Mobilization And Deployment Preparations Guide by fionan


                                                YOUR WILL AND TESTAMENT
            And Deployment
          Preparations Guide              A last will and testament is a legal
                                          declaration as to the manner in which
                                          you would like to have your property or
This guide should be used to prepare      estate disposed of after your death.
soldiers and families for                 This document can also name someone to
mobilization/deployment. Additionally,    serve as legal guardian for your minor
soldiers and families should be offered   children and to serve as your personal
informational briefings to include, but   representative to settle the affairs of
not limited to:                           your estate. You may consult an
                                          attorney during pre-mobilization legal
•   DEERS/RAPIDS                          counseling to determine whether you
•   Health Benefits                       should have a will. It may be
•   Available Financial Assistance        important to have a will regardless of
•   Available Legal Assistance            your military, financial, or marital
                                          status. Remember, wills can usually be
•   Soldier and Family Sponsorship
                                          changed very easily. You should see
•   Family Readiness Groups               your attorney about preparing or
                                          changing your will or your spouse’s
Leaving your family, your home, your      will. Your attorney and you should
employment, and your property can         consider the effects of your state’s
create enormous financial, legal, and     laws concerning estate planning.
personal complications, unless adequate
records and documents are established           YOUR SPOUSE’S WILL AND TESTAMENT
and safeguarded. Maintaining personal
records are important to you, not only
                                               POWER OF ATTORNEY
for mobilization. They should be kept
in a safe place, readily available to
you, and in your absence to your          A Power of Attorney is a legal
spouse, next of kin, or executor. It      instrument, which gives another person
is recommended that you use this          the authority to act for you in matters
checklist to record information or list   relating to your responsibilities and
where your documents are kept.            obligations. You may consult with an
                                          attorney during pre-mobilization legal
For your family members to obtain         counseling to determine if you should
identification cards and legal            have a power of attorney prepared.
benefits, you must provide those          This power of attorney may be signed at
documents indicated by an asterisk (*)    the time of mobilization giving someone
to your unit upon request or on           you trust the authority to act for you
mobilization. The documents should be     in your absence in matters relating to
located now and kept available at all     your responsibilities and legal
times.                                    obligations. Your attorney can advise
                                          you concerning this “power of

                                                BIRTH CERTIFICATES

                                          * Certified copies of birth
                                          certificates for your children. (Pre-
                                          enrollment in DEERS will delete this

The records and documents listed in the         GUARDIANSHIP DOCUMENTS
remainder of this pamphlet are not all
inclusive. Some have short                * Adoption or legal guardianship
explanations and others are named to      documents.
assist you and your dependents.
                                                 MARRIAGE LICENSE

                                          * Certified copies of your marriage
                                          license or certificate. (This document
Annex M                                   is required to obtain dependent ID

Names and addresses of fraternal or       All documents relating to your
service organizations, with a list of     financial obligations concerning the
benefits receivable from membership.      purchase or rental of real property to
Upon mobilization, you may want to        include leases, rental contracts,
arrange suspension of membership dues.    purchase contracts, installments, sales
                                          contracts, copies of notes payable, and
       HOME IMPROVEMENTS                  copies of payment and date schedules
                                          where appropriate. If you lease your
All evidence relating to home             home or business property, upon
improvements or real property value       mobilization you may want to consider
enhancement.                              canceling the lease or renegotiating it
                                          to include subletting options.
                                                 OTHER ASSESTS
Deeds or other title documents to real
estate and real property, to include      Stocks, bonds (together with buy-and-
mortgages, deeds of trust, abstracts of   sell orders); certificate of deposit;
title (and the names and addresses of     savings account passbooks; notes
the holders of such deeds and             receivable; and other evidence of
abstracts), title insurance policies,     ownership of real, intangible, personal
and copies of notes payable relating to   income-producing property should be
the property. It may be wise to have      kept together, identified, and
at least your home (and perhaps other     maintained in your safe deposit box or
property) owned jointly with your         elsewhere as recommended by your
spouse for estate and tax purposes.       lawyer. Coupon bonds should be
However, you should consult with a        exchanged for registered bonds, if
lawyer before establishing joint          possible. These items should be
ownership of housing. Under current       matters of discussion in preparing your
tax law, if you sell your home and        will. Consider naming a custodian or
don’t acquire another within 18 months,   trustee(s) to handle income, who will
there may be capital gain consequences    determine the purchase or sale of
if your home is valued at more than you   assets for your account and
paid for it. Be aware that 26 USC 1034    instructions relating to keeping you
(h) extends this period up to 4 years,    informed of activity.
with limited exception. Thus, it’s
important for you to keep all records            OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY
pertaining to home improvements,
modernization, or landscaping, etc.,      All copies of bills of sale of major
all of which are part of your cost        items of personal property not
basis.                                    otherwise included in above paragraphs.


