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					                                    WPSA Newsletter
                                      R.M. Gous, Vice President, WPSA
                                             Newsletter Editor
Issue 14                                                                                          Spring 2002

Message from the President                                         The organizers had invited me back in
                                                          September 2000, through Dr. Abel Gernat from
Dr Peter Hunton                                           Honduras, a member of the WPSA, US Branch. I
                                                          was introduced at a meeting of ALA (one of the main
Report on Central and South America Trip                  industry groups) and I gave a description of the
           Latin America is the “sleeping giant” for      WPSA, its activities, goals and objectives, translated
WPSA. I believe the potential for membership here         into Spanish by Jorge Bucaru. Jorge is one of the
to be at least 500, maybe as many as 1000. But it         organizers and is a member of the group ANAVI.
will not be like starting Branches in developing                   After a meeting between Dr. Gernat, Jorge,
countries. All the countries I visited have               and myself I think we have the foundation for a
sophisticated Poultry Industries and a significant        Central American Branch of WPSA. I prepared a
level of scientific and technological expertise to back   draft Constitution for them, which will be printed up
them. They also have existing organizations that          and circulated to people in Guatemala, Honduras, El
manage many activities that, in other parts of the        Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica and Panama, for
world, are conducted by WPSA and its Branches.            comment, modification and approval, and then they
           We have to work with these existing            will forward it to us. The above will be the countries
organizations and not compete with them or                from which members will be drawn for this Branch.
duplicate their activities or administration. In my       Between ten and twenty people may be recruited
view, this will be accomplished by continuing             from each country. I suggested that in the
dialogue between WPSA and local people and                Constitution, they allow a Vice President or
organizations. I intend, with your support, to            Executive Committee member from each country
undertake as much of that dialogue as possible. A         with a minimum number of members. They will
foundation has been laid, but a huge amount of work       contact me again, and we hope to meet in Atlanta to
remains to be done. Language is a barrier:                bring this effort to fruition.
Portuguese in Brazil and Spanish elsewhere are
difficult, but it is encouraging that everywhere I        Chile
travelled, there were people who spoke good English                I gave an extensive interview to Dr. Soledad
encouraging me. In Latin America, WPSA can do no          Urrutia, who is the Editor of Avicultura Profesional,
better than extend its influence based on its existing    the Elsevier International Spanish language
structure and the seeds sown in the past two weeks.       magazine published there, and circulated throughout
           Here follows a more detailed account of my     Latin America. In this, I described the activities and
visit to these Countries.                                 ambitions of WPSA and our hope for increased
                                                          representation in the region. She will help as much
Central America                                           as she can with the establishment of a Branch in
        The first stop was in Guatemala for the XVII      Chile.
Latin American Poultry Congress, at which I                        Patricio Yavar is president of the Chilean
attended the last two days of this four-day event.        Egg Producers' Association. He is also Chile's
The Congress moves around Central and South               representative to the International Egg Commission,
America - the last one was in Lima, Peru and the          and had just secured the IEC's agreement to hold
next one is in Santa Cruz, Bolivia in 2003. So the        their summer meeting in Santiago in 2003. He will
event has a long history and WPSA has never been          encourage member companies and/or employees to
involved. It seems that local industry groups do the      join WPSA if a Branch is created. They have about
organization with veterinarians at the forefront.         60 member companies.
          Juan Miguel Ovalle Garces is President of            and important player in the world's poultry industry,
the Asociacion De Productores Avicolas De Chile,               and definitely justifies some WPSA initiatives to raise
and also received me enthusiastically. There are               our profile there. In my opinion, another Congress in
only six producers of poultry meat [chickens and               Brazil, with a strong WPSA presence, would be
turkeys] and two companies dominate the industry.              amply justified. I hope also that a viable nominee for
Nevertheless there is a willingness to help and to             Vice President can be secured for the 2004 elections
encourage the member companies and employees                   in Istanbul.
to join WPSA.                                                            The WPSA Brazil Branch currently only has
          The local Poultry Veterinary Association             about fifty members. They have lost ground recently,
[AMEVEA] held a special meeting at which I was                 but Dr. Sesti is confident that the lost members can
invited to present my "100 Years of Poultry                    be recovered, and new ones found, based on one-
Research" and also pitch for the WPSA. They were               on-one meetings. One reason for loss of members,
polite and interested in the WPSA, and many of the             he said, was failure to receive the Journal on a
members would join a Chile Branch because they                 timely basis. Another is failure to recognize the
perceive it as very inexpensive, and they see                  benefits of membership. Our new programs
advantages in our Speaker Bureau and student                   consisting of the Speakers' Bureau, and Young
assistance programs.                                           Scientist Assistance, will be attractive. But here, as
                                                               in the other countries visited on this trip, we have to
Argentina                                                      recognize that other organizations exist which
          This section of the trip was arranged by             provide the same services as WPSA does, but in the
Marcelo Schang, currently WPSA Branch President.               native language and according to local requirements.
