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									                            Los Angeles Mission College—Administrative Services
                                 Internal Procedure for SFP Grant Invoicing
                                               March 3, 2005

Introduction: SFP Grants are generally approved by our College and District with the
understanding that the grantor will reimburse the college later. In order to receive an
reimbursement from granting agency, the College must invoice the grantors. The
responsibility to invoice the grantor falls on either the District Office or the College. Also, a
specific invoice format may be required and provided by the grantor. The following is our
college internal procedure for invoicing and monitoring the collections related to the grants.

SFP Coordinator—Identify and write on SFP Program Grant Abstract form specifying detail
such as who is required to invoice the Granting agency and how often. This Abstract form
must be attached at time that SFP grant document package is being submitted to
Administrative Office.
    A. District Office (DO) Responsibility for invoicing:
         If DO is responsible for invoicing, SFP director coordinates invoicing with DO staff
         accountant, and verifies tasks are completed. If checks from granting agency go to
         program director directly, send checks to Campus Business Office. If checks go directly
         to DO, submit a copy of detail report from SAP ,General Ledger number by fund, that
         proves income has been posted.
    B. Campus Responsibility for invoicing:
         The invoice usually requires expenditures amount to be included (among other
         information). The SFP director/coordinator is responsible for monitoring, reconciling,
         and providing the correct expenditure amount either on the invoice or on the Request
         for Invoice form. Those expenditures amount can be obtained from SAP database.
         1) Invoice Format required by Grantor:
             SFP Coordinator obtains invoice format from grantor
             a) Completes invoice, signs it and submits it to Business Office
             b) Business Office will obtain VP of Administrative Services’ signature after
                 logging into logbook
             c) Business Office mails the signed invoice to grantor and forwards a copy of
                 invoice to SFP Coordinator
         2) No specific invoice format required by Grantor:
             SFP Coordinator completes a Request for Invoice form, available at
             a) Submit completed Request for Invoice form to Business Office
             b) Business Office receives an Invoice Request form
                 1. Creates an invoice
                 2. Mails an invoice with a copy to SFP Coordinator
         3) SFP Coordinator monitors and coordinates with Business Office the collection of
            invoice amount.


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