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									 Penna e Calamaio
                                                                                                        June 2007
 Italians Of Central Oklahoma Newsletter                                                                Volume XII, Issue 6


 2 NW 11th Oklahoma City,
 Oklahoma 73103
 Tel: (405) 232-3375 or (405)      OUR MOTTO: YES, WE CAN

President:                      Letter from President
Dino Cassar
Vice President:                 Again I want to thank all of        good. Pam updated us on the         chance to review and read
Lee Wheeler                     you who came to the May             treasury report, Lee Wheeler        these by laws in September
Treasurer:                      meeting. I counted 35 plus          brought and passed out the          and at that time can
Pam Spagna                      members. Slightly down from         Festival flyers to the              recommend further changes
Secretary:                                                          membership, Dino updated            (additions/deletions) if any.
                                March and April when 50 plus
Margaret Massey                                                                                         The by laws final approval will
                                members came. I get a little        the membership with the
Newsletter Editor:
                                concerned when I don’t see          festival progress report and        come only after the
Dino Cassar
                                some members at the                 Steve Long updated the              membership has read and
                                meeting. But I realize that we      membership with the ICO             review them and approved
   COMMITTEES                                                                                           them.
                                cannot always have 50 plus          Web Site and the membership
Auditing:                       members show up at the              directory.
Steve Long                      meetings. In any case we                                                I have noticed that many of
By Laws:                                                            After our regular meeting, the      the members leave the club
                                hope all is well with you and
Frank Wanto                                                                                             as soon as the meeting is
                                we hope to see you at future        by Laws committee met to
Italian Festival:                                                                                       over and only a few stay to
                                                                    review the club Bylaws. The         help to clean up the place. I
Margaret Massey                 meetings. Soon will be
Newsletter:                     vacation time. June 16th will       committee reviewed the by           will remind you that Margaret
Dino Cassar                     be our last meeting until           laws and changes                    allow us to use her place of
                                                                                                        business free of charge for
Scholarship:                    September. July and August          (additions/deletions) were
                                                                                                        our meetings and therefore I
Margaret Massey                 we have reserved them for           made were they believed best        feel that the least we can do is
Finance:                                                            fit and described the activity      leave it clean for her. Won’t
                                vacation time.
Pam Spagna                                                          and functions of our club. The      you please help? After all this
                                Our May meeting went pretty         membership will have a              is your club too.

                                3rd Annual Italian Festival                                             Sue and I wish all our
                                                                                                        members happy vacation.
                                                                    friends, your church members        up after the festival and etc.
                                  Festival Publicity: Steve                                             See you all in September.
                                                                    or help by passing out the          Also to those people that are
                                  Long has contacted 10 Radio                                           Be safe
       Inside this issue                                            festival flyers. The more           bringing      the      Chicken
                                  Stations among them are
                                                                    people help publicize the           Cacciatore please bring it at
                                  KOMA, KOSU, KATT, KOKC.
                                                                    festival the better it is. At the   the Elk club no later than
Club News                  2      6 TV Stations OETA, Channel
                                                                    meeting you will receive ten        9:30AM on Saturday June
                                  5, Channel 4, Channel 9, FOX
                                                                    festival flyers, please pass        9th.
Recipe of the Month        3      25. 10 Newspapers including
                                                                    them out. Admission to the
                                  the Oklahoman, The Edmond
                                                                    festival is FREE.                   Please note: There is an error
                                  Sun, Oklahoma Gazette. I
Italian History            4      only mentioned the more                                               in the chicken cacciatore
                                                                    Please Help: If you would like
                                  popular one’s but there are                                           recipe. The recipe says to use
Laugh and Learn            5                                        to help with the festival, be at
                                  many others.                                                          3 chicken bullion cubes. It
                                                                    the Elk club anytime after
                                                                    8:00AM on Saturday June             should have instead said to
Our Sponsors               6      Help spread the word: You
                                                                    9th. We need people to help
                                  can help with the festival even                                       use one. You could however,
                                                                    set up flags, banners, tables       use more bullion cubes if you
Other News                 7      if you do not want to
                                                                    help unload the truck, clean
                                  volunteer. You can tell your                                          double or triple the recipe.
Directions                 8

                      Club News
                      The     next   ICO          have         fun.            follow: June 16th
                      Membership                  Margaret will be             will be our last
                      Meeting is June             cooking Sausages             meeting date until
                      16th 2007: This will        Peppers      and             September.      The
                      be       our    last        Onions.                      months of July
                      meeting until Sept                                       and August are
                      8th,    2007.   The          Meeting time is             vacation months
                      meeting will be a           always 12:00 noon            and the ICO club
                      B-B-Q             at        unless   otherwise           will   not   meet
                      Margaret’s place            specified in the             during those two
                      starting at 12:00           Newsletter.   Our            months and you
                      o’clock. So come            next      meeting            will not receive
Our club has          one come all. Lets                                       the Newsletter.
                                                  dates    are    as
and entered in        Good News
the register of                                   associations as
                      I have been
the Italian club
                      officially notified         another Italian
                      by the Italian              club in Oklahoma.
                      consulate of                Previously only the
                      Houston, that our           Tulsa Italian club
                      club has been               was registered as
                      recognized and              the only club in
                      entered in the              Oklahoma.
                      register of the

