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                                                                                                                                 What’s Inside:
A Bi-Yearly Newsletter | SPRING 2005

                                                                                                                                      TIPS FROM TIM . . . . . . 2

                                                                                                                                      GREETINGS FROM THE SPA . 3

                                                                                                                                      CAROL’S CORNER . . . . 4

                                                                                                                                      NEW PRODUCTS & SERVICES

                                                                                                                                          BIO-MARIS . . . . . 5
                                                                                                                                          BODY WRAP . . . . 5

                                                                                                                                          AIRBRUSH MAKEUP . . 5

                                                                                                                                          MESOTHERAPY . . . . 5

                                                                                                                                      MASSAGE INFO . . . . . 6

                                                                                                                                      DENISE’S CORNER . . . . 7

                                                                                                               Spring Color Roll-Out:
                                       cover photo & graphics: Lisa McLymont
mu kha m

                                                                                                              An updated glimpse of classic beauty
                                                                                                                   and understated glamour.

                                                                                                      Sheer seaside shades of pale lavender, pink and plum.
                                                                                                          Crystalline hues of blue, emerald and bronze.

                                                                                                                            WWW.MUKHASPA.COM | 614.294.7546

         We really do mean Custom!
                                                        Did you realize that virtually all your skincare
                                                        products can be tailored for your specific
                                                        needs? There is a $10 charge to rev up your
                                                        moisturizer or scent your hand cream. Adding
       Make-up Should Be Like a                         sunscreen would be an obvious choice but;
        Monet…No Hard Edges
                                                            • Azulen - an excellent anti-inflammatory

       1. Primer isn’t just for dry wall. Always prep       • Sodium PCA - the sister of hyaluronic acid provides maximum oil-free moisturizer.
          your skin with an appropriate moisturizer.
                                                            • Tea Tree – not only adds scent, but is a very effective anti-bacterial
       - Dermal Canvas is an excellent choice to
         plump fine lines on dehydrated skin.                 • We are adding a new high tech toy to make your customized products even
                                                        better. A pharmaceutical blending machine will emulsify your products on the spot
       - Seaweed Cream will help oily skin              – no more separating! We will be using this to create even better textures for your
          stabilize.                                    foundations.
       2. Foundation is not a tan in a bottle.
          Make-up must match your actual (reality
          check) skintone. Use the tools God gave
          you. Your hands are the best choice for
                                                        Poly-peptides: Miracle or Manure?
          a perfect blend. For fuller coverage use a
          flocked sponge or taklon brush.                Peptides have been used in the medical field for years, and I have always known that
                                                        it was only a matter of time for the skincare industry to begin to take notice. Peptides
       3. Blend until the end. A harsh line creates     can make an enormous difference in the appearance of your skin, but there is no
         harsh features, unless you are performing
                                                        magic bullet. Beautiful, healthy, youthful-looking skin needs a multi-tiered plan of
         in “A Street Car Named Desire.” And by
                                                        attack to achieve the ultimate goal. Your skincare regimen should be synergistic, and
         the way – put your tweezers down!
                                                        utilize all available technologies and ingredients.
       Spring Essentials will launch March 25th,
                                                        Peptides, by definition are compounds formed when two or more amino acids are
       2005. “Cashmere and Pearls” is sophisti-
                                                        joined. The difficult part was getting them into a form able to penetrate the skin. In
       cated and subtle. An updated glimpse of
       classic beauty and understated glamour.
                                                        the skin, peptides act as messengers allowing the layers to communicate more ef-
       Sheer seaside shades of pale lavender, pink,     ficiently, but as we mature this ability to communicate diminishes. This results in loss
       and plum will dust the contours of your face.    of collagen production and an accumulation of degraded elastin fibers.
       Crystalline blues, emeralds, and bronzes will
                                                        Matrixyl (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3) is a frequently used ingredient in several well-
       tempt you to think out of your color box.
                                                        known products such as Strivectin-SD and A & M Eye Recovery by Dermaquest
                                                        (both available at Mukha Medi-Spa). Studies indicate a 60–80% reduction in surface
                                                        wrinkles when used twice daily for two to six months. These products also have
                                                        beneficial effects on age spots and dark circles under the eyes.

                                                        The best news is that these products are generally non-irritating and highly tolerable
                                                        for all skin types. There are no contraindications with peptide therapy. They are ex-
                                                        tremely mild and positively increase hydration and the skins’ own healing properties.
                                                        The number of amino acid molecules in the peptide is indicated by di = 2, tri = 3, or
                                                        poly = 4, or more, and they can be natural or synthetically produced.