My first formal visit was to the offices of CAPIA              We have the advantage of a high quality Journal and
(Council of Argentinean Egg Producers), organized              an international perspective, but we must sell
by Gustavo Von Bassenheim, former secretary of                 ourselves aggressively, and, in my opinion, be
the WPSA Branch. He is Argentina's second largest              prepared to work with existing organizations and not
egg producer. At CAPIA, I met the Vice President,              create unnecessary duplication of effort and
Ing. Jorge Nazar, Ing. Juan Daniel Irigoyen a                  administration.
member of the "Vigilanciaal" committee of the                            One initiative that is worth pursuing is to
Council, and also their representative to ALA, the             share exhibit space with WPSA2004 where possible,
group I spoke to in Guatemala, and Lic. Sonia Di               and promote the WPSA as well as WPC2004. VIV
Marino, Director of the Centre for Nutritional                 Latin America in June, 2002 will provide such an
Information. This last is the local equivalent of the          opportunity (But see below). The cost to us will be
(US) Egg Nutrition Center. I spoke about the WPSA              significant in terms of travel, but it seems to me to be
and the value to the organization for its members to           one way (maybe the only way) to achieve increased
join. The proposal was well received and Mr. Nazar             presence.
promised to join personally, and also to provide a                       My own personal mission in the next three
forum for the WPSA in the Council's communication              years will be to raise our profile in South and Central
program. He will personally encourage other council            America. I have good news from Chile and Central
members to join.                                               America - embryonic Branches are developing.
          There is an exhibition/congress from 15-17
May 2002 at which WPSA (tentatively) will be offered
a free booth and where we can expect to recruit                The Treasurer’s Report
members and greatly increase our exposure. I plan
to make another trip to this region centred around
                                                               Dr Francine Bradley
this event if our proposal goes ahead. Countries with
potential include Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela,                           The Standard and Poor’s 500 Stock Index
Ecuador and Peru.                                              fell 11.9% during the 2001 calendar year. This was a
                                                               reflection of the global economic turmoil following the
Brazil                                                         events of September 11th. While the WPSA portfolio
          The Brazil Branch of WPSA is closely                 did not grow at the rate of the previous year, our
aligned with the FACTA, (Foundation of Poultry                 stock and mutual fund investments all grew in value.
Science and Technology) created to foster interest in          The diversified, yet balanced and conservative,
Poultry Science. They hold a meeting every year at             profile of the Association’s portfolio continues to
which scientists participate with scientific sessions          serve us well.
and posters. It sounds a bit like the PSA Annual                         Late payments by some sponsors and
meeting. They try to keep the science and the                  advertisers have been addressed by your Secretary
business side of the poultry industry separate so that         and Treasurer. The Lapsation Committee has
industrial influence does not override scientific              successfully worked with many of the Branches that
objectivity.                                                   were arrears in payment. The Executive Committee
          Brazil was disappointed, but I think, no too         of WPSA is dedicated to providing full and timely
surprised, to fail in it's bid for the 2008 Congress.          service to all our members and supporters. Likewise,
With so little local activity, it is in some ways              the Committee is dealing appropriately with those
surprising, and a credit to WPSA Councillors’                  parties who have not met their commitments.
fairness, that they got so close. However, taking the                    Thanks to the work of each dedicated
whole continent as a unit, South America is a huge             member and the generosity of our faithful industry
                                                               supporters, the Association has been able to
produce the Journal, perform regular member                    Marina Pavlak (Secretary Croatian Branch). They did
services, and expand its programs. The                         an excellent job.
Association’s financial status is sound.
                                                               Visit Atlanta
                                                                         In the middle of January 2002 the Secretary
The Secretary’s Report                                         visited the Poultry Show in Atlanta, USA from which
                                                               place there was a telephone meeting with the Board
Dr Ir Piet Simons                                              of Directors of WPSA.
                                                               Discussed were:
Membership dues                                                1. Recommendations of the Lapsation Committee.
         The invoices for membership dues 2002 will            2. Production report on the Journal.
be sent to the Branch Secretaries in March 2002.               3. Financial update.
The Board of Directors took the decision last                  4. Electronic Journal.
January that Branches not paying their dues for                5. Update European Conference, Bremen, 6-10
more than two years will no longer be provided with                 September 2002.
any service. This means that they will no longer               6. Update Asian Pacific Federation Conference,
receive the World’s Poultry Science Journal, cannot                 Australia, 6-10 October 2002.
attend our Conferences as a member and cannot
participate in our programmes. Individual letters              Visit Russia
have already been sent to members of the Branches                         The Secretary visited Moscow from January
of Benin and Kirgistan and will be sent soon to some           28th till February 3rd, 2002. The Second International
others.                                                        Conference with Exhibition “Poultry – World and
                                                               Home Experience” was held in Moscow at the
WPSA Programmes                                                Institute of Grain and Food Processing Industries.
