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									Using This Template

This Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) sample provides the tools for you to be able to build a matrix showing the
different task roles and responsibilities resources have for a project they are working on.

Contents of the Template
This sample template opens the following standard Visio stencils:

         Document Stencil: This template contains some shapes that do not ship with Visio 2003 Standard. These
          shapes exist on one or more of the pages in the drawing, but they also exist on the template's Document
          Stencil. To open the Document Stencil to view these master shapes, from the File menu, select Shapes, and
          then select Show Document Stencil. From here, new shapes can be added to your drawing. You can also copy
          these shapes from the Document Stencil, and add them to your own new stencil. For more information on
          creating Visio stencils, please see Visio Help.

This sample contains the following pages:

         Page-1: This page shows a responsibility assignment matrix that was built using the Microsoft Solution
          Framework software application methodology.

Modifying the Sample Drawing
This template was put using new shapes that were built for this sample solution. Here is a list of the shapes, and how you
can work with each.

Grid Shapes
These shapes include the RAM Base, Resources, Tasks and Grid shapes. Use these shapes to build the overall structure of
your RAM drawing.

When each of these shapes is dropped on the page, you are prompted to choose the number of tasks and resource rows.
In the sample, the RAM Base that was used has 10 tasks and 8 resources defined. The rows that you do not need are
automatically hidden.

Each grid shape contains 100 connection points – one for each grid square. If you do not want to see the connection
points on your page, from the View menu, choose Connection Points to hide them from view. NOTE: Hiding connection
points from view does not disable their function.

Role and Responsibility Shapes
These shapes include the Participant, Accountable, Review Required, Input Required and Sign-off Required shapes. Use
these shapes to assign a role or responsibility to each task/ resource location.

These shapes have been specially built so you can easily glue them to connection points located in the middle of each
square in the grid. Once glued, you can move the Grid shape around, and the Role shapes will move with it.

The other feature the Role and Responsibility shapes have is being able to change their role/ responsibility type via a
right-mouse action (RMA) menu. Simply right-click on each shape, and choose one of the responsibility types in the list.
Once selected, the text for the shape changes to show the responsibility assignment.

For more information on connection points and shape glue, please refer to Visio Help.

Color Schemes
This sample was built to support Color Scheme functionality that Visio has. To change the color scheme for the first page,
right-click on the page and choose Color Schemes.

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