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									Welcome to
Writtle College
Residential Services
Please take time to read the enclosed information which will
assist you to make the most of your stay at Writtle College.
Please read this in conjunction with the Halls Regulations,
Accommodation Guide and Student Handbooks.

Welcome to Writtle College             2    Litter                              15
                                            Lost Property                       15
Safety First                           2
                                            Motorbikes                          15
Emergencies                            2    Pets                                15
                                            Post                                15
First Aid                              2
                                            Recycling – Saving Energy           16
The Residents’ Charter                 3    Repairs/Maintenance/Refurbishment   16
                                            Room Moves                          16
Commitment                             3
                                            Safe                                17
What are you entitled to expect
                                            Security                            17
from the College                       3
                                            Shopping                            18
What the College is entitled to
                                            Smoking                             18
expect from you                        5
                                            Students’ Union                     18
Living in Halls                        6    Telephones                          18
                                            TV Licence                          18
BBQs                                    6
                                            Vacating Halls                      19
Bed Linen                               6
                                            Welfare                             19
Bicycles                                6
Cars                                    6   Wireless setup guide                20
Catering                                7
                                            Introduction                        20
CCTV                                    7
                                            Antivirus Software                  20
Chapel                                  7
                                            Firewall Software                   20
Charges                                 7
                                            How to Connect to the Network       20
Cleaning                                8
                                            WEP KEY Info:                       21
Code Of Practice                        8
                                            Areas Covered                       21
Complaints Procedure                    8
                                            Authentication                      21
Cooking                                 8
                                            Restrictions                        21
Counselling                             9
Damages                                 9   Tariff of Charges               22-23
Electrical Appliances                  10
                                            Duty Wardens                        24
End Of Term                            10
FIRE – a basic guide to Fire Safety 11-12   Location of Wardens Flats           24
Furniture                              12
                                            Useful Contacts                     24
Guests                                 12
Health                                 13
Health Clinic                          13
Insurance                              13
Internet                               13
Invoices – Making Payments             14
Keys                                   14
Laundry                                14
Lighting/Returning To Halls At Night 14

    Welcome to Writtle College
    We would like to welcome you to Writtle College Halls of Residence and
    hope you enjoy your time here and make the most of your opportunities.
    Writtle is a friendly campus and you will find people ready to help. If you
    have any problems, please speak to staff in the Accommodation Office,
    your Hall Warden, Student Representative, Welfare Officer, Student Union
    or any other staff member.

    Safety First!
    Writtle College works hard to ensure that the Campus is as safe as
    possible for all students, staff and visitors. Everyone using the College
    has a responsibility to ensure that they do not take part in any
    activities/behaviour that is likely to put themselves or others at risk.
    Anyone found to be in breach of Health and Safety Regulations will face
    disciplinary action. Everyone also has a responsibility to report anyone or
    anything that they feel is a Health and Safety risk. Reports should be
    made to the Accommodation Office, Health and Safety Officer or other
    staff member immediately. If out of hours, please inform the Duty Warden.

    In an emergency, students/guests should take appropriate action and,
    depending on the nature of the emergency, contact the emergency
    services by dialling 999. You should also inform either the...
    College Reception 01245 424200
    Accommodation Office 01245 424212
    Duty Warden 07880 557796
    …...or other staff member immediately.
    A Public Phone is located in the laundry (Harvey 1).
    No money is required for dialling 999.

    First Aid
    The College has people on site trained in First Aid. Please contact College
    Reception (number as above) if they are required or ring the Duty Warden
    if outside office hours.

The Residents’ Charter
Writtle College is committed to providing a high standard of residential
accommodation in the Halls of Residence. It is our aim for the residence to
be managed efficiently and economically and to make sure you obtain the
best possible value for money. To help us to achieve this we expect you to
play your part by showing respect for the accommodation provided and to
make use of the channels which exist for expressing your views on how
the services might be improved.

