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Holland Elementary School Newsletter Safflower Oiil

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									             Holland Elementary School Newsletter
                                 School activities as reported by

                                  We are learning shapes and colors. My favorite part of the day is
Principal’s Desk                 Music & Movement. I love to sing and dance.

We have started strong with                                            As reported by Chance Carlson
a wonderful staff and eager
students. We have a long         PPCD
history of creating high
                                   We have been learning about feelings and our new friends this
expectations for the students
                                 month. We are learning not to share our germs. I like my new
and sometimes people feel
                                 friends and getting to see my old friends since we came back to
they are unrealistic. All
                                 school. I am really looking forward to our field trip to the park.
students can reach these
                                 That will be so much fun!
goals through hard work and
quality support from the                                           As reported by Amanda Ainsworth
family and school. Please
continue to discuss concerns     Pre-Kindergarten
with teachers as they arise so
                                  AM Class-
we can work together to
provide the best learning          I like singing about the Itsy – Bitsy spider. We are talking about
experience. We want parents      the letter “a”, so we sang about alligators. I like to play in centers.
to understand all of the         My favorite center is playing dress-up. I like to cook food, too. I
processes that we use to         also like to color.
reach our goals. Thank for
your continued support.                                                 As reported by Elizabeth Baize

Shane Downing                     PM Class-

                                   I like working in centers. My favorite is the block center. We get
                                 to build cool stuff. We’re talking about the letter “a”. I liked
                                 making an astronaut in outer space.

                                                                         As reported by Kyleah Brown

                                 PTO News

                                 Welcome back to school Hornets. PTO is off to a good start
                                 this year. If you are interested in becoming an active part of
            Holland Elementary School Newsletter
our organization, please                                               As reported by Aydin Keating
fill out a volunteer form.
                                Mrs. Evan’s Kindergarten Class
We welcome all who
would like to participate.        I have learned about the letters”Ff” AND “Tt”. I have learned the
There are a few new             words I and to. I like doing my homework. In P.E., we play Freeze
things that we would like       Tag and Sharks and Minnows, I really like that. I also enjoy going to
to make you aware of this       computers. I like kindergarten.
year. We will no longer be                                              As reported by Julianna Felix
collecting Nestle Go Play
water labels; the offer         Mrs. D. Gilley’s Kindergarten Class
from Nestle has expired.        We color, make books, and do the news. We are learning the
We are still accepting box      words is and the. In P.E., we exercise and play Sharks and
tops and Campbell’s soup        Minnows. In art, we made Hornet puppets for the pep rally. Today
labels. Thanks to all of you    we get to go to computers.
who are faithful in your
                                                                         As reported by Emily Dague
donations. Holland PTO is
proud to announce that          Mrs. Diab’s First Grade Class
our group now has its own
                                  First grade is easy and fun! We’ve been reading books. We go to
email account! Our email
                                the library. We go to reading lab. We made a volcano in science.
is hollandpto@gmail.com         We play on the playground at recess and do exercises and games
if you are interested in        in P.E. In music, we sing Ali- Ali-ooh.
receiving emails from PTO
please email                                                          As reported by Xavior Carranza

Mrs. Cheek’s Kindergarten       Mrs. Frei’s First Grade Class
                                 We talked about plants and how they grow. In science lab, we
 We are learning about the      made a volcano. Last week, we drank
letter “t”. Don’t slide
backward. In P.E., we learned
how to play Sharks and          us so that your name can be added to our contact list.
Minnows and we do push-
ups. In computer, we played
Mars Moose 1, Mars Moose
2 and Mars Moose 3. We are      Holland Health Clinic
learning colors in Spanish
and we saw Ms. Felix’s pig.     All students’ vaccines must be up to date before October 1st.
We learned the Holland          Appointments can be made at the Health Center by calling
Hornet song in music.
            Holland Elementary School Newsletter
657-2839. Cost will be $5       fun and sat in the reading lab. I science, we’ve been doing
for one vaccine and $10         experiments with heat and melting. We even got to make hot
for more than one. We           chocolate! We are writing in journals and going to the reading lab.
accept Medicaid.                This week we learned how to play Die-namite Spelling. We are
                                drawing pictures for math stories and counting pennies. We do
Reminders                       exercises in P.E. and play games like Freeze Tag. We are doing
                                computer games in computer lab.
October 19th- Parent
                                                                As reported by Mackenzie Houston
family Night in the
Cafeteria-Free Meal
                                Mrs. Doskocil’s Second Grade Class
October 31 – Fall Carnival
                                 We are adding and doing Mad Minute in math. You only get one
                                minute! We are playing writing games like “Go Fish” and “Battle”.
                                We read A.R. books. All the kids have their pictures in the hall but
                                two. Second grade is harder than first grade and we get more
                                homework. I like to play with my friends on the playground. We
                                now have Hermit crabs from Mrs. Doskocil’s friend.

