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					                                Alumni Association
                                          Atlanta                 Oregon
                                            1991                   1939

Volume 1                      Summer 2007             ___       Number 3

                                   ABC Happenings

The fall semester will begin on August 13 with a block class “Bible College Survival” for
new students, taught by Rebekah Martin. Regular semester classes will begin on August

Two new instructors will be teaching this semester: Brian Wright who attends the
Restoration Church of God in Fayetteville, GA will be teaching Bible Interpretation
(Hermeneutics). Brian who had previously earned a Bachelor’s degree in Civil
Engineering, graduated from ABC with a Bachelor of Theology degree in May. Dr.
James Sennett from Peachtree City, GA will be teaching World Religions.

                                News About Members

Daniel E. Graham, 57, of Arvada, Colorado, formerly of Dixon, Illinois, died May 12
after a short bout with cancer. Dan was born June 28, 1950 in Holbrook, NE, the son of
Ernest E., and Lois J. Graham. Survivors include his father of Lakeland, FL; five
siblings, Steven of Sarasota, FL, Judith of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, David of Edgewater
(Denver), CO, Joseph of Minneapolis, MN, and Elizabeth G. Long, Lakeland, FL; 16
nieces and nephews, and eight grand nieces and grand nephews. He was preceded in
death by his mother, and a brother, Mark. Dan attended Oregon Bible College from the
fall of 1968 through the spring of 1974. He was part of the Gospel Team “The Brothers
and Sisters.”

Robert P. Johnson, 72, of Rockford, IL died May 19, 2007. He was born March 14, 1935
to Paul C. and Ethel (Austin) Johnson, and he was a grandson of Pastor F. L. Austin and
brother of Louise Johnson Humphreys. He was married to Diane Staack. They had three
children, Dale, David, and Cheryl. Robert attended Oregon Bible College from the fall of
1953 to the spring of 1955. Robert worked in the General Conference print shop in
Oregon, IL for about 15 years.

                                  Meeting of Association

The Alumni Association will hold its annual meeting during the 87th annual summer
General Conference that will be held at the Cornerstone Bible Church, McDonough, GA
August 2 and 3. The Association will meet after the evening service on Friday, August 3.

The officers of the Association would like to propose several amendments to the
Constitution of the Association to be considered at the summer meeting.

Here are the proposed changes:

Article II – Membership, delete section 2: “Membership may be had by filling in of the
form provided by the Association for membership, and a three-fourths (3/4) majority vote
of those present at the regular meetings (Article IV, Section 1).

Article II – Membership, delete section 3: Membership Suspension: One’s membership
in Atlanta/Oregon Bible College Alumni association may be suspended upon ¾ vote of
members present; or inactivity (failure to pay dues, attend meetings when possible, or to
answer Alumni Correspondence) over a period of 3 years.”

Explanation: We believe that we should make it as easy as possible for someone to be a
member and we do not want to suspend anyone. Neither of these constitutional
provisions have been followed for many years.

Article III – Officers, we propose that under Section 1, that we add a sentence that says:
“The Secretary/Treasurer shall be a member of the Atlanta Bible College staff.”

Explanation: For a number of years, the funds of the Association have been deposited in
a bank account in Atlanta and receipts and disbursements have been handled by the
college staff. Since many members are accustomed to sending contributions to Atlanta,
it is easier to have dues sent to Atlanta. Also, having a staff member as an officer helps
to keep a close working relationship between the Association and the college.

Article III, Section 4c - duties of officers, for the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer, we
propose: “The Secretary/Treasurer will record minutes of meetings and distribute them
to the membership; be in charge of publishing a newsletter; and collect dues and
administer the financial obligations of the Association and assist fellow-officers where

Explanation: This revision adds the duties of recording and distributing the minutes and
being in charge of publishing a newsletter.

Article IV – Business Meeting – change “two business meetings” per year to “one
business meeting.” Meetings have not been held during the Ministerial Conference for
many years. One meeting per year seems sufficient to conduct the business of the

At this point the officers are not proposing to make any special provision for graduates of
the Korean extension or for other international students. These individuals who meet the
requirements for membership are certainly invited to attend meetings of the association
and to be active, even though the language barrier may pose a problem for some, and
distance will pose a problem for others.

In addition to action on the proposed Constitutional changes at the meeting, a vote will be
taken for Vice President. The term of Vice President Merry Peterson will expire at this
Conference. The Constitution does not prevent officers from succeeding themselves.

