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ALUMNI NEWSLETTER - DOC by galenbarbour


									                  ALUMNI NEWSLETTER
                    ELON UNIVERSITY

                                  APRIL 2006

Greetings, Brothers!

It is my pleasure to report that, since our last newsletter was published in
November, the undergraduate Chapter has marched forward smartly. I take this
opportunity to provide a detailed update about the progress.

Even while navigating a few minor speed bumps along the way, the Chapter has
achieved many great things. Accomplishments by our chapter include a
successful rush and initiation ceremony, a substantial financial repayment to the
House Corporation, and the preservation/retention of our existing chapter house
privileges. Our Chapter made significant strides in virtually every facet of
administration, brotherhood, finance and ritual. Especially since the beginning of
the current academic year, the Executive Committee has shown incredible
leadership of which we can be very proud.

This report will share just a few of the areas where real progress has been made.
Bear in mind that these positive factors did not occur overnight or in a vacuum.
Many alumni played vital roles in mentoring and guiding the Chapter throughout
an incredibly challenging time in our history. Our Chapter now spans two
generations of initiates, but I can attest that any „generation gap‟ that existed
before has narrowed a whole lot during this period of reorganization.

To kick-start the New Year, a gathering of alumni and undergraduates was held
in early January at the Chapter house. I joined Barry Baker, Perry Black, Gary
Evans, Carter Smith, Rex Waters, and 34 undergraduate brothers for this
„steering committee‟ meeting. During this forum (a formal meeting complete with
the ritual), a wide-ranging discussion ensued. This was a successful
collaboration by undergraduates and alumni, and it created many of the action
items that added to the positive momentum underway.

The following snapshots provide an outline of our progress.
Executive Committee
The EC has displayed true leadership this year. These leaders took steps to
reconstitute the Chapter and vigorously attacked many daunting challenges.
Individuals of lesser quality might have thrown in the towel and let Kappa Sigma
at Elon sink into the abyss. Not these guys! These men made hard decisions that
benefited the entire brotherhood; they truly enhanced our proud legacy.

Whether by phone, Email, or in person, I invite you to share your appreciation
with these Lambda-Lambda leaders for all of their worthy efforts:

       GM -- Alex French (Baltimore, MD/Savannah, GA)
       GP -- John Kalas (Potomac, MD)
       GMC -- Bryan McMinn (Pittsburgh, PA)
       GT -- Kevin Wellington (St. Louis, MO)
       GS -- Robby Tucker (Richmond, VA)
       Pledge Educator -- Brad Dorton (Raleigh, NC)
       Assistant Pledge Educator -- Brian Edmundson (Raleigh, NC)

Senior Brothers
When the Chapter approached the very difficult phase of reorganization, many of
undergrad brothers made a personal decision to resign from Kappa Sigma rather
than work through the necessary tasks required to save our Chapter. Many of
those who chose to „cut and run‟ were senior members, and this void of
experience made it even harder for those who remained to persevere.
Fortunately, three seniors not only decided to stay, they committed themselves to
help lead this comeback. Mark LaPierre (Belmot, MA), Dan Erdman (Columbus,
OH), and Robby Tucker (Richmond, VA) are to be commended for their constant
(“always constant”) brand of fraternal leadership.

I knew well Robby‟s father Bobby Tucker. Bobby was quite a competitor on the
Elon soccer team in the mid-70‟s. Bobby was a role model player and was
extremely tenacious in practices and games…he never quit, no matter what the
score. I‟m not surprised to see Robby‟s name on this list. He is truly the son of
his father. Thanks for everything.

Every few years, the University conducts a formal review of all fraternities and
sororities that are housed in institutional facilities. Today, far more organizations
desire housing than there are houses to go around. Moreover, our history of
difficulties made the challenge of retaining ours that much tougher. Everyone
involved breathed a huge sigh of relief upon hearing the decision of the housing
board: Kappa Sigma retains the housing privilege for the next three years.

