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									Newsletter – September 2007
On a recent visit to a European Tour event in Ireland I was struck by a wonderfully straightforward road
sign saying (in very large bold letters!) :
Just in case I had inadvertently forgotten which side of the road to drive on, or in case I just felt like going
onto the wrong carriageway along a stretch of motorway, there was the sign, unmissable, right in front of
me. It told any motorist very clearly and succinctly what was wrong and what to do about it.
I thought this was a rather good lesson for our evangelism. Good Christian outreach will involve a clear
explanation of what is wrong - our rebellion against our Creator, the estrangement from God that it brings
and the judgement and wrath that justly hangs over us. We are going the wrong way that is full of danger
and leads only to disaster. It is madness far beyond driving the wrong way along a motorway.
We must, of course, then explain to our friends what to do about it. We must persuade them to turn back
– by trusting the work of Jesus Christ on the cross where he took the wrath of God in the place of rebels
against God, and make this risen Lord the King of our lives here and now. It is the height of wisdom to
take this course of action.
There are lots of useful “helps” or mnemonics around which remind us how to systematically share the
wonderful Christian Good News with our golfing friends and others. But, maybe my Irish road sign is worth
having up the sleeve of our golf sweaters.
“Wrong way! Turn Back!” says it all, doesn’t it?
I hope you’ve had a good summer (despite the UK weather!).
Wishing you the Lord’s blessings,

Mark Pinney

Some items of news for info and prayer
Our stand at the Cheltenham Bible Festival in August was a great way to meet established friends and
contacts, as well as show new ones what we are doing. We hope this will lead to more evangelistic golf
events in churches around the UK, as well as more effective personal evangelism. Thanks to the team of
Norman Forsythe, Tim Hodges, Vicki Aitken and our resident professional, Huw Jarrett, who gave 50 golf
lessons in 3 days!

On Saturday 25th August Felicity Magnay, our chaplain on the Ladies European Tour, marries Tim Davies.
Pray for the Lord’s blessing on their marriage, as well as Felicity’s ministry on the LET.

We are teaming up with The Master’s Golf Society, Jersey for an outreach golf day on Friday 14 th
September. European Seniors Tour player Malcolm Gregson is the main guest for the event and will be
interviewed by Mark Pinney at the dinner after the golf.

The Solheim Cup returns to Europe September 14th to 16th and Felicity Magnay is involved in the Sunrise
Service on 16th at the Chapel by the course in Halmstad, Sweden. Pray also for other Christians very much
a part of the tournament : Alison Nicholas, who is vice-captain of the European Team, and Betsy King,
captain of the USA side.

A North West Golf Day at Lytham Green Drive Golf Club is being held on Friday 5th October. This is a great
opportunity to take along non-Christian friends and enjoy a day’s golf together. Full details are available
from Bill Ferguson (01253 714224)

In July we had a terrific golf day at Portrush in Northern Ireland. A fantastic golf course, together with
amazing weather, was enjoyed by about 40 players. A short evangelistic talk by Mark Pinney concluded the
event. Our thanks to all involved in the organisation. Pray for the development of the golf ministry in
Northern Ireland.

Our annual Golf Holiday with Purpose is fast approaching. From 23rd to 28th September we shall be on the
fairways (at least, some of us will!) of Penina Golf Resort in Portugal. Please pray for good fellowship,
helpful feeding from God’s word, and safety in travel. NB – There are still a few places left for any who
would still like to come. See the website or phone for details.

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