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					                              TEMPLE NEWSLETTER
                                        Prepared and edited by the TVFDA

                             JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2009
    FREE – At the Library & Temple Store                                          FREE - Please Take One
Fire Station: 878-1972             Police Station: 878-3474                           Emergency: 911

Temple Town Clerk: 878-3873                              Tax Collector: 878-3873
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am - 2 pm              Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9 am-2 pm

Secretary to the Selectmen: 878-2536
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:30 am-12:30 & 1:00-5:00 pm
Selectmen Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesday’s at 7 pm

Mansfield Library: 878-3100
Monday & Friday 10 am - 4 pm; Tuesday & Thursday 3 - 8 pm; Saturday 10:30 am -1:30 pm

Post Office: 878-1800 Monday thru Friday 7 – 11:30 am & 1 – 4:30 pm; Saturday 7 -11:30 am

Wilton Recycling Center: 654-6150
Tuesday 7:30 am-5 pm; Thursday 9 am-5 pm; Saturday 9 am-5 pm; Sunday 8 am-12 pm

Snap Shot of Coming Events
Jan 2 Community Potluck Supper                                Feb    3   Ladies Aid
Jan 5 TVFD Meeting                                            Feb   6    Community Potluck Supper
Jan 6 Ladies Aid                                              Feb    7   Ladies Aid White Elephant/Bake Sale
Jan 9 Souper Lunch                                            Feb    4   Con Com Meeting
Jan 12 Con Com Meeting                                        Feb   12   Village Green Com Meeting
Jan 13 Library Trustees Meeting                               Feb   13   Souper Lunch
Jan 19 Library closed                                         Feb   16   Library closed
Jan 19 Historic District Com                                  Feb   16   Historic District Com
Jan 19 TVFD Drill                                             Feb   16   TVFD Drill
Jan 23 Souper Lunch                                           Feb   22   TVFD Maintenance
Jan 25 TVFD Maintenance                                       Feb   23   Con Com Meeting
Jan 26 TVFDA Meeting                                          Feb   23   TVFDA Meeting
Jan 26 Con Com Meeting                                        Feb   26   Newsletter deadline
Feb 2 TVFD Meeting                                            Feb   27   Souper Lunch

Newsletter Notes
The deadline for the March-April issue is February 26th. Typed or handwritten copy is accepted. Please E-
mail an electronic file, saved in any major Windows-based word processing file format, to
maryeamsden@peoplepc.com, or drop off a typed or handwritten copy at the store. Keep in mind when
writing, that it is important for submitted articles to be appropriately written for the public. The purpose of the
newsletter is to provide information for upcoming events and pertinent information regarding community
organizations. While some editing might take place, all items are subject to editing for length (if greater than
250 words) or inappropriate content. In addition, personal or commercial advertising is available for a fee.

Temple Volunteer Fire Department
Ice Storm 2008
 Perhaps it was just a bad dream or an even worse movie. There is no accurate way to chronicle the activities of
the TVFD during this event. If we took the time to fill out paperwork a neighbor in need of help would have
had to wait. My digital camera memory went untouched. My own memory is so very full. If our aggressive
actions during this event hurt you please forgive us. If we helped you please thank our families.
Strong families are what allow TVFD members to help others. Stoic is the term we used so many times to
describe the people we were offering to help. Stoic is the term we now use to describe our families who gave us
up for days at a time to help serve others.
We would so much like to tell you all of our stories but it will be so much more interesting to hear them from
you. Have a very safe 2009. Are you ready for draught and forest fires?
If you would like to join the TVFD fire and rescue efforts please call Fire Chief Mike Connolly 924-7289.
Interested in learning about the Fire/Rescue Department? Come to our meeting held on the first Monday of
each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fire House. Drills are held on the third Monday of the month also at 7:00 p.m.
Maintenance is the last Sunday of the month at 8:00 a.m. at the Fire House.
Fire Chief Michael Connolly            924-7289 or 396-9137             TVFD, P.O. Box 80, Temple NH 03084

