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					             SCCEA Newsletter
    The Voice of the South Central College English Association
Volume 8, Issue 1                                                                       September 13, 2004

                                                                  Call for Nominations:
    SCMLA Panel – New Orleans 2004                             2004 Scholar-Teacher Award
                                                                 The SCCEA Scholar-Teacher Award is intended
        For the SCCEA session at the South-Central
                                                         to recognize members of our organization who excel
Modern Language Association meeting in New Orleans,
                                                         in both areas of academics—research/scholarship and
our vice-president, Victoria Gaydosik (Southwestern
Oklahoma State University) has assembled an              teaching. If you know someone who deserves this
                                                         award, please nominate that person. Send your
interesting panel of presenters. Please join us in the
                                                         nominee’s current vita along with a brief letter of
Oak Room at 10:45 a.m. on Friday, October 29.
                                                         explanation for your choice to Kay B. Meyers, SCCEA
        The program for the meeting is as follows:       President 2003-2004, Department of English, Oral
                                                         Roberts University, 7777 S. Lewis, Tulsa, OK 74171, or
“Case Mastern, Southern Abolitionist:
                                                         email her at by October 15. The
Humanitarianism and History in Robert Penn Warren’s
                                                         SCCEA Executive Committee will vote on the
All the King’s Men, “ Philip Dubuisson Castille,
Eastern Washington University                            nominees at its annual meeting at SCMLA.

“Teaching Analysis in the Composition Classroom: One
Simple Exercise that Students Enjoy,” Wendy Pearce
Miller, Marian College of Fond du Lac
                                                                SOUTH CENTRAL
                                                               MODERN LANGUAGE
“Panel Discussion on Putting English Majors to Work:
Two Real-Life Choices,” Aleta Bowman, Southwestern
Oklahoma State University, and DeNara Hill,
University of Nevada Las Vegas                                   ASSOCIATION
         A short business meeting will be held during
the session. PLEASE consider taking on a more active
role in SCCEA. We will be electing a new secretary                61st Annual Meeting
and a new treasurer.
                                                                 October 28-30, 2004
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                 The Radisson Hotel
1     SCMLA Panel-New Orleans                                        - New Orleans
1     Nominations for SCCEA Scholarship                          New Orleans, Louisiana
2     SCCEA Breakfast

2     Executive Committee Meeting

2     Officers

3     SCCEA Membership Form

September 2004                                                                                              1
                                                     Dr. Benjamin Fisher to Speak at
                                                            SCCEA Breakfast
                                                            You MUST come to the SCCEA Breakfast at
                                                    SCMLA to hear Dr. Benjamin Fisher’s discussion
                                                    entitled “Ella D’Arcy, First Lady of the Decadents
                                                    Revisited.” The breakfast will be held at 7:30
                                                    a.m., Friday, October 29, in the Oak Room of the
                                                    Radisson Hotel New Orleans.

                                                             Dr. Fisher is Professor of English at the
                                                    University of Mississippi. His areas of expertise
                                                    include subjects in both American and British
       Executive Committee Meeting                  literature—especially anything with a touch of the
                  at SCMLA                          gothic. Professor Fisher has published numerous
                                                    books and articles, has edited several journals,
      Thursday night, October 28, 2004              including The University of Mississippi Studies in
             at the Reception.                      English, and is active in a number of professional
                                                    organizations. He is currently the President of
Look for an SCCEA sign on one of the tables.        SCMLA and received the 2003 SCCEA Scholar-
                                                    Teacher Award.

                                                            Make your reservation on your official
                                                    registration form for SCMLA. The cost is $10. See
                                                    you there!

         Current SCCEA Officers
                                                    A Note from the President:
President, Kay B. Meyers
                                                             The best thing about being President of
       (                            SCCEA this year was having the opportunity to ask
Vice-President, Victoria Gaydosik                   Ben Fisher to speak at the breakfast. When I
       (                           attended my first SCMLA convention nearly twenty
Secretary, Rose M. Johnson                          years ago as a graduate student, several of my
                                                    professors listed Dr. Fisher as someone interesting
                                                    to meet because of his interest in women writers.
Acting Treasurer, Kay B. Meyers                     I did meet him, although he has no recollection of
Archivist, Elizabeth Turpin                         it, and I was, of course, quite impressed, mostly
       (                       by his sense of humor. Although he was hesitant
                                                    about accepting my invitation, reminding me that
                                                    he has spoken at our breakfast before, he finally
                                                    agreed to speak to us about the “decadent” Ella
                                                    D’Arcy. Please come to the SCCEA Breakfast—
For more information on the SCMLA and               you’ll find, as I did, that Ben Fisher really is
                                                    “someone interesting to meet.”
SCCEA meetings, go to http://www-

                                         September 2004
      Join or Renew SCCEA Membership
 Send $10.00 annual dues with this form to:

      Dr. Kay Meyers
      Department of English
      Oral Roberts University
      7777 S. Lewis Ave.
      Tulsa, OK 74171

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                                September 2004