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Edward Wise Application Cover Letter Revised


									Edward M. Wise
Dissertation Fellowship                                                        HUMANITIES CENTER

Winter/Summer 2010                                                               Phone: 313-577-5471
                                                                                  Fax: 313-577-2843

                                                                                   2226 Faculty
                                                                               Administration Building
                                                                                 Detroit, MI 48202

The Humanities Center offers $12,000 in support each year to one
student in the final stages of writing his or her dissertation through the
Edward M. Wise Dissertation Fellowship. This year, the fellowship is
co-sponsored by the Graduate School and the Law School.
Applicants for this fellowship must be doctoral candidates writing
dissertations in the humanities, arts, or related disciplines. These
disciplines include philosophy, language, linguistics, literature, history,
jurisprudence, archaeology, comparative religion, ethics, the arts,
those aspects of social sciences that have humanistic content
and employ humanistic methods, and the study and
application of the humanities to the human environment.
To be eligible for the dissertation fellowship, an applicant must be
enrolled in good standing as a PhD candidate in a humanities or arts
discipline at WSU; must have the dissertation topic, outline, and
prospectus approved by his/her dissertation committee, and by the
Graduate School by the application deadline of November 13, 2009;
and have completed all requirements for the PhD, except the
dissertation. The recipient of the fellowship cannot hold a teaching
position or have other major employment. The fellowship carries
no health or tuition benefits.

The deadline to apply is November 13, 2009.
Applications may be downloaded in PDF format from the
Humanities Center website at, or
picked up in the Humanities Center at 2226 Faculty/Administration
Building. For more information, please contact the Humanities
Center, (313) 577-5471.

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