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									                                    Michael A. Tinder
                                c) 7 0 7 -6 2 8 -4 5 3 2   p ) 7 0 7 -4 5 2 -8 5 7 2
                           info@tindersolutions.com        2 4 2 Lo c h Lo mo nd Dr.
                    http://www.tindersolutions.com/        Vac a vi lle , C A 9 5 6 8 7

  A Business Solutions Provider, and FileMaker Pro database developer, with 16+ years
  experience providing business solutions to achieve results. Operating under contract, and/or
  sub-contract, creating and/or maintaining solutions for industries such as: General Business,
  Government, Healthcare, Engineering, Retail, eCommerce, Non-Profit and Higher
  Education. Employment background includes contracting & sub-contracting, e-commerce,
  retail sales, system & network administration, user & class training, staff management &
  instruction, technical & end-user documentation. A team player and developer, with strong
  client communication skills, I am adept at collecting project requirements and providing in-
  depth system diagnosis. Personal traits include persistence in getting the job done, follow
  through on details, and the ability to be an independent producer for both onsite jobs and
  remote telecommuting long term projects.

Professional Experience:
   UCDavis, Davis, CA                                                                            2008
   California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science (COSMOS) program.
   Independent Contractor – Redesigned & programmed CC Calendar Pro Scheduling Edition
   (SE) for custom calendar & scheduling setup & printouts.
       Analyzed the use of SeedCode™ for applicability to managing all academic clusters.
       Provided prototypes for setup & printing options.
       Established most practical scenario & changed code for required printout reports.
       Provided one-on-one training on database setup & use.
                                               ~~~~~  ~~~~~
   Genentech, Vacaville, CA                                                               2006 – 2008
   Biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures & commercializes biotherapeutics.
   Independent Contractor – Designed, programmed & implemented a custom label printing
   application for in-house processes.
       Customized application from TinderSolutions template.
       Provided unique navigation & data entry options for label setups.
       Continued support & enhancements to system, with remote client meetings.
                                                ~~~~~  ~~~~~
   Caltrans, Sacramento, CA                                                               2006 – 2008
   California Department of Transportation, Division of Engineering Services, Ofc of Data Management.
   Sub-Contractor – Co-developer for Engineering Services Project News (ESPN) database.
       Provided development support for Manager of the North Region project deliveries.
       Programmed/instituted new databases- enabling users to view/print updated
         Workplans for legacy & new data for Project Tasks, Operating & Labor Expenses.
       Remote control of processing stations; automation setup; Novell networking.
                                                ~~~~~  ~~~~~
   California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA                                           2005 – 2007
   Information Technology Services Branch.
   Independent Contractor –Training database upgrade & intranet connectivity.
       Migrated existing solution from FMPv6 to 8; installed latest available ODBC drivers.
       Redesigned training db from TinderSolutions template, customizing for IWP.
       Programmed automated ODBC updates.
       Provided support & training for both users & IT support staff & management.
Michael A. Tinder                                                                                  Page 2

