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Mod This Old Xbox


Xbox is the world's largest computer software company, developed by Microsoft, sales of video game console. In the game market, Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 Sony's and Nintendo Game Cube issued by the company formed the situation of the Three Kingdoms.

More Info
									                                 Mod This Old Xbox
                                     - Using the “softmod” method -
                                                    By: Squidly1

                                             Updated: 06 February 2007

       I am Squidly1 – I'm a gamer and all around g33k. I have modded and upgraded several original Xboxen
and have not YET hit a box that could not be liberated. ; P

         The focus of this doc is to help you breathe some extra years of life into that tired old Xbox you have
laying around. I will show you how to use the soft mod method to make the initial hack and then how to swap
your tiny hard drive with a monstrously huge beast.

Obligatory Warnings:

        Only modify an Xbox you have no interest in EVER connecting to Xbox Live with. Once your machine
has been soft modded any XBL account used on that Xbox will be banned, period – no exceptions! I, myself,
only play with my virginal Xbox 360 on XBL – and use my old modded Xbox for all other entertainment uses. ; )

         Also, if you fry your Xbox or computer OR do the 60 Hz shuffle it's not my issue – you goofed up.
Remember, always follow smart safety rules when dealing with electronics. NEVER plug or unplug anything
when your Xbox and/or computer are on and plugged into the wall. Keep your grubby hands CLEAN, don't eat
or drink while working on your equipment, be mindful of static electricity, etc, etc, etc... If you REALLY need to,
you can read up online about common concerns when repairing or modifying circuits – even though you will only
be swapping a hard drive...

           Lastly, if you ever want to trade your modified Xbox in you need to know that all of the game shops will
NOT give you extra for your hawt little box – in fact, many will not take a modified Xbox at all. At the very end I
will tell you how to un-mod your Xbox, for just such odd reasons (like they check them anyway, really).

Tutorial Sections:
         How to get the softmod save games       2            All done, now what?                    x
         Games to use                            2-3          Appendix A: USB Drives                 x
         Items needed for initial softmod        3            Appendix B: Optional Extras            x
         Items needed for the HD upgrade         3            Appendix C: Good Sites & Sources       x
         How to transfer softmod save game       3            Appendix D: Factory Restoration        x
         Performing the softmod                  3-9          Appendix E: Good To Know &
         Upgrading the hard drive                x            Troubleshooting                        x
How To Get The Softmod Save Games:
        Unfortunately, there are no stable locations I can cite for downloading the game saves you need. You
can sometimes find them as a Bit Torrent share, and RARELY you can find them in Xbox-related newsgroups.
The reasoning given is that they are somehow illegal to post. Guess M$ got all uppity that someone did
something far better with their box than they did... Anyway, you *can* find them in some IRC (Internet Relay
Chat) channels. Below, I speak of the one I used to get my modded save games.

       I will not assume that you are a total n00b to computers or the internet, so this next set of instructions
may be a little brisk to some – and just right for others (sorry):

         Load up your favorite IRC program (mIRC, BitchX, Snak, etc) and jump on an EFNet server
( Next, join #xbins and type /msg xbins !list. You should receive a separate pop-up from
the messaging bot, containing something like this:

        [13:58] <xbins> #FTP ADDRESS:# #PORT:# 21 #USERNAME:#
        Squidly1 #PASSWORD:# XXXXXXX #NOTE:# This Username and Password will
        be deleted upon connection for security reasons. This site contains
        100% homebrew files and absolutely NO warez. Brought to you by #xbins
        and Team Xecuter

       Use this information to FTP into the provided server, using the name and password that the bot gave
you. Once on the FTP server, you want to go to:

        /XBOX/Console Based Applications/exploits/_Packages

       I downloaded 007_With_Evox_Installer_PLUS.rar and used it with the Platinum Hits edition of
007: Agent Under Fire that I already had.

Games To Use:
        There are only three games you can use (to my knowledge) in order to pull this trick. Also, if you are
buying these games used, work with the seller to get the right version of the game (notes below).

                                                     007: Agent Under Fire
                                                     007: Agent Under Fire Platinum Hits

                                                     Note: Look for serial number “1448517” printed after
                                                     the EA Games legal paragraph on the disk. If that
                                                     serial is not there, the softmod will NOT work.

                                                     Mech Assault

                                                     Note: Look for the serial number “MS02301L” on the
                                                     inner ring of the game disk. This is the ONLY
                                                     version that works with the softmod.

                                                     Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

                                                     Note: Works with any released version of the
                                                     original game. The softmod will NOT work with the
                                                     Chaos Theory, Double Agent or Pandora Tomorrow.
Items Needed For The Initial Softmod:
        - An original Xbox (all versions are mod-able)
        - Copy of the mod game save on a memory cartridge
        - Copy of the game your modified save game is for

Items Needed For The Hard Drive Upgrade:

        - Desk space to work on
        - An already soft-modded Xbox
        - T20 Torx wrench for the case (or 1/8 inch | #0 flat screwdriver, in a pinch)
        - T9 Torx wrench for the drive chassis
        - A “lock compliant” replacement IDE hard drive (see links for where to look this up)
        - Network connection for your Xbox
        - An FTP program
        - Computer you can plug an IDE drive into
        - A CD burner on said computer
        - CD burning software that can burn from an ISO image
        - Can of compressed air [OPTIONAL] for cleaning ancient Xboxen

       This is the only pain-in-the-butt issue most people really have, outside of oddities with their new
replacement hard drives...


          If you are one of those people who bought a USB GameShark or Action Replay interface for your PC
then you've got everything you need already. It's as easy as getting the modified save game and dragging that
.zip file over to your GameShark or Action Replay “PC database.” From there, just move that game save to the
memory cartridge via your GameShark or Action Replay interface software.

       Note: If you are having problems dragging anything around with your supplied GameShark software,
download Action Replay's software. The last update AR put out for their interface software was in July 2004 and
was version 1.31. Hit the below link to download a copy for Windows:

[screen caps of this in action]


         You can pick up a USB adapter cable for your original Xbox at some better gaming stores. The
interfaces cables I have seen online are less than $10 [US] after shipping. Once you have your adapter, choose
a sacrificial USB drive. There is a compatibility list you might want to consult before attempting this trick.
Evidently, the old Xbox is very picky about which USB drives it will recognize and work with. See Appendix A for
the short list of confirmed good drives.

         When you plug the USB drive into the adapter, go to the Xbox dashboard and select MEMORY. You
will receive an error telling you that the memory unit was not working properly and has been erased – this was
the reason why I said you needed a “sacrificial” USB drive. you choose to use has to be first formatted by the
Xbox before it will work for our purposes.

        ASD ASD ASD


        For those of you who are disappointed there will be no soldering in this tutorial, you can always hack
together your own interface for your Xbox. Hit up the Llamma for a great guide on this type of project:
       This is unrelated to the overall mod I am covering, but... Another guide, by Fury-Tech, is excellent for
those who might want to use their Xbox controllers on their PCs, via USB:

        Windows 98/2000/XP drivers for your controller:

Performing The Softmod:
                                                                            Boot up your Xbox and go
                                                                            to Memory.

                                                                            Highlight the game save.

                                                                            Copy the game save from
                                                                            the cartridge... your Xbox hard drive.

If all goes well with your
copy, this screen will pop
up showing the copy

Next, put your game in the
Xbox. For this example I
will continue to use 007:
Agent Under Fire to
illustrate the process.

Once the game has
started, go to the save
game area.

For this game, you will look
for “Load Mission.”

Load the game from your
hard drive, not the
cartridge (I left mine in,

The hack will NOT work
from the cartridge...

If all went well with the
softmod, then you will see
this screen after reboot.

First thing you should do is
backup your original Xbox

Select “Create MS
Backup” to make that back

It won't take long, but the
original Xbox dashboard
will be saved just in case
you want to restore the
factory settings...

Instructions for factory
restoration can be found in
Appendix D.

Install Softmod.

Install Evox (or Unleash
X). The last one to be
installed will be the one
your Xbox will boot with.
You can always change it
laters... See Appendix E.

You can place it on
partitions C: or E:.

My preference is C:.
Now create a backup of
the mod you just installed.

When you create this
backup, at least one critical
file will be generated for
when you decide to
upgrade / replace your old
factory hard drive.

Here's the backup status
screen. All is well...

Go to Settings.

We want to check a couple
of things to continue with a
smooth mod installation.

Sorry, my image kinda
sucks here... But you get
the idea of what you
should be seeing in the

Check “Network.”
Almost everything can be
changed on this screen. If
you prefer static IPs over
DHCP, then change it here
and state your network IP.

Also, the default FTP
account information for
your new Xbox “server” is:

User: xbox
Password: xbox

More network settings

Once done with your
network settings, check
“Harddisk Settings.”

This is good for some
possible troubleshooting.

Now we are looking at the
“System Settings.”

Not a lot here that you
need to worry about
Alright... You are now
ready to reboot and start
enjoying the fruits of your

(( Drum-roll ))

This, or another
alternative, dashboard
should pop up if everything
went well.

Congratz on your first
successful softmod!
                                                Appendix A
                                            USB Drives That Work
         All data represented below was culled from: For a full listing
of all devices, working or not working, click the link provided.

                                                      Pen Drives
                                   Size               VendorID :
Company        Brand                        Blocks                 Works   Comments
                                   (MB)               ProdID
--             --                  32       --        --           YES     Opti 32 MB
--             --                  64       --        --           YES     Fujitsu Siemens 64MB Menustick
                                                                           Memory in Black USB memory pens from 32
--             --                  32-512   --        --           YES     to 512 MB, both the PQI-based and Opti-
                                                                           based models
                                                                           3System USB Flash Disk USB Drive 32 MB
3System        --                  32       1998      --           YES
                                                                           (1998 blocks)
                                                                           Aigo 128MB USB Memory Stick (7997
Aigo           --                  128      7997      --           YES
                                                                           Paradigit 128 MB USB2.0 memory stick (aka
Apacer         ?                   128      7837      --           YES
                                                                           Apacer memory stick) (7837 blocks)
                                                                           Paradigit (aka Apacer) 256 MB USB2.0
Apacer         ?                   256      ~15000?   --           YES
                                                                           memory stick
               USB 1.1 Mobile
AVB                                64       4030      0ea0:6803    YES     64 MB image works fine
Belkin         --                  32       --        --           YES     Belkin 32MB USB Memory Stick
Captiva        USB BAR             128      7989      0ea0:6828    YES     Captiva USB BAR 128 MB
Commodore      Floppy -on- stick   128      7989      0ea0:6828    YES     Rev. 1.89 (lsusb says Ours Technology, Inc.)
COMSOL         --                  128      --        --           YES     COMSOL 128M
                                                                           Creative Labs Nomad Muvo MP3 Player
Creative       MuVo                128      7997      --           YES
                                                                           128MB (7997 blocks)
EasyDisk       --                  32       2014      --           YES     EasyDisk 32MB (2014 Blocks)
Freecom        --                  32       1998      --           YES     Freecom USB Stick 32 MB (1998 blocks)
IBM            Memory Key          32       1998      --           YES     IBM 32 MB USB Memory Key (1998 blocks)
                                                                           Kingston DataTraveler 256 MB (15740
Kingston       DataTraveler        256      15740     --           YES
                                                                           Lexar JumpDrive Secure 128 MB (7869
Lexar          JumpDrive Secure    128      7869      --           YES
                                                                           Lexar JumpDrive Secure 256 MB (15740
Lexar          JumpDrive Secure    256      15740     --           YES
                                                                           Linksys Instant USB Disk 64 MB (Model
Linksys        Instant USB Disk    64       3998      --           YES
                                                                           USBM64M) (3998 blocks)
Medion         --                  128      7997      --           YES     Medion USB 128 MB (7997 blocks)
Memorex        --                  64       4030      --           YES     Memorex 64 MB (4030 blocks) & 128 MB
Memorex        --                  128      --        --           YES     Memorex 64 MB (4030 blocks) & 128 MB
M-Systems      DiskOnKey           8        486       --           YES     M-Systems DiskOnKey 8MB (486 blocks)
PNY            --                  64       3998      --           YES     PNY 64 MB (3998 blocks)
PQI            Travelling Disk     64       --        0ea0:6803    YES     translucent USB sticks
PQI            Travelling Disk     128      --        0ea0:6803    YES     translucent USB sticks
                                                                           Prolific USB Flash Disk 256 MB (15996
Prolific       --                  256      15996     --           YES
Samsung        --                  64       4030      --           YES     Samsung 64Mb USB disk (4030 blocks)
Sweex          --                  128      --        --           YES     Sweex 128 MB
Transcend      JetFlash            64       --        --           YES     Transcend JetFlash 64 MB
Transcend      JetFlash            128      --        --           YES     Transcend JetFlash 128 MB
Transcend      JetFlash            256      15821     0c76:0005    YES     With leather case (that's a TS256MJFLASH -
                                                                                            USB 1.1 Pocket Pen Drive (p/n FMD064S)
Twinmos        Mobile Disk             64          4030         0ea0:6803         YES
                                                                                            (Manuf="USB", Prod="Solid state disk")
TwinMos        Mobile Disk III         64          3998         --                YES       TwinMos MobileDisk III 64 MB (3998 Blocks)
UltraDrive     --                      32          1998         --                YES       USB UltraDrive 32 MB (1998 blocks)

                                                            Media Readers
                                 Size                     VendorID :
Company      Brand                          Blocks                          Works       Comments
                                 (MB)                     ProdID
                                                                                        Hama 6-in-1 USB Card Reader (Model-Nr.: 46958)
             6-in-1 Card
Hama                             --         --            07cc:0200         YES         with Lexar Media 16MB CompactFlash (992
                                                  Digital Cameras (Video, Web, and Still)
                                  Size                     VendorID :
Company      Brand                           Blocks                          Works      Comments
                                  (MB)                     ProdID
                                                                                        Digitrex DSC-1300 camera, in Mass Storage
Digitrex     DSC-1300             --         --            --                YES
                                                                                        mode (8MB)
HP           Photosmart 315       --         --            --                YES        HP Photosmart 315 with 8 MB SanDisk CF Card
HP           Photosmart C618      --         --            --                YES        HP Photosmart C618 Digital Camera
Minolta      DiMAGE F300          --         --            --                YES        Minolta DiMAGE F300 with 64MB SD-Card
                                                                                        Nikon Coolpix (test with 1x 16 MB and 2x 128 MB
Nikon        Coolpix              --         --            --                YES
                                                                                        CF/SD cards)
                                                                                        Nikon Coolpix 995 w/128MB SanDisk
Nikon        Coolpix 995          --         --            --                YES
                                                                                        Olympus D-510 Zoom Digital Camera with 64 MB
Olympus      D-510                --         --            --                YES
                                                                                        SmartMedia (3990 blocks)
                                                                                        Olympus D-550 Digital Camera with 128 MB
Olympus      D-550                --         --            --                YES
                                                                                        SmartMedia (7997 blocks)
             ToUcam Pro PCVC
Philips                      --              --            --                YES        ToUcam Pro webcam

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