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May Sodium-PCA


May Sodium-PCA

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									“The bitterness of low quality lingers long after the                                       May 2004
sweetness of low prices disappears”                                                      General Newsletter
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Hello Everyone,
      This email has been sent to me by many of you.       You’ll find more through information on the
ingredients in the June 2004 newsletter.
You NEED to read this and share with anyone with children or pets!
Subject:        WARNING re Swiffer Wetjet

I recently had a neighbor who had to have their 5-year old German Shepherd dog put
down due to liver failure. The dog was completely healthy until a few weeks ago, so
they had a necropsy done to see what the cause was. The liver levels were unbeliev-
able, as if the dog had ingested poison of some kind. The dog is kept inside, and
when he's outside, someone's with him, so the idea of him getting into something
unknown was hard to believe. My neighbor started going through all the items in the
house. When he got to the Swiffer Wetjet, he noticed, in very tiny print, a warning
which stated "may be harmful to small children and animals." He called the company to
ask what the contents of the
cleaning agent are and was astounded to find out that antifreeze is one of the ingre-
dients. (actually he was told it's a compound which is one molecule away from
antifreeze). Therefore, just by the dog walking on the floor cleaned with the solu-
tion, then licking it's own paws, and the dog eating from its dishes which were kept
on the kitchen floor cleaned with this product, it ingested enough of the solution to
destroy its liver. Soon after his dog's death, his housekeepers' two cats also died
of liver failure. They both used the Swiffer Wetjet for quick cleanups on their
floors. Necropsies weren't done on the cats, so they couldn't file a lawsuit, but he
asked that we spread the word to as many people as possible so they don't lose their

I’ve also talked to a number of people who’ve experienced their animals getting very ill after using a
“Swiffer Wet Jet.” If these chemicals are killing our animals, imagine what they’re doing to our chil-
dren & our own bodies. Unfortunately the toxic chemicals not mentioned in this email are common in
varying amount in most cleaning products & personal care products. Sometimes I’ve been referred to
as a bit “passionate” about getting our homes/business toxic chemical free. Unfortunately now for
some it will be too late! This is not a story to sell product. This is a reality. Please encourage every-
one you care about to use YL “Thieves Cleaner.” This stuff really works and everyone, humans & ani-
mals alike will be healthier and have a stronger immune system simply by cleaning everything from
floors to windows to dishwasher to hand soap to laundry to bathrooms, kitchen, garage - you name it.
I recently trimmed my very large pine trees forgeting to wear gloves and got lots of sap on my skin
and clothes. The “Thieves Cleaner” took it right out while leaving my skin soft. Many University stud-
ies have proven Thieves to be 99.96% effective in killing every bacteria they presented.
Y.L. Convention in April 2004 was packed with so much valuable information. Truly one of the best
education events I’ve ever attended. October 2004 Convention in Nashville promises to be even bet-
ter. (It’s going to be interesting to see how Y.L. can top the event in April.) If you haven’t had an
opportunity to read the BY information in last months newsletter yet, I’d encourage you to. Berry
Young Juice is proving to be so much more then we ever realized. In July I’ll share what I learned at
YL Life & Leadership training in Hawaii. Following is the continuation of info shared at April 2004
Convention & Mark Schroeder’s training in March 2004.
Alot of time was spent on how our hormones affect our physical health & emotions.
• A healthy vibrant liver is the key to physical & emotional health with longevity. Our liver creates &
regulates our hormones which in turn affects our health & emotional stability.
• Adrenal glands produces steriod hormones, cortisol, corticoids, & epenepherine.
• Daily our body manages over 200 hormones. Sometimes we’re in balance, however most often not.
• If you’ve had your ovaries removed your testosterone will be lower. Often times any prostate issues
will also affect testosterone.
• When proper Testosterone levels are maintained Alzheimers goes away.
        Testosterone is one of the antiaging hormones for men & women
        Testosterone maintains & increases muscle for men & women
        Testosterone maintains & increases bone density for men & women
        Testosterone maintains libido in men
• Estradiol maintains libido in women
• Berry Young Juice maintains healthy libido in men & women.
• Balanced Estrogen levels protect immune function, & slows the aging process in women.
• Estradiol increases:Vitamin D & calcium abserption
         Maintains healthy LDL cholesterol levels
         Proper HDL cholesterol levels
         Prevents bone density loss
• DHEA is the youth retaining hormone for our body & brain. DHEA assists men in maintaining
optimal testosterone levels.
• Signs of deficient DHEA, Estrogens, Pregnenolne, Progesterone, Testosterone.
        -Muscle loss
        -Heart impairment & disease
        -Type II diabetes
        -Excess abdonianal fat
• Benefits of DHEA -Maintains & increases healthy muscle mass
         -Increases immune function
         -increases memory
         -increases bone density
         -Dramatically slows down aging process
• Plastic containers produce PVC’s which leach into the food inside creating hormonal based cancer.
• Progesteone is produced by ovaries & adrenal cortex. Progesterone is created from Pregenolone in
our body. Make sure you have enough Pregenolone.
• Products containing petroleum based ingredients create xenoestrogens in our body. Even tho we
apply these products topically, these xenoestrogens (synthetic chemicals) block and decrease estra-
diol levels and create hormone imbalance in our body. This is one of the main reasons why we all
need to use toxic chemical free personal care products and household cleaning products.
Young Living is one of the only companies that has toxic chemical free personal care & cleaning
• Detoxifying the liver is absolutely necessary for maintaining hormone balance.
• For healthty fertilitty levels: Women must maintan Estradiol levels of 179 or more
                                  Men must maintain Testosterone levels at least 800-1000
• Womens Health Initiative Study (a control group was used) revealed that women on medically pre-
scribed Hormone Replacement Therapy for 1 year or more experienced:
        26% increase in invasive breast cancer
        29% increase in heart attacks or heart related deaths
        41% increase in strokes
        100% experienced blood clots of varying degrees.
• Refer to the 49th addition of the Physicians Desk reference on “Hazards of Synthetic Hormones”
The following are their reported findings for women using synthetic Hormone Replacement.
        Increased risk of hormonal based cancers, Brain, Breast, Uterine, Bone etc.
        Salt and fluid retention         Gall bladder disease
        Abnormal clotting                Thyroid imbalance & malfunction
      Inhibited sex drive              Baldness
      Headaches                       Acne
      Dry eyes
* Thyroid will always be malfunctioning when estrogen & testosterone are out of balance.