What are you entitled to expect from the College
Each student in residence will be provided with a desk or work surface,
drawers for clothes, wardrobe space, book shelves, a study chair, easy
chair (where space permits), a bed, mattress, mattress cover, curtains, pin
board, safe for valuables, floor covering, adequate lighting, power points
and waste bin.
Some rooms have en-suite facilities and some rooms have wash basins.
Other rooms have communal facilities. The level of provision is reflected in
the room rent.
Identification – Cleaners and maintenance staff working in the halls will
wear an identifiable uniform with a name badge.
Welfare – Rooms will generally be checked each day (Mon–Fri) by the
cleaning staff to ensure there are no problems.
Cleaning – Cleaning of all communal areas, including toilets, showers,
washrooms, kitchens and corridors will be carried out daily (Monday to
Friday). In the bedrooms, waste bins will be emptied daily and bedrooms
will be cleaned regularly including dusting and vacuuming. Charges apply
for excessive cleaning.
Maintenance – Faults should be reported as soon as possible to the
Accommodation Office. When you report a minor defect within your
room, the repair will be carried out as soon as possible. If the defect is
major you will be notified of the likely time scale.
Equipment – When faults/damage to any of the kitchen equipment is
reported, we will seek to provide a replacement as soon as possible.

    For Health & Safety reasons, students are not permitted to use any
    cooking or heating appliances, other than those supplied by the
    College for use in the Common Room.
    Students must not use any cooking appliance (including kettles) in their
    rooms. Students must ensure that any electrical appliance they bring onto
    campus is safe and complies with current electrical safety standards. The
    Halls Maintenance Manager may carry out checks on electrical appliances
    and will remove any items considered to be unsafe.
    Planned Maintenance – Where it is necessary for maintenance work to
    be carried out in your room, we will seek to give you 24 hours written
    notice, except where the work is of an “emergency” nature when we
    reserve the right to enter your room without prior notice.
    Recycling – The College encourages students to use the recycling facilities
    around the campus. Students are also asked to consider energy efficiency
    in every aspect of their lives at the College.
    Refurbishment – The College may undertake refurbishment during term
    time in order to ensure continued improvement of facilities for residents.
    Where this is undertaken, we will ensure that residents are informed, give
    notice, and ensure that there are adequate alternative facilities available.
    Telephones – We will aim to provide a public telephone service on
    campus and to arrange for the repair of any faults as soon as possible.
    Faults should be reported to the Property Office.
    Services – When there is a failure of the heating system, electricity or water
    supply, we will do everything possible to have the supply restored as soon
    as practically possible. We will inform you of the time scale to which we are
    working and/or of any information we receive from our suppliers of services.
    Privacy – We will do everything possible to respect your privacy, subject
    to your compliance with the campus regulations. The wardens, cleaners,
    accommodation, welfare and maintenance staff have authority to access
    rooms as part of their duties.
    Complaints – We will always aim to listen to any complaints you may
    have about the residence and to respond accordingly. Written complaints
    should be submitted to the Accommodation Office in the first instance.
    (NOTE: the College has an official complaint procedure, details available in
    Student Handbooks).

What the College is entitled to expect from you
• Full co-operation with the cleaning and maintenance staff to enable
  them to carry out their work.
• To keep your room clean and tidy, and to clear surfaces when you are
  away during holiday periods to enable more thorough cleaning to take
• To keep the common areas, especially the kitchens clean and tidy, to
  wash up, clean surfaces and cookers after use and to remove rubbish at
• To only bring personal possessions that can reasonably be
  accommodated within your room, and that will not cause a health and
  safety hazard.
• To take care of the fabric, furniture and fittings in your room so that you
  vacate the room in the same condition as at the start of your occupancy
  (fair wear and tear excepted).
• Any damage to be reported straight away to the Accommodation Office.
• To obtain permission to have overnight guests – Guest Form available on
• No unreasonable noise or behaviour from you or your visitors which
  might disturb other residents or cause damage to college property.
• To ensure that your visitors respect the facilities and regulations.
• To ensure that all electrical appliances meet the College’s required safety
• To ensure that you use bed linen and that it is laundered frequently.
• To uphold the campus regulations.
• To ensure that re-cycling is done where possible and to give
  consideration to energy saving in all areas of your life at Writtle.
• Not to drop litter and to at all times respect the grounds and property.
• To vacate your room by the time requested and to remove all your
  belongings including wall posters, pins, blue tack adhesive, rubbish etc.

    Living in Halls
    A BBQ area is available next to the Bar and students should speak to Bar
    staff if they wish to use it. Students wishing to hold BBQs anywhere else
    on College premises must get permission from the Warden or
    Accommodation Office. Strict guidelines apply and are available from the
    Accommodation Office.

    Bed Linen
    Students are expected to bring their own bed linen. Students can buy a
    new bedding bale from the College at a cost of £25 single or £35 for a
    double. We provide a mattress cover, which must remain on the bed.
    Students are responsible for using, changing and laundering all bed linen,
    which should be done regularly. Students will be charged for a new
    mattress if it is found that this is not being done.

