dossiers due to Department Head
       February 20-21: SoTL Retreat
       April 1 – All full-time faculty (tenure-track, tenured, fixed term) due to Department Head
       May 12-14: Summer Institute for Teaching and Learning Hinds Univ. Center


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