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State of Kansas


									State of Kansas
Nemaha County:

In The Matter of the Estate of:
John Dillavou, Deceased

Inventory of all the real and personal estate of the deceased,
describing the quantity, situation and title of the real estate;
also, the books and papers, the debts due, or to become due, to the
said deceased, the names of the debtors, the date of contract, the
amount of interest now due thereon, and the rate of interest; made by
A. K. Moore, Executor of said estate, and L. A. Gilliland and S. G.
Weeks, two respectable householders of the vicinity of the last abode
of the deceased, who are disinterested and of no kin to the aforesaid
Executor named by the judge of said court, as witnesses to accompany
and aid the Executor in opening and examining the papers and money of
the deceased, and in making an inventory thereof, to wit:
Real Estate:
East ½ Northwest qr. Sec. 10 Town 3 R. 12 = $1500. 00
Title Warent – Deed
Personal Property:
(1) one Suckling colt                            46.00
(1) Gray mare 7 years old                       160.00
(1) Prairie Plow                                 10.00
(1) one Shovel Plow                               3.00
(1) one Corn Plow                                 4.50
(3) Calves                                       24.00
    H. B. Nicholson, Debtor in account           34.40
    Daniel Cordell,     ―     ―    ―             50.00
                       Tools                      4.00
(1) Riffle                                       10.00
(1) Grine Stone                                   2.50
                      A.K. Gilliland
                      Silas G. Weeks
                      Joseph W. Dennis
A. K. Moore Executor of said estate being first duly sworn deposes
and says that the foregoing is a full inventory and description of
all the money, goods, chattels, and estate – real and personal,
books, papers and evidences of debts and of title of the deceased,
and of all debts due and becoming due, so far as he can ascertain
them, except the property reserved as the absolute property of the
widow. And that he was not indebted or bound in any contract to the
deceased at the time of his death except as stated in the inventory.
                                      A.K. Moore
Sworn and subscribed to before me this 23rd day of January, A.D.
                                      H.H. Lanham
                                      Probate Judge
State of Kansas
Nemaha County:
In the Probate Court in and for said County: In the matter of the
estate of John Dillavou, deceased.
Inventory of Widow’s absolute personal property, set off to Sarah
Dillavou, widow of John Dillavou deceased, by A. K. Moore, Executor
of said estate.
1, one Family Bible
1, one Feather Bed and beding
1, one Bedstead
1, one stove
1, one table
1, one clock
The wearing appearel of John Dillavou
3 Cows
5 Swine
1 Bay Mare 7 years old
one 3 years old Black spoted mare
6 Sheep
10 yard of Flannel
40 bushels of Corn
33 bushels of Oats
1 Waggon
1 Sled
2 Plows
1 Drag and 4 Hoes
1 Doubletrees
1 Set Harness
2.50 Pound of Meat
2.50 Pound of Flour .50 Pound of Meal
20 Bushels of Wheat
8 Tons Hay
1 Cradle & Sythe
1 Moing Syth
1 Spinning Wheel
1 ? not Real
                                      A.K. Gilliland
                                      Silas G. Weeks
A.K. Moore, Executor, being duly sworn deposes and says that the
foregoing is a full inventory and description of personal property
claimed by the widow and allowed her by we.
                                      A.K. Moore
Sworn and subscribed to before me this 23rd day of January A.D. 1869.
                                H.H. Lanham, Probate Judge
State of Kansas, Nemaha County—SS
I, John P. Cone, Proprietor of the Kansas Courier, a Newspaper
published in said County and State, being duly sworn, deposes and
says that a notice (a copy of which is hereto attached) was published
four successive weeks in said Newspaper, commencing with issue of
Oct. 6, 1870 and ending with the issue of Nov. 3, 1870.
                                [Signed] John P. Cone
                           Sworn to and subscribed before me this 7th
                           day of Nov. A.D. 1870.
                           H.H. Lanham, Probate Judge

Petition to Sell Real Estate
In the Probate Court, in and for Nemaha Co., Kansas. In the matter of
the estate of John Dillavou, deceased, Sarah Dillavou, Jas. Dillavou,
John Dillavou, Margaret Harty, Ann Payne, Daughter of Daughter Mary,
of deceased, John T. Dillavou his brothers and sisters, John Short,
his brothers and sisters, Nonresidents.
And all others interested in said estate will take notice that A. K.
Moore, Executor of the last will and testament of said deceased, on
the 4th day of October, 1870, filed his petition in the Probate Court
within and for the county of Nemaha and State of Kansas, alleging
that the personal estate of said deceased is sufficient to pay his
debts, and the charges of administering his estate.
That decedent yet owns the following lands situated in said Nemaha
county, Kansas, to wit:
45 30-100 acres more or less, off of the south end of the east half
of the northwest quarter of section ten, town three of range twelve.
The prayer of said petition is for a sale of said premises for the
payment of the debts and charges aforesaid.
Said petition will be for hearing on the First Monday in November
A.D., 1870, or as soon thereafter as council can be heard; and unless
the contrary is made to appear, there will be an order made for such
                                      A. K. Moore
                                      Ex’r of said estate.

Included in John Dillavou’s probate file is a handwritten, itemized
statement from his doctor in Seneca, Kansas. From September 12, 1866
through December 1868, John Dillavou made about 30 visits to Dr.
Fessendin at $2.00 per visit. He was billed $2.00 once for a
prescription and $8.00 once for a ?wheel?. In the payments column,
John Dillavou reduced his bill over this time period as follows: 30
lbs. Butter - $6.00, 1 pig - $4.00, 1 pig - $4.00, 10 lbs. Pork -
$7.00, 4 bushels Oats – $2.00, and ½ barrel Pickles – $3.00; totaling
$26.00 and leaving a balance of $40.00.
*This account balance was paid from the estate February 3, 1872,
along with $7.90 interest.

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