Fire Department Auxiliary
The Auxiliary still has copies of our cookbook Firehouse Favorites on sale. The books can be purchased at
Temple Store, Birchwood Inn & Tavern or by contacting Cindi Connolly at 924-7289. They are $12.50 a copy
and include recipes from your friends and neighbors. They make great gifts for wedding showers, birthdays,
Christmas, etc. The proceeds from our cookbook sales help to support the TVFD.
The Auxiliary is a group of men and women of all ages who are interested in supporting the Fire Department.
You do not need to be related to a firefighter to join. The Auxiliary supports the Fire Department with
fundraisers (Chicken BBQ, Rummage Sale, etc.) and provides support and refreshments at large incident
scenes. The TVFD Auxiliary welcomes new members to join our group. The Auxiliary holds its monthly
meeting on the fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Fire Station. Come join the fun, learn what we
are all about and support your local fire department heroes. Any questions, please contact our president, Cindi
at 924-7289.

                                  ***NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS***
                                         RENEWAL NOTICE
Newsletter Subscriptions
As many of you know there has been a rate increase in postage and the way mail can be sent. We have found
that because of the size of the Newsletter and the postage increase, we will need to increase our rate for a
subscription. The Fire Dept. Auxiliary offers subscription service to the newsletter for those who want it sent
directly to them or friends or family out of town. Our subscription price is now $7.00 per year to have the
newsletter mailed to you. This rate is effective for all new subscriptions and will be the rate for next year as
well. If you wish to receive the Newsletter, please mail $7.00 for a subscription, along with your name and
address to P.O. Box 80, Temple, NH 03084. All subscriptions expire at year-end. Make checks payable to
the Temple Fire Dept. Auxiliary.

Newsletter Donations
Donations are always needed to help the Temple Newsletter to pay for production costs. Any organization in
town that uses the newsletter for communications is asked to consider making a donation. Donations from
individuals are also welcome. Please make checks payable to the Temple Fire Auxiliary and mail to P.O. Box
80, Temple NH 03084. Thank you for your support.

The first Friday of each month is POTLUCK NIGHT! Bring a hot dish or a salad, your eating utensils and a
hearty appetite and join us for great food and fellowship. This is a community affair and ALL are welcome.
Friendship Hall at 6:30 PM.

Souper Lunch
Here is the 2009 schedule: January 9 & 23, February 13 & 27, March 13 & 27, April 24, May 8 & 22 and June
Lunch is $5.00 and includes soup, rolls made by Ruth Quinn, a homemade dessert and a beverage. As always,
we are looking for soup and dessert makers from the community. This lunch helps us keep up the hall of the
church, which in turn frees up money for the church to donate to great causes. It also provides a great place
twice a month for our community to gather over some good food! If you would like to join a serving team,
donate a soup or dessert please call Laura Clayton at 878-2082.

Ladies Aid
The Ladies Aid Christmas Fair suffered the same non-happening as did many other things between Dec. 11 and
Christmas. However, we are planning a White Elephant and bake sale for February 7th. There will also be a
Christmas table and outside crafters. Do mark this on your calendar. This fundraiser will enable our group to
help with needs within the community. Watch for posters and notices in the local papers for more details.
We always welcome anyone interested in participating with our Organization. We meet the first Tuesday
evening of each month at Friendship Hall at 7 pm. Come and join us. If you have, questions call Sandra
Benotti at 878-2297 or Lynda Connolly at 924-6030.       In addition, Debbie Harling at the town office can
answer inquiries.

Temple Volunteer Driver Network
The Temple Volunteer Driver Network has initiated its new ride service after completing two medical
appointment rides to Peterborough! A couple of more have been requested and we hope to match an available
driver to the rider’s date and time needs. Look for our posters up around town.
In the beginning of this service, we will only be offering rides to medical appointments and then over to the
pharmacy for prescriptions ordering/pick up, if needed. Once we have established a successful program with
enough volunteer drivers, we will consider opening up the type of ride offered, such as to get to grocery
shopping, the post office, volunteer activities and meetings.
The TVDN will be using a central phone number that Rider will call (at least one week prior to the date of
appointment) to leave their name, phone number and date of ride needed. That number is 877-428-2882 and is
run by Contoocook Valley Transportation Co. (CVTC). As an umbrella organization, non-profit CVTC offers
TDVN added driver reliability, technical expertise and other benefits.
Tracing the anatomy of a Ride Request, a CVTC volunteer will check those incoming phone requests on a
regular basis and call the Rider back for the details of the ride needed. A different volunteer in Temple, the
monthly Coordinator, will receive that request and then try to find a Driver match for that ride from our
developing pool. The Coordinator then contacts the Rider confirming the trip.
Pleas be aware that all riders must be at least 18 years old (unless accompanied by a parent) and all volunteer
drivers must be at least 25 years old. Riders and Drivers are required to wear seat belts and any young children

must be in car seats. We also ask that Driver and Rider consider the vehicle a no smoking area for the length of
the trip.
In order for this service to gain traction, volunteers will be needed to do phone work, possibly on a rotating
basis. Alternatively, consider offering a morning or a day or two out of your month as a Driver! Please let us
know of your interest. Call David Osmum at 878-4316.
At this time, The Volunteer Drivers will be offering their time at no charge but soon a federal grant given to
CVTV will offer reimbursement for gasoline at a per mile rate. Donations may also be made to the regional
efforts of Contoocook Valley Transportation Cooperative.
Thank you so much for considering donating some of your time to help our neighbors who are stuck without
rides to necessary appointments.

Congregational Church
Someone once asked Yogi Berra what time is was. Yogi answered, "You mean now?"
Time has a way of shifting and changing. Time drags and wears slowest when we are waiting. Yet time flies by
when we are with family we have not seen for far too long, and whose stay is all too brief. These winter months
can seem interminable as we all await spring. Yet even in the dead of winter, we are reminded of years past.
You hear people say, "I remember a winter with cold, or storms, or warm, just like this..."
Some of us mark the time by when the pitchers and catchers report for spring training to begin another year of
baseball. Hope springs eternal for baseball fans at this time of year. Every team is undefeated! Soon the skies
will be blue, the grass will be green, and the game will be on.
Some of us mark the time by counting the months until a child is born. Talk about the future rushing toward us;
talk about life and possibilities!
It is a curious thing, this dead time of winter. We are between last year's warmth and the sunshine that is yet to
come. How very like the way we experience time. We are poised on the cusp of past and future. The question
is how are we to give the present its rightful due? The short version is to maintain the balance between what we
have learned from the past and what we hope for the future. What can we do today, tomorrow, next week, and
next month to create the future we envision? Whatever the goal, taking it step by step removes much of the
confusion. The main step most of us will ever take is to come to terms with what we believe in matters of the
spirit. What part does God play in your life? What have you seen and heard about God's ways? How can you
grow closer? How can you move into the future that God offers?
No easy answers; no one size fits all. Sorry about that, but the questions are a way to begin exploring life's
deepest mysteries. Be assured that as a Congregational minister said in 1808, "The future is as bright as the
promises of God." Words to live by. See you in church.

Souhegan Lions Club
Souhegan Lions Club serving the communities of Greenville, Mason, New Ipswich & Temple.
The Souhegan Lions Club has placed eyeglasses collection boxes in the communities that we serve. Please drop
off your used eyeglasses (no loose lenses or cases please). We invite all service minded people to visit us at any
one of our meetings to learn what Lionism is all about. For more information, please call Pete Von Sneidern @
878-2519 or Nancy Woods @ 878-1312.

Temple Historic District Commission
The HDC meets on the 3rd Monday of the month in the Town Hall Annex at 7 p.m.