                      How to Join ICO
                      Joining the fun is easy.    www.italiansofoklahoma       and you have an
                      There are three easy        .com. Annual Club dues       interest in the Italian
                      options: contact our        for full membership are      culture. This Club is
                      President,    Dino,   by    $15 for single and $20 for   available to both men
                      phone at (405) 672-1821,    family.      The     only    and women. To find out
                      email       him       at    requirements needed to       more about joining the
            , or go       join the ICO are to have     ICO, please feel free to
                      online to our Website at:   paid your yearly dues,       contact our President.

History of the ICO
2007 marks the 10th Anniversary of our                    of all ages and backgrounds, ICO
Italian Club. Ten years ago, Bea, Carla                   strives to share the beauty, history,
and Andrew Guthrie dreamed of a                           and charm of Italian customs with
club in Oklahoma City where they                          the local community today and for
could share their love of Italian culture.                generations to come. Traveling to
Grabbing a trusty phone book, they                        Italy, cooking, Scopa (cards), and
began to contact people with Italian                      festivals are just a few ways ICO
last names. As a result, the first                        reaches these goals with its CAN
meeting on the University of Central                      DO attitude.
Oklahoma’s campus boasted over
300 people! Today, ICO has almost
one hundred active members and is
still growing in numbers and activities.

As an established club for people

                                                      crushed red tomatoes, and         ½ cup (90g/3oz) black olives
                                                      1/4 cup of water. Simmer in a     1 cup (250ml/8 fl oz) tomato

                    Recipe of
                                                      covered pan for 30 minutes,       puree
                                                      add 1/4 cup of water if the       ½ cup red wine
                                                      mixture begins to dry out. Test   1 chicken bouillon cubes

                    the Month
                                                      for salt. Serve as a side dish    1 tablespoon dry basil
                                                      with crusty Italian bread
                                                      Chicken Cacciatore Recipe: I      Directions: Heat half the oil
                                                      am repeating the recipe for       in a large heavy based pan
                    WILD MUSHROOMS                    the Chicken cacciatore in         and brown the drumsticks
                    Ingredients:                      case you lost it. This recipe     in small batches over high
                    2 pounds of oyster                must be followed exactly to       heat. Heat the remaining
                    mushrooms wild or farmed          ensure that everybody makes
                    1 pound good Italian sausage                                        oil in a frying pan and cook
                                                      the sauce the same way. Do
                    2 cloves, garlic minced                                             the onion and garlic for ten
                                                      not add any other ingredient
                    2 shallots, minced                                                  minutes, or until golden.
                                                      to the recipe. Please bring
                    1/4 cup, olive oil                the Chicken Cacciatore at the     Remove from the pan and
                    1/2 teaspoon, red pepper          Elks club on Saturday June        add to the chicken.
                    flakes, optional                  9th not later than 9:30           Add the remaining
                    1 fifteen ounce can of crushed    AM preferably still warm.         ingredients to the frying
                    red tomato                                                          pan. Bring to the boil,
                    Salt and black pepper             CHICKEN CACCIATORE                reduce the heat and then
                                                      Preparation time: 20 minutes      simmer for ten minutes.
                    Preparation: Wash                 Total cooking time: 1 hour        Season to taste with salt
                    mushrooms, remove tough           Serves 6                          and pepper. Pour over the
                    stems and tear into thin strips                                     chicken, stir to combine,
                    along the gills. Sauté garlic     Ingredients:                      cover and simmer for 35
                    and shallots in olive oil,        3 tablespoons olive oil           minutes, or until very
                    remove sausage from casing        12 small chicken drumsticks
                    and sauté in olive oil, sausage                                     tender. Try it.
                                                      or wings
                    will crumble. Add mushrooms       1 large onion, finely chopped
                    and red pepper flakes and stir    3 cloves of garlic, crushed
                    the mixture continuously for      440g (14 oz) can crushed
                    three minutes. Add the            tomatoes

