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  damaÜdr GaaTI inagama                                                               DAMODAR
      cand`puRra tap ivad\yaut kond                                           Chandrapura Thermal
Power Station
   PaÜ0- cand`pura ijalaa- baÜkarÜ [aar#aMD
       ipna – 825 303                                       DIST. : BOKARO, JHARKHAND
                                                          durBaaYa (PHONE) -
                                                          fO@sa (FAX)            - 06549-242279

˺saMº saITIÀsaI[-ÀTI-
No.CT/CE/T-37(CTP)/1379                                                      Date: 28.11.07

For and on behalf of the Damodar Valley Corporation sealed tenders are invited by the Chief
Engineer, CTPS, DVC from Bonafide, experienced and financially sound suppliers/contractors
for the under noted supply/works.
Name of Work                       Estimated               Earnest              Cost of             Date of
                                Cost (Rs.)             Money (Rs.)            tender Paper       Opening
Refurbishment of CT Cell            1,95,00,000/-        3,90,000/-              1500/-          11/01/2008
No. 1A, 1C, 1D, 1E of Unit                                                 (Non-Refundable)
# 1 (Total 04 CT Cells).

The Tender/Bids shall be in two parts. One part containing Tech. particulars and commercial
terms & conditions (unpriced) and the other part, containing price information.

The main Envelope containing the offer must contain three small envelopes –A, B&C with
proper super scribing.

A-Envelope      Having the requisite Earnest Money and cost of tender paper in the form of
                Demand Draft/Pay order in favour of the Sr. Addl. Chief Accounts Officer, DVC,
                CTPS, Chandrapura. (if down loaded from website).
B-Envelope      Techno-Commercial part with necessary credential.

C-Envelope      Price in details.

Tender papers will be available from the office of the undersigned on any working day between
11 A.M. to 3 P.M. from 10/12/2007 to 10/01/2008. The Tender paper completed in all respect
will be received upto 3 P.M. of 11/01/2008 and will be opened on the same day at 3.30 P.M. No
Tender paper will be sold on opening day and also will not be accepted if sent by post.
Non-transferable tender documents and detailed specifications may be obtained from the office
of the undersigned as per fixed date & timing schedule as stated above against cash receipt of
tender value mentioned above from the office of the Sr. A.C.A.O., CTPS, DVC or Bank Draft
Payable at SBI, Chandrapura , Code No. 2925 / Bank of India, Chandrapura, Code No. 4855 in
favour of SR. A.C.A.O. , CTPS, DVC. The money paid against the value of tender document
will not be refunded on any account whatsoever.
In case the tenderer wishes to obtain tender document by post, the cost of the Tender Document
mentioned above plus a sum of Rs. 100/-(Rupees one hundred only ) should be sent by Bank
Draft payable at SBI, Chandrapura / Bank of India, Chandrapura in favour of DVC, CTPS takes
no responsibility for delay, loss, damage or non-receipt of tender documents sent by post.
Tender documents can also be downloaded from our website ( However, the
bidders must enclose a Bank Draft (Payable in favour of Sr. A.C.A.O., DVC) of value equal to
the cost of tender documents as indicated in the envelope „A‟ while submitting the offer, failing
which the tender will not be considered.
                                                                         Contd…...P - 2.
                                            Page : 2

No. request for extension of tender opening date will be considered.

Cost Compensation for Deviations:
Deviations specifically declared by the bidders in the respective Deviation schedules of as per
Annexure-C (to be submitted along with techno-commercial offer) and respective cost of
withdrawal of such deviation as per Annexure-D (to be submitted along with the price bid) only
will be taken into account for the purpose of evaluation. The bidders are required to declare the
prices for withdrawal of the deviations declared by them in the deviation schedules. Such prices
declared by the bidders for the withdrawal of the deviations in the deviation schedules shall be
added to the bid price to compensate for these deviations. In case prices for the withdrawal for
declared deviations are not furnished by the bidder, their offer will be considered as
unresponsive and will be rejected. In case the bidder refuses to withdraw the deviations at the
cost of withdrawal indicated by the bidder in the deviation schedules the bid security/EMD of the
bidder may be forfeited.

Bidders may not that deviations, variations and additional conditions etc. found elsewhere in the
bid other than those stated in the deviation schedules, save those pertaining to any rebates, shall
not be given effect to in evaluation and if will be assumed that the bidder complies to all the
conditions of Bidding Documents. In case bidder refuses to withdraw, without any cost of the
owner, those deviations which the bidder did not state in the deviations schedules, the bid
security of the bidder may be forfeited.

