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                                                                                                                                        Eltham, one in Waimate West and one in Inaha. This work is
Update on Water Projects around the district                                                                                            adding up to more than $5 million. Four others are planned to
   For some time Council officers have been planning a major                                                                            be built in Patea, Waverley and Cold Creek by 2015.
upgrade of the district’s water supplies. This culminated in a                                                                            The storage tanks (reservoirs), which only hold about a day’s
comprehensive 10-year programme of work which began in                                                                                  worth of water, allow the plants to run more effectively.
2006. The reasons for the major infrastructural programme                                                                               Reservoirs don’t supply the district with more water, rather
were fourfold:                                                                                                                          they provide a buffer for the day-to-day operation of the
- The need to replace or upgrade aging and deteriorating                                                                                plants and it allows us to cater for emergencies and unplanned
  infrastructure – much of the district’s water infrastructure is                                                                       outages.
  old and is at the end of its effective life.
                                                                                                                                        Water Meters and Back Flow Preventers
- Improve reliability of supply to enable South Taranaki to
  better cope with summer droughts.                                                                                                       STDC is currently replacing all of the old water meters and
                                                                                                                                        back flow preventers on rural properties throughout the district.
- Meet new drinking water standards set by central government          The new above ground rural water connections                     This will also aid Council in working with farmers to ensure
  – this is the key reason as to why we have to upgrade our
                                                                                                                                        that there is no water wastage on their properties. The current
  water treatment plants.
                                                                      Upgrades totaling $1.25 million have already been completed       water meters, 20 years old and inaccurate, are stuck
- Meet growing demand while also provide for future economic        in Eltham, Opunake, Rahotu, Waiinu, Inaha and Waimate               underground – the new one’s will be above the ground and
  growth.                                                           West water treatment plants. These improvements have                easier to read. STDC is spending $2.5 million to put 1000
Planned work in the programme includes:                             included new/refurbished filters, chemical dosing and control       throughout Waimate West and Inaha.
- Finding new sources of water                                      systems and the Waverley reservoir strengthened. Since 2006,
                                                                    the council has been undertaking a leak detection and pipe
- Building and upgrading water treatment plants                     replacement programme. Leak detection work has been carried
- Replacing and building additional piping                          out in Normanby, Patea and Eltham and some water mains
- Building additional storage facilities                            have been replaced in Kaponga, Waimate West and Waverley.
- Interconnecting water schemes                                       A 12-month programme to replace old water meters and
                                                                    backflow preventer devices in the Inaha and Waimate West
- Promoting water conservation                                      schemes is also underway.
- Leak detection programme to identify leaks in the Council’s
  reticulation network and on private property                      Construction and upgrade of water treatment plants
- Intensifying efforts to monitor water usage and work with           The main reason why it’s necessary to replace and upgrade
  customers to eliminate wastage                                    many of our water treatment plants is to meet new drinking
                                                                    water standards set by central government. Replacements and
- Replacing old and inaccurate water meters
                                                                    upgrades planned over the next three years are for treatment
   A programme of infrastructural work of this size needs a great   plants in: Hawera, Patea, Waverley, Opunake, Eltham, Waiinu
deal of preparation. Much of the planning, design work, testing     Beach, Inaha and Rahotu.
and land purchasing has been going on behind the scenes.
                                                                      The Council has also conducted a three month pilot water
   Seven groundwater exploratory boreholes have been drilled at     treatment programme in Patea and Waverley to identify the
the Waimate West, Inaha, Kapuni. Hawera and Eltham water            best treatment process for the water. From this study Council
treatment plants. Of these exploratory bores, only Kapuni           officers have put together a proposal for new water treatment
produced any promising results.                                     plants for Patea and Waverley to be constructed in the 2008/09
                                                                    financial year.
 Operational site at Kapuni                                         Kapuni Water Treatment Plant                                                            Construction of Hawera trunk main
                                                                      One of the most significant water projects under
                                                                    development is the $17 million Kapuni Water Treatment Plant
                                                                    – which supplies Hawera and Normanby with its water. The
                                                                    new plant is currently in its preliminary design phase and the
                                                                    plant is anticipated to be completed by early 2010.
                                                                      At the end of 2006, Council bought an S::can photo
                                                                    spectrometer which continuously measures water quality. The
                                                                                                                                               WHEELIE BINS
                                                                    information that this piece of technology provides will ensure         Just a reminder for those who
                                                                    the right design is chosen for Kapuni’s Treatment Plant. It is a     put out rubbish, recycling or
                                                                    $100,000 investment, and the information on water quality            green waste bins on the
                                                                    which this device provides will be used to control the new           kerbside.
                                                                    treatment plant once it is up-and-running.                           - Please ensure your bins are
                                                                      A new intake to the water treatment plant is also being built.       out by 7.30am on collection
                                                                    This is a shared project between council and Vector Gas whose          day
                                                                    plant is also supplied with raw water from the river.                - Have all bins facing the
                                                                      The intake will cost $2.8 million. This is also in the design        road
                                                                    stage and construction should be completed by July 2009.             - Ensure bins are half a metre
                                                                      The explorato-ry bore drilled at Kapuni will be developed            apart
                                                                    into a production bore which is expected to provide an
                                                                                                                                         - Don’t overfill your bin and
                                                                    additional 2000-3000 cubic metres per day, equivalent to about
                                                                                                                                           always ensure the lid is closed
                                                                    one third of Hawera’s current demand. This work will
                                                                    commence in winter 2008 and is hoped to be ready to supply           - Don’t put out loose material –
                                                                    water by next summer. The cost to develop the bore and treat           everything must go in a bag
                                                                    the water will be about $1.3 million.                                  - Please wash and squash
                                                                    Reservoirs                                                           material before putting it in the
                                                                                                                                         recycling bin.
                                                                      Five reservoirs are currently under construction in the South
                                                                    Taranaki area. Two are being built in Skeet Rd, Kapuni, one in         Please pay particular attention
                                                                                                                                         to ensuring your bins are at half a
                                                                                                                                         metre apart. The Waste Management truck has been

  HASTA LA VISTA, BABY                                                           ANNUAL PLAN                                             having trouble emptying some bins because they were
                                                                                                                                         not spaced appropriately.

  Cinema Two manager Kirsty Bourke has                                A variety of submissions were received for the Annual Plan
introduced a new iniative at the movie                              2008/09, ranging from removing the function centre facility
complex so that there will be movies
running that will coincide with the
                                                                    from the Hub, knocking down the old Warehouse building to
                                                                    make way for a park; heavy traffic in Eltham to the future of the       UPCOMING MEETING
Southlink bus service. If you come into town                        Great Treasure Swap and South Taranaki Coastal Walkway and
from Opunake or Waverley via bus, there will be a movie             Cycleway. More than 20 people decided to speak to their             Annual Plan Deliberations - Wednesday 4 June, 1pm
screening at 10.45am about twenty minutes after you arrive in       submission at a Special Council Meeting on Wednesday 21             Ordinary Council Meeting - Monday 9 June, 7.30pm
Hawera. This gives you plenty of time to catch a movie and do       May. The Council will be deliberating on these submissions on
the bits and pieces you have to do in town before you depart.       4 June and the public are invited to attend. The Annual Plan        Both meetings in Council Chamber, Albion Street,
Movies will be scheduled for 10.45am on Thursdays.                  needs to be adopted by 30 June.                                     Hawera

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