                                                                                                             On each side of the street
                             I     hope     that   bringing    these
                             articles/stories to you, will help you
                                                                        Italian History                      people cheer for their runners.
                                                                                                             In the afternoon, at precisely
                             better     understand     your   Italian                                        4:00 PM, the church bells of
                             Heritage/History especially if you are     first to sing and dance until        the main church in the village
                             “Italian American”. I take these           late in the night. Throughout        begin ringing and it is time for
                             articles/stories from books, journals,     the year, the women of the           the main event. On the outer
                             or any other media I find. So, I hope      town      create    handmade         ring begins the procession of
                             you read them and enjoy them as            costumes from the XII-XIII           the    four    wagons       each
                             much as I do in bringing them to you.      Century for all participants in      proceeded      by    folkloristic
                                                                        the                Maggiolata.       musicians, marching bands
                             LaMaggiolata, by Nicola Turchetti                                               and fanfare. Each wagon
                              Lucignano, an ancient medieval            Beginning on Saturday night          makes four laps around the
                             village, is located in a beautiful         of the first week, the festival is   town and during the last lap,
                             panoramic setting amidst the hills of      marked        by    a     parade     called the "Battle of the
                             the Chiana Valley. With unique urban       consisting of local folkloristic     Flowers", the thousands of
                             design, composed of three concentric       groups that announce the             flowers covering the wagons
                             circles, Lucignano appears as an           festivities at hand. The next        are thrown into the expectant
                             ellipse.                                   morning, the Corteo Storico,         crowd, covering the streets in
                             The last two Sundays in May mark an        the historical group in town,        a rainbow of colors and
                             important event in the town's history.     announce the day's festivities       perfumes.       The        street
                             Called La Maggiolata, it celebrates        with a sounding of horns. The        becomes      a    multi-colored
                             the beginning of the summer's bounty       People's Representative on           carpet of flowers that is truly
                             and is the most important celebration      horseback makes a brief              breath taking. After the last
                             for the 3000 inhabitants of Lucignano.     announcement         with     his    circle by the wagon, people
                             Like spokes on a wheel, the town is        "Priore" (his armed guard from       mingle and go to the various
                             divided into four segments: Porta          ancient times) by his side and       restaurants around the town
                             Murata, Porta San Giovanni, Via            the festivities begin.               that have special menus
                             dell'Amore and Porta San Giusto.                                                celebrating the Maggiolata.
                             Each segment has two colors which          Marking the tradition of
                             distinguish it from the others and the     competing wards, a relay race        On the second Sunday, after
                             flags of the wards are proudly waved       between the fastest runners of       dinner, the election of the
                             from every flower-covered window           each Contrada takes place on
                                                                                                             most beautiful wagon takes
                             ledge. Broom flowers are placed            the outermost ring of the
                                                                        town.                                place. All the citizens of the
                             along each doorway, balcony and
                             window as well to celebrate the                                                 winning Contrada celebrate
                             bounty of Spring.                          On the second Sunday, after          their hard work by being the
                                                                        dinner, the election of the          first to sing and dance on the
                             Unchanged from olden days, this            most beautiful wagon takes
                                                                                                             large stage erected for this
                             celebration consists of a stunning         place. All the citizens of the
                                                                        winning Contrada celebrate           purpose. The celebrations go
                             parade with four wagons representing
                             each "Contrada" and the "contradioli"      their hard work by being the         long into the night but already
                             spend months preparing the wagon to        first to sing and dance on the       the very next day, all the
                             reflect the year's chosen theme. For       large stage erected for this         Contradas are back at work
                             each wagon, the citizens meet often        purpose. The celebrations go
                                                                                                             focusing on the next year's
                             three to four nights a week to create a    long into the night but already
                                                                        the very next day, all the           Maggiolata. This is truly a
                             virtual masterpiece that must be
                             covered by flowers. Between 15,000 -       Contradas are back at work           festivity not to be missed and
                             20,000 flowers are used for each cart      focusing on the next year's          people from all over the world
                             representing an allegorical image.         Maggiolata. This is truly a          come to witness this event.
                             The wagons are judged at the end of        festivity not to be missed and
                                                                                                             Source: Molto Italiano Vol 6
                             the Maggiolata and the victors are the     people from all over the world
                                                                        come to witness this event
                                                                        Source: Molto Italiano Vol 6         No. 21
                                                                        No. 21information it
Italian Culture Celebrated Online in Oklahoma                           contains, for example,
                                                                        employees or people
                                                                        interested in purchasing a
 Oklahoma City, OK—May              scholarships, and acts as               ICO’s web site will
                                                                        product or in requestingallow          Italian clubs in the USA
1, 07—Food, Friends and             an entrance into the joys of            you the
                                                                        your services. opportunity to          and Italy. Whether you’re
Festivities are the focus of a      Italian heritage. Whether               learn      Italian,     gather     of Italian descent or simply
                                                                        You can compile a mailing
new web site for Italians of        you’re looking for recipes or           authentic Italian recipes,         enjoy      Italian  culture,
Central Oklahoma.                   a chance to connect with                 from current and past
                                                                        listread business reply                Italians       of   Central
www.Italiansofcentraloklah          and share in the charm of           cards, customer
                                                                            Newsletters, join the club,        Oklahoma’s new web site is a culturally             Italian culture, ICO’s new              learn Italian history and
                                                                        information sheets, business           will be your link to this
vibrant website with                web site is the place for               culture, and learn about
                                                                        cards collected at trade               vibrant       and   thriving
information on cooking,             you!                                    upcoming ICO events.
                                                                        shows, or membership lists. It         culture. Simply log on to
language, activities, and                                                   also provides links to other       www.italiansofcentralokla
                                                                        You might consider           
                                                                        purchasing a mailing list
                                                                        from a company.