Temple Historical Society
Many hands made light work in mid-November when eight willing (& strong-backed!) volunteers toting
clippers, loppers, chainsaws, and other equipment hiked up the trail to the Temple Glass Works, for the
Historical Society’s annual Fall Cleanup Day. Many thanks to Sean Radcliffe, Arnie Thibodeau, Kevin
Gendron, Peter Colpitts and his daughter Anne, Tim Ryan, and organizer John Kieley – as well as to Ralph
Stevens, who drove up from Northboro, Mass. for the event.
Work or play, Temple Historical Society members always have a good time! Members receive announcements
regarding all THS events, including the annual Members-Only catered dinner, held in June. At last year’s
dinner, the Society presented Certificates of Merit to Tim Fiske, Steve Harling, Bruce Fox, Jon Pearson, and
Steve and Will Cullinan, for their historically faithful rebuilding of the bridge on Memorial Drive. In keeping
with the ideals of historic preservation, the restored bridge contains stones from the foundation of the old Barry
The mission of the THS is to stimulate interest in the history of Temple and to discover, secure, and preserve
information and objects relating to that history. Programs include speakers, slide presentations, displays,
workshops, discussions, and cooperative activities with other historical societies and town groups. In 2008 the
Society presented a series of lively, stimulating 250th-birthday programs, including the popular Voices from the
Past,” with portrayals of Temple’s early settlers and their lives; “A Soldier's Mother Tells Her Story: NH
Memories of the Civil War”; and “Temple Farming, Then & Now,” a dessert potluck. Other programs were:
Dartmouth Professor Emeritus Jere Daniells, "Town Founding in NH: The Special Case of Temple” (March);
rare footage of the town’s Bicentennial Parade in 1958, plus “A School Day 100 Years Ago” (April); “Temple
Through the Centuries” (Sept.); "Temple Time Capsule 1958" (Oct.) and “New Hampshire Goes to War”
presented by the NH Historical Society (Nov.).
All meetings and programs are open to the public, and the Society occasionally arranges excursions to sites of
historic/cultural interest.
Interested in joining the Society? Call Anne Lunt (878-3443). A Family Membership is $20 per year, and other
levels are available.
More information about the Temple Historical Society –
The THS is the owner and steward of the Temple Glass Works and School House No. 6 (1810), the town’s last
one-room schoolhouse remaining in its original condition. Noteworthy projects have included the purchase
(1994) of School House No. 6 and its relocation (2001) adjacent to the Town Center; archaeological digs at the
Glass Works and former schoolhouse grounds; and the publication of various informational tracts and
pamphlets, plus two books: A History of Temple, NH (1976) and Images of America: Wilton, Temple, and
Lyndeborough (2003).
In 2006, a committee was formed to gather information on Temple’s historic barns and other outbuildings. An
ongoing THS project is the collection and preservation of oral histories of longtime Temple residents; another is
the creation of a written transcript of gravestone inscriptions.

Board of Selectmen Report
When we finalized the Town’s Emergency Management Plan earlier this year we didn’t expect to put it into
practice quite so soon. December’s ice storm was the worst seen by Temple’s longest residents and clearly one
of the worst in our Town’s history. We are very fortunate that damage to residences was quite limited and that
there were only a few injuries. The town’s people pulled together to help each other from the first day and that
helped us all get through the storm. There are a lot of people that we all need to thank including Tim Fiske and
Steve Harling from the Highway Department, Jim Koster who was a huge help in clearing the roads, Mike
Connolly and the entire Fire Department for their work to keep people warm, pump out basements and
extinguish a house fire, Jim McTague and the Police Department and to Nikki McGettigan for her superb work
to set up and manage our shelter for almost two weeks.
Throughout the storm we were in contact with PSNH people in town, in their operations center in Milford but
frankly we were receiving very limited information. We talked to the Governor and to the Chairman of the
State’s Public Utility Commission directly about the situation in Temple particularly about the level of
resources we had in town and the limited information we were receiving from PSNH. Some residents were
understandably frustrated that the Board of Selectmen didn’t have more specific information particularly
regarding when they could expect power. Clearly communication is one part of our Emergency Management
Plan that we need to improve both at the town and state/federal level. We are going to be doing a de-brief of our
operations during the storm so if you have any comments or suggestions please get them to one of the
Selectmen, Tim Fiske or Mike Connolly.
Temple has submitted an estimate of our expenses for the storm to the Federal Emergency Management
Assistance (FEMA) program. There is a chance that this program will also cover certain uninsured expenses
incurred by residents and local businesses for property damage and loss of revenue. If this applies to you please
keep careful records and we will disseminate information as we get it from FEMA.

Mansfield Public Library News
Happy 2009 to all! Feed Your Brain, Gobble up a good book!
Closed Thursday, Jan 1 New Years Day
Tuesday, January 13, Library Trustee Meeting 7pm
Tuesday, January 27, Book group “ Huck Finn” and” The Invisible Man”. Home of Maureen Petro, 7:30 pm.
Closed Monday, Jan 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Closed Monday, Feb 16 President’s Day
Tuesday, February 24, Book Group “Shadow of the Wind”. Home of Carolyn Myrick 7 pm.
Monday February 23, 1-3pm Leatherworking and take home “Mish Mash” crafts Ages 6-11 with
parent/guardian. Free, no sign up.
Some of our new titles. Look for updates at the Temple Website
The Duchess Amanda Foreman                              Scarpetta Patricia Cornwell
Goldengrove Francine Prose                              One Good Turn Kate Atkinson
The Irregulars Jennet Conant                            Blessed is the Busybody Emilie Richards
Emily Post Laura Claridge                               Liza’s England Pat Barker
Abraham Lincoln Commander in Chief                      The Wordy Shipmates Sarah Vowell
   James M. McPherson                                   A Mercy Toni Morrison
Hell Bent William Tapply                                Outliers Malcolm Gladwell