What‟s more, assuming there are no infractions, the Chapter may be taken off of
probation status by the end of the current semester. With the sanctions lifted this
coming fall, the house will once again host „official‟ Kappa Sigma events.
In the meantime, the house is in dire need of better, more suitable furnishings.
Frankly, the existing furniture has outlived its service life by at least two years.

Today, seating at our house is sparse, and the lack of enough chairs makes it
difficult to run a formal ritual meeting. The House Corporation has plans to
provide approximately 40+ folding chairs so the undergrads can conduct their
meetings more professionally.

Perry Black and I are leading an effort to „re-furnish‟ our chapter house. Please
look in your attic and consider donating that used sofa, love seat, lounge chair,
table, or other furniture item that‟s been gathering dust. If you have an item to
donate, please contact me so we can make suitable arrangements. Doug Gatlin
is the undergraduate Chapter‟s point of contact for furniture donations.

Following initiation of 13 new members on March 30, the Chapter roll totals 651
brothers. Assistant Alumnus Advisor Perry Black attended the ceremony and
reports being thoroughly impressed with the quality of the ceremony and with the
professionalism of our EC.

Here are our new Brothers:

Chris Bayly (Darien Prep, Darien, CT)
Jim Frisch (Boys Latin School Baltimore, MD)
Joe Saladino (W. Windsor Plainsboro High School, Princeton Junction, NJ)
Chris Eydt (New Canaan High School, New Canaan, CT)
Andrew Feldman (Walt Whitman High School, Potomac, MD)
Sean Hetherington (Georgetown Prep, Potomac, MD)
Carmen Vadini (Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC)
Jonny Isley (Charlotte Christian School, Charlotte, NC)
James Cooper (Boys Latin School, Lutherville, MD)
Graham Rountree (Needham Broughton High School, Raleigh, NC)
Andrew Coulter, Cary, NC, Athens Drive High School
Chris Farnsworth (Baylor High School, Chattanooga, TN)
Colby Hart (Brookline High School, Chestnutt Hill, MA)

Undergraduate Chapter Highlights
   Sponsored a Casino Night fundraiser in May with Sig Ep and AZD…
      raised over $2,000
   Organized a 25-man team for Dance Marathon in April… ~$120,000
      raised for cancer research with Kappa Sig raising the third highest total of
      all the men's organizations involved
   Hosted an alcohol awareness speaker with Kappa Alpha in May
   Executed the pledging program without a hazing investigation for the
      second consecutive semester
      Raised the Chapter GPA from 7th to 5th
      Sent 16 brothers to State Conclave
      Escorted the new initiates on a trip to 46 East Lawn in Charlottesville, VA
       and a tour of Stephen Alonzo Jackson‟s burial site in Abingdon, VA

Funding Issues
The Lambda-Lambda House Corporation account balance stands at
approximately $5,500. Anticipated near-term expenses include $300 to sponsor
one undergraduate to attend the Summer Leadership Conference in Cincinnati,
$400 for folding chairs for the house, and $50 to revive the Chapter‟s photo
archive. Plans for the 2006 fundraiser are now in the formative stage.

Mark your calendar now for the weekend of November 3-5. Elon plays Furman
on Saturday at 2 p.m., and we hope to host a post-game event (perhaps a pig-
pickin‟) at the Chapter House. Watch for more details in an upcoming newsletter.

Kappa Sigma Scholarship Fund
Several years ago, Kappa Sigma endowed an institutionally managed
scholarship fund that provides academic stipends to worthy Kappa Sigma
undergraduates. When you make a gift to Elon University, consider earmarking
your donation to „The Kappa Sigma Scholarship Fund‟. Note: charitable
contributions to Elon University that you direct to this fund are tax deductible

Web Site
Barry Baker is working to establish a professional web site for our Lambda-
Lambda brotherhood. Soon, anyone with Internet access will have access to the
latest about our chapter, alumni news, information about upcoming activities
such as Homecoming, etc. Barry needs technical assistance to make this
initiative a reality. If you have experience in web design, please contact Barry at

Spring Fling
Elon‟s „Spring Fling‟ weekend is Saturday, April 29, and we hope you will join us
for all of the festivities. Here is the schedule of events:

3:00 p.m.: Fraternity Meeting – All Kappa Sigs will gather at the fraternity house.

