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Impact Company's Finance on Marketing Strategy Formulation


Impact Company's Finance on Marketing Strategy Formulation document sample

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									     The IMM Graduate School of Marketing is registered with the Department of Education as a private higher education institution under the Higher
                 Education Act 1997. Registration Certificate No: 2000/HE07/013 and all our qualifications are recognised with SAQA.

For further information contact Margaret on:                                                                                                          Price (Incl
(011) 628-2009 or                                                               Johannesburg      Cape Town       Durban              Vat)

Advanced Sales Strategy
Typically, in an economic downturn, there is the natural impulse to cut sales and marketing
budgets. We see retractions of sales forces, sales territories, marketing programs, and
marketing support. Is this really wise? Companies need to invest more into sales and
marketing during a downturn while streamlining costly operations.
                                                                                                     8-9 October     on request     on request         R 4,800

Advertising Communication Strategy

During this two-day programme delegates will learn to understand the process from client ,
to brief, to advertising strategy and learn to understand what makes the target audience
“tick”. Delegates will also learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising              29-30 September   on request     on request         R 4,800
campaign and how to deliver a brief to the creative and media department.

Basic Business Finance for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Non-financial managers benefit from insight into the complexities of finance, management
accounting and costing. This practical programme will create awareness, understanding
and appreciation of the organisation’s financial disciplines and the most common financial          22-23 October    on request   12-13 October        R 4,800
issues that may be encountered.

Business Presentation Skills
This workshop provides the tips, tools and techniques you need to deliver a professional
business presentation.                                                                             28-29 September   on request     on request         R 4,800

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Social corporate investment is a tool to build and maintain brand equity in the long term.
The concern however, is that most CSI strategies remain a short -term initiative, with little
                                                                                                                     on request     on request         R 4,800
relation to the overall brand efforts. This results in brand dilution and has a direct impact on   16-17 September
the brand reputation.

Customer Relationship Management (Customer Retention)

This is a programme for marketers who recognise the importance of a true customer                   15-16 October
                                                                                                                     on request     5-6 October        R 4,800
relationship strategy.                                                                              8-9 December
Principles of Selling
This training programme is designed to cover the fundamental skills needed in a sales
environment. The emphasis is on helping you develop and apply your professional selling
skills successfully in the competative arena and includes all of the primary skills areas           2-3 November     on request     on request         R 4,800
associated with professional selling.

Essentials of Export Trade
Understand the inter-relationship between the key aspects of export administration; learn
the effective practical application of the technical aspects in the export environment; and
                                                                                                                     on request     on request         R 7,250
how to identify potential problems or lessen their impact.                                           7-9 October

Fundamentals of Marketing

Positioning, Segmentation, 4Ps, Strategy, Planning, Customer Orientation.Common
marketing terms - but do your staff members understand these and other marketing
concepts? This programme ensures that you and your staff are talking, and understanding,
                                                                                                   28-29 September   on request     on request         R 4,800
the same marketing language. This programme is not specific to any particular industry, as
its aim is to introduce people to marketing in a broad sense.

Key Account Management for Sustainable Advantage (KAMsa)

Key Account Management is one of the fastest ways to increase profitability. This outcomes-
based programme has been developed to create your company`s sustainable competitive
advantage (SCA) by doing practical strategic maps during the two days. This course has the
perfect balance between exciting theory and developing skills transfer for the immediate                             on request     on request         R 4,800
                                                                                                   11-12 November
work situation, automatically benefiting the employer as well.

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Marketing Campaign Management

Find out how to manage your marketing plans and implement them with military precision,
action and vision. Your share price, job security, salaries, benefits and growth opportunities
are all on the line if you are not managing your marketing campaigns and projects..                26-27 October    on request   on request   R 4,800

Marketing Planning

This programme covers both the content and process of marketing in a way that will allow
delegates to develop both vision and enable the implementation of marketing plans.                                  on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                   15-16 October

Marketing Planning for Profit

Marketers need to understand the financial impact of their marketing plans. Whether you
are in a down or upswing economy, return on marketing investment is your ticket for being          29-30 October    on request   on request   R 4,800
taken seriously in the boardroom.

Marketing Strategy
This two-day programme will help participants gain a deeper understanding of the marketing
think required for the analysis of market trends within the marketing environment. This
ultimately assists managers in their design and formulation of appropriate marketing                                on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                   19-20 October
strategies and ensures a sustainable competitive advantage.

Marketing & Business Research Methods

You will develop a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of marketing research,
thus being able to tackle research projects using a clear process-flow. This module should
provide you with ample knowledge and the ability to start the process of becoming a                                 on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                  16-17 November
research practitioner.

Negotiation Skills

Every aspect of your life involves negotiation, from your home life to your social life to your
work life. This programme includes practical situations where your skills will be tested and
enhanced. You will be taught how to use these skills in a strategic way to achieve required       23-24 November    on request   on request   R 4,800

Present for Success

A two-day practical programme provides the knowledge and skills necessary to design,
prepare and deliver a presentation to achieve the desired end results of Motivating,
                                                                                                  22-23 September
Inspiring, Convincing, Persuading, Informing or Entertaining the audiences being                                       ***          ***       R 4,800
                                                                                                   2-3 December

Presentation Skills (Cape Town & Durban)

This two-day programme is aimed at providing you with insight into the dynamics of
effective presentation. The techniques can be applied in situations of providing information,
motivating and inspiring staff, or selling services and products. The course focuses on both
                                                                                                        ***         on request   on request   R 4,800
the design and delivery aspects of presentation and provides learners with the practical
environment for expert assessment and feedback.

Professional Sales Management

The two important goals that sales managers must accomplish are to motivate the sales
team and fulfil the company`s objectives. It is also no secret that to achieve in a hyper-
competitive poduct and price parity world, the only differentiating factor has fast become the
sales team`s professionalism. This two day programme logically and systematically                                   on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                   3-4 December
introduces the cornerstones of Professional Sales Management, and is based on the most
recent thinking behind the largest sales survey undertaken.

Providing Sales & Service Excellence

This programme focuses on the critical relationship skills needed by the professional sales
person. Too often it is not so much the product or service that excites the customer, but the
added value of understanding their needs and exceeding their expectations.                                          on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                   22-23 October

Sales Strategy - Selling Smarter

Research validates that understanding and applying an effective sales strategy is directly
related to sales success. The better your knowledge in any particular area, the stronger
your specific understanding of what is required to be successful in the sales process.            17-18 September   on request   on request   R 4,800

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Services Marketing

Services marketing has become a specialised practice. This programme will highlight the
unique marketing opportunities and challenges within the South African services industry. It
                                                                                                   6-7 October    on request   on request   R 4,800
examines how to define services and analyse their components.

Sponsorship Marketing

This programme aims to help marketers, who use sponsorships as part of their integrated
marketing communications (IMC) strategies, get the maximum return on their investments.
Walk away with a clear understanding of how to manage sponsorship strategy.                        1-2 October    on request   on request   R 4,800
                                                                                                 18-19 November

Strategic Brand Management

Profit is often achieved through a strong brand. Brand identity is the core definition of what
is to be marketed. A strong brand management strategy paves the way towards the
recognition and desire to possess the brand.How well managed is your brand strategy?                              8-10 July    on request   R 7,250
                                                                                                  4-6 November

Direct & Digital Marketing Insight Programme

During this comprehensive five-day programme, you will be given an indepth understanding
of the scope, issues and challenges of the digital marketing space and how to bridge the
gap between traditional Direct Marketing methods and the ever evolving Digital Marketing
space.                                                                                             Session 1:
                                                                                                                  on request   on request   R 10,100
                                                                                                   Session 2:

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