Cease and Desist letter for Canadian residents by Skydiver069

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									                                                                                                            Joe Smith
                                                                                                        123 YXZ Lane
                                                                                                        City, Province
                                                                                                          Postal Code

                                                    Without Prejudice



Creditor's Collection Agency
City, Province
Postal Code
Tel: #
Fax: #

Delivery Method:                By Fax

Reference # ………


Pursuant to my rights under Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs Harmonized List of Prohibted
Collection Practices, revised April 25, 2003, I am requesting that your office staff and any of
its affiliates, cease and desist all attempts to communicate with any 3rd party (eg. my Family,
Friends and/or Associates, etc.) with respect to Reference # …….; this is in addition to limiting
any future communication with myself to regular postal mail.

Furthermore, your office has yet to supply me with documentation supporting proof of this alleged
debt; therefore, I dispute the debt in question and feel that it would be beneficial to all parties if
your client would initiate legal proceedings. Should your client wish to discuss the matter with me
before filing a suit, have a member of THEIR office contact me directly.


Joe Smith

Document Notes:

      1.   This is formatted for Canada as of Summer 2010.

      2.   Requesting that the creditor initiate legal action ends all communications from the C/A's.

      3.   Do not sign the letter. This is not required.

      4.   Send via Fax or Registered mail to ensure receipt.

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