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   Police Dept.         Electronic Control Device

 Effective Date:            Number:                   No. Pages:     Special Instructions:
 December 17, 2007                022                       4        Replaces 022 dated 02/20/06
 Reference: 003 Use of Force, 099 Definitions         Distribution: All Personnel
 Reevaluation Date: December 1, 2008                  Index as:

I.      Purpose
              The purpose of this policy is to provide trained law enforcement officers of this
        agency with guidelines for the safe use and deployment of Department approved
        Electronic Control Device. (Taser X26)

II.     Policy
              An Electronic Control Device (ECD) may be used by trained Officers when a
        subject is threatening to actively resist, or is actively resisting an Officer and the subject
        poses an articulable threat of harm to an Officer or another person. It may also be used
        when a subject poses a threat of harm to him/herself such as a self-inflicting injury or a
        suicide attempt. Officers are authorized to employ ECD’s in accordance with provisions
        of this policy and this department’s policy on use of force.

III.    Definitions
              See Policy and Procedure 099, Town of Madison Definitions for all definitions
        related to this document.

IV.     Procedure
            A. Qualification:
                1. Officers must successfully complete an authorized training class approved by
                   the Chief of Police prior to granting permission to carry an ECD.
                2. Officers may only carry department approved ECD’s, holsters, and cartridges.
                         a. At no time will officers make changes, adjustments, modifications or
                            attempt to disassemble an ECD, cartridge or holster.
                         b. Officers shall immediately cease carrying any ECD or cartridge that
                            they suspect may be defective or otherwise not be in proper working
                            order. The defect or problem shall be reported to the Lieutenant of
                         c. Officers will complete an approved training course every year or at the
                            discretion of the Chief of Police.
            B. Criteria For Use:
                1. An officer shall not brandish, display or threaten to use or use an ECD unless
                   the officer reasonably believes it’s use may become justified or anticipated.

Electronic Control Device                       -1–
Town of Madison Police Department
             2. An officer shall not make or threaten any disparaging remarks about being
                “electrocuted, charged, juiced” or the like, to a subject before, during or after
                deployment of a ECD. The term “tased” and “taser deployment” is
             3. An ECD is not a substitute for deadly force and the use of lethal cover shall be
                required for all for cases when a subject poses a deadly weapon.
                    a. No officer shall attempt to resolve a situation alone on those types of
                       situations that would reasonably require more then one officer, merely
                       because the officer possesses an ECD.
             4.   An ECD should not knowingly be used:
                    a. Near flammable gas or liquids.
                    b. In cases of passive resistance unless the subject poses an articulable
                        threat harm to officers or others.
                    c. In an attempt to gain information from a subject.
                    d. Against a subject in custody unless physical resistance of the subject
                        must be overcome.
                    e. To wake an intoxicated subject or as a “Prod”.
             5. Taser Carry:
                    a. All Tasers that are carried by an officer shall be opposite side (reaction
                        side) of their semi-auto pistol.
                    b. All officers in assigned to a uniformed assignment are required to carry
                        a Taser. Officers in non-uniformed assignments may carry a Taser at
                        their discretion. A supervisor may authorize an officer not to carry a
                        Taser while in uniform.
                    c. All officers shall perform the following checks prior to the carry of a
                        Taser (source: Taser International Training Bulletin 11.0-04):
                            i. Ensure that the safety switch is in the down (SAFE) position.
                            ii. Remove the air cartridge.
                           iii. Point the TASER X26 in a safe direction and place the safety
                                switch in the up (FIRE) position.
                           iv. Check the remaining battery life percentage on the CID
                               (Central Information Display). Any Taser with less than 20%
                               battery life will be held from service and a supervisor will be
                            v. Pull the trigger and perform a spark test for a minimum of one
                               second. Check for visible spark between the electrodes and a
                               rapid spark. There is no need to conduct a full five-second
                           vi. Place the safety switch in the down (SAFE) position.

Electronic Control Device                -2–
Town of Madison Police Department
                          vii. Replace the air cartridge.
                          If the spark test is not satisfactory, hold the Taser unit out of service
                          and notify a supervisor.
             6. Taser Storage:
                    a. All Tasers will be stored in the designated location of the temporary
                        evidence storage room.
                    b. Officers are required to return Tasers to the designated location prior to
                        ending their shift.
                    c. Officers who fail to return a Taser at the end of their shift will be
                        subject to disciplinary action.
                    d. Tasers are to be stored in the “Off” position.
         C. Deployment of ECD:
             1. Deployment of the ECD shall be in accordance with the Department approved
                training that an officer received.
                a. Officers will not intentionally target the head and neck area of a subject.
                b. Officers will not perform a test arc prior to deployment on a human or
                c. Prior to deployment, an officer shall make a reasonable assessment of
                   potential of injury to a subject who is running, traveling at high speeds, or
                   in an elevated position.
                d. Whenever an ECD is to be deployed, the deploying officer should attempt,
                   when possible, to notify other officers on scene that an ECD being
                   deployed and not lethal force. The announcement “Taser”, “Taser” to
                   alert other officers is appropriate.
                e. Officers shall not use the Taser against a subject, who is wanted for a civil
                   violation and running from an officer.
         D. Post Deployment
             1. Once a subject is safely secured and in custody, only trained officers shall
                remove the probes according to the trained procedure.
                    a. If the probes penetrate a sensitive or soft tissue area such as the face,
                         neck, head, female’s breast or groin/male genitalia only medical
                         personnel shall remove them.
                    b. Removed probes shall be handled as a biohazard and disposed of at one
                        of the Madison area hospitals or at the Town of Madison Fire
             2. Officers shall monitor the subject for adverse reactions and inform the
                receiving agency (jail, secure detention, crisis center, and other agencies) that
                the subject had been “tased”. Whenever there is doubt concerning the need

Electronic Control Device                -3–
Town of Madison Police Department
                for medical attention, it should be resolved through the examination of the
                subject by an appropriate medical facility.
                    a. In the event of an adverse reaction or if requested by the subject,
                        transportation shall be arranged to a medical facility.
                    b. Any Taser deployment resulting in medical transport for probe removal,
                        will have photographs of the injuries attached to the case report.
             3. Following deployment of an ECD, officers shall complete a use of force
                report form in addition to their case report.
             4. It is the deploying officer’s responsibility to obtain a new cartridge/s prior to
                ending his/her shift.
             5. Reporting:
                    a. Anytime an officer deploys a Taser in either cartridge discharge mode,
                        dry stun mode or with the activation of light/laser only, a Use of Force
                        Report form will be completed along with the officer’s case report.
         E. Animal Deployment:
             1. Officers should be prepared to act quickly with other restraint devises once an
                ECD has been deployed against an animal. In all cases, the officers’ safety
                and the safety of the public shall be considered first prior to deployment.
             2. Officers may use an ECD on animals if the officer reasonably believes that the
                animal is vicious and is threatening and/or attacking another officer, citizen,
                or other animal or if the animal is a public nuisance and needs to be
                controlled, and the use of other force in the officer’s belief would not be
                appropriate or safe.
             3. Officer shall use reasonable care when deploying a taser when a police K-9 is
                near the subject about to be tased.

                                    Scott T. Gregory
                                    Chief of Police

Electronic Control Device                -4–
Town of Madison Police Department

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