• U of M Study HornTL et all. Eating or juicing broccoli has dramatic positive effect in preventing &
reducing hormonal based cancers.
•It is best to have a blood & saliva hormone panel done & find out your levels in three areas: Cortisol,
Estradiol, Pregnenlone, Progesterone & Testosterone. Men can do this anytime, for women it is best to
have these tested 6-8 days prior to the start of your menstrual cycle. Once you know where you’re at
then you’ll know where you need to go. If you do not have a clinic to do this for you, here is a website
that lists a clinic that has reasonable fees for a blood Hormonal Panel.

Following are the new oils Gary Young ND created producing tremendous results in the area of
optimal Hormonal System Health:

Lady Sclearol - This oil is designed to re-establish hormonal system balance in women. It has been
reported to minimize & even eliminate hot flashes, mood swings, cramps, uneven cycles, headaches,
etc. Use topically on low tummy, low back, wrists. or back of neck at least 2 or more times daily.

Sclar Essence - This oil is for more serious Hormonal System balancing. Designed to be taken inter-
nally up to 4 capsules daily depending on severity of your individual need. * This is the combination
that Mary Young is using to keep her hormonal levels balanced. (her levels are currently at a women
in her 20’s & she’s 58)

ClaraDerm - This wonderful Young Living Essential Oil spray is designed for many skin & intimate
conditions. Excellent for relief from rashes, breakouts, hormonal acne, candida yeast, eases vaginal
yeast discomfort & irratation & vaginal dryness. Also excellent to use 1month before & after child
birth. ClaraDerm adds elasticity to tender tissues preventing tearing and swelling. Best when used at
least 4 - 6 times daily spraying topically.

MegaCal - Contain a very fine micron(mesh or molecule size) calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, man-
ganese, vitamin C & Xylitol. MagaCal is excellent for proper heart, muscle, nerve, brain, bone, thyroid
& Hormonal balance. This is truly the superior time released mineral supplement. MegaCal will pre-
vent muscle cramps, bone density loss & restore proper function to many areas of our body that have
been weakened or malfunctioning due to injury or aging. MegaCal is ideal for everyone that has a diet
high in dairy products or is over 40 years. Best taken 1 hour or longer after meals.