    Lockable cycle cages are available on campus. See the Student Union for
    details. On no account are cycles to be stored in the Halls of Residence.

    All vehicles must be registered (refer to the Property Office or
    Accommodation Office for details of how to do this) and display a current
    permit. There is no charge for registering your vehicle or parking on campus.
    Once registered, cars may only be parked in the areas designated for
    student parking (the campus map shows details). The rules apply to
    overnight, weekends and holiday periods as well as office hours. If you park
    in a staff or visitor zone, use a disabled bay when not authorised, or break
    any of the Vehicle Regulations, you can expect to get a fine and/or vehicle
    ban. Students who live on campus risk losing their halls place. Serious or
    persistent offenders maybe referred to the Police. All drivers must obey the
    traffic code including 5mph speed limits and the one-way system. There
    have been several speed related accidents in Cow Watering Lane. Please
    ensure that you drive carefully and keep your speed down when using
    this lane.

All students in residence have a meal allowance equal to 10 meals per
week (term time) included within the hall fees. These are added termly to a
card and can be taken at any time during the term in either the Writz or
Watering Hole (Cow Watering Campus). Any meals not taken cannot be
carried over to the following term. Lost meal cards should be reported to
the Writz – a charge will be made for a replacement card. Further meals in
blocks of 10 can be purchased and added to the meal card. The Writtle
Chef (in the Recreation Centre) provides a fast food cash service and is
generally open Mon – Fri 10–2. The village has a Fish and Chip Shop,
Pubs and Co-op supermarket as well as restaurants. The Lordship
Campus has a tearoom (open Tues – Sun).
* Writz opening times – weekday:
Breakfast 8 am – 11 am
Lunch 12 noon – 1.30 pm
Dinner 5 pm – 6.30 pm
*Writz opening times - weekend:
Saturday Brunch 11.30 am – 1.30 pm
Sunday Lunch 12.30 pm – 2 pm
*Times may vary – see notices for details

The College has CCTV cameras located in various locations around the

The College chapel is an inter-denominational space used for prayer,
chaplaincy services, religious study and meetings. Music and singing
practice are also enjoyed there throughout the year. Contact staff in the
Recreation Centre or the SU for details.

Under the College Disciplinary Procedures, Writtle College reserves the
right to make charges in connection with breaches in College Regulations.
Details of charges are available from the Accommodation Office, on
Moodle and are shown later in this booklet. As always, students have a
right to appeal against any charges levied against them.

    Bedrooms are cleaned regularly and a rota is displayed in each common
    room. Changes may be arranged by agreement with the cleaner.
    Cleaners visit each room daily to check on the student and to empty
    waste bins. Communal areas are cleaned daily (Mon – Fri). Students are
    expected to help the cleaning staff and are requested to keep rooms
    reasonably tidy and to keep the common areas clean, and to wash up.
    Students will be charged if the cleaners are required to carry out excessive
    cleaning. Where it is not possible to identify who is responsible for any
    mess left in communal areas, this charge will be made to the whole floor.
    Students are requested to dispose of rubbish (especially at weekends)
    and to use re-cycling areas as appropriate.

    Code Of Practice
    In accordance with Housing Act 2004, the College has signed up to the
    UK Code of Practice for Student Residential Accommodation. Under the
    Code, the College is obliged to adhere to the provisions of the Code.
    Details of the Code can be obtained from the Accommodation Office or go
    to The Student Union also holds a copy
    and there is a link on Moodle.

    Complaints Procedure
    Writtle College Student Services (which includes the Accommodation
    Office) endeavours at all times to give an excellent service to all our
    residents and students. If we fail in any respect, please let us know. If you
    have a complaint you should take it up in the first instance with the
    member of staff directly concerned. This is often best done verbally and
    informally although you may present your complaint in writing if you wish.
    The member of staff will report back to you within 5 working days (usually
    much less), and attempt to resolve the problem. Most complaints will not
    need to progress beyond this stage. Student Handbooks have full details
    of complaints procedures.

    The common rooms have facilities for making light snacks. Care should be
    taken at all times to ensure that all appliances are used correctly and
    safely. If you are not sure about how to use any of the appliances
    provided, please see staff in the Accommodation Office.