     WPSA started the following five new                       About 300 captains of the Russia poultry industry
programmes in 2000 (see also WPSJ December                     participated. Many representatives from International
2000: 422-423).                                                companies working in poultry had exhibits at the
1. Assistance with the development of existing and             meeting. Many of them also presented papers.
     new Branches.                                             During the Conference Prof Fisinin (Chairman of the
2. Providing travel assistance for young members               Congress) gave an excellent paper about the state
     and students to attend and participate in                 of matters in poultry science. The Secretary gave a
     regional and global WPSA conferences.                     presentation about the future of poultry products in
3. Providing alternative sources of technical                  the global market.
     information to members i.e. in addition to WPSJ.
4. Development of collaboration with international             Membership Directory
     agencies e.g. International Network for Family                       Just over five years have passed since this
     Poultry Development (INFPD), FAO.                         Directory was last published. Since that time the size
5. Fostering local and regional conferences in the             of the Association has grown to 67 Branches with a
     poultry sciences.                                         combined membership of nearly 7000 individuals
I ask special attention for these programmes                   and associates. A considerable amount of work has
because WPSA members could use them more                       been carried out on improving our database and
often.                                                         membership records are now held in a centralised
          Under programme 5 is the Speakers                    computer system. The benefits of this are proving to
Bureau. WPSA made a large speakers list available              be enormous, particularly with regard to printing the
for Branches of low-income countries organizing a              address labels for mailing out the Journal.
conference. WPSA is paying the travel expenses                            Branch Secretaries are well aware of how
(economic class) to the country and the Branch pays            difficult it is to maintain accurate records of
the accommodation and travel expenses in the                   membership. Indeed, such an objective is well nigh
country. Croatia, Ghana, India, Russia, Sri Lanka              unachievable because our membership is constantly
and Turkey has thus far made use of this                       changing and records can never be fully up to date.
programme. Hopefully many others will use it in the            This in turn means that when we attempt to collate
near future.                                                   all this information in order to publish a Membership
                                                               Directory, this represents a massive undertaking on
New Branch in Croatia                                          the part of all concerned. But there comes a time
         On December 10th, 2001 the Secretary                  when we finally have to call a halt to the data
inaugurated the Croatian Branch of the World’s                 collection process and move on to preparing the
Poultry Science Association. The inauguration was              material for publication. The lists were held open
held jointly with a scientific symposium and an                until December 2001, but even at that late stage,
annual Branch meeting. At the meeting were about               there were still 15 Branches from whom updated lists
90 participants from Croatian universities,                    of members had not been received. In these cases,
government and poultry industry. Besides the                   the latest available list has been used. Once again
excellent presentations there was a poster                     we take this opportunity to ask all members to notify
presentation covering research in the field of poultry         their Branch Secretaries or the Association
science done in Croatia. Congratulations to Dr                 Secretary of any changes in their membership status
Estella Prukner (Chairman Croatian Branch) and Mrs             or personal details.
         This Membership Directory is already widely           the authors who had already submitted papers. We
regarded as a highly valuable reference source, but            will include contributions from a number of leading
we continue to try to improve the content. Since we            authorities including Dr S.F. Bilgili, Prof D.L. Fletcher
last published it in the spring of 1996, ownership of          and Prof Alan Sams all from the USA, Dr C.A. Kan
personal computers and modem links to the Internet             and Dr R.W.A.W. Mulder from The Netherlands and
has grown to such an extent that the use of E-mail             Dr Gisella Hahn from Germany. Other review papers
has now become the standard means of                           scheduled for this issue cover nutrition and poultry
communication, not only between our members but                welfare by Professor Colin Whitehead and one by Dr
also on a worldwide scale. Recognising this, we                Yusuf Henuk on choice feeding.
have tried to include members’ E-mail addresses in
addition to telephone and fax numbers wherever this            Production changes
information has been provided.                                          We have changed the Journal production
         The Directory is supplied free of charge to           system. Instead of having a freelance sub-editor
all members of the Association. Copies can be                  (Mrs E. Stockman) and an independent typesetting
purchased by non-members at a price of US $200                 service (Genesis), in future, we are going to work
on application to the Secretary of the World’s Poultry         direct with the printer G.J.Thieme of Nijmegen in
Science Association, Dr Ir P.C.M. Simons, Postbus              Holland. All the pre-press work will now be carried
31, 7360 AA, Beekbergen, The Netherlands (phone:               out by them, working in direct cooperation with the
+31 55 506 6534; fax +31 55 506 4858; E-mail:                  editors. Modern IT systems make this possible,
p.c.m.simons@pv.agro.nl).                                      simplifying the whole process through having less
                                                               handling and transfer of hard copy, shortening the
                                                               time required for the process as well as cutting
The Editor’s Report                                            costs. The March issue will be the first produced in
                                                               this way.
