Letter-Writing Letters Home by lauraarden


									                                    Letters Home Rubric

         Teacher Name: Ms. Millard & Ms. Webb

         Student Name:   ________________________________________

  CATEGORY           4                        3                       2                         1
Content              The letter contains at   The letter contains 3-4 The letter contains 1-2 The letter contains no
Accuracy             least 5 accurate facts   accurate facts about    accurate facts about    accurate facts about
                     about the topic.         the topic.              the topic.              the topic.

Ideas                Ideas were expressed     Ideas were expressed    Ideas were somewhat       The letter seemed to
                     in a clear and           in a pretty clear       organized, but were       be a collection of
                     organized fashion. It    manner, but the         not very clear. It took   unrelated sentences. It
                     was easy to figure out   organization could      more than one reading     was very difficult to
                     what the letter was      have been better.       to figure out what the    figure out what the
                     about.                                           letter was about.         letter was about.

Length               The letter is 10 or      The letter is 8-9       The letter is 5-7         The letter is less than
                     more sentences.          sentences.              sentences.                5 sentences.

Envelope             Complete, accurate       Complete, accurate      1-2 errors in return      Addresses are
                     return address and       return address and      address. Recipient        incomplete and/or
                     recipient address.       recipient address.      address is correct.       inaccurate.
                     Addresses in correct     Position may be
                     positions.               slightly off.

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