BLM powder - Bones, Ligaments & Muscles. This has been a life saver for myself and many other
using it. Originally introduced in capsule form( Oct 2003, I started using it to rebuild my body after a
bad accident I had with my horse. The results have been astounding. The strength has returned to my
body & legs. I tore many ligaments, dislocated many bones & joints, severely bruised and damaged
lots of muscles and the pain was lingering on. When I strarted adding BLM to my daily program I
noticed lots of positive long lasting changes. I physically am able to carry more and go from morning
till night pain free. Many with bone,vertebrae, cartalege, ligament, tendon & muscle issues are report-
ing tremdous results. If you are injured we’re finding that doubling the recommended dosage on the
bottle works best.

It is imperative that you place an order your first month you become a member. Young Living is really paying close atten-
tion to empty membership accounts. Also to remain an active membership it is necessary to place an order at least once
every 12months, otherwise you'll have to pay a higher price when reordering. To order call 800-371-2928

                                                Update information- emails
Please make sure to contact Young Living with any new information, new area code, new phone # address etc. I get all my
info from Young Living. For security reasons only the person themselves can change any data on each account. Please
remember to send in your "signed agreements" from your policy & procedures manual. If you need assistance with this
call 800-371-3515
                                                Hormone Balancing
Hormone Balancing - Men and Women. First, if this is an area of concern for you - go to a reputable clinic and request a
complete Saliva & Blood Hormonal Panel Test.(Pregnenalone, Cortisol, Progesterone, Testosterone & Estradiol) According
to Dr. John Lee - certain hormonal readings are only accurate in the saliva. Once you know where you’re over/under then
you can take the most accurate action. When considering balancing hormones there are multiple areas to address. The
food we eat, personal care products, environmental toxins, thyroid function and natural body changes over time.
Food - Eat the food as close to how nature created it. No pre-packaged food. Soy is getting more difficult - most is GMO.
No soda pop, ice cream, dairy, any thing with preservatives and meat that is not hormone free organic. Dr John Lee
states that the #1 cause for hormonal disruption (and acne) among teenagers is the food they eat. Unfortunately its true
for us adults also. The preservatives in these foods, sugar & refined starches are major hormonal disruptors.
Personal Care Products - The chemicals in our soaps, deodorants, hair care, tooth pastes, mouthwash, lotions, shave
creams, and make-up are loaded with chemicals that penetrate through the skin and cause our bodies to become estrogen
dominant. Yes, even men are estrogen dominant. It is too much estrogen that causes prostate problems /cancer. Please
use Young Livings personal care products. They are proven to balance hormones & are harmful chemical free. In other
words be a part of the solution not contribute to the problem. Don’t be fooled by health food store claims of natural prod-
ucts. Read the ingredients. Not just what the label says. Even women’s sanitary and contraceptive products are loaded
with hormonal disrupting chemicals
Environmental - Cleaning products, herbacides, pesticides, bug sprays weed killers, room fresheners, rug deodorizes etc.
all contain hormone disruptors. Please everyone, use a diffuser in your home, office etc. The Travel Diffuser is silent and
sits quietly on your desk. Diffuse Purification, Lemon or any of the Citrus oils, Clarity, Thieves, Christmas Spirit,
Harmony, or any of your favorite oils. Also taking Longevity Capsules internally and Chelex is proving to remove chemi-
cals from our bodies and the H2Oils in water is also effective
Thyroid - Berry Young Juice 3 oz daily in water, Thyromin, Endoflex, Myrtle or Myrrh, and Coristop are working wonder-
fully to balance thyroid function. Remember it takes 90-180 days to balance our thyroid. Basil temperature testing is the
most accurate. Follow the directions in the desk reference.
Blood tests are questionable. The BEST TEST is taking your temperature.
Take first thing. BEFORE you even get out of bed, roll over, grab the thermometer and place under your armpit for 5 min.
Do this for 7 days in a row. Record your temperatures and average them.
Use this chart for a Guideline for help in balancing your thyroid, using Young Living Thyromin.
When using this approach, the correct range is (97.8-98.2)
    96+     1 in am on an empty stomach
    95-96 2 in am
    94-95 1 in am and 1 in pm.
    93-94 2 in am and 2 in pm.
    93       1 in am and 6 in pm.
    92        Danger
If you are taking too much Thyromin you will suffer from HEADACHES!!
Balancing Natural Body Changes - Berry Young Juice 3 oz daily in water, PD80/20 capsules 1-2 every morning,or
Prenalone plus, or Prenalone cream used every morning 1/4-1/2 tsp of cream on going. Progessence cream 1/4-1/2 tsp.
at night 3wks on 1 week off if not cycling. If still having a menstrual cycle stop day 1 of cycle thru day 13 and resume
Progessence cream cream day 14 till start of cycle. Any one or combination of Lady Sclaerol, Dragontime, Clary Sage,