Certificates of title, registration,      Business agreements to include
warranties, and tax receipts for          partnership documents, agency or sales
automobiles, boats, recreational          contracts, royalties or residual
vehicles, and other personal property.    agreements, and employment contracts.
The names of the persons entitled to      If you’re self-employed, active files
your car should be shown on your          and accounts should be well organized
certificate of title. You should          and someone should be named to take
determine the disposition to be made of   over on mobilization. Include Business
your car upon your mobilization. If       Care Plans for Health Care
the car is to be kept but not used for    Professionals. On mobilization, you
business purposes, discuss possible       should consider notifying customers and
premium reduction with your insurance     suppliers of any change of address to
agent. If upon mobilization, contract     which remittance, orders, invoices,
purchase payments cannot be made, see     etc. will be delivered.
paragraph 4.3 DA Pamphlet 27-166
(Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief             OTHER BUSINESS INTERESTS
                                          Evidence of beneficial interest in any
                                          business or joint venture.
       OTHER DOCUMENTS                           INCOME TAX RECORDS

Copies of all documents designating you   Copies of your Federal and State income
as an executor or a trustee.              tax records for the last five years.


Copies of military and other employment   Copies of insurance policies including
records.                                  life, home, auto, liability, credit
                                          life, health, and disability with a
       PARENT INFORMATION                 list of effective premium dates, agents
                                          of record and the home office address
Full legal names, places and dates of     for each insuring company. Keep your
birth, and location of marriage record    policies in one place with a cover
of your parents.                          list. Check the policies with your
                                          insurance advisors and review them to
       LIST OF HOME ADDRESSES             see whether they give adequate
                                          coverage, list dates, and provide for
Chronological list of your places of      payments of premiums upon your
residence (including dates).              mobilization. Certain commercial life
                                          insurance policies payments may be
       PERSONAL SCHOOL HISTORY            covered under Federal law. See
                                          paragraphs 5.1 through 5.10, DA
Names and addresses of schools you        Pamphlet 27-166 (Soldiers’ and Sailors’
attended, with dates of attendance, and   Civil Relief Act).
graduation or enrollment date.
                                                 BANKING INFORMATION
                                          List of names, addresses, and account
This could include a Birth Certificate,   numbers of your saving and loan
Passport, Certificate of Naturalization   associations, banks, trust or holding
or Alien Registration Card.               accounts, safe deposit boxes, and
                                          institutions holding certificates of
       DIVORCE PAPERS                     deposit on file in your name. Upon
                                          mobilization, you might consider making
Copies of divorce or annulment decrees    joint bank and savings accounts with
from prior marriages (you and your        your spouse or parents and you should
present spouse) with documents relative   notify the institutions where to send
to alimony and child support. Decide      statements.
what effects your orders to duty would
have on alimony or child support                 EMPLOYER INFORMATION
payments which may or may not have been
addressed in divorce, legal separation,   Name and address of employers with a
annulment, child support, and property    list of employment benefits such as
settlement decrees and consider           dependent health care, pension, or
amending the decrees as they may          profit sharing plans. Upon receiving
pertain to your circumstances upon        alert for mobilization, you will want
mobilization.                             to discuss with your employer, your
                                          intention to return to work after
       DEATH CERTIFICATES                 completion of military duty. Legal
                                          reemployment rights are described in DA
Certified copies of death certificates    Pamphlet 135.2 (Briefing on
of members of your immediate family.      Reemployment Rights of Members of the
                                          Army National Guard and the US Army
        SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS           Reserve).

A list of social security numbers for            PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS
you, your spouse, children, and other
family members.                           Name and address of union or
                                          professional association (e.g. Bar
        CREDIT CARD ACCOUNTS              Association) and date of
                                          union/association membership, together
A list of all credit card accounts,       with evidence of membership and status.
account numbers, and mailing addresses.   Upon mobilization membership dues may
                                          be suspended or adjusted.

* If you have an unmarried child over            HEALTH RECORDS
21, who is incapable of self-support
because of mental or physical             Record of your health history to
incapacity that existed before age 21,    include a record of past illnesses or
the following is needed: Statement        injuries with names and addresses of
from a licensed physician certifying      doctors and hospitals.
medical condition, which includes
whether condition is temporary or                VOTER REGISTRATION
permanent. If temporary, physician
should estimate the expected length of    Address of your registrar of voter.
incapacity. Documentation must be         After mobilization you will want to
forwarded to DFAS for determination.      arrange for absentee ballots to be sent
                                          to your military address by sending the
      CHILDREN’S SCHOOL DOCUMENTATION     registrar on SF-76 (Application for
                                          Absentee Ballot).
* Name and location of places where
unmarried children (including adopted            RECORD OF TAXING AUTHORITIES
or stepchildren) over 21, but under 23
years of age, are enrolled in a full-     Record the addresses of all taxing
time course of instruction. (This         authorities (county assessor, IRS,
information will be required to obtain    State income tax, motor vehicles,
dependent ID cards.) If you’re paying     etc.). Upon mobilization you will want
tuition for your spouse or family         to ensure that all taxes are paid to
members on mobilization, you will want    date, and notify the taxing authorities
to determine what arrangements can be     where further tax bills should be sent.
made for tuition abatement or financial   Extension of time to pay certain taxes
assistance. You must also have            may be granted under the Soldier’s and
documentation to verify attendance at     Sailor’s Civil Relief Act.
the appropriate school/institution.
School documentation is a letter from            OTHER IMPORTANT CONTACTS
the registrar or other officials
stating student is enrolled full time     List the names and addresses of all
(12 credit hours per semester for         special persons (family, lawyer,
undergraduate, 9 for graduate) and        business associates, etc.) who are not
expected date of graduation.              listed elsewhere. Upon mobilization
                                          you may desire to mail them a change of
      CUSTODY ORDERS/PREVIOUS MARRIAGE    address notification.
* Copy of any court order giving you             BURIAL INSTRUCTIONS
legal custody of any children from a
previous marriage. (This document will    You should consider recording specific
be required to obtain dependent ID        instructions regarding the place and
cards).                                   manner of burial in the event of your
                                          death. Upon mobilization such
       CUSTODY ORDERS/OTHER CHILDREN      instructions should be left with your
                                          spouse or family.
* For illegitimate children, copy of a
court order naming you the natural               IMPORTANT DOCUMENT STORAGE
parent of the child, a copy of the
court decision that you contribute to     You should consult with a lawyer about
the child’s support. (This document       the advisability of storing important
will be required to obtain dependent ID   documents and small items in a safety
cards.)                                   deposit box.

* All family members 10 years of age or
older must obtain an ID card for          THERE IS A SYSTEM IN PLACE TO
medical, dental, PX, commissary and       ASSIST FAMILIES, PLEASE USE IT !
other military privileges.                    Families Serve Too !


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