The tenderer must accompany the Earnest Money in any of the following forms:

   a)      Pay order or Demand Draft in favour of the Sr. Addl. Chief Accounts Officer, DVC,
           CTPS, Chandrapura.
   b)      Bank Guarantee from a Nationalized Bank/Scheduled Bank/Foreign Banks,
           irrevocable and operative till the validity of the offer as per standard Performa which
           is to collected from S.E.(Technical) office, CTPS, if required.
   c)      Fixed Deposit Receipt issued by Nationalized Bank endorsed in favour of the Sr.
           Addl. Chief Accounts Officer, DVC, CTPS, Chandrapura.
   d)      DVC bonds duly endorsed in favour of the Sr. Addl. Chief Accounts Officer, DVC,
           CTPS, Chandrapura.
   e)      Post office National Savings Certificate, having face value equal to the EMD value
           and duly endorsed in favour of the Sr. Addl. Chief Accounts Officer, DVC, CTPS,

   On the opening day of Tender, A envelope will be opened first to check the contents. If „A‟
   envelope is found, as per our requirement, then the Techno-Commercial part envelope „B‟
   will be opened. The price part i.e. „C‟ envelope will be opened for the Techno-Commercially
   accepted Bidders only.

   The date & time for opening the price part will be intimated to successful bidders only.
   Bidders authorized representative and/or bidder may attend the price bid opening.

   Cost of tender paper is to be deposited in cash in the office of Sr. A.C.A.O., DVC, CTPS.

   The small scale Industries registered with NSIC shall be exempted from the payment of
   EMD and cost of tender documents. SSI Units seeking such exemption must enclose/produce
   documentary evidence of valid registration certificate from the appropriate Govt. authority
   giving details such as validity, stores and monetary limits etc.

        Qualifying requirements:

     The qualifying requirement is proposed keeping in view the following
     salient parameters:-

                                                                             Contd……..P - 3.
                                            Page : 3

    i)     The existing Engineering parameters of CT i.e. induced Draft counter flow RCC,
           Cooling Tower Capable of handling minimum of 18000 M3/Hour.. ( Balcke design.).
    ii)    The Scope of Work shall be refurbishment of existing Cooling Tower Cells by supply
           & erection in situ of cement asbestos, fill material, Drift Eliminators (corrugated
           asbestos cement sheets) splash plates (plastic) channel nozzle Assy. and all required
           consumables. (i.e. Retrofitting).

    1. The eligible Bidder must be familiar with the Engineering & functioning of a counter
       flow type Cooling Tower capable of handling minimum 18000 cu. m./HR. of water and
       possess proven experience of having refurbished at least one Cooling tower consisting of
       minimum 5 cells containing cement asbestos fill materials each cell containing of fills &
       matching number of Drift Eliminators & Channel nozzle Assy., having recorded a
       temperature drop (Cooling Range) of 9.5 degree centigrade. Hot water inlet temperature
       = 40.8 degree centigrade and re-cooled water temperature 31. 3 degree centigrade make
       up Qty = 90 Ltr./second.

    2. The intending Bidder is advised to visit site before quoting to familiarize themselves
       with site condition, material viewing in site refurbishment work and assess for
       themselves    the    requirement.    Drg.     is   for    estimation    purpose    and
       manufacturing/fabrication drg. has to be prepared by Intending Bidder from sample
       which should be sent to MS- II for approval, one sample of each item shall be sent for
       approval before Bulk manufacture.

    3. As the Cooling Tower has been erected approx. 40 years before, the detail Engineering
       of the Cooling Tower & Fan characteristic curve cannot be made available, however
       drawing of fill material, Drift Eliminators and channel nozzle Assy. along with sample
       shall be made available.

    4. The erection work essentially consists of taking out existing fill materials, Drift
       Eliminators & Channel nozzle Assy. carefully from each cell and stacking them near
       work site or at site indicated by Engineer i/c without breakage of such material. The
       materials are brittle and have to be carefully handled while taking out and also while
       stocking. Essentially it consists of supply & retrofitting of cement asbestos made fill,
       Drift Eliminators, Channel nozzle Assy. etc. as per guidance of Engineer i/c. of DVC&
       as assessed by Intending Bidders.

