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					                                               Scout Aquatics Newsletter

                                                      October 6, 2008

                                  Contact us                                    Practice Schedule
               Head Coach, Carolyn Grevers (o) 847-582-7339         Little Scouts T,TH 5:30-6:30, Sat 11:30-12:30

                                             (c) 224-436-3195       Junior Scouts M,W,F 5:30-6:45, Sat 12:30-
                                                                    Junior Scouts Plus M-F 6:30-8:15, Sat 1:30-
               Head Age Group Coach, Flo Burke                      3:15

                                      Email:      Senior Scouts Blue M-F 6:15-8:00,Sat 12:00-
               Scout Hotline                847-234-3600 x5758
                                                                    Senior Scouts Gold M-F 5:30-8:00, Sat 12:00-
                                                                    2:00 (dry land M,W,F before prac.)
               NEW Scout web site 
                                                                    ***Practice times subject to change

Good luck to everyone in the Inter-Squad today! We normally put the information about the meets in the mail boxes the
Monday before a meet, but haven’t for this week due to the informality of our Inter-Squad. Next week look for
information on the Shark Frenzy in the boxes if you have signed up for it. When going to a meet, please make sure you
swimmer(s) know they need to check in (highlight their name) to let the host know you are there. On the meet sheets we
tell you when warm-ups start, please be there about 15-30 minutes prior to check in, change and reserve a team space on
the deck. If a swimmer does not check in on time they are deleted from the days events, so please be on time. If any
swimmer is unsure or has some questions that you cannot answer, please tell them to talk to their coaches.

We also have the new web site up, but it’s definitely a work in progress, so please be patient while we get it going.

In practice this week:
Practice is going great for all groups, keep up the good work! We have a meet this week, but it doesn’t mean the work
stops there….practice on strengthening strokes continues after Monday’s meet and we get another chance to show off
what we learned at the Shark Frenzy and the Spooktacular later in the month.

FYI: October 27th and 28th will include some Halloween fun at the end of practices.

Parents, please help us out and check on your swimmers in the locker rooms if they are taking too long. We don’t want
to lose our locker room privileges. If anyone sees any misbehavior in the locker rooms, please tell your coach or parents

We are looking for volunteers to help stuff boxes starting next Monday. Please let Sue Gersten know if you can help us

2 Mistakes were found on the Meet Sign-up form that was handed out at the parent meeting. December 20th dual with
Barrington is held on Saturday not Wednesday. January 24 and 25th will be the BDSC meet held at WTHS ( Warren
Township High School ).

Upcoming Events
Monday, October 6: Scout Inter-Squad meet at LFHS. Warmup at 6:00p, Meet Starts at 6:30p.
Friday and Saturday, October 17-18: New Trier Swim Clubs Shark Frenzy. This meet is geared more for our
teammates that are newer to competitions. Regardless, this a fun meet at one of Illinois swimming’s State Meet
locations for High School.

Thursday, October 23: Girls High School home meet versus Stevenson. Feel free to come watch, otherwise
practice is available to JSP and SS groups after the meet until 9pm. Boys need to change in the bathroom down
the hall and walk through the office to get on deck. The Girls from Stevenson are changing in the boy’s locker
Saturday and Sunday, October 25-26: Scout Spooktacular hosted by US! After a year off because of
construction we want to bring the back the Spooktacular full force. We have over 100 of our own teammates in
this meet and almost 600 swimmers coming to compete with us. We want to thank everyone that has already
volunteered to help out with this really great event for the kids, and if you are interested in helping and haven’t
signed up yet please contact Sue Gersten to sign up. Go Scouts Go!

Thursday, October 30: Last Girls home meet versus Warren Township High School . Again, feel free to
watch, but this is also Senior Night so there is no practice for all groups this day.

Friday, October 31: Halloween. Due to trick or treating and the recorded attendance from past years there is

No Practice for all groups regardless of what the current yellow calendar says.

Swimmer Tip of the Week:
Sprinting is an all-out effort. But pacing is key for tough events like the 400 IM, 200 fly and the mile. With practice,
you can master good pacing.

Don’t treat an endurance race like a sprint. Pace yourself and aim for solid splits. The IM is a good example. Your
fly split should match your free split, whether it’s a 200 or 400 IM. If the free is slower, you didn’t have enough
coming home. You might hear this a lot from your coach, but to have an even (or faster) free split takes practice.

The third 50 on a 200 (third 25 on a 100, third 100 on a 400, etc.) is crucial. Your split should be your goal pace that
you swim in practice during a pace set. Let’s say you swim a set of 8 x 50’s @ 1:30, holding race-pace, which for
you is 29 seconds. At a meet, your third 50 split should be 29 seconds. “The third 50 in a 200 is what makes or
breaks you,” National Teamer Teresa Crippen said. “It’s where great swimmers get their leads and the not-so-good
swimmers fall back.”

We’ve all seen swimmers that have taken it out too fast and fade coming home, or perhaps have done it ourselves.
Then there are those, usually an experienced swimmer who loves to race, who start out blazing and seem to hold on,.
It’s a gutsy move, and if you’re not afraid of a little pain, give it a try. Although solid splits and even pacing is the
safest bet, it can be fun to see what your body is capable of handling. Try it in practice first before going to a meet
where qualifying time standards might be on the line.

“With my training, I have the ability to go out hard and hang on. I wouldn’t advise that, but it’s just what works for
me,” says Crippen. In training, she practices broken 400s at race pace. Then at a meet, her 200 feels easier to hold.
She also races 800 IMs in practice for 400 IMs at meets. “I treat my fly and back like it’s a 200 race, then on
breaststroke, I just try and hold on. I always take it out hard. Always. To me it doesn’t matter because it’s gonna hurt
no matter what I do.”

~For more information on this and other helpful tips, check out

Scout Clothing and Equipment
Scout Suits, goggles, t-shirts, sweats and other equipment can be ordered from Kiefer Swim Shop in Glenview by calling 847-400-5360.

All Little Scouts and Junior Scouts need their own fins. Junior Scouts Plus need fins, snorkels, nose plugs and paddles.