• Make sure you know how to use an appliance correctly and safely
  (general instructions are available in the common rooms or ask in the
  Accommodation Office).
• Use the correct cooking utensils i.e. do not place metal objects in the
• Never leave an appliance unattended whilst in use.
• Do not throw water over a fat fire.
• Do not use appliances such as toasters, kettles, rice cookers etc in the
  bedrooms or corridors or elsewhere within the halls. Cooking is only
  permitted in the kitchen area of the common rooms and only those
  appliances provided by the College maybe used.
• Switch off all appliances when not in use.

If you have any problems that interfere with your academic work or
personal life, confidential counselling is available by appointment. These
problems may include relationship difficulties, feelings of isolation, study
blockages, bereavement, depression or general anxiety. You can have a
one off session or a series of weekly sessions. Contact Student Support
for details or to make an appointment.

The College will not tolerate deliberate damage being done on campus. If
you accidentally cause damage to any area of the College, including the
grounds, you should report it immediately to the Accommodation Office.
Where damage occurs in halls and is not attributable to an individual,
charges will be shared by those on that floor. Please ensure that if you are
aware of damage being done, you report it as soon as possible. Details of
the charges for damage are shown later in this booklet or are available
from the Accommodation Office and on Moodle.
Every effort has been made to ensure that all rooms are fit for occupancy.
Should there be any faults, defects or damage that you wish to
report, or if anything is missing, please complete a Room Damage
Reporting form (available on Moodle) and return it to the
Accommodation office within 5 working days of moving in.

     Any damages or items found missing after this time and not
     reported will be assumed as being your responsibility and you will
     therefore be charged accordingly. If you are unsure about anything, a
     member of the Residences Team will inspect your room with you at a
     mutually convenient time.

     Electrical Appliances
     Students who bring their own electrical appliances must ensure that they
     are safe to use. Appliances must be fitted with the correct fuse, have no
     damage to the cable or sheathing, have no exposed wires and no damage
     to plug tops etc. The use of extension leads is discouraged, however,
     should you need to use one, you must ensure that the extension is not
     overloaded and that wires do not cause a trip hazard. Students bringing
     appliances from overseas must ensure they are compatible with the UK
     electrical system or use the appropriate adaptors. If you have any doubts
     about any electrical appliance, please do not use it and contact the
     Accommodation Office as soon as possible. The College completes
     electrical testing on all appliances provided by the College, and for this
     reason, students must not place their own appliances in the common
     rooms for others to use. If you have an item that you would like to be
     tested, please speak to Accommodation staff.

     End Of Term
     The room is yours for the whole period as indicated on your offer letter. If
     you vacate your room for any length of time, i.e. over the Christmas and
     Easter breaks, please inform the Accommodation Office and ensure that
     the room is left secure, windows closed, curtains drawn etc and that any
     valuables are taken home with you if possible, or at least hidden away or
     placed in the safe (if appropriate). Please note that the College main
     buildings, Writz etc will close over the Christmas break, however, students
     are welcome to make use of their rooms during this time if they wish.
     N.B. Students who are under 18 are not permitted to remain in
     halls during the Christmas closure period.

FIRE – a basic guide to Fire Safety
The smoke/heat detectors in the halls are very sensitive so please take care
not to activate them. When the alarm sounds you must evacuate the building
immediately, until the all clear is given. Anyone discovering a fire should dial
999 at once. The use of candles, joss sticks etc is strictly forbidden as is the
storage of flammable liquids such as petrol or lighter fluid.
Any student found interfering with any fire fighting equipment, including
(but not limited to) fire extinguishers, propping open fire doors, covering
detectors, or anyone who does not leave the building when the fire alarm
sounds, will be in breach of Health and Safety Regulations and will
therefore be subject to disciplinary action which may include a substantial
fine and/or loss of halls place.
Fire Action Notices:
You should ensure you are familiar with action to take both on discovering
a fire and on hearing the fire alarm sound. This information is provided on
Fire Action Notices displayed in corridors and rooms.
Means of Escape:
Corridors, landings, stairs and exits from a building are major escape
routes in case of fire. Please DO NOT obstruct these areas by storing or
placing bicycles, personal belongings or rubbish on these routes.
Fire Alarms
Fire alarms are provided to give warning in case of fire, as smoke and fire
can spread very quickly. Always leave the building immediately on hearing
the alarm, by the nearest available exit (you should be familiar with your
escape route and Fire Assembly Point).
To prevent accidental activation of smoke detectors:
Do not cook (including toast) in bedrooms. Cooking must only be done in
designated kitchens keeping the fire doors closed.
Do not use hairspray, deodorant spray or similar, under the fire detectors
as this could set off the alarm.
Smoking is only permitted at the external smoking points.
Candles aromatherapy burners or other ignitable materials are NOT
permitted – do not use for the safety of yourself and others.