                                                        The cosmetic industry is very intrigued with the ability of these building blocks of life
                                                        to stimulate the growth of healthy human skin as well as retard the aging process.
                                                        We are still only at the tip of the iceberg.


                                   It is I, your faithful Salon Manager, Jacki Barnett. I want to thank all of you for an-
                                   other successful year. Winter 2004 was crazy. Power outages, snow up to our knees,
                                   AND trying to celebrate the holidays, how have we survived?
                                   Our hours are changing. We are now open Monday 9:00-4:00, Tuesday thru Friday
                                   10:00-8:00, and Saturday 10:00-6:00. In order to serve our clients better and get
                                   some needed rest, we will now close on Sundays. PLEASE try to cancel 24 hour in
                                   advance, or you will be charged 25% of all services on the book. It may sound harsh,
                                   but your therapist time is valuable.
                                   My topic for Spring is Brides! There are people who shiver and quake when this
                                   word is mentioned. Take a deep breath, and let me educate. Planning a wedding
                                   is incredibly stressful. Everyone from Mom to the Mail person plays a huge role. In
                                   the middle you have the Bride, coordinating ALL!!! In other words, please be patient
                                   when trying to schedule your facials & brows in the spring. There are Saturdays we
                                   are accommodating 2-3 wedding parties. We have always encouraged our clients to
                                   book ahead, and now it is as important as ever.

If you know the recently engaged, pass these next few lines on!

                                                                                           Upcoming Dates:                                 3
Booking your Wedding in 10 lines or less.
When you are figuring out the date & timing of the ceremony, hair and pictures-
Call me ASAP! I am in charge of all bridal bookings. At that time I can quote              Spring will be sprung!
prices, availability and offer referrals. You need to plan a Practice Make-up              Friday & Saturday March 25 & 26
Application 4-8 weeks before your ceremony. Try to schedule your run-thru on
                                                                                           The debut of Cashmere & Pearls will
a day when being beautified is worth it; and coordinate with your hair stylist
                                                                                           dazzle and delight! We will be offering a
(Bachelorette Party/Showers, engagement photos or someone else’s white event.)
                                                                                           special price for spring color applications;
Do not waste your make-up and go home to do laundry.
                                                                                           30 minutes for $45.00 dollars-product not
                                                                                           included. Call to schedule, space is limited!
Remember to recharge your batteries during this emotional time. Massages and
body treatments are a wonderful to escape the pressures of bridal insanity
                                                                                           Victoria Silks from Aura-Soma
                                                                                           Sunday & Monday May 22 & 23
Remember, this is quick advice; I can help you further when you call!
                                                                                           Victoria is color energy specialist; her
                                                                                           wisdom can guide us all in a new light.
Smile, you are wearing Mukha!                                                              She will be doing 30 to 120 minute sessions.
                                                                                           Visit our website for more info!

Jacki Barnett
Jacki Barnett

                                         Please check our web site for more information.>> WWW.MUKHASPA.COM | 614.294.7546

          Luvilicious Lips
                                    & Subtle Softness
           By Carol Clinton, MD, FACEP of Timeless Skin Solutions

                                                                                      Collagen has been around for many years and
                        The use and popularity of facial fillers has sky rock-
                                                                                 its use is still popular. The product currently on the
                        eted in the past year with the FDA approval of the
                                                                                 market no longer requires skin testing for allergic
                        facial filler Restylane®. Botox Cosmetic ® started the
                                                                                 reactions. The product can last about three months.
                        revolution allowing people to have a more youthful
                                                                                 Restylane revolutionized facial fillers because it can
                        appearance without the cost, downtime or risk of
                                                                                 last up to 9 months. In a short half hour treatment,
                        cosmetic surgery. The results can be virtually breath-
                                                                                 one can erase ten years of aging. It has been used in
                        taking and most people are “hooked” once they start.
                                                                                 Europe since 1996. Facial fillers are now the most
                        Adding the use of facial fillers allows a junkie to
                                                                                 common cosmetic procedure that I perform.
                        become a full blown addict.

                                                                                 Depending the correction you desire, one to three
                        Facial fillers are best used for wrinkles and folds
                                                                                 syringes of Restylane may be required. So, if you’ve
                        that are apparent when the face is at rest. Lips can
                                                                                 always wanted a pair of lips for a good pucker up
                        be defined or contour enhanced, a soft and subtle
                                                                                 kiss or you want a more contoured face it is just 30
                        change occurs with the use of a filler. One of my
                                                                                 minutes and a syringe of Restylane away!!!
                        patient’s recently remarked that more of her friends
4                       commented this past holiday season that she looked       Before
                        great and thought the improvement was even more
                        remarkable from Restylane than the upper and lower
                        lid lift she had performed a year ago.

