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					                                              Property Tax Levy Cost Calculator

        Select your property type
                                                            If your property is Residential, do                             If your property is agricultural,
             Residential                                    you receive the following credits?                                 please select your county:

             Commercial                                                                                                     ADAIR
                                                                 Homestead Credit
                                                                 Military Service Credit

                Enter the assessed (market) value of your property                                  $           75,000

                Enter the levy amount in dollars per
                thousand. For example, $1.00 = 1.00 or                                              $              1.34
                $0.67 = .67

                Annual cost of the levy given the property type                                     $            37.80
                Monthly cost                                                                        $             3.15

Iowa Association of School Boards                                                                                                                    August-08

Note: Rollback percentages are applicable for 1/1/07 valuations. Agrictultural property taxes are computed using average county 1/1/07 agricultural values.
       This calculator does not consider the impact of deductibility of property taxes on state and federal income taxes.

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