David Martin
                                                               Notes for contributors
Having been editor for eight months now I am in a                       We are moving towards having the handling
position to take stock of the situation and provide an         and transfer of all communications of information
update on what is happening with the Journal. I am             and editorial copy by electronic systems, mainly e-
pleased that the transfer of responsibilities and work         mail and disk. Everyone these days seems to have
in hand from the former editor Dr McNab has been               access to a PC, word processor, printer and a
completed smoothly and harmoniously. Mrs Dorien                modem Internet link. Therefore we need to review
Kleverwal has accepted the position of Assistant               and update our instructions for contributors reducing
Editor of the Journal. Working from the Association’s          the requirement for hard copy.
central office in Beekbergen, she will in future, in
addition to assisting the General Secretary and
managing the WPSA website, provide the vital link
between the editors and the printer.                           Branch News
Editorial Board                                                Australian Branch
          The review of the composition of the
Editorial Board is now complete. Prof L.S. Jensen,             The 7th Asian Pacific Federation Conference will
Prof I. Nir, Dr L.N. Payne, Dr B. Sauveur, Prof Y.             be held in conjunction with the 12th Australian
Tanabe and Prof K. Tanaka have resigned and been               Poultry and Feed Convention at Conrad Jupiter’s
thanked for their past services.                               Hotel and Casino on the Gold Coast, Queensland,
          Dr M.S. Lilburn (USA), Dr Y. Nys (France),           from 6-10 October 2002. The invitation and call for
Prof Jun-ichi Okumura (Japan), Prof J.R. Roberts               papers brochure was sent out to WPSA members
(Australia), Dr G.D. Rosen (UK) and Dr S. Yahav                and other interested parties in the region in May
(Israel) have accepted invitations to join the Board           2001 and the registration brochure and preliminary
and are warmly welcomed.                                       program will be sent out to members and posted on
                                                               the website (see below) by 30 March 2002. The
Issues in production                                           meeting includes plenary and symposia sessions on
          Printing of Volume 57 No. 4 2001 was                 a comprehensive array of topical issues, with
completed during the last week of December and                 excellent invited speakers. One notable feature of
this issue will by now have been distributed, so we            the meeting will be a plenary session and an
are almost back on schedule with production. We                extended symposia session on family poultry
have set the target completion date for Volume 58              farming. The Australian branch extends a very warm
No. 1 at March 15th and are on course at the                   welcome to everyone and invites those interested in
moment to achieve this. For future issues we are               participating to register for the Conference on the
planning completion during the middle of the month             website (www.tourhosts.com.au/apfc2002).
shown on the cover.
          We have an outline of the content of the
June issue. For this we are reinstating a project              Croatian Branch
featuring aspects of poultry processing. This was                      The official inauguration of the WPSA
originally scheduled for 1998-99 but was never                 Croatian Branch was held jointly with a scientific
completed, much to the disappointment of some of               symposium and the Branch annual meeting on
December 10, 2001. The meeting brought together                German Branch
about 90 participants from Croatian universities,
government departments, the private sector and                 European Poultry Conference 2002, Bremen
others interested or involved in the poultry industry.                   From 6-10 September 2002 the 11th
           After welcoming the audience, the president         European Poultry Conference will gather
of WPSA Croatian Branch, Dr. Estella Prukner                   about 1000 poultry experts in the Maritim
Radovcic, presented a review of poultry science                Hotel Congress Centre, Bremen, Germany.
development in the world and in particular Croatia.            These conferences serve as an interface
Dr Stanislav Cajavec, the vice president, described            between science, technology and practice
in more detail the Croatian contribution to poultry            and promote the exchange of the latest
science research and gave an overview of the                   information from all fields of current poultry
papers published by Croatian authors as well as of             research.
on-going project in Croatia. Prof. Hrvoje Mazija                         At the September conference the
described recent poultry science developments at               ongoing search for sustainable production
Croatian poultry conferences. Before officially                systems which aim to improve balance
inaugurated the Croatian Branch, Dr Ir P.C.M.                  between bird welfare, product quality,
Simons, the General Secretary of WPSA, gave a                  economy, environment and acceptance by
brief outline of the Association and the European              producers and consumers, will find a platform
Federation of WPSA, their organisation, activities             for constructive discussions, which can assist
and objectives in providing knowledge to help the              national and European legislators. In addition
development of the world's poultry industry.                   to the papers from invited speakers a
           At the end of the first session, the Branch         significant number of short communications
annual meeting was held with reports submitted by              and posters are expected. Deadline for
the Branch president, secretary and treasurer. The             abstracts is June 1, 2002.
president gave a brief history of the Croatian branch                    The 11th European Poultry
formation and presented a draft plan of the Branch             Conference will feature „Best Poster Awards“
activities for 2002 directed in strengthening                  to recognize outstanding contributions of
relationships between science and industry as well             young scientists. A total of € 5000 will be
as among the Branch members. The Secretary                     shared among the winners.
informed the meeting about the WPSA supporting                           Professional tours are offered on the
programme for young members to participate in                  beginning and the end of the conference.
regional and global WPSA Conferences and on                    Every participant can take part in one or two
Speakers Bureau Project with which two Branch                  professional tours to different destinations on
members are already involved. The Branch will                  different days. The tours cover major aspects
officially join the European Federation of WPSA from           of poultry production and research, so as
January 2002.                                                  primary breeding of layers and vaccine
           A poster presentation was also organised,           production, egg production and- processing,
covering research in the field of poultry science              turkeys: hatchery, grow out, processing,
carried out in Croatia over the period 1999-2001. It           broilers: grow out, feed mill, processing,
included a wide range of topics of scientific interest         waterfowl: duck and geese production, poultry
from pathology, immunology, ecology, aviary birds              research in the Northwest of Germany,
as well as regulations.                                        organic production of eggs and poultry meat.
