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Never Mind $4 a Gallon, Analysts Say
Gasoline prices have taken a definite dip and it is going to get even steeper as the winter season approaches, with some
industry analysts saying that prices could drop to around $2 a gallon by the end of fall.
Other factors include a drop in demand for gasoline. For the first eight months of 2006, gasoline use has only increased 1
percent, lower than the typical growth of 1.5 or 2 percent, according to Michael Morris, analyst at the U.S. Energy
Information Administration. "Wholesalers are trying to get rid of product. The growth in demand for gasoline has really
tapered off," he told USA Today.
Another factor that is helping the decline in price is the gasoline traders' exit from the market, as they believe that prices
are too high to become stable and as the threat of hurricanes are diminished.
The long term gas price decline is good news for the economy and retailers, reported USA Today. Lower prices "may act
like a tax cut" and stimulate spending, Richard DeKaser, chief economist at National City in Cleveland told the newspaper.

I have said many times that the price of gasoline is in the hands of the consumer. Conservation and the use of alternative
fuels has gotten the attention of the major oil companies and the oil producing countries. Car pooling, public transportation
and gasoline inventories seem to be adequate.
Isn’t it amazing as soon as an investigation into BP manipulation of cutting supplies, the price of gasoline drops?
Gas Dips Below $2 Across Nation
               Across the nation, gas prices have fallen below industry experts' predictions as they creep towards $2 a
               gallon. In some areas prices have fallen below that mark, as low as $1.87 in Swedesboro, N.J. further
               confirming a prediction made by Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski said that gasoline prices were likely to drop in
               the coming months. Gainesville, Va., a station was selling regular unleaded for $1.94, Roanoke, Va. have
               also been sporting the price of $1.99, in Macon, Ga. gas prices have fallen below the $2 mark, Fort Smith,
               Ark. also saw prices of $1.99.
               The nation's average price was $2.356 yesterday, a drop of nearly 50 cents since last month's nationwide
Indeed, the petroleum industry is still raking in huge profits by any measure, though the recent slide in oil and
natural gas prices has taken some of the froth out of energy company stock prices.

The consumer should send a message and keep conserving gasoline and not give the oil companies and OPEC an
excuse to increase prices!

How Low Will They Go?
 Washington – Since August 1990, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has been releasing its weekly survey
of U.S. gasoline prices. In just six weeks, the average retail gasoline price per gallon has fallen by 54 cents, including this
past week‟s 12-cent decline. “This is already the second-largest uninterrupted decline in the history of the survey,” reports
the EIA in yesterday‟s This Week in Petroleum, noting that the largest decline in survey history was the 9-week, 78-cent
drop in gasoline prices in 2005 after Hurricane Rita.
“Some analysts have predicted that average U.S. prices will drop near $2 per gallon or lower, and prices under $2 have
already been reported in a few locations. Not surprisingly, one of the most frequent questions posed to EIA staff recently
has been „How low will gasoline prices go?‟”