    5. The Intending Bidder envisaged, should be a manufacturer of cement asbestos type fills,
       corrugated cement asbestos type Drift Eliminators, Channel nozzle Assy. or they may
       source the same from their enlisted sub vendors or from reputed sub vendors in the
       market. In the case of subletting permission of DVC prior to sub vending shall be
       required, and qualifying requirement so far attributable to main Bidder in respect of
       supply shall be attributable to sub vendor. Therefore tender document in which sub
       vending is quoted, should contain performance documents applicable to main Bidder in
       respect of supply.

    6. The estimated cost of the package is Rs.1,95,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore Ninety Five
       Lac)) of which supply consists of Rs.1,88,00,000/- (Rupees One Crore Eighty Eight Lac)
       & balance towards erection, commissioning and P.G. Test.

    7. The erection work shall be carried out during shut down of unit- I, or during running
       condition & work permit to commence the work shall be taken by the selected vendor‟s
       resident Engineer from Operations section.
8. The following qualifying requirement is suggested:-

       a) for supply part, certificate of satisfactory execution of having supplied on two
          occasions (being part of comprehensive package of supply erection &

                                                                               Contd…....P - 4.

                                                 Page : 4

              commissioning) successfully during preceding 5 years on two occasions
              (minimum) ending on the last day of month preceding the month in which the
              NIT is issued for 50% of the Estimated cost of supply against each order supplied
              by Transports Challans, Excise Invoice dispatch clearance & copy of P.O.‟s.

       b) In respect of works consisting of Erection & Commissioning & P.G. Test of
          estimated value of Rs.7.00 lakhs any of the following criteria may be fulfilled i.e.
          experience of having successfully completed similar works during last 7 years
          ending last day of month previous to the one in which offers are invited should be
          either of the following:-

         i)        Three similar completed works costing not less than 30% of the estimated
                   cost i.e. 30% of Rs.5.00 lakhs, OR ,
         ii)       Two similar completed works costing not less than 40% of the estimated
                   cost, OR,
         iii)      One similar completed work costing not less than 70% of the estimated cost.

         Similar work means work exactly same as the Scope of Work & supply described in
         tender document. Satisfactory completion shall be duly supported by Owner‟s
         certificate of satisfactory completion. No deviation to the Scope of Supply & work
         is permissible and cannot be compensated by cost compensation of deviation.

9. The pre-dispatch inspection of supply portion shall be carried out by Lloyds register
   Rites/Tata Engineering services, at manufacturer‟s premises from which the materials
   shall be directly dispatched to Owner‟s premises. The charges of inspection by Lloyds
   Register etc. shall be paid by the Bidder and the same shall be reimbursed to Bidder
   against documentary evidence. A copy of inspection report shall be sent to Owner‟s
   Engineer i/c directly after inspection and inspection report shall be sent along with
   material consignment. DVC reserves the right to depute it own Engineer for pre-dispatch

10. The inspection shall be carried out with reference to relevant IS code. BS/ANSI
    etc./ASTM enclosed. (downloaded copy enclosed)

11. The material shall be securely packed to prevent any damage in transit which must be
    made up by Bidder at his own cost. Any delay on their account shall be attributable to
    Bidder if the ultimate commissioning and P.G. Test is delayed & L.D. attributable at the
    prescribed rates.

12. The proposed Tender shall be a single stage, Two Part, three envelopes Bid by open
    Tender by advertisement in newspaper & insertion in DVC‟s website. The first envelop
    shall contain EMD in prescribed mode & 2nd envelope contain Techno-Commercial Bid
    which will be opened on first day. The 3rd envelope containing price Bid and cost of
    withdrawal of deviation shall be opened only for Techno-Commercially qualified bidder.
    The deviation schedule and cost of withdrawal of deviation shall form part of Tender
    document with usual caution of disclosure of deviation. Cost of withdrawal of deviation
    shall be furnished for each deviation taken and not clubbed together. Price Bid shall be
    invited as per standard price Bid sheet on FOR destination basis disclosing all elements
    of cost viz. Taxes & Duties, Insurance & freight, Service Tax, Works Contract Tax duly
    extended to arrive at the FOR destination price.

13. The following statutory documents have to be enclosed by Bidder:-
      Excise Registration certificate.
      CST & State VAT Registration Certificate, VAT clearance certificate.
      VAT Registration for Works in the State of Jharkhand.

