Special Power of Attorney _sample form_

					                                  SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY


         I / WE __________________________________________, Filipino citizen/s of legal age, single /
married, with residence and postal address ________________________________________
______________________________________________________, do hereby name, constitute, and appoint
____________________________________________, of legal age, single / married, with residence and postal
address at ______________________________________________________, to be my / our true and lawful
Attorney-In-Fact for me / us in my / our name, place and stead, to do my / our all of the following acts, to wit:

        1. To purchase a condominium unit located at Unit ____, ___________________________ Cebu

        2. To sign, execute and deliver any and all documents related to the said purchase of a condominium
           unit from MYVAN PROPERTIES AND DEVELOPMENT INC., including Reservation Application,
           Contract to Sell and Deed of Absolute Sale,, under such terms and conditions as my said Attorney-
           In-Fact may deem proper and convenient;

        3. To sign, execute, and deliver promissory note / notes in favor of MYVAN PROPERTIES AND
           DEVELOPMENT INC., as well as other documents that may be required by the said company in
           connection with the said purchase of condominium unit;

        4. To do any and all acts necessary for the smooth realization of the abovementioned authority.

         HEREBY GRANTING AND GIVING unto my said ATTORNEY-IN-FACT full necessary power and
authority to do and perform any and every act requisite and necessary to be done in and about the premises as
fully to all intents and purposes as I might or could, if personally present and acting in person. HEREBY
RATIFYING AND CONFIRMING all that my said Attorney-In-Fact may also do or cause to be done under and
by virtue of these presents.

       IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hands this _______________ day of
_______________, 20____ in the __________________________.


With My Marital Consent:

_____________________                                                __________________________

                                          Signed in the Presence of:

                  __________________________                 __________________________

CITY / PROVINCE OF__________) S.S.

       BEFORE ME, This ________________ day of __________________, 20____ in
__________________________________, personally appeared:

Names                          RES. CERT.NO. /                 DATE/PLACE              TIN
                               PASSPORT NO.                    OF ISSUE

_______________                __________________              _____________           ____________
_______________                __________________              _____________           ____________
_______________                __________________              _____________           ____________

         Known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledge to me
that the same is their own, free, and voluntary act and deed.

        WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL, on this date, year and place above written.

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