On the lighter side
Super Bowl Seats!                                       seat?"
A man had 50-yard             "Well, actually, the      The man shook his
line tickets for the          seat belongs to me. I     head. "No, they're all
Super Bowl. As he sat         was    supposed      to
down,                     a   come      with     my     at the funeral."
man came up to ask            wife, but she passed
if anyone was sitting         away. This is the first
in the seat next to           Super     Bowl     we
him.                          haven't          been
"No," he said, "The           to together since we
seat        is   empty."      got married in 1967."
"This is incredible," said                                                       Laugh and
the man. "Who in their        "Oh, I'm sorry to hear
right      mind    would      that. That's terrible.
have a seat like this
for the Super Bowl,
                              But couldn't you find                              Learn with us!
the biggest sporting          someone else - a
event                    in   friend or relative, or
the world, and not            even a neighbor to
use it?"                      take the

Learn Italian
Here are a few                Oven                      Eel tohs-ta-pa-nay
new sentences for             2. Le forchette, i        - The toaster
you to learn. Try             coltelli, i cucchiai -    5. I bicchieri - Ee
reading them in               Leh fohr-kayt-te,         beek-kyeh-ree -
Italian first then            Ee cohl-tehl-lee,         The glasses.
read the                      Ee kook-kya-ee -
pronunciation                 The forks, the
and last the                  knives, the spoons
English meaning.              3. I tovaglioli di
                              carta - Ee toh-va-
Things found in
                              lyo-lee dee kar-at
the Kitchen:
                              - The paper
1. Il Forno - Eel
                              napkins                   .
phor-no - The
                              4. Il tostapane -

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Membership Dues
If you have not
yet paid your
membership dues
for 2007, you can
do so during the
meeting. Pam our
treasurer will be
glad to take your

50/50 Raffle
The raffle allows a   and 50% goes to      Congratulation.
50/50 split (50%      support our
the winner) of the    Scholarship Fund.                      Support the
money collected       Buy a ticket. Help
from the tickets      your club. The
that the club sell    May winner was                         Fund and
at each meeting       Mickey Quinn.
                                                             Your Club,
                                                             Play the
Happy Birthday/Anniversary
The ICO club                                                 Raffle!
wishes happy
ary to all those
members who
ary in the month
of June 2007.

OKLAHOMA                       ICO Club Directions
2 NW 11TH
Oklahoma City, OK 73103        Coming from North            building is on your right,      Take Harrison West to
                               OKC, take Broadway           on the South side of the        Broadway (first right
(405) 232-3375 or (405) 672-   Extension and exit at        street       immediately        after you go under the
1821                           10th street. Heading         before the railroad             bridge). Continue North
                               West, at Broadway turn       tracks.                         on Broadway to NW
Fax                            right and head North                                         11th street, turn right
(405) 232-3376
                               for approximately 200m       If you are coming from          heading              East.
                               yards and turn right         I-40 or South OKC, take         Continue for one block.
                               onto     11th     street     I-235       (Centennial         The building is on your
                               heading East, continue       Highway)     and    exit        right before the railroad
                               for one block. The           Harrison     downtown.          track. Be There, Dino.

                               About Our Organization
                                                                                            of Italians, Italian-
                               Welcome to the Italians      America and abroad?             Americans, and those who
                               of Central Oklahoma          Then Italians of Central        aren’t of Italian descent
                               (ICO)! Are you looking       Oklahoma is for you!            but love the culture and
                                                            ICO offers a variety of         sense of community
                               for friends to share your
                                                            benefits for both its Italian   offered by ICO.
                               love of Italian culture?
                               Or maybe you would           and English speaking
                                                            members such as monthly
                               like to learn more about
                                                            newsletters, and meetings.
                               the Italian way of life in   We are simply a community

                                 ITALIANS OF CENTRAL
                                 2 NW 11TH
                                 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73103

                                                              CUSTOMER NAME
                                                              STREET ADDRESS
                                                              ADDRESS 2
                                                              CITY, ST ZIP CODE

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