     Fire Doors
     Fire doors are provided for all accommodation rooms, corridors, kitchen
     areas, storerooms and stair enclosures. Fire doors are clearly labelled ‘Fire
     Door Keep Shut’ and fitted with self-closing devices. They are essential in
     preventing the rapid spread of fire and smoke. You must not obstruct or
     wedge the doors open, or remove the self-closing device. If the door is
     damaged or not fully closing, then you must report the defect to the
     Facilities Officer, Accommodation Office or other staff member for
     immediate repair work to be undertaken. Fire doors are safety equipment
     and are provided for the preservation of life in the event of a fire.
     Fire Extinguishers
     Fire extinguishing equipment has been provided throughout the student
     accommodation. DO NOT interfere with pins, tags or maliciously set off
     the fire extinguishers. These extinguishers are safety equipment and are
     provided for the preservation of life in the event of fire.
     It is a criminal offence to interfere with/remove/damage any fire
     prevention equipment, which includes fire doors, extinguishers
     and fire blankets, fire signage, smoke detectors and fire alarms.
     Any student found to be responsible for such actions will face
     disciplinary action and possibly loss of halls place and a criminal

     The college has provided suitable furniture for your room. You should not
     move the furniture either within the room or to another hall/room. Students
     are not permitted to bring their own furniture which includes beds and

     Residents are permitted to have an occasional guest to stay in their room
     (no more than one person at a time, no more than 10 nights per term, no
     more than 3 consecutive nights). Under 18s are only permitted to have
     guests to stay at weekends. Guests who are under 18 years of age are
     not permitted. If you wish to have a guest to stay, you should complete a
     Guest Form (available on Moodle) and hand it to the Accommodation
     Office or Hall Warden. Camp beds are available at a hire charge of £10
     (which includes bedding) plus £10 deposit. There must be no
     inconvenience to other residents and the student must accept full
     responsibility for the actions of their guest.
If you live in halls you must be registered with the Writtle Surgery on
Lordship Road. If you missed registration on arrival you must ensure that
you are registered by calling into the surgery yourself. It is sensible to
make sure that a friend or perhaps the Hall Rep or Hall Warden is aware if
you are ill and your illness is anything other than minor.
Students who are under 18 must always inform the Accommodation
Office or the Student Welfare officer if they are ill. Should you need
assistance during your illness (meals, medication, doctors visit etc) we can
arrange this for you if you are unable to do so. If you go home due to
illness, please make sure you inform the Accommodation Office, Hall
Warden, Welfare Officer or another member of staff.
The Writtle Surgery Number is 01245 421205.

Health Clinic
A free Health Clinic (Thursday – Learning Support – 12 noon – 2 pm term
time) is available for confidential advice on any health issues including
contraception, pregnancy, diet, smoking or any other concerns. No
appointment necessary.

Students are advised to make sure that their personal items are covered
as appropriate. You maybe covered by your (or your parents) home
insurance. The internet will provide details of companies that offer
specialist student insurance.

Students in halls have free use of the internet. Access is either via cable
connection (Maddison Halls) or via wireless connection. Details of how to
connect are at the back of this guide. Students should adhere at all times
to the Information Services Policies and Procedures. All students should
think carefully before posting personal information on social networking
sites. Students who are under 18 should not disclose any personal
information, including their location and phone numbers. It is against

     College Regulations to post derogatory remarks about the College, staff or
     other students on Social Networking sites or to do so by email or other
     means. Students who do so will face disciplinary action.

     Invoices – Making Payments
     An invoice for hall fees will be placed in your room at the beginning of
     each term. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that it is paid
     promptly by the date due. The College will impose surcharges for late
     payments or for repeated letters that maybe required to chase non-
     payment. The College will always endeavour to assist students who have
     genuine reasons for non-payment however, this can only be done when
     the student informs the College and talks to staff. Therefore, if you have a
     problem making payments, or, if there is a genuine reason for a delay,
     please ensure that the Accommodation Office is informed immediately to
     avoid extra charges. Depending on circumstances, funding maybe
     available (subject to availability). Contact Learning Support for further

     In the event of a room key being lost, replacement room keys are available
     from the Accommodation Office at a cost of £10 per key. If a replacement
     lock is required the cost will be £50 to include labour, lock and up to 2
     keys (additional keys £10 each). If you are locked out, come across to the
     Accommodation Office (office hours) or ring the Duty Warden (after office
     hours or during weekends/holidays). Charges maybe made for late night
     or repeated lockouts.

