Transcription of the Will of Abraham Fiander of Melbury Osmond

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					   Transcription of the Will of Abraham Fiander of
 Melbury Osmond, Dorset made by Stan Holdsworth,
West Yorkshire, England and James Wilson (Fiander),
  Virginia, USA. Source: PRO London, Prob 11/1660
                    Quire No.431.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Abraham Fiander,
of Melbury Osmond in the County of Dorset, Schoolmaster. Being
of sound mind, memory and understanding, first will and direct
that my wife, Mary Fiander, shall have the use but not the
property of all the household goods, furniture and other effects
which she was possessed of previous to her marriage with me, to
use for the term of her residual life, and from and after her
decease, I give the same goods, furniture and effects to my
daughter, the wife of Mr. William Kindon as her own property.
Whereas, I have placed out at interest the sum of two hundred
pounds of my own proper worth on a bond from Edward Mitchell
of Bruton in the County of Somerset, Gentleman. Now my will
and desire is and I do hereby order and direct my Executors,
hereinafter named, shall and may after my decease, from time to
time, all in such manner, place the same out again in the name
of my said Executors or the survivor, his executors or advisors, in
government or other good security or securities as he or they
shall think proper and do and shall pay and apply the interest
thereof for the use of my said wife, by equal half-yearly
payments for the term of her life and after her death, then to
secure and payout the interest thereof unto my said son-in-law
William Kindon and Mary his wife, by equal half-yearly payments
during their lives and for the life of the survivor and after their
decease, then in trust to all in the sum of two hundred pounds
and apply and pay the same equally between all the children of
my said daughter as shall be then living, in equal shares and
proportions, and if there shall be no child living at the time of the
decease of the survivors of them, the said William Kindon and
Mary, his wife, then I wish to pay over the said sum of two
hundred pounds and the interest thereof to my brother William
Fiander, his executors, admons and aforsigns, as his and their
own property. And as to the rest and residue of my goods,
chattels, personal state and effects of what nature or kindsoever
or wheresoever the same may be found, I give and bequeath the
same and every part thereof unto my said son-in-law William
Kindon subject and chargeable to nevertheless and with the
payment of all my just debts, funeral and testamentary
expenses, and the cost of proving this my will and also to the
payment of the sum of ten pounds to my said wife to whom I
give the same be paid in one month next after my decease and
as to the remaining part thereof in trust that the said William
Kindon do and shall pay legal interest aforesaid unto my wife by
equal half-yearly payments for the term of her life and I do,
hereby, nominate and appoint my friends, Mr John Trass of
Charlton Horethorne, in the County of Somerset and Dr. Richard
Palmer of Melbury Osmond, aforesaid Executors of this my will in
trust for the purposes aforesaid and do direct and instruct them
to take care of the due intentions hereof and lastly I hereby
revoke all former and other Wills by me heretofore made,
declaring this and no other to be my last Will and Testament. In
witness hereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal the sixteenth
day of March, one thousand eight hundred and twenty one.
Abraham Fiander /ss/ Signed, sealed, published and declared by
the said Testator, Abraham Fiander, as and for his last Will and
Testament in the presence of us, at his request, in his presence
and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as
witnesses unto. /s/ Daniel Besant, /s/ Thomas Besant.

Proved at London 15 August 1822 before the judge by the oaths
of Mr. John Trask (in the Will written Trass) Richard Palmer, the
Executors to whom admon was granted, having been first sworn
by custom duly to administer.


  1. Punctuation has been added during the transcription.
  2. Abraham's second wife was formally Mary Trask. She may
     well have been related to John Trask.
  3. Abraham died on 27th April 1822, in Melbury Osmond,
  4. Thanks to James Wilson (Fiander) for a copy of the
     transcription. The original document is courtesy of The
     National Archives.
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