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					Newsletter Summer 2002

NEWSLETTER                                                       GCSE in ENGINEERING

Welcome to the second GCSE in Engineering newsletter that has been produced to update you
on recent developments especially in relation to the production, and distribution, of support

Hopefully by now you will have been contacted by our team at EMTA asking if you are running
the GCSE this year. This phone survey has enabled us to gather essential information on the
implementation of the new qualification and has enabled us to update the database for the
mailing of materials. The response from everyone has been very positive to the new
qualification and the help on offer.

Support materials
The free support materials that we are currently producing will be distributed in two phases:

       Phase one will be a CD containing as many assignments and worksheets that we have
        had time to produce and it will be posted out on the 8 th July. In addition we hope to
        be able to also distribute a range of other materials including: an introduction and
        overview of the support materials; planning teaching learning and assessment;
        schemes of work for modules; resources directory; reference file; engineering
        logbook. We hope that this will help schools and colleges to plan for implementation in
        September. It will also contain all the LSDA materials from their new CD, the latest
        awarding body specifications and anything else that will help you run the qualification.

       The second phase CD will be sent out at the beginning of September. This will include
        a complete set of the support materials including the additional assignments and

The materials have been produced with financial support kindly provided by DFES and others
including Innogy. It is planned to organise a launch event at the beginning of the new
academic year to help to promote and raise awareness of the new GCSE. More information on
that will be included in the autumn newsletter.

In addition to supporting the production of the materials we have been developing a website
for the GCSE at Although the site is not yet operational we
expect that it will contain lots of useful links, downloadable copies of the materials, updates,
and bulletin boards for staff and pupils comments, feedback and sharing information. The
website may still be under construction when you first try to access it but please be patient and
try later – our aim is to have the site running fully from the start of the next academic year.

Learning and Skills development Agency
LSDA have now sent out their materials for all the new GCSE’s on a CD, if you haven’t got your
copy then call their help line on 0870 872 8080.

Awarding bodies
Edexcel have now published their final specifications and specimen assessment materials on
their website at
OCR have also produced a Support document for teachers and it should be available if you
contact their help line on 01223 553998.

Local help
Don’t forget that your local college, GTA or training provider can provide you with help and
resources if you are unable to cover the whole GCSE specification and they are an excellent
link to local employers. If you need help to locate a friendly college or GTA then please
contact me at the address on page 3.

Newsletter Summer 2002

Important news
For schools that had been running the GNVQ, please note the Part One GNVQ Awards are
being replaced by the new GCSEs in vocational subjects - formerly known as Vocational GCSEs.
The current Part One GNVQ Awards have a latest certification date of June 2003 with only a
resit opportunity in 2004. Full award GNVQs have a latest certification date of June 2005 with
only a resit opportunity in 2006.

Therefore if you are planning to continue with the Part One GNVQ this September it must be
over only one year and not two.

Future newsletters
To ensure that you get your copy of the materials and further newsletters please complete the
fax back form on the end of this newsletter.

INSET opportunities and Awarding body materials

Further information may be obtained from:

Gillian Whitehouse (Subject Officer for Engineering)
Tel 0870 240 9800

Further information may be obtained from:

Karen Reid or Sarah Mawson
Tel: 01223 553998

Learning Skills Development Agency (LSDA) increased flexibility support program

At or help line 0870 872 8080

Michael Cox
Increased Flexibility Support Programme Manager

Sylvia Gentleman
Development Adviser
Staff Development, publications and Web content

Helen Gormley
Development Adviser
Staff Development, events and work relatedness

Katherine Gillard
Development Adviser
Consultancy and Projects

Lynn Hull
Development Adviser
Staff Development and placement co-ordinator networks

Newsletter Summer 2002

Engineering Employers Links

Don’t forget that many engineering companies are willing to help and make this qualification a
success by offering strong vocational links. As well as organising visits, donating resources,
offering work placements they are desperate for skilled young people and may offer
employment to your students.

Resource materials

If you have feedback on the newsletter, if you have information that you would like to share
with other colleagues by writing an article, or if you are having problems with the materials or
would like more help please contact:

Paul Turnbull
Project Leader
14 Upton Road
WD18 0JT

Tel: 01923 238441
Fax: 01923 652391
Mobile: 07899926097


Newsletter Summer 2002

Materials Fax back form

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