              Young Adult
Devil’s Breath David Gilman        Peeps Scott Westerfeld
Black Boy Julie Schumacher         Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers Louise Rennison

              Older Kids
A Giant Problem Tony DiTerlizzi             Charlie Bone and the Shadow Jenny Nimmo
Inkdeath Cornelia Funke                     Geek Chic Margie Paletini
Doomwyte Brian Jacques                      Bad Kitty Gets a Bath Nick Bruel

                Younger Gang
Iris Has a Virus Arlene Alda                  Sam the Snowman Susan Winget
The Little Bit Scary People Emily Jenkins     If You Give a Cat a Cupcake Laura Numeroff
Old Bear Kevin Henkes                         Gingerbread Friends Jan Brett               
 I Feel a Foot Maranke Rinck

Village Green Committee
Submitted by Vivian Nicholl
The Village Green Committee had an active year in 2008 that included the usual activities of maintenance and
care of the Common and surrounding area to making a substantial contribution to the Friends of Temple Town
Hall for the purpose of outdoor plantings and a granite bench next to the Annex. Temple Harvest Festival was a
grand success with special accolades to the town in celebration of the 250th birthday and supreme weather to
compliment the day. Then at the year-end, VGC members hung wreaths and roped evergreens on the Common
for the holiday season.
In November ’08, the VGC Chair, Anne Lunt, officially passed the gavel to Vivian Nicholl. The next meeting is
scheduled for Thurs. Feb. 12 at 6:00 pm. to be held in the Town Hall Annex. Homemade soup, bread, and
dessert will be provided starting at 5:30 and all town committee representatives and any other interested
townspeople are encouraged to attend. Topics to be discussed are concerning new projects for the year and the
decisions to be made with more input from our town are gladly welcome!
For more information about involvement with the Village Green Committee, please contact Vivian Nicholl at

QM Birthday News
And 2058 Time Capsule Event
Submitted by Vivian Nicholl
The year has come to an end and the activities of celebrating Temple’s 250th birthday have wound down to the
final event of preparing and placing a time capsule in a specific location for the year 2058. A committee has
formed and met several times since November with many ideas and suggestions for the type of vessel, location,
items to be included, and the date for the burial. This dedicated group of townspeople have thoughtfully
considered and spent many hours to research viable options for all of these factors. Please be on the lookout for
notices that will be sent out concerning the meeting dates and process of making the choices of the items to be
included in the next vessel. We are happy to hear from all interested parties for this final act that will wrap up
our celebration and be a wonderful part of Temple’s 300th birthday! Contact Vivian Nicholl at 878-5033 or
Anne Lunt at 878-3443 for updates and/or inclusion in the time capsule event.

Temple Conservation Commission
Meetings - The Commission meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 7 pm at Town Hall Annex. The
agenda is posted in advance and minutes are available at the Municipal Building and on www.templenh.info.