     The campus laundry is situated in Harvey 1. The machines take £1, 50p,
     20p and 10p coins. Powder tablets are recommended. Remember that
     you are not going to get the washing/drying results you want if you
     overload the machines. Any problems with the machines or dryers should
     be reported to the Accommodation Office where you can obtain a refund
     for any money lost.

Lighting/Returning to Halls at Night
There are pathways around campus that are lit at night. These should be
used when walking around campus after dark. Students leaving the Bar
late at night should do so quietly and respect other students who may
wish to sleep!

Students should respect the campus at all times and not drop litter.
Please use the bins provided or take it back to your hall and dispose of it

Lost Property
This is held by the Students’ Union. Sometimes things are taken to
Reception so check there too!

Motorbikes must be registered and are subject to College vehicle
regulations. Bikes should be parked in the motorbike shed. Lockers are
available via the SU office.

Pets are not allowed in Halls of Residence.

Post for residents can be collected from the Student Union office Mon–Fri
11am – 3pm. Please ensure that you check regularly for your mail. Any mail
not collected will be returned to sender after 2 weeks. Parcels are also
collected from there. If you have a parcel that requires a signature for
collection, your name will be on the white board outside the SU Office.
Please ask staff for these items. Lecturers also send information via the
post so please remember to check even if you are not expecting anything.
At the end of the academic year, students who are not returning to
College should ensure that they inform anyone who may send post to
them, of their new address. Post for non-returnees to Writtle will be sent
back to sender. Students returning to College should give their summer
address to anyone who may send mail to them. The College cannot send
post onto students over the summer, however it will be held until you
return in the autumn.

     Recycling – Saving Energy
     The College encourages students to use the recycling facilities around the
     campus. Students are also asked to consider energy efficiency in every
     aspect of their lives at the College. Most halls have a re-cycling bank
     nearby where you can re-cycle paper, glass, drink cans, food tins and
     plastic bottles. There is a large bank near the main building for cardboard
     and paper, and a bank near the Writz for glass bottles and jars. Please be
     aware that at all times it is the responsibility of the student, not staff, to
     take re-cycling to the appropriate sites. Please ensure that all re-cycling is
     placed in the appropriate bins. It is not acceptable to leave re-cycling
     outside the bins to litter the campus. It is also not acceptable to leave
     re-cycling around the halls where it could become a trip or fire hazard. If a
     bank is full, items for re-cycling should be disposed of with general
     rubbish. If you would like a re-cycling bag for your room, please contact
     the Accommodation Office.

     If you need any repair in your room or other area of your hall you should
     report this to the Accommodation Office. We will try to repair it as soon as
     possible. Wilful damage will be charged to the person concerned or to the
     floor/whole hall. The College reserves the right to undertake refurbishment
     in halls from time to time in order to ensure continued improvement of
     facilities for residents. Notification will be given and, if appropriate,
     adequate, suitable alternative facilities will be made available. In
     exceptional circumstances, the College may require students to move
     temporarily or permanently to an alternative room/hall. Where this
     happens, no additional rent will be charged.

     Room Moves
     If you are not happy with your room and wish to move, please call into the
     Accommodation Office. If a move is possible, a £25 administration charge
     will be made for work associated with the move.

Every room has a safe fitted, please ensure it is used for valuables (4 x AA
batteries required).

HOW TO USE YOUR SAFE – Setting your personal combination:
If the door is locked you will need to contact the Accommodation
Office for a key to open the safe, you will then be able to set your
combination. If the door is open, please follow these instructions:
1. On the inner hinge side of the door, you will find a RED button, GENTLY
   press this button once, a bleeper will sound and a YELLOW light will
   show at the top of the panel.
2. Now you can enter the number that you wish to have as your
   combination (up to a maximum of 8 digits)
3. To finish setting your combination you must press either A or B button
   (remember to include this letter at the end of your combination when
   unlocking your safe).
4. After pressing the A or B button you will hear two bleeps, this indicates
   that your combination has been accepted. You are now able to use
   your safe.
5. If your combination has not been accepted, the YELLOW light will flash
   and you will hear three bleeps.
6. Press the RED button and repeat the above procedure. If the first
   combination was invalid, try a new combination.
7. To open your safe, enter the combination (including letter A or B). The
   green light will show, now turn the handle . To lock the safe turn the
   handle .