We hope to see you at the summer Conference.

                               Distance Learning Courses

Over the past few years, Atlanta Bible College has developed a substantial number of
Distance Learning courses for those who are unable to take courses on the campus. The
charge for the DL courses is the same as tuition for campus classes which is currently
$149 per semester hour. There is an additional DL fee of $20 per course for the postage
and handling of materials.

Most of the courses consist of DVDs of classroom instruction. Students view the
presentations and do the same assignments that are expected of campus students,
including mid term and final exams.

Several former students have completed an Associates or Bachelors degree by taking DL
courses to fulfill academic requirements.

The following courses are currently available:

       B111DL - Old Testament Survey I (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - DVDs
       B112DL - Old Testament Survey II (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - DVDs
       B113DL - New Testament Survey I (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Buzzard) – DVDs
       B114DL - New Testament Survey II (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Buzzard) – DVDs
       B161DL - Basic Bible Doctrine (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Buzzard)--Video/Internet/E-mail
       B221DL - Pentateuch (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - DVDs/E-mail
       B222DL - History and Major Prophets (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin)--Videos/Internet/E-mail
       B224DL - History and Minor Prophets (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin)--Videos/Internet/E-mail
       B242DL - Gospel of John (2 Sem. Hrs) (Buzzard)--Videos/Internet/E-mail
       B342DL - Acts (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Krogh) - Reading/Writing Assignments
       B461DL - Church Fathers and Conditional Immortality (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Roller) DVDs
       B470DL - Evangelical Theology (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - DVDs/E-mail
       M112DL - Introduction to Ministry/Leadership (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Cheatwood) DVDs
       M121DL – Christian Education Principles/Practice (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Rebekah Martin)
       M141DL - Principles of Church Growth, Evangelism and Discipling (2 Sem. Hrs.)
             (Krogh) Videos/Workbooks
       M/B230DL - Apologetics (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Finnegan) - DVDs/E-mail

        M242DL - Evangelism and Missions (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Krogh) - Videos/Internet/E-mail
        M281DL - Mission Perspectives (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - Reading/Workbook
        M362DL – New Testament Preaching (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Martin) - DVDs
        M372DL - Church Leadership (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Riley) DVDs
        M384DL - Small Group Ministry (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Krogh) Videos/Workbooks/Readings
        M443DL – Church Planting (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Krogh) – Tapes/Workbook
        M473DL - Pastoral/Church Leadership and Administration (Martin) (2 Sem. Hrs.) DVDs
        G181DL - Personal Finance (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Krogh) Videos/Workbook/Internet/E-mail
        G261DL – Greek I (2 Sem. Hrs.) (Buzzard) DVDs
        G271DL - Church History I (3 Sem. Hrs.) (Graham) DVDs

If you have an interest in taking DL courses, please contact Registrar David Krogh.

                                   Missing Members

Thanks to all who sent information about our missing alumni association members.
There are still some addresses needed. If you know the address of any of the following or
know someone that we could contact to secure the information, please send it to David
Krogh. Thanks.

Ryan Allgood, Kathy Arnold, Brent Bengtson, Wilma Blackburn, Roy Bonek, Sandra
New, Dennis Brown, Mary Beth Buckner, Susan Campbell, Russell Conley, Jane Cupp,
Eric Dance, Jody Draper, Arlene Ekholm, Rhonda Ford, Sarah Gann, Tamy Gibson, Toni
Graves, Mike Harrolle, Lisa Hawkins, Michael Holsinger, Donna Kennedy, David
Landry, Chris Lucas, Eryka Lundquist, Jim Magaw, Sidney Magaw, Steve Mathews,
Orris Mills, Wendy Morrison, Sharon Norment, Dawn Nourelbikri, Jonathon Poole,
Vicki Rabenberg, Debbie Schmidlapp, and Kenneth Taylor.

                                    Email Addresses

Thanks to all who sent us your email address. We have created an email contact list, and
if you received this newsletter by regular mail that means we still need your email
address. Please send it to Association Secretary-Treasurer David Krogh at dkrogh@abc-

If you have information that you would like to share about yourself or another member of
the Association, please send it to David by email or by regular mail to Box 100,000,
Morrow, GA 30260.

                  Box 100,000, Morrow, GA 30260; Phone 404-362-0052
President: Rob Bernheisel         985-386-6056                 E-mail:
Vice President: Merry Peterson    509-662-3865               E-mail:
Sec-Treas: David Krogh             404-362-0052                 E-mail: