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                   Help children to have a nutritious meal - by supporting Akshaya Patra

       By ISKCON Bangalore
       Dated: Jul 17, 2010

       We began this initiative with the vision that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of

       Every day we see lot of children on the street, but we feel we are helpless; we start thinking about how
       these children can be helped. The most important thing a child needs is nutrition, where many of
       underprivileged children are no been privileged off, they eat unhealthy food which will cause lot of health

        Here is one way where you can think and be rest assured that you are a part of county progress. The
       Akshaya Patra Foundation-World’s largest school meal runs ngo, which is feeding 1.2 million children
       across India every school day. The history of our Foundation starts with a story of compassion.

        Looking out of a window one day in Mayapur, a village near Calcutta, His Divine Grace A.C
       Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada saw a group of children fighting with street dogs over scraps of food.
       From this simple, yet heart breaking incident, came the determination that: No one within a ten mile radius
       of our center should go hungry. It is his inspiration which helped us to create The Akshaya Patra
       Foundation as it is today.

        We began this initiative with the vision that “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of

        In June 2000, we started our mid-day meal program in Bangalore by feeding 1500 children in 5 schools. At
       that time there was no State run school meal program in Karnataka. Within a few short weeks we had
       received hundreds of requests from teachers who expressed the dire need of such a scheme. This over
       whelming response was the impetus for the growth of The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

       Growth of The Akshaya Patra Foundation
       In November 28, 2001 the Supreme Court of India passed an order which mandated that: "Cooked mid-day
       meal is to be provided in all the government and government-aided primary schools in all the states."
       Akshaya Patra was called in to give testimonies to the Supreme Court in order to implement the mandate.

        By the time the Ministry of Human Resource Development (Department of School Health and Education)
       extended its support to this noble cause in 2003, Akshaya Patra was already reaching out to 23,000
       underprivileged children through the support of our donors.
        With the partnership of the Government of India & various State governments, as well as the generosity of
       thousands of our supporters, we have grown from a small endeavor to a mammoth force that stretches
       across the country.

        Now we are reaching out to 1.2 million children everyday. For 10 years, we have been an international
       charity for children that have worked to transform a vision into a reality.

        Visit our website to contribute: http://www.akshayapatra.org

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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