Report on School Board Activities - Gail Cromwell 878-1284
Budgeting issues are dominating the School Board these days although we have had only one full meeting on
the budget. The current proposal is for an increase in the budget of $996,626. This would increase the District
Assessment by $434,000. Add to that a separate warrant article regarding the proposed Teacher Contract. The
Board agreed to the proposed contract after the CVEA agreed to begin paying part of their health insurance
premiums. Basic salaries are scheduled to go up 3% for teachers and 5% for the aides, each year of the 3-year
contract, with payments of 4%, 5% and 6% of the health insurance premiums respectively in the three years.
The warrant article will also provide for paying step increases for the last 3 months of the 08-09 year.
The voters will have to approve all this in March. The basic cost will be about a million dollars added to the
budget each year, accumulating, if everything else stays the same. I expect reductions in employment, however,
because enrollment continues to decline. This year, for example, the number of teaching/aides positions went
down by 14, covered almost entirely by retirements. For 09-10, we know of at least 6 retirements. In addition,
the Board has voted to put in Multi-Age classes (combined grades) in every elementary school. Temple
Elementary has been leading the way on this with combined classes for the last 3 years, and is exemplary as it
remains as one of the best elementary schools in the district. The number of required teachers should go down.
I would like to see our number of administrators go down as well.
There are a number of issues still on the table that can affect the proposed budget so please watch for the budget
presentation that I will make at the Temple Budget Hearing, usually in early February.
In my last report, I referred to the discovery that the Food Service Program had to be subsidized. I thought the
amount was $412,000. It is closer to $500,000. As a result, the Board has voted to increase the lunch prices by
25 cents in the Elementary schools, and 50 cents elsewhere. I sampled these lunches and believe they are a
solid value for parents, both in nutrition and price. We are continuing to look at other possibilities for reducing
costs in the program. The District is required to provide a hot lunch. It is not required to subsidize it. Families
with low incomes should apply to the Federal program for a free or reduced price lunch, a totally confidential
application. Letters have gone out to all parents. I welcome your comments and questions.

River Center Information & Assisted Referral
Tammy L. Adams of Peterborough is the new Information and Assisted Referral Specialist at the River Center.
Tammy has worked for Monadnock Family Services for the past five years supporting community families. She
also has experience with children and adolescents who have special needs.
The River Center: A place for community connections and resources offers Information and Assisted Referral (I
& R) services to community members of all ages and abilities living in eastern Monadnock Region towns. If
you, or someone you know, would like information about how to access housing, heat, food, jobs, child care,
clothing, health insurance, etc., I & R services can help. This service is personal and confidential. Our goal is to
ensure that people find the resources and services that they want and are helpful to them. Tammy will help
people navigate through barriers that might get in the way of their receiving services. I & R also are available to
professionals and concerned citizens who may have questions about available resources and services. There is
no fee.
You can reach Tammy at The River Center at 924-6800, by email information@rivercenter.us , or by dropping
in at 46 Concord Street, Peterborough.

The Contoocook Valley Transportation Cooperative Update
The CVTC is bursting with activity this spring. At the regional level, we have formed a CVTC Board of Town
Transportation Representatives. Our Temple reps are David Osmun, Vivian Nichol and John Kieley. Town
reps act as liaisons between CVTC and the municipalities and meet monthly to share ideas.
With technical support from CVTC, volunteer driver networks are forming in the Monadnock area. Individual
town representatives put out surveys at town elections and meetings and many people offered their time as
volunteer drivers. As this interest is organized in Temple via phone networking, more news will be
In March the board of town reps heard about one expanded networking model from Marcia Nelson of FISH, a
volunteer driver/rider network which serves Milford, Amherst, Mount Vernon, Lyndeborough and Wilton. She
described their network as having 50 volunteers and a phone answering service and they provide about 1000
rides per year, primarily medical appointments.
CVTC staff and the town group are also working to establish a regional rideshare program. A website
rideboard is proposed and rideshare kits will be available containing everything employers will need to make
carpooling a success for their company. Transportation options will also be accessible through a toll-free phone
number, which will help neighbors when carpooling on errands.
In addition to these methods, CVTC plans to develop new options such as fixed route transit along major routes
and to coordinate existing and future transportation means through information sharing. If you would like to
join this effort as a volunteer driver or have questions, contact Dave Osmun at 878-4316 or call the CVTC
office at 924-2159 or email info@cvtc-nh.org . The CVTC monthly newsletter is also available.
The CVTC steering group is now becoming the Contoocook Valley Regional Coordination Council and will be
a part of the statewide coordination network. In its development towards becoming a nonprofit business, CVTC
hopes to receive grant approval for start-up funding from NH Endowment for Health. Another state grant and a
federal grant are in process as well. Stay informed here.

Milford Area Mediation Program provides free family mediation services to the residents in the town of
Temple. Mediation services focus on preventing family conflict and adolescent risk behavior that leads to an
inability for youth to productively participate in the community (due to involvement with the criminal justice
system); mediation is a private and confidential process that brings families together in a neutral location to
resolve differences. For more info or assistants call 672-2711 or e-mail mdelaney@milford.nh.gov .