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Name of Committee Newsletter Committee by galenbarbour


									Name of Committee:     Newsletter Committee

Committee Chair:     Caryl Gray

Committee Chair's E-mail Address:

Date:   January 15, 2005

Activity or Task #1:

    Recruit Newsletter Production Editor

Status of Activity or Task #1

    Currently seeking individual with knowledge of FrontPage and skills related
to formatting newsletter for publication.
Prior to Annual 2005 - make recommendation to Executive Committee.
Carol Schuetz and Caryl Gray

Activity or Task #2:

    Recruit Newsletter Committee chair and Newsletter editor

Status of Activity or Task #2

    Jeffrey Knapp, committee member, considering the position.
Make recommendation to Executive Committee prior to Annual 2005.
Caryl Gray and Carol Schuetz

Activity or Task #3:

    Index to LIRT News

Status of Activity or Task #3

    In 2003/2004 the committee explored the idea of creating an index to the
electronic version of LIRT News. This project has been put on hold for several
reasons including technical issues and lack of a committee member(s) to
undertake the project.

Anticipated budget for any of the above tasks.

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