           The second, scientific part of the meeting,                   In a youth programme young
consisted of papers presented by eminent invited               scientists will visit research institutes, a
speakers: Dr Ir. P.C.M. Simons, Dr R.W.A.W. Mulder             Centre for poultry husbandry and other
and Prof. Hafez Mohamed Hafez. Dr Simons                       interesting facilities in Northern Germany. The
reviewed the future of poultry products in the global          programme is sponsored by the Dutch
market, Dr Roel Mulder spoke on poultry and public             Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science and
health and how to avoid spreading micro-organisms              British Poultry Science Ltd.. New prolonged
and Dr Hafez Mohamed Hafez described the                       deadline for application is April1, 2002!
diagnostic approach and control on respiratory                           The Industry Exhibition will be a
diseases of poultry.                                           major component of the Conference. It will be
           The Inauguration meeting of the Croatian            located in the Foyer Hall at the Congress
branch of WPSA together with symposium and                     Centre Bremen. Morning and afternoon coffee
poster presentation opened the door to further                 breaks will be served in the exhibition area.
opportunities for Croatian poultry science and                 The Get-together party will follow the Opening
industry development, currently recovering from the            Ceremony of the Exhibition in the Exhibition
past war and actively moving forward with renewed              area as well. About 1000 poultry specialists
confidence.                                                    will attend this event.
Marina Pavlak, Branch secretary                                          The Conference location, the Free
                                                               Hanseatic city of Bremen, is the cultural and
                                                               economic heart of North-west Germany and
                                                               well known for its 1200 years of history and
         The European Conferences are held                          During the conference a total of 20 papers were
every 4 years, between the World                                 presented, including 10 papers by internationally
Congresses at the World Poultry Science                          well-known scientists. Both the conference and the
Association (WPSA). Further details for the                      four-day international poultry livestock and feed
September conference can be looked up on                         exhibition which followed the conference, provided
the conference website www.epc2002.de.                           excellent venues for further discussions and
Information can be also obtained by Congress                     opportunities to introduce Iran's poultry industry as
Partner Bremen, Birkenstr. 37, D-28195                           one of the most efficient industries ranking among
Bremen, Tel. +49-421-303131, Fax. +49-421-                       the top fifteen in the world.
303133, e-mail: registration2@cpb.de.                            M.S. Mostafavi, Secretary WPSA Iran Branch
         Companies interested in participating
in the Exhibition should contact: Congress                       Japanese Branch
Partner GmbH, Christine Kudla, phone: +49-
(0)1805-052 613, fax: +49-(0)1805-052 614,                          The Japan Poultry Association holds twice yearly
e-mail: Kudla@cpb.de                                             meetings to conduct its general business and for the
                                                                 presentation of scientific research. Last fall, on
Iranian Branch                                                   October 4-5th, the meeting was held in Kochi-Kaikan
                                                                 Hall during which, in addition to the regular meeting,
   The first conference of WPSA-Iran Branch was                  they had a symposium on specialised eggs.
held on September 2-3 in Tehran, Iran. The                          Our picture shows a line-up of past and present
conference brought together 1200 participants from               members of the Association’s executive members.
universities, government and private sectors, as well            Of special interest is the fact that they are all holding
as several individuals including poultry veterinarians,          the long tail of one chicken!
nutritionists, farm managers, and everybody                         Onagadori, the Japanese Long Tail Fowl, has the
interested or involved in the poultry industry.                  longest tail feathers among all breeds of chickens.
   After welcoming the audience, Dr Sooren                       The tail feathers of the males continue to grow,
Pezeshkian the president of WPSA Iran branch, in                 without moulting and the record for the longest
his message to the conference, gave a brief history              length of tail feathers currently stands at 12 m. Most
of formation the Iran's branch in 1996. In his                   Onagadori are raised in the Kochi Prefecture.
message Dr Pezeshkian outlined the present                       Average body weights are 1,800 g in males and
capabilities of Iran's poultry industry. Production of           1,350 for the females.
over 600 million broiler day -old chicks annually; 180              More information about these interesting birds and
broiler breeder farms with a capacity of over 12                 other Japanese native fowl as well as news of the
million birds; 8 grand-parent broiler breeder farms;             Association’s activities is available on their home
the Babol-kenar pure-line production site with its               page at: http://kakin.ac.affrc.go.jp/index-e.htm
modern equipment and facilities; annual production
of over 600,000 tons of table eggs and 800,000 tons              Nigerian Branch
of broiler meat are the key features of Iran's present
poultry industry.                                                    A one-day workshop on “Improving poultry feed
   Dr Pezeshkian also mentioned the important                    and litter management” was held recently at the
contributions of the industry's related sectors                  Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife. It was attended
including the valuable service of the Razi Institute,            by professionals, experts and investors in the poultry
one of the most highly regarded and best known                   industry, from various regions of the country.