                                                                As reported by Christopher Walker

                                Mrs. Johnson’s Second Grade Class
hot chocolate; we talked
                                  We have been reading our books twice and taking tests. We
about solids (marshmallows
                                learned about “a” and “i”. In “ai”, “a” says its name and “i” is
and coca mix) and liquid
                                silent. We cut them out and glued them
(water). In reading lab, we
are reading books and           Health Tip:
playing letter games. In
math, we use geo boards. I      A well-oiled plan to avoid trans fats
like to go to computers. Last   Checked your oil lately? While a small amount of the
Friday, we ate breakfast with   trans fat we eat is found
our grandparents and had a      naturally in animal foods, the majority of the trans fat in
party.                          our diet comes from the
                                addition of hydrogen to liquid oils, making them more
      As reported by Blazely    solid—the process called
                    Wooley      hydrogenation. The consumption of trans fat and
                                saturated fat raises low-density
Mrs. Lum’s First Grade Class    lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol—also known as “bad
                                cholesterol” and increases
 We are learning about short    your risk of heart disease.
vowel words in spelling like    To keep your engine running smoothly:
              Holland Elementary School Newsletter
• Choose   liquid                                                            As reported by Kristen Yung
vegetable oils that are
high in unsaturated fats,          Mrs. Isbel’s Third Grade Class
such as
canola, corn, olive,                 In third grade, we are learning about prefixes and story
peanut, safflower,                 elements. In math, we are learning about missing addends, fact
sesame, soybean and                families, and reading clock infractions. In writing, we are learning
sunflower                          where to put the punctuation. In P.E., we are doing exercises. We
oils.                              made a Hornet pin in art. That is what I am doing in third grade.
• Buy margarine made
with unsaturated liquid                                                   As reported by Sarah Baggerly
vegetable oils as the
first                              Mrs. Marshall’s Third Grade Class
ingredient. Choose soft
tub or liquid margarine              In Mrs. Moon’s spelling class, we made telescopes. In art, we
or vegetable oil spreads.          made Hornet badges to wear to the pep rallies and football games.
                                   In math, we’re practicing telling time with Mrs. Marshall.

                                                                            As reported by Clara Steglich

on paper. We practice our          Mrs. Moon’s Third Grade Class
numbers. We are adding and
                                    In art, we are making spirit buttons. In P.E., we are exercising,
taking away. We studied
                                   playing games and running. In Spanish, we are learning Spanish
time. We learned about
                                   words. In writing, we play spelling basketball, work on poetry
matter. We learned solid,
                                   folders and read A.R. books.
liquid, and gas. Water is
liquid. We do exercises. We
draw. We play games on the         • Limit butter, lard, fatback and solid shortenings. They
computers. We do Spanish.          are high in saturated
                                   fat and cholesterol.
       As reported by Jaddin       • Buy light or nonfat mayonnaise and salad dressing
                     Barrera       instead of the regular
                                   kinds which are high in fat. For example, two
Mrs. Ramthun’s Second              tablespoons of regular Italian
Grade Class                        dressing can add as many as 14 grams of fat.
                                   Keep your health in high gear by creating a nutrition
 In art, we’ve been making         plan with Eat Right, one of
Hornet tags to wear to the         the many wellness tools available through the Personal
pep rally. I like to play Sharks   Health Manager. Find
and Minnows. In class, we          this and other helpful resources by visiting Blue Access®
have been working on A.R.          for Members at
We have been working on
                                   Source: National Heart Blood and Lung Institute
our handwriting and learning       47948.0507TX
how to be good writers.            A Division of Health Care Service Corporation, a Mutual Legal Reserve
                                   Company, an Independent Licensee
              Holland Elementary School Newsletter
of the Blue Cross and Blue         In science, we are working with triple beam balance and learning
Shield Association
                                 mass, measuring with candy bars and using calculators. In writing,
                                 we are working on our DOL and learning our spelling words, plus
                                 our sentences and we are learning nouns. In math, we are doing
                                 power-up work sheets and learning place value with our math
                                 books, and we got new binders. In reading, we are reading Cricket
                                 in Times Square and doing target reading. And we are doing
                                 vocabulary. In social studies, we are reading weekly readers
                                 newspapers. In P.E., we are doing our marathon and learning new
                                 exercises. We are playing new games that they teach us. In band,
                                 we are learning new notes and sounding them with our hands and
In reading, we take reading
                                 big toes and buying new things from Mrs. Kriscky.
test, learn about story
elements, and play popcorn                                                As reported by Zoe Spinn
reading. In math, we take
test; learn about number         Mrs. Parmer’s Fourth Grade Class
lines, and telling time. In
                                  We’ve been doing math, reading, writing, and science labs. We
computer, we are learning
                                 have been going to P.E. and doing
the keyboard.

As reported by Sienna Taylor

Mrs. Allen’s Fourth Grade

  In science, we’re learning
about mass and matter.
We’re reading The Cricket in
Times Square in our reading
class with Mrs. Allen. In
math, we’re reviewing things
we learned in third grade.
We are playing games and
running track in P.E. In A.R.,
I’ve been getting some really
good books.

         As reported by Tyler

Mrs. Chaney’s Fourth Grade
             Holland Elementary School Newsletter
                                                                          As reported by Sissy Brown

                                  Mrs. Malone’s Fifth Grade Class

                                    In math, we are multiplying. In science, we are doing
                                  experiments. In reading, we are reading A Wrinkle in Time. In
                                  social studies, we are learning about other states. In language arts,
                                  we are doing vocabulary. In P.E., we are running track. In band, we
                                  are about to play our instruments.

                                                                           As reported by Caleb Allen

fun stuff and exercises. We
play on the playground. My
favorite class is science
because of the cool labs.

      As reported by Nathan

Mrs. Lynn’s Fifth Grade Class

  We are doing exercises and
learning a cheer in P.E. We
are learning the notes in
band. And we have been
learning stuff that we
learned last year, in math,
we are learning about the
earth’s layers in science. That
is what we have been doing
this month!
Holland Elementary School Newsletter

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