Sage, Frankincese, Myrrh, Idaho Balsam Fir, Mister, Vitex, Estro Tincture Femalin, Cortistop, and Ultra Young+ are to
be added in as needed internal or topical application. Check your Desk Reference on the specifics of each one.
Here is a formula that is being tested at the Young Life Research clinic. So far results are excellent in the double blind
Men - 1 capsule up to 3x daily of Sclar Essence or 8 drops Conayza, 8 drops Frankincense, 8 drops Idaho Balsam Fir in
a “oo” capsule - 1 capsule 2xday. 4 weeks on 1 week off. ProGen as directed
Women - 1 capsule up to 3x daily of Sclar Essence or 2 drops Black pepper, 8 drops Conayza, 8 drops Clary Sage, 4
drops Anise 1 drop Peppermint in a “oo” capsule - take 1-3 caps daily. 4 wks on 1 wk off. Also Myrrh and Idaho Balsam
Fir 10 drops each in a capsule 1-2 times daily is being tested with promising results.
*Remember it takes 90-180 days or more to balance hormones. These changes often take time. I recently attended an
excellent class by Dr. John Lee. He shared new and indepth research on hormonal issues for men, women, teens, and
children. Everything from Cancer, Depression, Infertility, Acne, Mood Swings, Brain Function and more. If you’d like a set
of the audio tapes please contact me. The information is so valuable.
Clara Derm excellent Essential oil blend spray producing great results with vaginal dryness, jock itch, Candida yeast &
fungus, herpes, rectal fissures and other intimate and skin conditions. Also use four weeks prior to and following child birth
to prevent tearing and swelling.
                                                      Children & Infants
Essential Omegas - just 1 tsp. daily supports proper brain development. Combine it in 1 tsp. Berry Young Juice with
breakfast. You’ll be ecstatic with the results.
Lemon H2 oils in water work great to relieve Acid Reflux and Detoxzyme digestive enzymes are so important in support-
ing the body to release toxins and maintain the ability to think clearly and of course Clarity oil.
Regenalone rubbed on stiff arthritic areas relieves pain and inflammation. To speed up results take internally Sulfurzyme
and stop drinking coffee.
Many of us still have tape sets (40 tapes) that I personally have mailed out over this past 2 years. (not the tapes that Y.
L. includes in your orders) Could you please send me a check for $40.00 (or call with a credit card number) or return the
tapes if you are finished with them. If you would like a set of audio training tapes on how to use all our wonderful items
please call me. The most current set is over 80 tapes. (mailed price $100.00) Everyone who has listened said these
tapes are so valuable. You'll find info on these tapes that is nowhere else!
                                                   Young Life Research Clinic
Young Living has a medical research facility in Springville, Utah which has excellent results producing treatments & pro-
grams for a wide variety of physical, mental & emotional conditions. Many of our team members have visited the clinic
receiving outstanding results from seemingly minor to extreme life threatening situations. Before anyone is referred to the
clinic it is imperative that they have their own personal membership account number. Please make sure the person
referring them to the clinic has setup an account for them prior to their visit. This will save them valuable $ & make
sure they get connected to our team enabling them to receive much needed support.
Often times potential patients get frustrated because they don't get all their questions answered. The clinic is regulated by
government agencies & can only answer limited questions over the phone. Once you become a patient all of your ques-
tions can be answered during your personal visit & follow-up care. Many of us that have been to the clinic can answer
your questions that perhaps initially the clinic can not. To make an appointment call 801-489-8650
        Young Living and our team are truly education based. It has been said that knowledge is power. I also know that
knowledge builds confidence. Knowledge can also be very motivating and inspiring. Please call your upline for a list of
local classes. Please check for info on classes
Conventions- East & West Coast & Hawaii Level II - Gary said each convention & Hawaii will be very different. His focus
is more on solid education - How & why our oils/supplements etc. work better than almost everything available. He will
be presenting results from research & many ways to use our oils for specific results. There will also be time made avail-
able for business building training for those serious about building a successful YL business. According to Gary he’s
going back to solid, foundational training, adding in new info & research. Encourage everyone who is interested in being
successful with their own health or their business to attend these trainings. If you need a room mate please call us.
•East coast convention: Three days packed full of high level education & the most current research.
Oct. 7-9        Nashville, TN          Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
Level I - Science & Application
Minneapolis, MN       July 15-17th, 2004        Dr. David Hill & Vicki Opfer (If you are interested in assisting call Cherie)
San Francisco, CA     Sept. 9-11th 2004         Dr. David Hill & Marcella Vonn Harting

Ongoing         Twin Cities Area        Call for variety of class scheduals
Ongoing         Chicago Area            Call for variety of class scheduals
June 14-17      Maui Hawaii             Leadership & Life Training - Gary Young N.D. Powerful emotional healing
July 9-11       St. Paul MN             Dr. David Stewart, Biblical Oils, Raindrop, Vitatflex, Emotional release, chemistry
July 15-17      MPLS MN                 Science and Application(Level 1)
Oct. 7-10       Nashville TN            East Coast Convention
•June 2004 - Hawaii, Maui - “Lifestyle Enhancement” excellent class focusing on using the oils for clearing emotions &
patterns keeping us stuck in our lives. (Remember these are 100% tax deductible.)

                                          Attend Young Living Trainings FREE!!!
Yes - Including Annual Conventions. How? - Simply by being & staying on Autoship of $100 or more each month.
Select $100 worth of products that you don’t change every month ($100 needs to be consistently the same products,
however, you can change any other products above $100.) And for each month (a minimum of 6 months) you’ll earn
$25 per month of training credits to be used at any Y.L. sponsored training event.

Young Living and our team are truly education based. It has been said that knowledge is power. I also know that knowl-
edge builds confidence. Knowledge can also be very motivating and inspiring. Please call your upline for a list of local
classes. (Enclosed is the updated Twin Cities schedule)
Please contact members in your organization and encourage their attendance. Especially those who live in the area of the
                                                  Events and Opportunities
There are many events, expos, fairs etc. where there is great opportunity to share Young Living. We are being requested
to speak, hold classes and have booths at many of these events. If you are desiring to assist us and learn, or work,
please contact your upline for any events in your area for locations of interest to you. We always could use the help in the
Minneapolis area. (remember - expenses incurred are shared by those working to build their business, there is no charge
if you simply want to come assist and learn.) We’re involved with many events with outstanding response.
                        Definitely looking for people to work all these events!
July 8-11      Maddison WI              ESPN Great Outdoor Games
Oct. 14-16     Ogden UT                 Friesian Horse Show
Nov. 10-14     Boerne TX                Quartus Foundation Spiritual Retreat
Nov. 12-14     MPLS      MN             Women’s Home Expo
Nov. 19-21     MPLS     MN            Edge Life Expo

I have overflowing gratitude for each of us as we continue to have a positive effect on the people & animals whose lives
we touch. Congratulations & special recognition to the following members for their achievements in April 2004. (if I have
missed anyone please let me know)
         Sr. Star Executive - DBA Midstates, Dennis Grady, Edward & Sandy Geiger, Kathleen O’Sullivan, Landon Ross,
Paula Casper, Marle Kuennen, KDM Assiciates Inc., Nick Kuennen, Kassi Johnson, Jeanne Wiger, Hildegard Rykoff, Elaine
Turczynski, Salley M. Gwin, Jerry Till, Asia Voight, Dianna Sabella, Days Gone By, Marie Kneeland, Nancy Stephens,
Jodi M. Rasmussen, LKB Company, Julie Barker, Jody Stevens, Dr. Jeffrey Essen ND, Lynn Cox, Vicki Hartman, Bob
Villars, Joanne Christensen, DTDI, Judy & Dave Jellings, Jodi Funk, Sue Schutt, Katherine Conrad, Lynn Bartczak,
James or Valerie Weberg, Vicki or Ronald, Elizabeth Osmelak, Bob Morrow, David March, Greg/Leann Hassman, Gerald &
Rose Jordan, Connect 2 Pets
         Master Star Executive - Lee & Judy Camp, Dan Leutke, Julie Stoesz, Lynn Young, Karla Berger, Kelli Johnson,
           Raymond Miller, Willy & Joan Lansing,
       Premier Master Star - Babette Anderson, Spirits Whisper Acres, Janet Becker, Quartus Foundation Inc,
                             Elaine Downer
       Ambassador Master Star -    Dan Keskey, Making Waves Inc.,
                                   Jennifer Crippen
       Silver Master Star- Marge Ross, Sherry Lamarche

                                       Reference Section
Kathy Heuser,Psy.D. The Alternative Counseling & Mediation Resources (612) 275-9863 Minn.
Kathleen O’Sullivan Deep Tissue Therapist, Cranial Sacral, Auricular Therapy, Raindrop Tech.,
Minister,Spiritual/Psychic counseling & readings (952) 903-0125 Minn.
Betty Bjorkman Auricular Therapy, Raindrop Tech., Ear Candleing (952) 947-9040 Minn.
Sue Olmos Midstates Myotherapy,Reiki II, consultations (603) 205-9355 Ill., Wisc.
Fanona Grace Wholistic Health Practitioner (763) 561-3396 Minn.
Merita Rahlenbeck Raindrop Tech. w/sound (952) 703-9713 Minn.
Peggy Richardson Raindrop Tech. & Massage (763) 494-4267 Minn.
Katherine Conrad Raindrop Tech., Emotional Clearing (612) 220-4664 Minn.
Jackie Berggren Raindrop Oils Holder (Call For Brochure) (319) 268-0998 IA.
Judy Beenken, Young Living Logo shirts, bags, aprons & assorted promotional items (641) 749-2678
Marilyn Tokach, Animal Communication & Behavior consulting (952) 226-2622 MN
Lena Swanson, Animal Communication (651) 206-0644 MN
Sharon Adams, Chiropractor, (715) 483-5822 WI/MN
Asia Voight - Animal communication & teacher 608-877-1191, WI
Ed Geiger - Raindrop Technique, humans & animals. 715-675-9322 WI
Jeanne Wiger Psychotherapist & transition counselor, 651-450-5549 MN/WI
Heartland grooming/Wholistic practice 651-423-2500 MN
Nancy Stephens - Raindrop Technique on Animals 850-893-0693
Julie Stoesz - Raindrop Technique, massage & emotional balancing on humans & animals 507-645-4335 MN/WI
Renee Hogendorf, Raindrop Technique, massage, emotional & behavior training w/animals 612-621-3383 MN/WI
Spirit Plus Nutrition (Animals), 608-527-5333
Connect 2 Pets (Animal Nutrition) 773-354-1393
Kelli Johnson (Animal Nutrition), 763-441-4366
Dale and Betty Noordmans (Organic Meat - all kinds) 320-392-5925
Diane DiCristina Feng Shui Consultant for Home and Business 952-346-9339
Valarie Weberg Essential Oil Pendants 651-438-2362
Mary Stoffel Animal Communicator 763-444-8146
Pam Eichenberger Equine Massage Therapist 651-731-2026 MN/WI
Katie Sandberg Raindrop Technique 651-486-7843 MN
Diana Burney Energy Worker 541-482-5606
Annette Pearson Cert. Nutrionist, Reiki Master, Cert. in many Healing, Energy Modalities & Essential Oils 847-673-2446
Judith Mitchell CLC, RN, CMT, Healing Touch, Essential Oil Massage, Raindrop Tech., Personal Coach 612-870-9108
Dr. Gregory Mongeon, D.C. Chiropractor, Kinesiology, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Injuries and more. 507-649-0826
Keri Murlowski Brain Gym Intsructor, Touch for Health, Essential Oil Consultant 763-785-4600
Lisa Kent     Horse Trainer & Equine Therapist using Essential Oils 207-749-2363
Dr. Steven Fjerstad ND Naturopath Animals & Humans 320-693-2541
                                     Progessence Cream
                                 Progessence Cream (Code #3725) 1.4 oz

                                 Body System Supported

                                 Progessence Cream is made with the highest quality ingredients designed to moistur-
                                 ize and nourish dry skin. This fragrant blend of richly antioxidant wolfberry oil,
                                 herbs, vitamins, and therapeutic-grade essential oils nourishes and protects skin from
                                 the harsh environment we live in today. While many skin care products are loaded
                                 with petrochemicals that can cause allergic reactions, skin irritation, and clogged
                                 pores, the natural ingredients in Progessence Cream will rejuvenate environmentally
                                 stressed skin.

                                 Deionized water, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), caprylic/capric triglyceride, sorbitol,
                                 wolfberry oil, shea butter, glyceryl stearate, aloe vera gel, sodium PCA, stearic acid,
• All natural, chemical-free     calendula extract, chamomile extract, rosebud extract, orange blossom, St. John’s wort
 progesterone cream scientif-    extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, grapeseed extract, algae extract, tocopheryl acetate
 ically formulated to pene-      (Vitamin E), hydrolyzed wheat protein, locus bean gum, allantoin, lecithin, kelp,
 trate quickly and deeply into   retinyl palmitate, tocopheryl linoleate, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), lecithin, progesterone
 skin cells.                     (from soybean extract), eleuthero (Eleuthero coccus senticosus), trace mineral complex,
                                 ylang ylang (Cananga odorata), clary sage (Salvia sclarea), and Canadian fleabane
                                 (Conyza canadensis), flax seed oil, wheat germ oil, wild yam extract, black cohosh,
                                 blue cohosh, and the essential oils of geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), fennel
                                 (Foeniculum vulgare), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), and sage (Salvia officinalis).

                                 How to Use
                                 Apply 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. one to two times daily for 21 consecutive days. Discontinue use for 7
                                 days, then repeat. Massage cream thoroughly into soft tissue areas of the body until
                                 absorbed. Individual needs may vary.

                                 Application intended for external use only. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of
                                 children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician.

                                 Historical Information
                                 The moisture cream base for Progessence is brimming with all-natural and chemical-
                                 free ingredients. Since hair and skin are comprised of sulfur-bearing amino acids like
                                 cystine and methione, MSM has been included in the formula as a rich source of
                                 organic sulfur.
                                 Vitamins A, E, and C are potent antioxidants which can protect the skin from free-
                                 radical damage. Vitamins A and E also nourish skin depleted of moisture by sun,
                                 wind, and the effects of aging. Other nutrients and skin nourishers include the herbal
                                 extracts of calendula, chamomile, rosebud, orange blossom, grape seed, and algae.
                                 Wolfberry oil enhances skin elasticity along with aloe vera gel and shea butter. And
                                 with the addition of the essential oils listed above, eleuthero and lethicin, this skin
                                 care product will nurture and rejuvenate your skin.
                                            Technique               two
            Technique                                   Technique


   Rcc, Inc - Chérie Ross
   2732 Quebec Avenue North
   New Hope, MN 55427
   May 2004 General Newsletter
   In this Issue: Extensive research on
                  Hormone Balancing
                  Oils and Animals
                  Bone Density
                  and more...

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Young Living truly offers some of the best education for enhancing our life. Also the teach-
ers are magnificent. And some how all this learning is incorporated with a whole lot of fun.
Convention - East Coast Convention: I’m attending both. Packed full of high level education
         & the most current research.
Oct. 7-9 - Nashville, TN - Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
Life & Leadership Training - June 14-17 2004 - Hawaii, Maui - “Lifestyle Enhancement” excellent
                             class focusing on using the oils for clearing emotions & release
                             patterns keeping us stuck in our lives.
Science & Application - Minneapolis, MN July 15-17th, 2004 - Dr. David Hill
                       San Francisco, CA   Sept. 9-11th 2004 - Dr. David Hill & Marcella Vonn Harting

Dr. David Stewarts classes - Truly an outstanding teacher nationwide. He is head of the Institute for
                             Research in Aromatherapy.
Marcella Vonn Harting        - See her International Schedule in Japan and Austrailia
Anna Maya Powell classes - Nationwide - A European trained wholistic health practioner and Gary
                           Young’s personal assistant for may years.

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