  Apple Inc., Cupertino, CA                                                                             2006
  Apple headquarters for the AppleCare Global Pricing Template (GPT) – a process of creating and
  managing worldwide SKU’s & pricing information for new Apple parts.
  Sub-Contractor – Solo Sr. developer for creating & launching the AppleCare New Parts
  Tool (ANPRT), an enterprise database solution replacing Excel & manual email workflow.
      Improved the GPT process for AppleCare, building an efficient, reliable, easy to use
         & scalable enterprise solution.
      Worked as an accessible & collaborative team member, available to Europe & US.
      Created automated workflow & email triggering for advancing request steps.
      Launched Oct, 2006, the tool has increased turn around time & provided improved
         user documentation, accuracy in data entry, and accountability for step processes.
                                            ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Apple Inc., Elk Grove, CA                                                                     2005 – 2006
  Apple Store support for Genius Bars across North America.
  Sub-Contractor – Primary Sr. developer for improving the divisional ARPO database.
      Developed improvements to ARPO system providing scalability across all stores.
      Initiated & organized rollout plan for updating each regional store.
      Provided live user support for individual store dbs using Apple Remote Desktop.
      Recommended Applescript performance improvements.
                                            ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Apple Inc., Elk Grove, CA                                                                     2005 – 2006
  Apple Store worldwide support for RFL division.
  Sub-Contractor – Primary Sr. developer for improving the divisional RPS database.
      Provided general RPS db enhancements for US version.
      Developed Localizations for UK, Japanese, French Canadian, Italian, etc.
      Recommended Server performance improvements.
      Provided live on-line developer support for hosted system.
                                            ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Chevron, Richmond, CA                                                                                 2005
  Oil refinery plant, monitoring pump temperatures & other criteria like cracking, crude, Alky, Distillation.
  Sub-Contractor -- Solo developer redesigning Turnover system, which Ops Coordinators
  use for daily monitoring & archiving; create more reliable updating & enhanced reporting.
       Enabled Resource Reporting for Ops Coordinators & Maintenance Supervisors.
       Converted “Pi” legacy Honeywell data to FMP using ODBC via SQL Server.
       Worked closely with IT, advised latest security using Active Dir.
       Setup automated ODBC data updates scheduled during off-hours.
                                            ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  BaseBuilders, LLC, Reno, NV                                                                           2005
  Makers of Praesto™, a comprehensive job tracking and project management software solution
  created specifically for Architectural and Engineering firms.
  Sub-Contractor -- Co-developer for “PraestoAE” & “Praesto Campus”, a FileMaker v7
  solution providing job tracking by module for Projects, Tasks, Docs, Firms, Staff, Time, $.
       Acted as consultant for latest FileMaker technologies.
       Supported existing system by implementing new code & fixing old code.
       Migrated old back office system to new v7 system using FMRobot.
       Implemented a WAN network connection for back office to distributed seat systems.
       Provided new global navigation system across all tabs of the system.
       Developed system enhancements based on client’s on-going needs.
                                            ~~~~~  ~~~~~
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  Caltrans District 3, Sacramento & Marysville, CA                                          2004 – 2005
  The North Region office oversees the interrelated functions of Divisions committed to Project Delivery
  within the 22 counties of Districts 1, 2 and 3, including the Division of Program/Project Management.
  Sub-Contractor -- Co-developer for “Project Focus”, a FileMaker v6 solution providing real
  time project information for Districts 1-4 & 59, served from a centralized location.
      Acted as team liaison for disparate developer groups & Project Manager.
      Supported existing system by implementing new code & fixing old code.
      Developed new template & system from ground up, optimized for v7 migration.
      Migrated old system code to new system providing a seem-less user interface.
      Implemented a secure, fast WAN LogIn system for poor network connections from
         remote Districts, control user navigation based on LAN or WAN prefs.
      Provided navigation & (UI) layout work across all files of the system.
      Managed global data, including tabs, throughout the system from the Menu.
      Developed system enhancements based on client’s on-going needs.
                                           ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Hammett & Edison, Inc., Sonoma, CA                                                        2004 – 2005
  Consulting Engineers for radio & television, a broadcasting industry leader for engineering services.
  Sub-Contractor -- Solo developer building a new contact & job tracking business system
  while gathering onsite requirements and providing system customization & enhancements.
      Produced Needs Assessment & Expense details for all purchases.
      Provided (UI) layout work across all files of the system.
      Developed in-depth scripting for managing user workflow in different modules.
      Created calendar system tied to Projects, Equipment & Personnel events.
      Determined logic rules for meeting scheduled project deadlines 2 years in advance.
                                           ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Allmac, Santa Clara, CA                                                                   2004 – 2005
  Number 1 distributor of Apple parts, with 3 store locations in the SF Bay Area.
  Independent Contractor -- Part of a development team that manages & builds
  enhancements for the company workflow & tracking system. Work closely with company
  co-founder by customizing special system tools; develop or add enhancements to a hosted
  online database suite.
       Provided new Credit Card authorization functionality from within the system.
       Provided on-call support & maintenance for business critical credit card related code.
       Created peripheral tool for converting primary system data to integrate & update a
          complete web site of products.
       Researched new products to improve overall business productivity, recommend
          products based on FileMaker integration, setup for Citrix Metaframe XP, eShox.
       Created mySQL and MacSQL method of live web site updating.
                                           ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Interbrand Wood Healthcare, New York, NY                                                  2003 – 2006
  Assists companies in creating new brand identities by developing global, market-driven branding.
  Sub-Contractor -- Part of a development team which manages & builds enhancements for
  the client contact & budget system. Work closely with clients gathering requirements and
  customizing their system; introduce prototypes; program modules and develop within a
  hosted suite of online databases.
       Provided primary User Interface (UI) layout work across the system.
       Developed in-depth scripting for managing user workflow in different modules.
       Introduced new concepts for managing global data throughout the system.
       Created new, secure, Log In system based on FMP v6.x custom dialog message.
                                           ~~~~~  ~~~~~
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  Macys.com, San Francisco, CA                                                            1999 – 2003
  e-commerce division of Macys West, affiliate of Federated Department Stores, USA.
  Senior Developer -- Part of a development team that created the company Content
  Management System. Collected requirements, developed prototypes and programmed
  modules as part of a host of online production databases.
      Generated e-commerce profitability one year ahead of schedule, by developing,
         updating and maintaining several FileMaker Pro Content Management Systems.
      Launched 3 e-commerce sites for macys.com Primary Site, WeddingChannel (WC)
         Partner Site and Bloomingdales WeddingChannel Partner Site, by providing code
         enhancements and system & user support both on-site and remotely for SF and NY.
      Provided new code releases to company system by conducting scheduled off-hour
         updates that leveraged automated systems in migrating data.
      Facilitated workflow transition for Creative Department during and after NY move.
      Setup, installed & maintained network, hardware, FileMaker Server & software.
      Co-developed solid template that served as code base for developing entire system.
      Created & developed new incremental process for data feeds; provided maintenance.
      Programmed & developed new tools to external systems; Provided in-depth training.
      Provided in-depth user documentation & online help files; updated Intranet Site.
                                          ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Peace Corps, Washington, DC                                                             1996 – 1999
  Independent US Government Agency comprised of volunteers seeking to improve 3 world nations.
  Network Administrator -- Responsible for most global network services for the Agency,
  concentrating on Headquarters & Regional Office infrastructures & user support.
      Created new web sites for News searching capabilities & Contracts business
         opportunities, programmed in Lasso while telecommuting full time from California.
      Managed technical team for successful Agency Headquarters building move, by
         programming a FileMaker Pro (FMP) system to manage resources needed to move
         within a multi-phased, dynamic environment; managed contract resources.
      Administered FileMaker, Lasso & Webstar Servers, NT, Email, FTP, File Share,
         Netscape Enterprise and Microsoft Servers.
      Coordinated Internet Protocols, IPs, for Agency network items using FMP; approved
         test plans & CPU network plans; maintained inventory control in FMP.
      Designed new Headquarters Training Facility by coordinating vendor installations.
      Acted as Trainer & Technology Advisor to promote growth of learning technologies,
         by co-authoring Agency White Paper on Desktop Learning.
      Provided in-depth consulting for external systems to the Y2K problem.
      Updated Agency to a site license for FileMaker Pro 4.0.
                                          ~~~~~  ~~~~~
  Towson University, (College of Education), Towson, MD                                   1994 – 1996
  College that prepares teachers for learners in environments that are technologically advanced.
  Associate Director & Store Manager -- Directed the development and daily operations of
  the Computer Demonstration Center & Higher Education Resale Store.
       Launched a Higher Education Apple Resale Site that served as a new business
         addition to the College of Education, by taking over management responsibilities and
         creating a point-of-purchase system in FileMaker Pro that also handled all inventory.
       Developed the foundation for the College’s Technology Facilities, by introducing
         classroom lab management & control, using networked security configurations in a
         server environment, and by co-developing the College’s first Internet web pages.
       Acted as Store Manager with full responsibilities of all sales & marketing operations,
         and by providing product research & information to augment store sales.
       Performed as primary technology contact & vendor liaison for College & Store.
       Provided system & network management for classroom labs, faculty and staff.
       Conducted classroom instruction and provided staff management skill sessions.
Education - Michael A. Tinder (cont.)                                                       Page 5
   M.S. in Instructional Technology, Towson University, Towson, MD
   B.A. in Mass Media Communications and in Environmental Studies, S.U.N.Y, Plattsburgh, NY

Software Skills:

       FileMaker Pro Advanced 7-9, FileMaker Server Advanced 7-9, FileMaker Developer v6 & v7,
       FileMaker Server v5.5 & v7, FileMaker Pro all prior versions, FileMaker Unlimited, FileMaker
       Mobile v2, v7 & 8; MySQL
   Database Developer Tools
       FileMaker Developer & Developer Tool & DDRs, FMRobot, MetadataMagic, Analyzer,
       Visualizer, ScriptOrganizer, LayoutOrganizer, Password Administrator, TechInfo_CD,
       CocoaMySQL, SQLGrinder, phpMyAdmin, MacSQL
       FileMaker Server Administration, CNS SCRIPTit, MMScript & CNS_Menu, DataMatic
       PopCal2, Troi File, AuthPayX, Auto Update, FMExample, LatitudeZERO, oAsium Events,
       TextFormation, EventScript, Activator, Web Companion
   3 Party Solutions Repurposed
       SeedCode Gantt Charts, Calandar Pro, Scheduling Edition, CC Time; FileMaker Tasks v1 & v2
   Web Development
       HTML, XML, PHP, ODBC, JDBC, Custom Web Publishing (CDML), Lasso (LDML),
       HomePage, BBEdit, Macromedia DreamWeaver, MS Word, FileMaker Pro
       Web Servers: Apache, eShox, Netscape Enterprise Server, Microsoft IIS, WebStar, Lasso
   Operating Systems / Platforms
       Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2K, Windows NT; Mac OS X, Mac OS 9; UNIX
   NT Administration & Management
       Windows NT Server & Workstation 4.0, MS Exchange 5.5 Server & MS Outlook ’97, NT 4.0
       User Manager for Domains, NT 4.0 Server Manager, MS IS Manager, Directory Server 3.0
   Network Management
       Citrix MetaFrame XP, Timbuktu, VNC, Terminal, GraceLAN, Saber LAN, netOctopus,
       TCP/Connect II, Ping, Telnet, Versaterm Pro, Shiva Net Manager, tn3270, FileMaker Pro
       ODBC- Actual Technologies drivers
       Graphic Design- Adobe Photoshop & ImageReady, GraphicConverter, Visio, OmniGraffle &
       OmniOutliner, Snapz Pro X, StickyBrain
       Microsoft Office Suite- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project
       PDF document creation & management- Adobe Acrobat & Exchange

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