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     eOM User Training
                                 ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                         Secure access to the ExxonMobil portal
                                         1   Enter your username:
   1                                          eu..........
                                         2   Enter your password
   3                                           ************

                                         3   Click “Login”

                                         4   Click the oil drop icon.
             4                               (or the Buy Lubricants button)

                     5                   5 Select your language
                                             (necessary only at first logon)
                                         6 and Click “Logon”

                                             You have arrived at the eOM
                                         7   Workplace.

Page 2
                              ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                Workplace, the heart of eOM
                                     1    Click “Ordering”/”Start
                                          Ordering” to place and
                                     follow-up orders. If prompted,
                                     select the catalogue you want to
                                     buy from.
                                     2    Click “Accounts
                                     Report”/”Open Accounts Report”
                                     to view account and open invoice
         Use this button to
         maximize the right
          hand work area             3   Click “Customer
                                     Request”/”Submit Change
                                     Request” to send email
                      1              communications to Customer
                      2              4   Click “Purchase
                                     Reports”/”Open Purchase
                                     Reports” to view, download and
                      3              analyse buying history.


Page 3
                                  ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                                     Order Options
                                        1    Create a new (empty) order
             Use this button to              from scratch.
             maximize the right               Use the catalogue search or
         4    hand work area
                                              upload from a spreadsheet.

                                         2   Create an order from a
                                              ExxonMobil provides
                                              standard templates based
                                              on your purchase history,
              1                               refreshed every week.
                           2                  You can create your own
                                              templates too.
                                         3   Create a new template
                                              based on another template,
                                              a previous order,
                                              a spreadsheet
                                              or from scratch.

                                         4 Create an order from a
                                        previous order by using the
                                        “Show Me” criteria in the “My
                                        Transactions” tab.

Page 4
                     ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                 Create an order from a template
                           1 Click “Create a new order on
                               the basis of a a template”
                            2 Select a template.
                               A new order is created.

                            3 Tick the delete box for items
                                you don’t want to order.

                           4    Enter the quantity you want
         2                     to order in the remaining

                            5 Click “Order Now”........

                           Note, if you choose the template
                           (or order) from “My
                           Transactions” you need to tick
                 3         the items you want to keep and
                           click the “Copy” button to either
                           a new order, or generate a new

Page 5
                                 ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                                The order header
                                        1 Select a “Deliver to:” address
                                            from the drop down, or use
                                            the search.
             2                              Enter your reference.
         3                                   (e.g. PO number)
                                        3   Select pack or bulk.
                                             Select a delivery option.
                                        4     (if applicable)

                                        5   View default delivery

                                            Enter short specific delivery
                                        6 instructions for this order.

Page 6
                                                           ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                                                     The order footer buttons

                         1      2       3     4      5      6    7      8

  1 To increase your line order size - select the number of empty line items needed and

  2 click the “New Items” button to add those lines.
      “Upload” will open the pop-up window, to allow cut and paste of products and quantities from a
  3    spreadsheet.

  4   “Get Price” will simulate an invoice and return the provisional price, at the same time it will
       return the scheduled delivery date (calculated).
      “Update” will validate the products against the Catalog.

  6   “Cancel” will cancel the order.

  7   “Park” will temporarily save the order in “My Transactions” under parked documents.

       “Order Now” will validate and place the order. You will see an on screen acknowledgement.
 8     (If set-up you will receive the acknowledgement via e-mail and an order confirmation when the
       delivery process has started)
Page 7
                                               ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                             Order items, search the catalogue
                         Use Net/Gross                 1 Click the “Product Search”
                        Weight to confirm                  tab.
                       your order quantity
                                                       2    Enter (a part of) the name of
   1                                                        the product.