                                                                Contd…....P - 5
                                               Page : 5

      EPF Registration Certificate.
      Service Tax Registration Certificate.
      PAN under I.T. Act.

14. The eligible Bidder must have an annual Turnover of 70% of estimated cost during
    preceding month ending on the month previous to the month in which Tender is issued
    duly supported by unabridged Annual Report & financial statements viz. P & L Account
   & Balance sheet together with schedules forming part of such financial statement & in
   the case of non-corporate Bidders, Tax Audit Report containing financial statement duly
   certified by a practicing C.A.

15. The eligible Bidder should have an average working capital of 50% of the estimated cost
    duly supported by Bank credit facility available.

16. Over all profitability and cash profit (A statement certified by practicing C.A. in case
    where the eligible Bidder is not a body corporate but a firm or individuals.).

17. Cash flow projection in a statement duly certified by the Bidder.

     Xerox copies duly attested of :-
18. Statutory document such as Articles of Association & Memorandum of Association in
    the case of companies & partnership deed in the case of partnership firms & affidavit
    sworn before notary public in the case of individuals Bidders along with Power of
    Attorney in favour of person signing the Bid shall be furnished.

19. A profile of the intending bidder as to market standing and capability shall be furnished
    the first part Bid.

20. SDPBG, LD, & GC as per standard.

21. After refurbishment of Cooling Tower Cells as per Scope of Work the P.G. Test shall be
    carried out according to parameters in the work completion Report of OEM and if the
    Thermal performance of Cooling Tower though guaranteed as per parameter herein
    before specified, a penalty of Rs. one lakh for every 0.2 degree centigrade increase in
    cold water temperature as compared to designed cold water temperature shall be

22. The materials shall be as per drawing and according to relevant IS-Code/ ASTM code
    C1082-98(2003)/ for Asbestos Cement Flat sheet for Cooling Tower fill material. .

23. Payment terms:- i) 70% after supply of one complete cell materials and acceptance of
    materials at such:- 20% after installation in situ.
     10% after commissioning & P.G. test.
24. The specification as per completion Report of Cooling Tower shall form part of
    QAP/P.G. Test.
25. Subletting of any part of the Tendered package shall required prior permission of DVC.
26. Fitment & Interchangeability certificate is to be furnished.
27. A tolerance limit of 05% shall be admissible while evaluating the QR.
28. Any data required which is available with us will be supplied as per request prior to
    submission of the tender. No query will be entertained after opening of the tender.

                                                                   Contd…...P - 6.
                                              Page : 6

       SDPBG Clause :

      Security deposit cum performance bank guarantee of value of 10% of contract price shall
      be submitted by the party within 30 days from date of issuance of work order, on DVC
     format, drawn on any scheduled bank other than co-operative bank or rural bank and shall
     be made out in favour of „Sr. Addl. Accounts Officer, DVC, CTPS, Chandrapura‟ to
     remain valid for warranty period of 12 months from date of satisfactory commissioning of
     cooling tower and claim period of 6 (six) moths thereafter on a non judicial stamp paper of
     Rs 50/-. The bank guarantee shall be confirmed from the issuing banker and as per
     confirmation shall be accepted. All payments shall be released after acceptance of bank

b. The purchaser reserves the right to reject the proposal of any bidder if in the opinion
    of the purchaser the qualification data is incomplete.

Scope Of Work :
1) Making of scaffoldings of complete span of CT Cell area, so that no particles of dirt, asbestos
    should drop inside the water.
2) Removal of existing asbestos fills materials.
3) Removal of existing asbestos drift eliminators.
4) Removal of existing nozzles, drift spacer etc.
5) Cleaning of water distribution system.
6) Installation of Drift Eliminators, Spacers and Nozzles as per instruction provided.
7) Installation of asbestos fills to the CT Cell as per existing systems.
8) Removal of debris and cleaning of cooling tower and shifting the scarp to DVC scarp
    yard. The Vehicle for shifting of material will be provided by DVC free of cost.
9) Commissioning of cooling tower.
10) All care must be taken that any material does not fall in CT basin during dismantling of
    existing fills, drift eliminators, nozzles etc.
11) While dismantling, existing fill material should be removed carefully and stacked at
     designated place for future use .