BP's So Sorry!
            House members listened to testimony on the explosion at BP's Texas City refinery that killed 15 people in
            March of 2005 and the recent oil spill from the company's Prudhoe Bay pipelines in Alaska, and were critical of
            BP, suggesting its "Beyond Petroleum" slogan should be "Bloated Profits" or "Bad Pipelines.”Top executives of
            BP apologized profusely as irate lawmakers took them to task for lapses leading to the shutdown of the
            Prudhoe Bay pipeline and a huge oil spill on the Alaskan tundra earlier this year.
            "I deeply regret the situation that occurred under my watch," said Steve Marshall, the head of BP's Alaskan
The lawmakers rebuked the troubled oil giant for inspecting its pipelines only sporadically and ignoring factors that
normally raise the risk of corrosion and leakage.
They also grilled the executives about evidence that critics may have been silenced within the unit charged with inspecting
BP's network of pipelines in Alaska. Richard C. Woollam, the unit's former supervisor who was demoted in the wake of an
outside report critical of his leadership, was called to testify before the congressional panel but pleaded the Fifth
Amendment right against self-incrimination.
BP's record of inspecting its Alaskan pipelines is shoddy to say the least. The oil giant had not run a "smart pig" an
electronic drone that detects corrosion through its eastern pipeline for 14 years, even though the procedure is cheap and
deemed the most effective way to spot pipeline damage.
Alyeska Pipeline Service, which operates the much larger trans-Alaskan pipeline, performs the procedure every three
years, and also runs a "maintenance pig" through the pipeline at least every 14 days, testified Kevin Hostler, Alyeska's
president, at the hearing. By contrast, BP had not run a maintenance pig through its eastern pipeline since the early
House members listened to testimony on the explosion at BP's Texas City refinery that killed 15 people in March of 2005
and the recent oil spill from the company's Prudhoe Bay pipelines in Alaska, and were critical of BP, suggesting its
"Beyond Petroleum" slogan should be "Bloated Profits" or "Bad Pipelines."
The company reported record net earnings of $25 billion last year. With crude prices sky-high, it had every incentive to
ensure that its largest oil field was running at full-tilt. It is hemorrhaging cash every day that the pipeline, which pumps out
400,000 barrels of crude a day, remains off-line.
Congressional staffers investigating the pipeline shutdown received numerous reports that the oil company had
abandoned the idea of "pigging" its eastern pipeline after the 1992 inspection dislodged so much sludge that it fouled the
pipeline screens, according to Texas Republican Joe Barton, chairman of the Commerce Committee.
He chalked up the company's curious attitude as: "We can't run a pig through here, there's too much garbage in the line.”
Mishap Strikes BP Again
London -- A raincloud has been hanging over BP's head lately, and it just got larger when the company discovered
another leak, this time in a 12-inch pipeline in the Port of Long Beach, Calif. Instead of crude oil, the pipeline supplied
refined gasoil an ingredient in the production of transportation fuels from the Port of Long Beach to its Carson refinery.
According to BP, 1,000 barrels spilled from the underground pipeline but it did not reach the ocean and no significant
impact on the environment has been found. To date, BP has cleaned up 900 barrels and possible locations where the
gasoil was released into the environment are being actively investigated.

If this was a small company; someone would be in jail?

Study Shows Europe Pays Less for Gas than U.S.
Santa Monica, Calif. -- The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has found that Americans are pouring more
money in multinational oil companies' pockets that their European counterparts. The near $5 a gallon prices in Europe is
associated with high taxes, not wholesale prices, which were found to be 24 cents cheaper than U.S. prices on average.
"The last argument of the oil companies, when motorists' anger rises at $3-plus gasoline, is to point to higher prices in
Europe and tell Americans that they should be grateful," said Judy Dugan of Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer
Rights. "What they don't say is that while Europe's higher taxes go to the public treasury, U.S. drivers disproportionately
fill the pockets of oil companies and get nothing in return."
In addition, the study conducted by independent oil analyst Tim Hamilton found that U.S. refineries owned by international
oil companies have rapidly increased their profit margins over the last four years. Meanwhile, in Europe, refinery profits
remained stable, even when crude prices rose.

Growing Ethanol Industry Seeks to Soften Gas Dependency
Facing high gasoline prices and calls for sustainable energy sources, the U.S. ethanol industry is alive and kicking.
Ethanol fuel usually derived from crops such as corn can be blended with gasoline to reduce petroleum consumption and
air pollution by automobiles. Critics of ethanol object that mass production would distort and elevate the price of corn and
other commodities.
Recently, Huntsville, Alabama-based Flex Fuels USA Inc. was taken over by the newly formed Alternative Energy
Sources Inc. (AES)
An Expanding Industry
There are currently 97 ethanol plants in the U.S. with 24 more under construction, according to the Renewable Fuels
Association (RFA), a U.S. ethanol trade association.
Archer Daniels Midland Co. with plants in Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska is by far the largest ethanol producer in the U.S.,
with a production capacity of 1.1 billion gallons per year (bgy), or 22.2 percent of total U.S. production.
Voices of Caution
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan did not foresee much cost savings from Ethanol. "Its ability to
displace gasoline is modest at best," Greenspan told the Des Moines Register in June.
"Ethanol imposes significant direct and indirect costs on consumers," said Jeff Dircksen, policy analyst at the National
Taxpayers Union (NTU), a non-profit, non-partisan organization.
"It is more expensive to produce than gasoline. Agricultural subsidies lead to overproduction, which is then used as a
justification for using ethanol. Since it is not economically viable, it has relied upon subsidies costing taxpayers $2 billion a
Kristin Brekke, spokesperson for the American Coalition for Ethanol disagrees, and calls the NTU study "a deceptive
piece of propaganda with no basis in reality." Apparently, NTU later announced that the study forgot to mention "a host of
benefits to our nation's economy, environment and energy security."