                                                       3    Click the “GO!” button.
       3                                               4  Click the shopping cart of
                                                          the product / package you
                                                       need, this will copy the product
                                                       number into the order.
                                                          Enter the quantity you desire.
           4                                           (Do not use decimal place or
                   6                                   “1000” separators)
                                                       6 Click the magnifying glass if
                                                           the product gives an error
                                                            See the alternative.
                                                       If no (suitable) alternative is
                                7                      available, please contact
                                                       Customer Service.

Page 8
                          ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                     Order items, add from a spreadsheet
                                  1     Select the area
                                     (product number and
                                  quantity) and highlight the rows
                                  and columns to copy the area
                                  (Ctrl C).

                                  2    Click the “Upload” button.
                                       This will open a pop-up

                                  3   Click in the upload window
             3                        and click paste (Ctrl V)

                                  4   Click the “Upload Items”
                                      button.This will copy the
                                  product numbers and quantity
             4                    into the order.


Page 9
                           ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                       Follow-up order and line item status
                                        Click the “My Transactions”
                                    1   tab.
                                    2 Select “Orders” in the “Show
                                        Me” box.
                                      Select other
                                    3 the search. criteria to narrow
                                    4 Click the “Find” button.
                                      (the time needed to retrieve
       4                           the orders is relative to period of
                                   time selected)

                                    5 Click the order you want to
           5           6
                                    6 Click the purple button to
                                      view the delivery note, the
                                   date shown is the scheduled
                                   (planned) delivery date.
                                    7 Use the tick boxes and the
                   7               copy button to quickly create a
                                   new order or template from this
                                   previous order.

Page 10
                                            ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                          Change a template (or create a new order from..)
                                                       In the “Show Me” dropdown
                                                       box select “Order Templates”
                                                  2    In the “Period” box select
                                                      “Without Period” and
                                                  3   Click “Find”
                                                  4   Click the link to the template

                  2                               5   Tick the products to keep and
                                                  6   click “Copy to Template”
                                                  7   Use the “Copy to
                      5                           Order”button
                                                      if you want to create a new
          4                         8             order with the selected content,
                                                  instead of a new template.
                                                      In the new template, enter a
                                                  new name in the header box(es).
                                                  Tailor the template, as if it is an
                                                  order, and save.
                                7       6         (The ‘old’ template can be deleted
                                                  with the “Garbage Bin” button
                                                  next to it. ExxonMobil standard
                                                  templates can not be deleted)
Page 11
                                    ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                          View open accounts and invoice details

                                          1 Click “Accounts Report”
                  2                           and the “Open accounts
                                              Report” hyperlink.

                                              Select the sold-to (if
                                              applicable) and click “view
                                          balance” in the intermediate
                                          3 Click a document hyperlink to
                                           see the invoice detail
                                4          (Use Ctrl/P to print)

                                          5 Use the “Back” buttons to


Page 12
                       ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                  View and/or download buying history
                                   1 Click “Purchase Reports” and
                                       “Open Purchase Reports”
                       2           2
                                       Select the date period.
                           3       3 Select the Sold-to
                                              (click Show Me...)
                                   4 Select 1 or more Ship-to’s
                                              (click Show Me...)
     1                         4   5 Select 1 or more products
                                      (use dragging for a wide
                                   selection, or keep the shift key
                                   pressed while selecting)

                       5           6 Use the “Submit” button to
                                   view the data on screen.
                           8           Click “Open in Excel”
                                   7 Use “save as” to save the
          6   7                       spreadsheet.

                                   8 To see Turnover instead of
                                       Volume, tick “Value” and

Page 13
                                          ExxonMobil eOrder Management
                                                              Secure log out
              1                                 1 Click ”Log Off” in the ordering
                                                2 Click “OK” in the confirmation
                                                 3 Close the re-logon screen.
                                                 4 Close Workplace.
                                                 5 Click “OK” in the confirmation
                                                     See the point to point
                      5                         6
                                                     connection being closed.
          4                           6
                                                     Click “Log off” in the portal.
                          7                      8   You have now returned to the
                                                     login screen:



Page 14

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