Scope Of Supply :

1) Supply of Asbestos Fills of the given size and shape.
2) Supply of Drift eliminators as per fitment required at the site.
3) Supply of Drift Spacer(PVC) as per sample provided.
4) Supply of Channel Nozzle assembly as per sample provided.
5) Supply of all type of consumables required during the execution of work.
6) Supply of all required material for scaffoldings
7) Supply of Gas cutting sets with gases, if required.
8) Supply of necessary tools, tackles, scaffoldings, platform jails/ planks, coverstarpaulins, safety
   equipments like safety belts, helmets should be provided by you.

Technical Specifications :
1) Fills :
Type : Asbestos Cement film type fills.
Size : As per Drg. No. CT/T-(SKT)/006, sheet thickness-5.0 mm (with hole & without holes)
MOC : Asbestos Cement with IS certification code.
Fixing arrangement : The fills should be fixed in the position as per earlier arrangements and the
fills are of two types, one is with holes and one is without holes. But size and shape will be same
as the Drg. No. CT/T-(SKT)/006.
The Fills should be properly designed, manufactured and installed in order to deliver trouble free
operation and guaranteed thermal performance of cooling tower as per Annexure I.

                                                                                    Contd…...P - 7.
                                             Page : 7

2) Nozzles :
Type : Gravity type with splash cum spray nozzles.
MOC : PVC/ Polypropylene with IS Certification code
Size : As per existing sample of nozzles and the Drg. No.-CT/T-704
The nozzles should match exactly the existing nozzles so that the performance should be as per
design parameters.

3) Drift eliminators :
Type : Wave type.
MOC : Asbestos cement with Polypropylene spacers with IS specification code.
Size : As per Drg. No. CT/T-691A, Item no. 1,2 & 3
The drift eliminators should be properly arranged across the cell area with the help of
polypropylene spacers in the space provided.

Completion Schedule :
    The execution of work should be started after 03 months from the date of order and one cell
will be refurbished within 20 days of isolation of the respective cell. The work order will be valid
up to 01(one) year from the date of order.

Guarantee : The work is to be guaranteed for 12 months from date of successful
            Commissioning of respective cells.
            The cooling tower should be guaranteed for thermal performance of cooling tower
             as per Annexure I.
            All the supplied material should be guaranteed for 12 months from date of
             commissioning or 18 months from date of dispatch, which ever is earlier.

Penalty : Any delay in completion shall attract penalty which shall depend on loss of generation
due to non availability of respective cooling tower cells. Generally ½ % per week or part thereof
Maximum 5 % of the delayed work of respective cell handed over to party for refurbishment
work. Penalty as per point no. 21 will also be applicable.

Facilities to be provided by DVC :
Depending upon availability, the following facilities shall be made available by DVC during the
tenure of proposed contract.
i) Quarters of H type for 30-40 persons on chargeable basis and seat wise basis, if available..
ii) Guest house accommodation for engineers (04) beds on chargeable basis
iii) Means of transportation i.e., Crane,Dumper,, Truck etc.
iv) An accommodation near CT fan site as temporary store/shed and office with electrical point.
vi) Canteen facility.

Validity of work order :

 One year from the date of issuance of the work order.

 Validity of offer : 180 days from the date of opening of Tender.

                                                                  Contd…....P - 8
                                             Page : 8

                                                                               ANNEXURE – C

Techno-Commercial Deviation Schedule

Bidder should agree to all the techno-commercial terms and conditions of the bid documents.
However, deviation, if any, should be stated as per the following schedule and to be submitted
along with the techno-commercial bid failing which it will be presumed that all terms and
conditions are acceptable to them. Deviations taken elsewhere and not brought out in the
following deviation schedule, the same will not be accepted. The owner reserves the right to
reject the offer on account of such deviations if the bidder, on advice of owner, does not
withdraw the deviations.

Name of the Project: …………………………………………
Your NIT No. …………………………………………………
(Bidder‟s Name & Address)……………………………………………………………

                                            (Purchaser‟s Name & Address)

Dear Sir,
Following are the deviations proposed by us relating to techno-commercial terms and conditions.
We confirm that we shall withdraw the deviations proposed by us at the cost of withdrawal
indicated in the price bid falling which our bid may be rejected and Bid Security forfeited.

        Sl. No.                Clause No.                         Deviation

Date:……………………………                            (Signature) ……………………………….

Place :………………………….                          (Name)…………………………………..


                                            (Common Seal)……………………………

NOTE: If there are no deviation, this deviation schedule shall be submitted along with the techno-
commercial bid duly signed and stamped after stating “NIL DEVIATIONS”.