Although we have very few incidents of theft or damage, everyone should
take sensible precautions. Remember that if you leave front doors or
corridor doors wedged open, this is an open invitation for an opportunist
thief. Don’t leave money or credit cards lying around, all bedrooms now
have safes so please use them. We have CCTV surveillance in many
areas, but not everywhere. Be vigilant and report any suspicious activities
or persons to a member of staff.

     Writtle College has its own small shop located in the main building. It sells
     a basic range of tinned foods, drinks, chocolate, stationery, basic toiletries,
     fresh sandwiches as well as drawing equipment, stamps, safety clothing
     etc. Term time opening 8.30 am – 6 pm (5 pm Friday). The village also has
     a Co-op supermarket, a Fish and Chip shop, Post Office, pubs and
     restaurants and Barclays Bank. Chelmsford is a lively shopping centre with
     all the usual High Street Shops as well as a Tesco supermarket. The bus
     stop for Chelmsford is also in the village.

     In line with current legislation all buildings at Writtle College are non-
     smoking. This includes Halls of Residence. Smokers may smoke in
     designated smoking areas only and are requested to dispose of
     cigarette buts in the receptacles provided.

     The College regrets that it cannot not provide storage facilities at any time.
     The Accommodation Office has details of shipping and relocation
     companies and local storage facilities.

     Students’ Union
     The Students’ Union Office is located next door to the Accommodation
     Office in the Learning Support Area. Details of open hours will be
     displayed. You are always welcome to call in to discuss your issues. Post,
     cycle,and locker keys and NUS cards are available from this office. The SU
     is also the contact centre for C-Card (condom distribution). Visit for further information.

     A Public Pay Phone is located in the laundry, Phone cards are available
     from the College shop.

TV Licence
Please remember that if you have a TV or any other device to receive or
record TV programmes (VCR, set top box or a PC with a broadcast card,
laptop) and use it in your room, you must have a licence. You are not
covered by a licence at home. You may be able to claim back fees for the
summer period when you are back at home.
Visit for details.

Vacating Halls
If you are leaving halls at the end of the academic year, you must vacate
your room no later than the date indicated on your offer letter, there will be
no exceptions. Students who have to book flights home should make sure
that they book their flights accordingly. All students who are vacating halls
at any time must ensure that all rubbish is removed and the room left
clean and tidy and all furniture returned to its original place. Charges will
be made for the removal of rubbish and excessive cleaning or moving of
furniture. Remember to return your key. Some students maybe required to
move to a different room for the last few weeks of their stay. We will
endeavour to keep these moves to a minimum and to advise you in good
time if this is necessary. In all cases there will be no cost to the student
and, where the move is to a lower band room, the appropriate refund will
be made. We will endeavour to process all deposit refunds by the end of
July, and will send them to your home address unless you advise us

Writtle College is a friendly place to be and quite often, the problems you
maybe experiencing are the same for others too. Don’t suffer in silence.
Each hall has a student representative (usually a 2nd or 3rd year student)
who will be happy to help as well as the Senior and Hall Warden. The
Accommodation Office has staff who are experienced at listening to and
helping students with difficulties. There is a Welfare Officer for the under
18s and the College also offers a counselling service (see Counselling). All
you have to do is talk to someone. Staff are more than happy to speak
with you privately and all matters will be treated in confidence.

     Wireless setup guide
     This guide is provided in order to supply you with the additional
     information you need to connect your wireless device to the Writtle
     Student WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).
     Writtle College uses WEP security steps to secure the WLAN; your WLAN
     connection will not work unless these steps are done correctly!
     Writtle College also requires two things from you: (a) that you have up-to
     date antivirus protection and (b) that you have applied major Microsoft
     updates (for Microsoft Windows based operating systems).

     Antivirus Software
     It is vital that your computer is protected. If you do not already have
     anvtivirus software, you must either purchase one or use one of several
     freely available products such as AVG. Ensure that whatever solution you
     use is always kept up-to-date (usually by an automatic download from the
     manufacturer’s website).

     Firewall Software
     We recommend that if you are running Windows XP SP2 or later that you
     enable the firewall on the wireless network interface.

     How to Connect to the Network
     1. If you have a new wireless card, install the card and the software/drivers
        following the manufacturer’s instructions (note: some cards require the
        software to be installed before the card is plugged in).
     2. You will need to configure a WEP key – please follow the
        documentation for your card. The type of WEP key we use is called
        “128bit Open infrastructure”.