institutions of its kind in the region. For several              Eminent authorities from the industry gave
decades it has provided research and vaccine                     presentations including Dr T.A. Job on “Effective
production for the industry. In addition there are               poultry feed production and supply’, Dr G.O. Oyedeji
several pharmaceutical plants and manufacturers of               on “Improving poultry feed production and supply in
almost all the equipment needs of the poultry                    Nigeria” and by Dr A. Olayinka on “Improving poultry
industry.                                                        litter management”. A copy of the workshop
   In his message to the conference, Dr Ir P.C.M.                proceedings together with a certificate of
Simons the Secretary of WPSA, discussed the                      participation was given to each of the attendees.
contribution of poultry products as a valuable source                A total of eight secondary schools from three
of human food, and also the objectives of the WPSA               states took part in the annual poultry open day for
in providing knowledge to help the development of                secondary school students held on October 16th.
the world's poultry industry.                                    The programme was hosted by the WPSA Nigerian
   The message from the ministry of Jahade-                      Branch in collaboration with the Agricultural Media
Keshavarzi was read by the deputy minister Mr                    Resources and Extension Centre of the Agriculture
Kabiri, who discussed the quantitative and qualitative           University, Abeokuta. The date was chosen to
growth of the industry. He said that the industry is             coincide with World Food Day. Students were shown
able to produce, in total, almost 2 million tons of              practical aspects of poultry farming during a field visit
table eggs and poultry meat. After the removal of                to the university farm, followed by a question and
subsidies, the industry now is performing more                   answer session. Considerable interest and
efficiently and is competitive with its exports in world         awareness was created among this group of
markets.                                                         students.
                                                                 Daisy Eruvbetine, Branch Secretary

Pakistan Branch                                                Book Reviews
     A Technical Seminar was organized under the
                                                               Avian Incubation - Behaviour, Environment and
auspices of WPSA (Pakistan Branch) on 07th July,
2001 at Islamabad (Pakistan). Two eminent poultry                        Edited by DC Deeming, Freelance Scientific
scientists from USA namely Dr. Muqarab A. Qureshi,
                                                               Avian Incubation Consultant, this is the first
North Carolina State University, and Dr.Mazhar                 comprehensive review of avian incubation. It is
I.Khan Connecticut State University, attended the
                                                               written by leading authorities from around the world
seminar by special invitation. They made
                                                               and covers all aspects of Incubation Biology from
enlightening presentations on poultry immune
                                                               evolution to practical aspects. This is an invaluable
system and major respiratory diseases, and their
                                                               text for both applied and pure scientists in the fields
control. The seminar was financed entirely by WPSA             of Incubation and Ornithology. For more information
(Pakistan Branch). It was well attended.
                                                               on the book, use http://www.oup.co.uk/isbn/0-19-
South Asian Regional Poultry Conference at
     Pune (India) 24-26 September 2001
                                                               Scott's Nutrition of the Chicken, 4th Edition by S
     WPSA (Pakistan Branch) sponsored a
                                                               Leeson and JD Summers
delegation to participate in the above conference.
                                                                        Nutrition of the Chicken, first published in
The delegates included three eminent scientists
                                                               1969 and written by Scott, Nesheim and Young, is
whose research papers on various topics were
                                                               widely recognized as the definitive text on its topic.
approved by a panel of foreign selectors for                   Since publication of the 3rd edition in 1982, the
presentation at the conference. All preparations had
                                                               original authors have retired and Steve Leeson and
been made, but due to problems in Afghanistan that
                                                               John Summers of the University of Guelph, Canada,
delegation could not participate in the conference.
                                                               have undertaken the updating of this important text.
WPSA (India Branch) provided CD’s of the entire
                                                                        The book has been extensively revised, with
proceedings of the conference, which have been
                                                               a major update of all of the original chapters. Two
distributed to our members. We thank WPSA (India
                                                               new chapters have also been added - an
Branch) for this gesture.                                      introductory section on digestive physiology and one
                                                               of natural ingredient toxicants. The critical chapters
4th National Poultry Congress: September 29,                   on energy and on proteins and amino acids have
                                                               been completely rewritten so as to bring readers up-
     Members of WPSA (Pakistan Branch) attended
                                                               to-date on important aspects of nutrient availability,
the above congress at Lahore (Pakistan). The
                                                               requirement and assessment. All requirement data
programme included two Technical Sessions with
                                                               has been revised to reflect characteristics of modern
high quality presentations. The President WPSA                 strains of chicken, and the book is now more fully
(Pakistan Branch) also addressed the congress and
                                                               referenced. The book is an essential resource for
briefly explained the activities of the Branch.                professionals and students involved with nutrition,
                                                               feeding and health management of the chicken.
Membership WPSA
                                                                        Steve Leeson and John Summers have
     WPSA (Pakistan Branch) was founded in 1998.