                        Restylane is a non animal stabilized hyaluronic acid
                        molecule which replaces one of the components of
                        the skin that we lose as we age. Lips commonly thin
                        over time. The appearance of lines that cause lipstick
                        to bleed down turning of the mouth, or hollowing out
                        of the area between the corner of the nose and the
                        outer aspect of the lips.                                After

      We are constantly striving to bring you the best skincare and results oriented services available.
      These new additions to Mukha will bring cutting edge science and fashion forward innovation together.

      New Products & Services Launch at Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi Spa

      BioMaris Thalassofacial
      The elemental force of the sea acts as a balance between mineral substances and trace elements.
      Thalassa (the Greek word for the sea) are treatments developed from the scientifically proven fact that sea
      ingredients play a leading role in human health. Sea water contains high concentrations of magnesium,
      calcium, iodine, and other vital elements. Adding back the trace minerals and vitamins to the skin
      following peels or Microdermabrasion will dramatically speed the healing process. It acts as an
      anti-inflammatory, regulates water balance, soothes, and increases elasticity. Following this hour and a
      half treatment, a moisture ampoule is our gift to continue the benefits you can sea.
      Treatment cost: $100

      Chocolate Body Wrap
      A new truly decadent indulgence that combines a salt glow with a delicate
      painting of chocolate over the entire body. Enjoy the scents of cocoa and
      madagascar cinnamon during a cocoa oil scalp treatment. Finish by enjoy-
      ing a chocolate mousse cake and hot cocoa. A perfect service to enjoy as a
      couple at our new Dublin location in our deluxe couples sanctuary.
      Treatment cost: $125/person

      Waterproof Airbrush Make-up
      We will be adding the Dinair Airbrush System for flawless, waterproof, cam-
      era-ready make-up. Look for this in April 2005!                                                                               5

Mesotherapy Treatment
                                                                   Mesotherapy is a safe and effective alternative for the treat-
Mesotherapy is the practice of using microinjections of con-
                                                                   ment of cellulite, weight loss, hair loss (alopecia), and the
ventional FDA approved medications and/or vitamins into the
                                                                   face and neck rejuvenation. Unlike surgery, Mesotherapy is
mesoderm, or middle layer of skin where the adipose tissue
                                                                   virtually painless, requires no post-operative recovery time,
(fat) is located to deliver healing or corrective treatment to a
                                                                   requires no heavy bandages or girdles, and no anesthesia is
specific area of the body.
                                                                   necessary. The results obtained with Mesotherapy are dra-
The technique was formulated in 1952, by Dr. Michel Pistor         matic. After completing a series of Mesotherapy treatments,
in France, and the procedure was recognized by the French          generally over a three month period of time, patients can
National Academy of Medicine in 1986.                              notice improvement in skin quality, less dimpling of the skin,
                                                                   and weight loss.
                                                                   The international Society of Mesotherapy is comprised of
                                       Coming Soon                 21 member nations and has agreed to personally train cor-
                                 Tuesday, March 8 , 8pm            rect principles to ensure that Mesotherapy is being properly
                                                                   practiced throughout the world; in the United States the only
                               MESOTHERAPY SEMINAR
                                                                   courses recognized by the International Society of Mesothera-
                             Complimentary informational           py are recognized by Rx Management International.
                              meeting about Mesotherapy.
                                                                   Dr Carol L. Clinton, MD, FACEP is trained by this Society.
                    Book your appointment on March 8
               & receive 10% off your first appointment!

