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					Help writing a cover letter

Writing a covering letter

While your CV should show off your skills and qualifications, your
covering letter should explain why you're applying for this particular
job and what makes you the right person for it.

A good covering letter convinces an employer to read your CV, and
it is usually the first contact they have with you, so it's important to
get it right!

When you're writing your covering letter, think about:

      Skills, experience or qualifications that make you right for the
       job - you can use your covering letter to highlight particularly
       relevant areas of your CV
      Why you want to work for this company in particular - do
       some research online to find out more so that you can be
       specific in your covering letter
      Aspects of the job that especially interest you - show that you
       understand what the job involves

Your covering letter should be:

· Concise and to the point. Aim for around three paragraphs
outlining briefly why you want the job, why you'd be good at it and
what you like about the company, drawing attention to any key
areas in your CV

· Well written in terms of grammar and spelling - use spell check
and get someone else to proof read it before you send it off

· Enthusiastic and personalised - make sure the employer knows
you're interested in this job, rather than giving the impression
you're simply desperate for a job, any job!

What not to do:

      Don't use the same covering letter for each job you apply for -
       tailor the letter to each different job
      Don't write a very long and detailed letter. It needs to be
       short and to the point, otherwise potential employers might
       lose interest
      Avoid mentioning salary at this stage. If you don't already
       know what the pay is, it's better to ask at interview stage