                                                                        Contd…. ..P - 9.
                                                Page : 9


Cost of Withdrawal of Deviations

Name of the Project : …………………………………………
Your NIT No. …………………………………………………
(Bidder‟s Name & Address)……………………………………………………………

                                            (Purchaser‟s Name & Address)

Dear Sir,
Following are the deviations as proposed by us relating to techno-commercial terms and
conditions. We are also furnishing below the cost of withdrawal for the deviations proposed by
us. We confirm that we shall withdraw the deviations proposed by us at the cost of withdrawal
indicated in this attachment falling which our bid may be rejected and bid Security forfeited.
      Sl. No.              Clause No.                  Deviation          Cost of Withdrawal
                                                                                 in Rs.

Date:……………………………                            (Signature) ……………………………….

Place :………………………….                          (Name)…………………………………..


                                              (Common Seal)……………………………
NOTE : Bidders may note that bids containing deviations without the cost of withdrawal price
shall be considered as unresponsive offer and will be out rightly rejected. This schedule
indicating the cost of withdrawal price for such deviations should be submitted along with the
price bid only and will be taken into consideration for the purpose of bid evaluations.
                                                                            Contd… ..P - 10.

                                             Page : 10 :

 Other terms & Conditions :

1.       Rate shall remain firm throughout the contract period and are inclusive of all taxes and
         duties imposed by the State and Central Govt. No escalation/reimbursement on any
         account shall be entertained after awarding of the contract unless otherwise specified in
         the tender enquiry.
2.      All other terms and condition not enumerated herein covering the execution of the contract
        shall be guided by GCC.
3.        E.P.F. : You have to follow Govt. E.P.F. rules.
4         Tax : Taxes as applicable will be deducted from your bill as per admissible rates.
5.        If there is discrepancy between words and figures in price part, the part mentioned in
          words shall prevail.
6.     DVC reserves the right not to accept the lowest rate quoted by a tenderer and reject any or
      all the tenders any to split up the work to more than one tenderer without assigning any
      reason thereof.
7.   Any dispute(S) or difference(S) arising out of or in connection with the contract shall, to
     the extent possible, be settled amicably between the owner and supplier.
     In the event of any dispute or difference whatsoever arising under the contract or in
     connection therewith including any question rating to existence, meaning and
     interpretation of the contract or any alleged breach thereof, the same shall be referred to
     the secretary, CEO of Damodar valley Corporation, Kolkata -54 or to a person
     nominated by him. The Arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions
     of arbitration and conciliation law 1996 or latest and the decision/ judgment of
     Arbitration/ Arbitrators shall be final and binding on both the parties.
     All suits arising out of this enquiry and subsequent purchase order/ contract, If any, are
      subject jurisdiction of Court in the City of Kolkata only and no other Court , when
      resolution/ settlement through mutual discussion and arbitration fails.

                                                                  For Chief Engineer
                                                                    DVC :: CTPS
                                    ANNEXURE – I
    Cooling Water Flow : 5 Cum/sec.
Hot water inlet temperature                  40.8 degree Centigrade
Wet Bulb temp.                               26.1 degree Centigrade
Recorded water temp.                         31.3 degree Centigrade
Drop of temp.                                9.43 degree Centigrade
Cooling range                                9.5 degree Centigrade
Make up quantity                             90LT per second
Wind velocity                                0-15KM/Hr. –Max-170Km/hr.
Approach                                     5.2 degree Centigrade
Air flow (G)                                 10500 Kg. per mtr.
Water flow (L)                               11200 Kg. per mtr.
Ratio (L/G-Cooling factor                    1.07
Drive Motor Manufacturer          :    AEG
Type AVM 250/4KI
Rating                                         272 HP 3KV 1480 EPM Class B insulation
Efficiency at full speed                      91.5%
Power factor                                 0.15 to 0.2 during start, 065 at full load
Temp. Rise over current                      50 degree centigrade
Time of acceleration of Fan                  15 Sec.
Starting Torque                              1.3 times
Peak starting current                        5 times or 50 Amp.
Fan :                    - Balcke
Capacity                                     33,50,000 kg/mg
Design exit air                              33.9 C at RH of 100%
Density of           air                     1.122 kg/m3
Speed                                        100 RPM
Diameter at top                              10.4 m
Top velocity                                 54.5m/sec
Clearance between tip & diffuser             30mm
Static pr                                    13mm water
    Reducing Gear
Type                                         VEK – 55. SPUR – BEVEL GEAR
Gen ratio                                    1 : 14.8
Cooling water flow & temp                    4690 ltrs/see at 312 degree centigrade
Maximum head loss in meter                   3.74 meters of water
Tube cleanliness                             85%
Maximum velocity of water inside tube        1.9 meters/sec
    C.W. Pumps
Rated capacity                               2521 ltrs/sec
Rated head                                   18.745 meter(dynamic head)
speed                                        500 RPM
    CE Pumps
                                             117.5 liters/sec
head                                         192 mtr/dynamic head
             On non-judicial stamp paper of appropriate value)