4:30 p.m.: Tailgate Party (Registration will be held in the plaza area between the
Bell Tower and the Rhodes Stadium ticket windows.)

7:00 p.m.: Baseball Under the Lights: Elon vs. Georgia Southern at Latham
Park. (Hotdog Tailgate Meals will be available for purchase. Music provided by
Elon's WSOE Radio. Pre-registration is encouraged.
To pre-register or receive more details about Spring Fling weekend, contact the
Elon Alumni Office (336-278-7463 or

Leadership Conference At least one Lambda-Lambda undergraduate brother will
attend Kappa Sigma’ s National Leadership Conference in Cincinnati, OH (July
21-22). Any Kappa Sigma – alumni or undergraduate – is welcome to attend.
For additional information view the details at

Awards Now hanging proudly in our Chapter house is a plaque commemorating
the 70 alumni donors who so generously supported the 2005 fundraiser. A
plaque recognizing the „Alumnus of the Year‟ honorees has been installed, as

Alumni Advisors Needed! If you are interested in assisting our Lambda-Lambda
Chapter at the local level, we need your help. Please contact Carter Smith via for more details.

Thanks to all of the alumni who have dedicated their time to support our Chapter.
Special kudos to Barry Baker, Perry Black, Mike Driskill, and Rex Waters. These
men currently serve as our Advisors and have been instrumental in making our
chapter‟s recent successes happen. We also thank District Grand Master Jon
Bowman for all of his help and encouragement.

Final thoughts…

The Star and Crescent is shining brighter than ever at Elon University. If you
have not visited the Chapter recently, you should know that marked
improvements have been made in all areas of endeavor.

Indeed, our Chapter manages itself with high standards. For instance, for a
student to rush Kappa Sigma today, he must have a 2.5 GPA. The Elon
University of 2006 is far more academically challenging than the school you
attended, I can assure you. And, the social climate is far different from when you
attended Elon. Age 21 is the legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages, so the
party scene has adjusted accordingly. The college life is still great fun, but the
campus dynamic is different. The Elon University Greek system -- and our Kappa
Sigma Chapter -- must continually adapt to these „wider society‟ realities.

Our undergraduates have made tremendous headway since this past
September. Among the successes they may count is this important one: they
bought the pride back to our Chapter. All of Elon University‟s Kappa Sigmas
regardless of age can stand a little taller today knowing that our legacy endures.
Consider this wisdom contained in my 1972 version of our Bononia Docet:

“We know were are not all alike – we do not think alike – for our Fraternity
is made up of individuals differing from one another in thought, motive,
and reaction. Because of this feeling, no one must interfere or dictate
another’s way of thinking. The home must correct; the church preach; the
school advise; the court rule; the press inform; the law enforce; but the
fraternity teach. The human spirit is different in each of us, but we all have
the same divine background. It is this that makes us true brothers, for we
can all be changed, especially when we have passed the ceremony of

As a personal note, let me say how exciting it has been in recent months to hear
from so many fraternity brothers of my era who have reached out and stepped up
to help our Chapter in its time of need. It has also been quite a pleasure to
connect with Kappa Sigmas I have yet to meet. Indeed, I hope our paths will
cross very soon.

One thing is certain: Our brotherhood in Kappa Sigma gets stronger as time
passes. Someday each of us will pass into the Celestial Chapter. What a
blessing it is to share this unique bond!

I‟m glad that you are my brother. AEKDB.


                             Zene Fearing #62
                               Grand Master
                      Lambda-Lambda House Corporation

412 Barracuda Drive
Nags Head, NC 27959-9187
Home: 252-449-2761
Cell: 757-448-7136

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