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									REL 212                                 SYLLABUS FOR THE NEW TESTAMENT                                           Elder Stephan
Fall 2006                                        (Acts - Revelations)                               Office: STC Interview Room
                                                                                                               Phone: 293-6125

                  The second part of the New Testament helps us to understand how Jesus’ teachings were spread, the
          church strengthened in the face of persecution, and how the church triumphed as long as it followed direction
          from the resurrected Christ and the Holy Spirit through the apostles. Basic principles of truth applied to specific
          problems and challenges in New Testament times provide us with insight that is applicable in our lives today. In
          that sense then, this course presents us with a unique opportunity to improve our “walk and talk,” and, in fact, to
          understand more clearly how to have a greater abundance of peace and happiness in this life and be better
          prepared for eternal life to come.


    1. To gain a greater understanding of the acts of the apostle in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and establishing
       numerous braches of his church.
    2. To become acquainted with the revelatory writings of Paul the Apostle.
    3. To better understand how the early church coped with pagan and Jewish thought, the Roman government,
       Hellenistic society, and agnosticism.
    4. To apply the teachings of the second part of the New Testament to our lives.

    1. Scriptures; The King James Version of the Holy Bible (Bring to class)
    2. The New Testament Student Manual for Rel 324-325, The Life and Teachings of Jesus & His Apostles


    1.    Study the assigned readings carefully.
    2.    Take useful notes and record personal insights.
    3.    Turn in two key ideas and one test question and answer each class period.
    4.    Take three exams on readings and class discussions.
    4.    Participate in class discussions.
    5.    Avoid arriving late or leaving early as it disturbs others and the sequence of ideas being discussed. Also, avoid
          working on assignments or reading material not associated with this class.
    6.    Avoid missing classes as almost every class has a discussion or application of an important aspect of the gospel.
    7.    This course has no “extra assignments” for credit.
    8.    Honesty and integrity.
    9.    No food or cell phones in class. Dress standards and Honor Code will be observed.
    10.   Write a carefully documented, five page final paper explaining some important concepts that you have learned
          from your readings and our discussions of the second part of the New Testament.


                In this class, students and teacher will discuss aspects of all readings assigned from each class period. To
          encourage student reading, thinking, and inspiration, would you please write an idea which impresses you from
          the assigned reading in the Bible and another idea that impresses you from the assigned reading in the Student
          Manual reading assignment. Number them one, and two. Finally write one examination question and the answer
          based on either of the two readings. In summary, you will have three brief items to turn in for each class period.
                Turn in you papers at the beginning of each class period so they will not be marked “late.” These reading
          responses will be read and recorded but not returned to you.
E. COMPUTING OF FINAL GRADE:                                                            GRADING SCALE:

       Attendance…………………………………………...……                                  10%        93.3% = A     73.3% = C
       Participation…………...………………………………….                               10%        90.0% = A-    70.0% = C-
       Reading Reports………………………………………….                                 10%        86.6% = B+    66.6% = D+
       Final Paper……………………………………………….                                   10%        83.3% = B     63.3% = D
       EXAMS……………………………………………………                                        60%        80.0% = B-    60.0% = D-
                                                                                   76.6% = C+    BELOW = F


    1. Students will learn the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and apply them to life's situations.
    2. Students will develop a testimony of Jesus Christ, His Church, and His leaders on earth.
    3. Students will commit to live a righteous and chaste life.


Brigham Young University-Hawai'i is committed to providing a working and learning atmosphere, which reasonably
accommodates qualified persons with disabilities. If you have any disability that may impair your ability to complete this
course successfully, please contact the students with Special Need Coordinator, Leilani A'una at 293-3518. Reasonable
academic accommodations are reviewed for all students who have qualified documented disabilities. If you need
assistance or if you feel you have been unlawfully discriminated against on the basis of disability, you may seek
resolution through established grievance policy and procedures. You should contact the Human Resource Services at


Title IX of the education amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination against any participant in an educational
program or activity that receives federal funds, including Federal loans and grants. Title IX also covers student-to-student
sexual harassment. If you encounter unlawful sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination, please contact the
Human Resource Services at 780-8875 (24 hours).
REL 212 (TTH)                         CORRELATED READING AND DISCUSSION GUIDE                       Elder Stephan
FALL 2006                                      THE NEW TESTAMENT II                            (Acts - Revelations)
DATE                                          SCRIPTURE         LESSON                                      PAGE

AUG    31                        **INTRODUCTION**                  **                                         **
SEPT   05       Acts 1-8                                           29                                      241-250
Thr    07       Acts 9, 10-13                                     30-31                                    251-262
Tue    12       Acts 14-18                                         32                                      263-272
Thr    14       I, II Thessalonians                                33                                      273-280
Tue    19       Acts 18-21, I Corinthians 1-3                      34                                      281-286
Thr    21       I Corinthians 4-11, 12-16                         35-36                                    287-300
Tue    26       II Corinthians 1-13                                37                                      301-307
THR    28                             **FIRST-EXAM**               **             **IN CLASS**                **
OCT    03       Correct/Elaborate 1 Exam

Thr    05       Galatians 1-6                                      38                                      308-315
Tue    10       Romans 1-8                                        39-40                                    316-330
Thr    12       Romans 9-16                                        41                                      331-340
Tue    17       Acts 21-28, Colossians                             42                                      341-348
Thr    19   Ephesians, Philemon                                    43                                      349-359
Tue    24       Philippians, I Timothy, II Timothy                44-45                                    360-380
Thr    26       Hebrews 1-7                                        46                                      381-388
TUE    31                            **SECOND-EXAM**               **             **IN CLASS**                **
NOV    02       Correct/Elaborate 2 Exam

Tue    07       Hebrews 8-10                                       47                                      389-394
Thr    09       Hebrews 11-13                                      48                                      395-406
Tue    14       James 1-5, I Peter                                49-50                                    407-420
Thr    16       II Peter                                           51                                      421-428
Tue    21       I John                                             52                                      429-434
THR    23                                  ** HOLIDAY **           **        ** THANKSGIVING **               **
Tue    28       II John, III John, Revelations 1-10               53-54                                    435-456
Thr    30       Revelations 11-18, 19-22                          55-56                                    457-473
DEC    05                             **THRID-EXAM**               **             **IN CLASS**                **

WED    07                       ** FINAL PAPER DUE **              **     Correct/Elaborate 3rd Exam          **

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