                                                               produced an important reference text that maintains
Its membership has been increasing steadily. 17
                                                               the standard established by Dr Scott and colleagues.
new members joined recently. The WPS Journal with
a global coverage and high quality articles is of
particular interest to the members. There is need to
ensure that everyone receives their copy regularly.            Calendar 2002
Dr. Muhammad Sadiq, President, Pakistan Branch.
                                                               21-23 March 2002
Swiss Branch                                                   Toronto, Canada
                                                               VIV Canada 2002
6th European Symposium on Poultry Welfare
         Final reports from the recent symposium               Contact:
including feedback from some of the participants, a            Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs
photograph gallery and information about Zollikofen,           PO Box 8500
Switzerland’s national “ Poultry City” can be obtained         3503 RM Utrecht
from the symposium homepage.                                   The Netherlands
(http//www.bvet.admin.ch/wpsa/html)                            Tel: +31 30 295 5662
         Copies of the printed Proceedings of the 6th          Fax: +31 30 295 5709
European Symposium on Poultry Welfare are also                 E-mail: canada@jaarbeursutrecht.nl
available. To order, contact Hans Oester: Tel. +41
31 915 35.15 or E-mail hans.oester@bvet.admin.ch               Canadian Swine Exporters Association
The price is CHF 50 plus postage. Contact address:             PO Box 150
Dr Hans Oester, Zentrum fur tiergerechte Haltung,              Hickson, Ontario N0J IL0
Geflugel und Kanichen (ZTHZ, BVET), Burgerweg                  Canada
22, CH-3052, Zollikofen.                                       Tel: +1 519 462 2929
Fax: +1 519 462 2417                                      Le Corum Conference Centre of Montpellier, France
E-mail: csea@execulink.com                                7th World Congress on Genetics Applied to
                                                          Animal Production

24-26 April 2002                                          For more information: http://wcgalp.toulouse.inra.fr
Beijing, China
VIV China
                                                          21 - 25 August, 2002
Contact:                                                  Flanders Congress and Concert Centre, Antwerp,
Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media
PO Box 8500                                               Joint Nutrition Symposium
3503 RM Utrecht
The Netherlands                                           Contact:
Tel.: +31 30 295 56 62                                    JNS Secretariat
Fax: +31 30 295 57 09                                     Laboratory of Animal Nutrition, Ghent University
E-mail: viv.corporate@jaarbeursutrecht.nl                 Heidestraat 19
Website: www.viv.net/                                     B-9820 Merelbeke
                                                          Tel.: +32 9 2647821
5-7 June 2002                                             Fax: +32 9 2647848
Convention Centre of The Royal Palm Plaza Hotel –         E-mail: nutrition@rug.ac.be
Campinas, SP, Brazil                                      Website: www.jns.be
Poultry Conference FACTA – APINCO / WPSA-
BR 2002
                                                          6 - 10 September 2002
                                                          Bremen, Germany
Contact:                                                  11th European Poultry Conference
FACTA – Fundação APINCO de Ciência e
Tecnologia Avícolas
                                                          Contact: (Scientific Programme) Prof Dr F.
E-mail: facta@facta.org.br
                                                          Ellendorff, Inst. f. Tierzucht und Tierverhalten
                                                          Mariensee, Höltystrasse 10, 31535 Neustadt,
6-8 June 2002                                             Germany
Istanbul, Turkey                                          Tel.: +49 5034/871-135/-136
VIV Poultry Yutav 2002                                    Fax: +49 5034/871-143
                                                          E-mail: ellendorff@tzv.fal.de
                                                          Website: www.epc2002.de
Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media
PO Box 8500
3503 RM Utrecht                                           4-7 October 2002
The Netherlands                                           Theran, Iran
Tel.: +31 30 295 56 62                                    Poultry, Feed & Livestock Exhibition 2002
Fax: +31 30 295 57 09
E-mail: viv.corporate@jaarbeursutrecht.nl                 Contact:
Website: www.viv.net/                                     Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media
                                                          PO Box 8500
                                                          3503 RM Utrecht
15th August 2002                                          The Netherlands
Pretoria, South Africa                                    Tel.: +31 30 295 56 62
WPSA Scientific Day                                       Fax: +31 30 295 57 09
                                                          E-mail: viv.corporate@jaarbeursutrecht.nl
Contact: Rob Gous                                         Website: www.viv.net/
E-mail: gous@nu.ac.za

16-18 August 2002                                         6 - 10 October 2002
Montpelier, France                                        Hotel Conrad, Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast,
2nd International Symposium on "Candidate                 Queensland, Australia
Genes for Animal Health"                                  APFC 2002 Conference
                                                          7th WPSA Asian Pacific Federation Conference
                                                          in conjunction with
For more information:                                     12th Australian Poultry & Feed Convention
19 - 23 August 2002                                       APFC 2002 Conference Managers
GPO Box 128                                                   E-mail: expogeneralinfo@poultryegg.org
Sydney NSW 2001                                               Website: www.poultryegg.org
Tel.: +61 2 9262 2277
Fax: +61 2 9262 3135
E-mail: apfc2002@tourhosts.com.au                             5-7 March 2003
                                                              Bangkok, Thailand
Website: www.tourhosts.com.au/apfc2002/
                                                              VIV Asia 2003

6-11 October 2002                                             Contact:
Limassol, Cyprus                                              Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media
3rd International Workshop on the Molecular                   PO Box 8500
Pathogenesis of Marek's Disease and The Avian                 3503 RM Utrecht
Immunology Research Group Meeting                             The Netherlands
                                                              Tel.: +31 30 295 56 62
                                                              Fax: +31 30 295 57 09
Contact:                                                      E-mail: viv.corporate@jaarbeursutrecht.nl
MAREKS-AIRG at Target Tours                                   Website: www.viv.net/
PO Box 29041
Tel Aviv 61290 Israel
Tel: +972 3 5175150
Fax: +972 3 517 5155                                          7-9 April 2003
E-mail: mareks-airg@targetconf.com                            Alexandria, Egypt
                                                              2nd World Waterfowl Conference

15-17 October 2002                                            Contact:
 24th HIS “Fr. Joliot – Curie”, Resort “St. Constatin         Prof M.A. Kosba
and Helen”, Varna, Bulgaria                                   Chairman Organising Committee
International Conference Business Meeting and                 Department of Poultry Production
Exhibition “Poultry 2002”                                     Faculty of Agriculture
                                                              Alexandria University
Contact:                                                      El-Shatby, Alexandria
Bulgarian Poultry Union                                       Egypt
80 Hristo Botev Blvd.                                         E-mail: mkosba@hotmail.com
1303 Sofia
Tel./Fax: +359 2 931 0958                                     19 – 23 July 2003
E-mail: galus@mb.bia-bg.com                                   Denver, CO, USA
                                                              XII Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry
12-15 November 2002
Hanover, Germany                                              Contact:
EuroTier 2002 - International Exhibition for                  Details are not currently available but will eventually
Livestock and Poultry Production                              be posted on the web site of the American
                                                              Association of Avian Pathologists.
Website: www.eurotier.de
                                                              10 - 14 August 2003
                                                              Lillehammer, Norway
                                                              14th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition

Calendar 2003                                                 Contact: The Norwegian branch of WPSA, c/o
                                                              Centre for Poultry Science, Box 4377 Torshov, N-
22-24 January 2003                                            0402 Oslo, Norway
Georgia World Congress Centre, Atlanta, Georgia,              Tel: +47 22 79 87 73
USA                                                           Fax: +47 22 79 87 71
International Poultry Exposition 2003                         E-mail: marlene.furnes-bagley@fjorfe.org

US Poultry & Egg Association
1530 Cooledge Road
Tucker, Georgia 30084-7804
Tel.: +1 770 493 9401
Fax: +1 770 493 9257
                                                     - 10 -
23 - 26 September 2003                                        28-31 October 2003
Sant-Brieuc - Ploufragan, France                              Utrecht, The Netherlands
XVIth European Symposium on the Quality of                    VIV Europe 2003
Poultry Meat
and                                                           Contact:
Xth European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs                 Jaarbeurs Exhibitions & Media
and Egg Products                                              PO Box 8500
                                                              3503 RM Utrecht
Contact:                                                      The Netherlands
Geneviève Clement                                             Tel.: +31 30 295 56 62
ISPAIA - ZOOPOLE développement                                Fax: +31 30 295 57 09
BP 7                                                          E-mail: viv.corporate@jaarbeursutrecht.nl
22400 Ploufragan                                              Website: www.viv.net/
Tel: +33 2 96 78 61 30
Fax: +33 2 96 78 61 31
E-mail: wpsa2003@zoopole.asso.fr
Website: www.zoopole.com/ispaia/wpsa2003.htm

26 - 31 October 2003
Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
IX World Conference on Animal Production -
                                                              Editor’s Note: In the interest of the widest
Contact:                                                      distribution of the Newsletter, we request that Branch
                                                              Secretaries reproduce it for distribution to their
Prof. Jorge López / Prof Sergio Nicolaiewsky
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul                     branch memberships. It will also be available on our
                                                              web site, at www.wpsa.com.The Editor of the WPSA
Av. Bento Gonçalves, 7712
Caixa Postal 776                                              Newsletter would also appreciate information from
90001-970 Porto Alegre - RS                                   the Branches and Federations concerning activities
                                                              of the various WPSA organisations, news about
Tel: +55 51 3316 3609                                         officers and members, and of deaths of prominent
Fax: +55 51 3316 3888
E-mail: wcap.2003@ufrgs.br, jlopez@orion.ufrgs.br,
                                                              Please send your information to: Dr Piet Simons, PO
Website: www.wcap2003.ufrgs.br                                Box 31, 7360 AA Beekbergen, The Netherlands, Tel:
                                                              +31 55 506 6534, fax +31 55 506 4858, e-mail: