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									Vol. 4, No. 5                   Joint Force Headquarters, Colorado National Guard                                                            February 2008
COARNG Purple Heart recipients                                                                                                  Lt. Col. Christopher Petty
                                                                     meaning of a Purple Heart.
                                                                      “On our way back, we just started getting shot

                                        Photo byCapt. Robert Bell
                                                                     “You started hearing pop-pops, and it kind of
                                                                     felt like someone punched me in the face.”

Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards looks on
                                                                     shrapnel to his lower leg, thigh and hand.
as Gov. Bill Ritter presents Munsch and                              Serious wounds to be sure, but not to
Foster with their Purple Hearts.                                     Munsch. He feels he doesn’t really deserve

                                                                                                                                                                    File photo
                                                                     the Purple Heart.
 Two Colorado National Guard aviators,                                 Foster was hit by shrapnel in his left arm,
                                                                     shoulder and neck, and had burns on his
to safety when they were attacked, now                               face. When he looks at his Purple Heart, he Cockpit of the helicopter that Capt.
have Purple Hearts. The experience has                                                                                                                          -
given them a new perspective on the                                  he took on his mission made.
Military Police ready for Iraq...Again                                                                                          Spc. Benjamin Crane, 104th PAD
                                                                    away for their year-long deployment to             completed include: assisting during
                                                                    Iraq at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds           the Columbine High School tragedy,
                                                                    in Golden.                                         Hurricane Katrina, and the two major
                                                                      Hundreds of family and friends packed            blizzards in 2006-07.
                                                                    into the Exhibit Hall to say farewell to
                                                                    their loved ones who were about to leave
                                                                    for Fort Dix and then on to Iraq following
                                                                    their train-up.
                                                                      This is the second time this unit has been
                                                                    deployed to Iraq to support Operation
The family of a 220th MP Company                                    Iraqi Freedom.
Soldier pose for a family before they                                 The MP’s will be conducting missions
are separated for a year.                                           in efforts to stabilize Iraq, and they will
 A sunny mid-winter afternoon                                       provide assistance in prison facilities
Tuesday, Jan. 8 made a beautiful                                    where current programs help reintegrate            the 220th Military Police Company will
backdrop to send the Soldiers of                                    detainees back into society.                       take with them during their year-long
the 220th Military Police Company                                                                                      mission to support OIF.
                                                                      Other missions the 220th MP’s have
Second Annual Diversity Conference                                                                                             Capt. Anne Green
                                                                                                                               State Equal Employment Manager
 The Annual National Diversity Training Conference will be held March 18-
20 at the Westin Westminster Hotel. The conference theme is “Transforming
Our Future Through Diversity.”
 Register at https://gkoportal.ngb.army.mil/C17/EO/default.aspx. Make hotel
reservations by calling the hotel directly at (303) 410-5000.
 For more information contact Capt. Anne Green (720) 250-1175.
                                          Temperament Training part                                          By
                                                                                                             Capt. Nicole David,
                                          of December Drill                                                  140th Wing PAO
     6848 South Revere Pkwy                                                               or friends. The various personalities
                                       On December 1, members of the 140th
    Centennial, CO 80112-3904        Wing had the opportunity to participate              (or temperament types) are labeled
                                     in leadership training centered on
                                     temperament discovery. A cross-section               have traits associated with them that
                                     of attendees included active airmen                  identify the motivation behind certain
                                     and       retirees                                                              behaviors.
                                     from the wing                                                                     H a v i n g
                                     staff,   mission                                                                another way
                                     support group,                                                                  to view others’
                                     maintenance and                                                                 perspectives
                                     the range. The                                                                  helps us better
                                     training was led                                                                understand
Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards         by Chief Master                                                                 how to work
The Adjutant General                 Sgt.       Kevin                                                                and live with
                                     Sullivan, Joint Force Headquarters                   a person with different behaviors and
                                                                                          characteristics from our own.
                              FHQ-CO Human Resource Advisor (HRA) and
                                     Senior Master Sgt. Kathleen Osness, the                The Human Resource Advisors hope
Maj. Renee Cunningham                wing HRA.                                            to offer this training until it reaches all
Chief of Public Affairs, Joint Staff   The Four Lenses training focuses on                members of the 140th Wing. Wing
1st Lt. Darin Overstreet             learning about what makes an individual              members who are interested in this
                                     “tick” and how to use that information in            training should contact Chief Kevin
Deputy PAO, Joint Staff
                                     professional and personal relationships              Sullivan or Senior Master Sgt. Kathleen
Capt. Michael Odgers                 - as leaders, managers, spouses, parents             Osness.
Commander, 104th PAD                                                                     Colorado Infantry unit looking
Capt. Nicole David                        ETT Farewell                                   for troops
                                                                                         By Spc. Benjamin Crane, 104th PAD
Maj. Laura Kenney                                                                          The National Guard is looking for
Chief Public Affairs, 100th GMD
                                                                                          in Colorado.
Newsletter archives can be found at:                                                       If you are a male who likes to be
                                                                                          you are just proud of your country,
                                                                                          then the 157th Infantry is for you.
For more information, visit the Public                                                     The 157th is temporarily stationed in
                                                                                          Pueblo, but is tentatively scheduled to
                                                                                          move to building 8010 at Fort Carson
                                                                                          in March 2008.
or call Public Affairs at (720) 250-

For more information about editorial
policies, visit www.cong.army.mil/
highground/editpolicy.asp                 Maj. Gen. Michael Edwards and Brig. Gen.
                                          Thomas Mills speak to the Troops of the Em-
                                          bedded Training Team and their families as
                                          the unit is heads to Afghanistan for a year.
                                                    February 2008

Col. Capozzella head of                                        947th Engineers, and command
89th Troop Command                                             reach out to their communtiy
By Spc. Jessica Stone, 104th PAD                               By Spc. Jessica Stone, 104th PAD

 The units of the                                                Last year the Salvation Army distributed toys from their
89th Troop Command                                             toy drive in a warehouse without heat, certainly not the ideal
gathered in the Army                                           location for a community event during a Colorado winter.
Aviation Support Facility                                        This year, December 18-21, instead of repeating last year’s
Jan. 5 to bid farewell to                                      chilly adventure, Claudia Jackson, spokesperson for the
one commander and to                                           Salvation Army, met with Colorado Army National Guard
welcome another.                                               leaders in Grand Junction to ask if the armory could be used to
 Col. Dana Capozzella                                          host the event.
                             Col. Dana Capozzella speaks to
took command of the          her troops during the change of
                                                                 “Our community-based team issued warmth and support to
89th from Col. Robert        command ceremony                  more than 1,000 families who came through the 947th armory
                          Capozzella said she was
on to become Chief of honored to take this new 2,500 children,” said Staff Sgt. Josh Nestler.
Staff of the COARNG.    position, and spoke of the hard
 During the ceremony, work the Soldiers of the 89th
                        had done and still have ahead
spoke of the wonderful of them to continue their great
                        legacy. She said she is proud to
his time as commander, join them in that hard work, and
overseeing     numerous that she knows there are great
deployments.            things to come for the 89th.
217th Space joins Yama Sakura 53                                                     Sgt. Michael Cost,
                                                                                     100th MDB
 Modern-day battlefields require                                                   Iraqi Freedom so the occupants of the
high tech monitoring, and during the                                               vehicle can track in real time their
digital warfare exercise Operation                                                 location on the battlefield.
Yama Sakura in Sendai, Japan                                                         Another important capability the
Dec. 10-16, 2007, the 217th Space                                                  217th brings to the fight is the ability
Company from the Colorado Army                                                     for a commander to see the battlefield
National Guard did just that.                                                      via satellite photos before moving his
 With portable communication                                                       troops into combat. With high tech
equipment the 217th can go                                                         capabilities, the 217th can monitor
anywhere in the world and in a few                                                 space weather, and can also monitor
hours “talk” to satellites high above                                              what enemy’s satellites are doing.
the Earth.                                                                           “We can print these maps out and let
 “We come to the fight with three                                                  the command use it as a ‘Sand Table’
different forms of communication,”
said Sgt. Jeff Flora, Satellite                                                    team leader for Space Support Team
Communication Operator with the                                                    27. “Most of this imagery is pulled
217th. “When we arrive in theater                                                  from an archive so it is dated.”
                                          Sgt. Eric Pershing and Spc. Daniel
we have everything we need to             Peterson try to pinpoint the enemy’s po-  The changing world of technology
conduct our mission.”                     sition during an exercise at Yama Sakura the United States Army has employed
 This same technology is found in         53. YS is a simulated digital warfare    this unique unit with a unique
vehicles participating in Operation       exercise held yearly in Japan.           mission.

Paul Teutul Sr. rides in to the unveiling ceremony on the new

The unveiling was taped and aired in two segments during
January on the Teutul’s show “American Chopper” on the
Learning Channel.

                                                                 tion Christmas Joy.’ “I told our listeners we needed toys for children

                                                                 community responded from the heart. The KEZW listeners gave

Family Programs go airborne                                                                     Capt. Robert Bell, JFHQ-CO

                        The kids were able to enjoy the feeling of skydiving in a controlled enviroment. The facility offers training

Col. Borgos remembered and honored                                                                    Maj. Matthew Borgos
                                                                Human Resource Management             assigned as the Chief of
                          was born January 5, 1945, in          from Pepperdine University in         Safety for the 140th Wing.
                          Montevideo, MN. The son of            1976.                                 In 1988, he was assigned
                          an Air Force pilot, he grew up          In April 1980, He joined
                          on military bases both in and         the Colorado Air National             of Quality Control for the
                          out of the U.S.                       Guard and was assigned to             140th Consolidated Aircraft
                                                                the 120th Fighter Squadron            Maintenance Squadron.
                          of Science in Aerospace               as Flight Commander and
                          Engineering   from     the            Chief of Standardization and          assignment as the 140th
                          University of Colorado in             Evaluation.                           Logistics Group Commander
                          1968 and Master of Arts in              In February 1986, He was            in December 1993 before he

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