Dear Sir,

In accordance with your Notice Inviting Tender
under your specification No. ____________________ dated            --------------------------------
M/s________________________________________(Name & full address of the firm)
hereinafter called the Tenderer) hereby submit the Bank Guarantee.
Whereas to participate in the said tender for the following.
1. ________________________________________ (Nature/items to be supplied as per NIT)
2. ________________________________________
3. ________________________________________

It is a condition in the tender documents that the tenderer has to deposit Earnest Money
amounting to Rs. 6,11,740/- in respect to the tender, with Damodar Valley Corporation (*)
(hereinafter referred to as “Corporation”) by a Bank Guarantee from a Nationalized
Bank/Schedule Bank/Foreign Bank irrevocable and operative till the validity of the offer (i.e.
180 days from the date of opening of tender) for the like amount which amount is likely to be
forfeited on the happening of contingencies mentioned in the tender documents.

And whereas the tenderer desires to secure exemption from deposit of Earnest Money and has
offered to furnish a Bank Guarantee for a sum of Rs. 6,11,740/- to the Corporation as Earnest
Now, therefore, we the __________________(Bank), a body corporate constituted under the
Banking                   Companies(Acquisition and Transfer Undertaking) Act. 1969 and
Branch Office at________________________(hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor) do
hereby undertake and agree to pay forthwith on demand in writing by the Corporation of the said
guaranteed, amount without any demur, reservation or recourse.

We, the aforesaid bank, further agree that Corporation shall be the sole judge of and as to
whether the tenderer has committed any breach or breaches of any of the terms costs, charges
and expenses caused to or suffered by or that may be caused to or suffered by the Corporation
on account thereof to the extent of the Earnest Money required to be deposited by the Tenderer
in respect of the said Tender Document and the decision of the Corporation that the Tender has
committed such breach or breaches and as to the amount or amounts of loss, damage, costs,
charges and expenses caused to or suffered by or that may be caused to or suffered by the
Corporation shall be final and binding on us.

We, the said Bank further agree that the Guarantee herein contained shall remain in full force
and effect until it is released by the Corporation and it is further declared that it shall not be
necessary for the Corporation to proceed against the Tenderer before proceeding against the
Bank and the Guarantee herein contained shall be invoked against the Bank, notwithstanding any
security which the Corporation may have obtained or shall be obtained from the Tenderer at any
time when proceedings are taken against the Bank for whatever amount that may be outstanding
or unrealized under the Guarantee.
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The right of the Corporation to recover the said amount of Rs. 6,11,740/- (Rupees Six Lakes
Eleven Thousands Seven Hundreds Forty only) from us in manner aforesaid will not be
precluded/affected,       even      if, disputes  have   been     raised   by    the   said
M/s.______________(Tenderer) and/or dispute or disputes are pending before any authority,
officer, tribunal, arbitrator(s) etc.

Notwithstanding anything stated above, our liability under this guarantee shall be restricted to
Rs. 6,11,740/- (Rupees Six Lakes Eleven Thousands Seven Hundreds Forty) only and our
guarantee shall remain in force up to 180 days from the date of opening of the tender i.e., up to
09.01.08. and unless a demand or claim under the guarantee is made on us in writing three
months after the aforesaid date i.e. on or before the 09.04.08. all your rights under the guarantee
shall be forfeited and we shall be relieved and discharged from all liability thereunder.

Date                                                                            _________________

Place --------------------------                                                    (Printed Name)



                                                                            (Bank’s common seal)
In presence of:

WITNESS ( with full name, designation, address & official seal , if any)

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Note: Submission of B.G. with shorter validity period may be liable for rejection of offer.


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