SeQuential Biofuels Opens 1st Solar-Powered, Biofuel Retail Station
Eugene, Ore. -- The grand unveiling of what is being billed as a first-of-its-kind biofuels retail station. SeQuential Biofuels,
the first major fuel retailer in the Pacific Northwest to offer several biofuel-blended motor fuels to the mainstream market
under a single, branded canopy, says the new station is no ordinary pit stop. Renewable energy, energy efficiency and
sustainable design elements are themes throughout the site. The station features 244 solar panels covering the fueling
islands that provide 30 to 50 percent of the electrical power that the station will require annually. A "living roof" of 4,800
live plants installed in five inches of soil on the roof of the convenience store will help cool the building during the summer.
Located just off Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon, the biofuels station will provide biofuel blends approved for use in all
gasoline and diesel vehicles:
-- 10% ethanol with 90% gasoline for all gasoline vehicles
-- 85% ethanol with 15% gasoline for E85 Flex Fuel Vehicles
-- 5% biodiesel with 95% diesel for all diesel vehicles
-- 20% biodiesel with 80% diesel for most diesel vehicles
-- 99.9% biodiesel with 0.1% diesel for some diesel vehicles

The purpose for alterative fuels is to lesson our dependency on foreign oil (Middle East) constant volatility. The prices will
adjust themselves to market conditions. The threat of shortages and rumors keeps the price of fuel artificially high.

Michigan offers grants for alternative fuel pumps
Michigan will offer $250,000 in grants to gas station owners to help meet a goal of having 1,000 biofuel pumps statewide
by 2008, Gov. Jennifer Granholm announced Aug. 29.
Officials hope the added pumps will help boost use of ethanol- and biodiesel-based fuels. The Big Three automakers have
pledged to double production of flex-fuel vehicles which can run on ethanol or gasoline based fuels to 2 million annually.
But getting the alternative fuel known as E85 can be a challenge.
Only 19 stations in Michigan carry or are soon to carry E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline.
Likewise, only 33 stations in the state carry a biodiesel blend, according to the National Biodiesel Board.
"The Midwest region will have the infrastructure necessary to support ethanol and biodiesel for the cars we build,"
Granholm said in making the announcement at Bud Kouts Chevrolet in Lansing.
In July, NextEnergy received a $62,500 grant to provide the first round of grants to stations. Those grants are expected to
be awarded in September.
It can cost a station $2,000 to $15,000 to install a biofuel pump, Granholm said. Source: Lansing State Journal.

New Jersey Gas Stations Suing BP Over Rent
Newark, N.J. -- More than two dozen BP franchisees in New Jersey have filed a lawsuit at the U.S. District Court here
against the company for its tactics in the termination of its marketing agreements, reported the Star-Ledger.
The dealers claim that they must accept grossly inflated rent for its stores or an option to buy the properties at well over
their market value. BP notified the stations in June that the company would be terminating existing franchise agreements,
effective this week. The deadline for the termination has been extended until Sept. 11, due to the lawsuit, which will hold a
hearing that day.
For one dealer in Mountainside, N.J., Paul Lopes, will have to pay $10,000 a month in rent, double his current rent of
$5,000. In addition to that, his credit card fees will total $8,000 a month.
"That's $18,000 in the red right there without even pumping as gallon of gas," Lopes told the Star-Ledger. "How are you
going to stay in business like that?"
According to BP, the decision to end the marketing agreements is a desire for the company to slip out of the retail
gasoline business and concentrate on wholesale trade. "It's a business decision. As a prudent business, you have to
review your operations to see if it fits into your current business profile," BP spokesman John Curry told the Star-Ledger.
The dealers told the paper that they have tried to negotiate with BP about the termination, but have not seen results.
Because of this, they have joined and filed the lawsuit which seeks an injunction to prevent BP from terminating the
agreements, as well as compensatory damages.

Disabled Face Difficulty at the Pumps
               Covington, Wash. -- As full-service and mini-service stations continue to disappear from the market, people
               with disabilities are finding it harder to get service at the pumps.
               Such customers do have state and federal law on their side, which requires gas stations, if reasonably able
               to do so, to pump gas for people with disabilities. In addition, they must get the gas at the self-service price,
               not the higher price that some full-service pumps charge, according to a report by the King County Journal.
               The Americans with Disabilities Act, according to the Civil Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice
and states requires gas stations to provide equal access for their customers with disabilities. That means pumping gas,
notifying customers they have that option and not charging them higher than the self-serve price, the newspaper said.
But there is a caveat. A service station or c-store is not required to provide such service at any time it's operating on a
remote control basis with a single employee, though it is encouraged to do so, if feasible, according to a Justice
Department guide for service stations.
Clara Warnke doesn't think its right that she has to drive seven miles from her home in Covington, Wash. to Auburn,
Wash. to fill up her car with gasoline. It's not that the gas is cheaper at the Auburn station she goes to, but at least there is
a full-service pump there and someone who will fill up her tank.
The problem is, she can't find anyone to fill her tank at a station close to home. Everything is self-serve!
Toby Olson, executive director of the Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment, said it's a real issue for
people with disabilities, especially those who travel across the state or country. "It's very hard to find full-service or even
mini-service stations anymore," he told the newspaper. "We have been trying to figure out a better way to address this
issue for a long time. I don't think there is much room to make a legal requirement much stronger than they are."
About 12 years ago, Olson said they surveyed service stations and compiled a list of those who said they'd help people
with disabilities, but it had credibility problems. Unfortunately, customers called and said some stations on the list wouldn't
help them, he noted.

For many years I reported about this issue. When the independent full service gasoline station was being eliminated
(slaughtered) by the Oil Companies, Hypermarkets and Big Boxers and at the same time Oil Company mergers; there
was no regard for people with disabilities. I personally along with many other independent gasoline stations provided help
for the disabled and that’s before any laws were passed. Many of those independent gasoline stations were eliminated or
replaced by the Oil Companies super pumpers with no service at the pumps. Some had a sign for people with disabilities
to phone and make an appointment to purchase gasoline and many times when the disabled showed up, there wasn’t
anyone there to help them.
Every state should require all gasoline station to have at least one full service pump and that will solve the problem or
eliminate self service.

In Cody, Wyoming: Two gas stations stop selling gas
Two gas stations in Cody, Wyo., have stopped selling gasoline and switched exclusively to auto repairs, citing high and
fluctuating gas prices as the reason for the change, The Cody Enterprise reported Sept. 12.
They are the former BearCo Shell Station at the corner of Sheridan and 16th and Scott's 12th Street Station.
At BearCo Shell - now BearCo Tire - owner Dallas Beardall said his business began “hemorrhaging money” when
gasoline prices started rising and falling on a daily or weekly basis. The retail price was more than $3.20 per gallon when
they stopped selling fuel.
Beardall termed selling gasoline in today's market a “big-time losing money game,” one he and his family no longer
wanted to be in. “I won't ever go back into the gasoline business,” he said. That decision terminates a 50-year run for
gasoline sales at that main street corner. Now the corner BearCo shop will focus on full-service repairs and selling tires.
At Scott's 12th Street Station, co-owner Lynn Hugill said the price of fuel “was just getting ridiculous and it constantly
fluctuated.” She said she and her husband Scott “just kept losing money” and incurred a $10,000 debt for wholesale fuel
last year. “We stopped selling fuel in May and we're catching up” on the debt, she said. “We don't regret” quitting the gas
business, she added. “Our only regret is we cater to elderly and handicapped customers, and we won't be able to help
them” now with their fuel needs.
Her husband is now concentrating on repairs and maintenance of vehicles and the underground gas tanks will be
removed this fall. Unfortunately these stories are echoed many times over.

Free Gasoline Offer or Consumer Scam?
Alexandera, Va. -- A Web site promising consumers up to $100 in free gasoline “coupons” is leading consumers to believe
specific retailers are affiliated with the program, putting those retailers in the difficult position of having to explain to their
customers that they are not, in fact, eligible for free gasoline.
The site,, a purported Tennessee company, tells consumers that it “gives you Free Gasoline
Certificates/Checks to be used at participating gasoline centers for completing just ONE special offer from our partners.”
Consumers who divulge with the required information receive a black plastic card with a magnetic strip that is significantly
smaller than that of other cards, making it unusable at reader‟s members and also will receive a confirmation email and a
$10 certificate from gas stations, up to 10 times a year.
The gas logos are used on the Web site -- Exxon, Speedway, 76, Shamrock, Shell, FINA, Hess, Texaco, BP, Sunoco and
Esso. But that‟s beside the point, the fueling outlets that are implied as sponsors are not participating in the program.

On the Move Again! Home Depot opens another ‘Fuel’ site
The Home Depot Inc. opened a “Home Depot Fuel” station and convenience store on Sept. 25 in Acworth, Ga., the
Atlanta Business Chronicle reported Sept. 22.
The home-improvement retailer opened the first Fuel location in the suburbs of Nashville, Tenn., earlier this year.
The site in Acworth is in the parking lot of the Home Depot store at 3355 Cobb Parkway. In addition to offering standard
and diesel fuels, the site features a touch-free car wash.
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2009 Tank System Upgrade Requirements
                             What Does It Mean for You and Your Business?
                             New Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-761, Tank System Upgrade Requirements –
                             What Does It Mean to You and Your Business?
                             Business owners in the gas retailing business could be facing exorbitant fines and potential
                             shut down of their business come 2009 if their tank systems are not in compliance with the new
                             Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 62-761. Call or e-mail A2L Technologies, Inc. for a
FREE White Paper detailing:
     The actual regulation upgrade requirements
     What it means and how it will affect my business
     Options for upgrading tanks and monitoring systems in order to be in compliance
     Options if contamination is found
     Information on available State funding for remediation during upgrades
A2L Technologies, Inc., is a Tampa based engineering firm that for the last decade has been providing environmental
planning, engineering and remediation services to national and international businesses throughout Florida. A2L is an
approved assessment and remediation consultant/contractor by the Florida Department of Transportation, and is licensed,
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the goal of assuring full regulatory compliance with the least economic impact to our customers.
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IRS Provides Education on Bank Secrecy Act Requirements
                Bank Secrecy Act Specialists within the Small Business and Self-Employed Division of the Internal
                Revenue Service provide education about Bank Secrecy Act reporting and recordkeeping requirements to
                money services businesses (MSBs), which include many gas retailers. Gas retailers who offer money
                services, such as check cashing, money orders, and wire transfers, may be defined as an MSB under the
                Bank Secrecy Act and are subject to the reporting and recordkeeping requirements.
                Congress passed the BSA in 1970 as the first laws to fight money laundering in the United States. The
                BSA requires businesses, including MSBs, to keep records and file reports that are determined to have a
high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, and regulatory matters. The documents filed by businesses under the BSA
requirements are heavily used by law enforcement agencies, both domestic and international to identify, detect and deter
money laundering whether it is in furtherance of a criminal enterprise, terrorism, tax evasion or other unlawful activity.
Definition of an MSB
MSBs include any person conducting business of more than $1,000 with the same person on the same day in any one of
the following activities: currency dealing or exchange; check cashing; issuing, selling or redeeming traveler‟s checks,
money orders or stored value; or, provides money transfer services in any amount.
Registration Requirement
Each business that meets the definition of an MSB must register with the Department of the Treasury, except for the
 (1) A business that is an MSB solely because it serves as an agent of another MSB;
 (2) A business that is an MSB solely as an issuer, seller, or redeemer of stored value;
 (3) The U.S. Postal Service and agencies of the U.S, or any State, or of any political subdivision of any State;
 (4) A branch office of an MSB.
MSBs register by using FinCEN Form 107, Registration of Money Services Business.
Other MSB Reporting Requirements
MSBs, except for check cashers and issuers, sellers, or redeemers of stored value, are required to file Suspicious Activity
Reports (TD F 90-22.56). All MSBs are required to have anti-money laundering compliance programs and to file
Currency Transaction Reports (FinCEN Form 104) to report cash transactions of more than $10,000.
Sources for Additional Information
If you would like more information about the MSB reporting and record keeping requirements, please call Susan Vega,
IRS BSA Specialist in Florida, at (954) 423-7777.
You can find additional information about money laundering and the Bank Secrecy Act at these web sites: or
You can download forms at,,, or you can order forms by calling the IRS Forms
Distribution Center at 800-829-3676.

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You receive a letter from a governing entity (state, county, city, etc.) saying your property, or part of it, is needed for the
improvement or widening of Main Street, Anytown, Florida. In a state growing at an exponential rate with, seemingly,
every other road under construction, this is becoming a common occurrence. The purpose of this article is to present an
outline of the process involved when the government uses its power. This process is often referred to as condemnation
and owners and businesses have rights provided under Florida law.
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Residents trying to hang onto their homes in a working-class neighborhood of New London, Conn., are waging a battle in
the Supreme Court over their city government's attempt to seize property for private economic development. Susette Kelo
and several other homeowners filed a lawsuit after city officials announced plans to bulldoze their residences to clear the
way for a riverfront hotel, health club and offices. The residents refused to move, arguing it was an unconstitutional taking
of their property.

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Fax (904) 731-0025                                  Underground Storage Tank Insurance
                                                    Contact: Glen Esbjorn (800) 243-6899
Meadowbrook Insurance Group
Workers‟ Comp. Dividend Program                     Chokshi Accounting & Tax Services, Inc
Paid dividends 7 of 8 years)                        201 Park Place Suite # 300
Contact Cindy Winternitz                            Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
(800) 575-1816                                      (407)332-8311

Collect A Chek                                                     RPM inc.
NSF Check Recovery                                                 Receipts-Printing-Marketing
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197                                          1536 Bonair St.
Contact: Frank Straughn                                            Clearwater, FL 33755
Toll Free: 1-877-874-9791                                          1-800-398-0987
Hamid Ghannad                               Bill McKnight                                Art McKee
United Oil Co. Inc.                         Automated Petroleum & Energy                 Lewis & Raulerson, Inc.
5012 E. Broadway                            Co.                                          P.O. Box 59
Tampa, FL 33619                             P.O. Box 1110                                Waycross, Georgia 32502
(813) 241-4610                              Brandon, FL 33509                            (863) 401-3937
                                            (813) 681-4279

Lost your lender
No wonder: With all the mergers, acquisitions and closings, your lender is probably lost too.
We specialize in extending competitive rates on financing loans.

                                 Contact John Grogan Business Development Officer
               Office 904-731-9020 fax 904-731-0025 cell 904-571-6564 E-Mail
                             GASOLINE RETAILERS ASSOCIATION of FLORIDA
                                    WELCOMES ALL NEW MEMBERS
                                 MEMBERSHIP DOES NOT COST, IT PAYS

"All of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the
roses that are blooming outside our windows today."
Dale Carnegie

"Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up."
 Robert Frost

                                     St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

Katie Byrnes            Terry McDonald
Katie Moricca           Eileen Jefferson
Joe Nasehi              Erin Maciarz
Meggan Van Loon         Eddie Burnarro
Kristin Costanzo        Lisa Ramos
Shawn Seaver            Nataly Hernandez
Angel Resende           Kimberly Culley
Courtney Coil           Adraina Kenney
John Ferry              Alicia Cepero
Victoria Aldred         Mathew Roszak
Monica Ortiz

                                                Fr. Tom Smith
                                 A Unique Stars Theatre Program

                                         “Angels Among Us”
                                        St. Margaret Mary Winter Park
                                          Saturday October 7th, 2006 7 PM
                                                (Doors Open 6 PM)

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