This is specified in one of two ways:
128Bit ASCII = 0797350414301
128Bit HEX = 30373937333530343134333031
Once you have completed these steps your wireless card should connect
to the network.

Areas Covered
• All halls of residence except Maddison (cable)
• The Baa
• The Writz
• The Library

A security mechanism will be implemented later this year which will require
you to login to the network using your Writtle Userid and password.

Some software will not work due to security restrictions on the network;
a general guideline is below for more information please contact the
Support Desk.
Skype will work.
MSN Messenger will work.
MSN Messenger Video will NOT work.
MSN Messenger Voice will NOT work.
Yahoo Messenger will work.
Yahoo Messenger Video will NOT work.
Yahoo Messenger Voice will NOT work.
Mail Clients (i.e. Outlook Express) will work on receive but will NOT send
emails. (POP3 is allowed but SMTP is blocked.)
P2P networking software (i.e. Kazaa, eMule or Napster) will NOT work.
(Downloading copyrighted material using P2P software is illegal and is
strictly prohibited)

     Tariff of Charges
     Tariff of charges for breaches in College Regulations
     College staff are always willing to help and assist students where
     necessary, however, in certain circumstances, misdemeanours or
     breaches in College Regulations will be subject to the following

            DETAILS               TARIFF                      DETAILS

     Lock out from room             £10           Charge for repeated lock outs or
                                                  calls after midnight.
     Key Replacement                £10           Charge per key.

     Lock Replacement               £50           Cost for replacement of lock/core
                                                  to include up to 2 replacement
                                                  keys. Additional keys at normal

     Excessive cleaning             £25           Charge made each time for
                                                  cleaning over and above routine
                                                  cleaning requirements.
     Breach of Vehicle        £15 per offence     Persistent offenders will receive a
     Regulations                                  campus vehicle ban.
     Other breaches in               £25          Charges may relate to
     Regulations for          Admin charges       • Excessive noise, especially
     Students in Residence    will be added for     before 8 am and after 11 pm
     or any other College          repeated       • leaving cycles in halls
     Regulations              offences and/or     • unreasonable conduct or anti
                              non payment of        social behaviour of student or
                                    charge          their guest
                                                  or any other breaches in College

     Tampering with Fire             £50          Tampering with any fire equipment
     Equipment or other        plus the cost of   (which includes propping open fire
     breaches in matters      re-commissioning    doors) is a criminal offence.
     relating to Health and        any fire       ANYONE FOUND TO BE
     Safety.                     equipment.       RESPONSIBLE WILL BE ASKED
                                                  TO LEAVE HALLS.

Tariff of Charges cont.
       DETAILS               TARIFF                      DETAILS

Damage to halls          £25 admin costs    Charge to individual or to floor/flat
including communal          plus cost of    where damage is communal
areas                        damages/
                         replacement and
Labour costs              £25.00 per hour Charges for maintenance and
                         (minimum charge labour
                              1 hour)

Smoking in Buildings           £25          Charge for being in breach of
                                            smoking laws and in breach of
                                            College Regulations.
                                            (Note – you risk losing your halls
                                            place if you smoke in halls of

Non Payment of hall       Current Bank of   Charges imposed for non
fees                       England base     payment of hall fees by the due
                         rate + 2% on the   date.
                          amount owed.

Administration charges         £25          Charges for costs involved in
for excessive/repeated                      administration and investigation of
administration/                             incidents or in relation to any of
workload                                    the above.

Students maybe charged for the offence plus administration charges.
The College has an appeals procedure. Details can be found in the College

     Duty Warden’s Mobile: 07880 557796 (out of office hours only)
     Wardens Flats are located in the following Halls:
     First Floor Hamilton 1
     First Floor Dent, Gill
     Ground Floor Tabor 1 (south end)
     Ground Floor Harvey 2 (east entrance)
     Ground Floor Strutt (north end)

     Useful Contacts
     Children’s Nursery     
     Information Services Support Desk 
     Learning Support Unit (LSU)   
     Media Resources              
     Registry and Admissions                   
     Sports and Fitness Coordinator
     Students’ Union (SU)             
     The main switchboard number is 01245 424200
     The College is a Typetalk/TextDirect user – 18001 01245 424200
     The College’s fax number is 01245 420456
     The College website can be accessed at
                        Writtle College
                       Chelmsford Essex
                            CM1 3RR
                       Tel: 01245 424200
    All information outlined in this booklet is correct at time of going to press
Writtle College does not accept liability for any errors or omissions and reserves
                            the right to make changes.

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