                                                                                              WWW.MUKHASPA.COM | 614.294.7546

          Massage is the
          Active Release Techniques                                                  technique is being maintained, so that you, the client, can
          (A.R.T.) is a patented man-                                                go to and A.R.T. provider in Columbus, New York, Califor-
          ual technique for myofa-                                                   nia, Australia, or Canada and know that you will receive the
          cial release…those stress                                                  same quality of care.
          knots that you get in your
          shoulders and neck…that is                                                 Unlike other techniques in which you learn the whole body
          taught to doctors, physical                                                in a two day weekend and are not tested or subsequently
          therapists, occupational thera-                                           re-tested on your knowledge and touch, A.R.T. does to main-
          pist, licensed massage therapist and trainers, so long as they have an    tain the high standards set by Dr. Leahy. Because of this, the
          extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology.                            classes are extensive in the knowledge gained and are some-
                                                                                    what more expensive than a lot of other hands on technique
          Due to the number of muscles in the body and the specific function         classes. This also means that there are not as many A.R.T.
          each one has, the training classes are split up into three areas of       providers in the country and most are located in the larger
          the body, upper extremity, lower extremity, and spine which covers        metropolitan areas.
          the neck, back and torso muscles. Each class lasts three days from
          8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and a fourth day for testing. During the class     A.R.T. is usually used for specific performance problems
          days, the instructors show the protocol for a muscle and you then         but can be adapted and utilized in a general full body mas-
          practice on the instructor and other class mates to make sure that        sage to achieve a greater level of relaxation of over used
          you understand the muscle or nerve function, and type of touch            and stressed muscles. Although somewhat painful, it results
          required for the muscle to release. Most of the class is hands on         in a body that has a more free range of motion and a more
          and the protocols go quickly so the evenings are usually taken up         relaxed day-to-day feeling in the entire body.
          with review of the protocols learned during the day. Once you have
          completed and passed the 50 question written exam over the study
          guide for the protocols, you sign up to be tested on the fourth day
          of the seminar. One of the instructors tests you over the protocols.
          He or she picks three of the muscle releases and one of the nerve
          entrapments out of the 80-100 protocols that you learned in class
                                                                                                                 Thermastone is an ef-
          the previous three days. The instructor checks you for knowledge
          of the anatomy (do you know where the muscle or nerve is that                                          fective massage therapy
          the instructor is asking about), technique (do you know the action                                     technique based on the
          of the muscle and its range of motion), and touch (are you using                                       Hydrotherapy principles
          the correct touch to get the release to occur) for each of the three                                   of thermalism. It utilizes
          techniques. Then for the nerve entrapments, the instructor checks to
                                                                                                                 hot stones to create
          see if you know all of the protocols for the length of one nerve. To
          become credentialed for the class, you must score above 80 points                                      a deeper penetrating
          on a 100 point scale on the protocols.                                                                 massage to treat mus-
                                                                                                                cular aches and pains.
          Once you have taken, completed, and are credentialed in all three
                                                                                   The pressure, motion, friction and thermal effect used
          areas, you are now fully credentialed. You then have to re-creden-
          tial every year. To do that, you have to attend one of the seminars      during the Stone Therapy massage also encourages
          again and be checked by Michael Leahy, the doctor that holds the         cleansing and deep relaxation. This slow and delib-
          patent on the technique.                                                 erate technique also helps improve tissue consistency
          In order to have a patent on something, it must be able to be repli-     and the rate of metabolism of the entire system.
          cated and available to the public. For A.R.T. to be replicated, Dr.
          Leahy does this type of check to make sure that the quality of the

                                                                                  DENISE’S CORNER

                SAVING YOUR SOLE AND
                    FLIRTING WITH YOUR FINGERS
In each lifetime we walk an average distance equivalent to the moon and back. Ouch!
My tootsies hurt. Because many of the toxins your body releases settles in the bottom
of your soles, a regular pedicure is a must to improve circulation to the joints and tis-
sues of the feet. The therapeutic benefits of callous removal and touch are undeniable.
Many medical and holistic studies have proven the improvement in circulation and
direct relief of diabetic side effects. Reflexology is the study of the correlation of your
feet to the rest of your body. Many therapists believe that the feet are mirrors to many                       7
dysfunctions in the rest of the body. Allow us to show the dramatic metamorphosis a
medically-based pedicure can achieve.

As a spring special, our Essential Pedicure will be specially priced at $55.00 for the
months of March and April. If you’re like me, talking with your hands is something you
can not control. A tailored manicure is the finishing touch for any lady of style. We
have added an amazing selection of China Glaze polishes, covering the gamut of
taste. As an additional gift, Denise is offering a second special in March and
April. Combine an essential pedicure and manicure on the same day and
receive both for $75.00.

Ms. Painter hopes to see you soon for a truly safe and quality
service. The extra effort and resources to provide a safer pedicure
maybe reflected in the price of the service. But isn’t the cost of
your health worth it? We are honored to be a member in good-
standing of the International Pedicure Association.

                                                                             WWW.MUKHASPA.COM | 614.294.7546
       Mukha Custom Cosmetics & Medi-Spa
       980 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 43201
       614 294 SKIN .


                                      mukha custom cosmetics & medi-spa
                                                                Products & Services by Tim Maurer
              MAKEUP TO AN ART FORM

                                           The Short North                 Shops at Athenry
                                           980 N. High Street              7196 Muirfield Dr.
                                           Columbus, OH 43201              Dublin, OH 43017
                                           614 294 SKIN                    614 799.5100

                                           timeless skin solutions
                                                                Dr. Carol L. Clinton, M.D.

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