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 335 Sioux Point Road
Dakota Dunes, SD 57049

                        Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District
                           The local govern-     not allowed police powers and therefore           tract. These services are paid for by residen-
                           ment in Dakota        does not fund or operate a police force.          tial and commercial water and sewer fees.
                           Dunes is the          Police protection is provided by the Union        The CID is governed by a five member elect-
                           Dakota     Dunes      County Sheriffs Office and is paid for with       ed Board of Supervisors. Each member is
Community Improvement District or the            property taxes paid to the County. Dakota         elected to a six year term, which is staggered
CID. The CID is technically a sub-division of    Dunes CID does provide a security service         at two year intervals. Current Board mem-
Union County. It was formed under the            which is meant to monitor and patrol              bers include Ken Beaulieu, Chairman; Dennis
County portion of State law and functions        Dakota Dunes and work with the Sherriff's         Melstad, Treasurer; Julie Grajalva, Brad
similarly to a City government. The CID dif-     Office.                                           Anderson and Tom Kimmel. The day- to- day
fers from a City government in two major                                                           management of the CID is handled by the
ways. One, the CID cannot, by law, levy a        The CID is also responsible for potable water     District Manager Jeff Dooley who reports to
local sales tax. Goods purchased in Dakota       and sanitary sewer services within the geo-       the Board of Supervisors. The CID operates
Dunes are only subject to the state sales tax,   graphic boundaries of Dakota Dunes. The           with seven full time employees, five part
currently four percent, which State              CID has a water plant with the ability to treat   time and seven seasonal employees. The
Government uses to fund its operations.          approximately 2.3 million gallons per day         CID's main objective is to operate and main-
Since the CID does not have the sales tax        and also has a connection to the City of          tain Dakota Dunes basic infrastructure.
revenue stream of a city, our general fund       Sioux City's water system that allows us to
operations (streets, storm sewers and gener-     purchase up to an additional 2.7 million gal-
al maintenance) are funded only with prop-       lons per day. The community's wastewater
erty tax dollars. The second difference          is collected and pumped to the City of Sioux
between a CID and a city is that the CID is      City for treatment under a long term con-

     Building our Community... One Family at a Time.
4   DAKOTA DUNES NEWS    Winter 2009
                                                                                                   WINTER 2009
                                                                                                 Volume 1 • Issue 1
Dakota Dunes Launches Newsletter
     Welcome to the First Issue of Dakota Dunes News.
Welcome to the first issue of Dakota Dunes News. The Dakota Dunes News will be a quarter-
ly newsletter published by the Dakota Dunes Community Association in cooperation with the
Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District to inform residents and businesses of issues
important to Dakota Dunes. As a resident or business, you have made a choice to invest and
live in our community. The Dakota Dunes News is designed to provide you with information
relative to the function and operation of the various entities that make Dakota Dunes a great
place to live. The newsletter will include articles from the Dakota Dunes Community
Association, the Dakota Dunes Community Improvement District (local government), the
Design Review Committee, the Dakota Dunes Commercial Association and Dakota Dunes
Development Company. The newsletter will also have guest articles from the Dakota Valley

Emergency Services District, Dakota Valley School District and Union County. Topics will
range from covenants, design guidelines and ordinance enforcement to special events and
amenities offered in Dakota Dunes. Issue 1 will introduce you to the history of Dakota Dunes,
its organization, its management and objectives. We hope you enjoy the newsletter and look
forward to future issues.

Dakota Dunes is Twenty…And Growing                                                                    inside...
Arising from cornfields and sand dunes two decades ago, Dakota Dunes marked its 20th
anniversary in 2008.                                                                                  Design Review
Since announcement of the business and residential project on August 4, 1988, the master-
planned community has grown to include 77 companies providing more than 1,700 jobs,
1,024 home sites sold with 821 homes built, approximately 2,700 residents and 201 acres of           Dakota Dunes
commercial land sold.                                                                             Commercial Association
The Dakota Dunes location within South Dakota's favorable tax climate and its location adja-
cent to the Sioux City metro area provide a unique opportunity - the serenity and comfort of         Dakota Dunes
a small town with close proximity to the cultural, entertainment and retail environment of a      Community Association
metro area. Dakota Dunes and the state of South Dakota offer one of the top rated business
climates in the United States with no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no per-
sonal property tax, no business inventory tax and no inheritance tax. These are economic
savings that benefit businesses and residents year after year.

Construction of the 2,000-acre project began in 1989. A significant portion of the develop-

                                                                                                 on the back...
ment's core infrastructure costs was incurred during the first three years of the project with
                                                                         continued on page 2

                                                                                                      Dakota Dunes
                                                                                                   Improvement District
Twenty…And Growing                                 continued from page 1

private funds. These costs related to major         Townhomes and Condominiums.                          Square and has now grown into its own
thoroughfares within the project, water and         The Willows, The Glen and LaCosta offer              building.
sewer distribution lines, a water treatment         townhomes or condominiums within the
facility, a water tower, country club facilities    Country Club Estates neighborhood.                   A 7,000 SF building is near completion at the
and an 18-hole Arnold Palmer golf course.           Brookline offers town-                                                         corner of Dakota
The first commercial and residential lots           homes within The                                                               Dunes Boulevard
became available for sale in 1991.                  Prairie neighborhood.                 “Dakota Dunes                            and Sioux Point
                                                    As of December 31,                                                             Road. This facility
Business Dakota Dunes Development                   2008, building sites for       Development Company                             will be occupied by
Company (DDDC) is the master developer              up to 140 units have                                                           Mercy Dunes Family
for the community which involves design,            been developed with
                                                                                      has built a city from                        Medicine.
layout, marketing and construction of the           75 units completed.              scratch. We are proud
infrastructure, i.e., roads, water, and sewer.      Several units are under                                                        A 12,000 SF building
The 2,000-acre project includes residential         construction with a                  of this city called                       started construction
(447 saleable acres) and commercial (445            variety of price points                                                        in August 2008. This
saleable acres) land, two golf courses, grand       ranging from $180,000               Dakota Dunes                               facility is located on
entry features, lakes, parks and walking/bik-       to $535,000.                                                                   Tower Road adja-
ing trails located between the Big Sioux and                                         and we are excited to                         cent to the I-29
Missouri Rivers. DDDC established Dakota            Apartments. The                  continue to Build our                         south off-ramp to
Dunes Country Club (private Club), Two              Wellington at the                                                              Dakota Dunes. It will
Rivers Golf Club (public course), two associa-      Dunes, the Sterling                    Community…                              house a dentist
tions (enforcer of covenants and guideline          Green Estates, and                                                             office operated by
compliance) and the Dakota Dunes                                                                                                   Dr. Jeff Reinking.
                                                    Dakota           Prairie      One Family at a Time.”
Community Improvement District (the local           Apartments provide
government). These entities were estab-             354 apartment units.                                                           In May 2008, officials
lished to oversee the various aspects of the                                               Dennis Melstad, President,              from StoneyBrook
                                                    Monthly rent ranges              Dakota Dunes Development Company
project as DDDC completes the sales activity        from $610 to $1,145.                                                           Suites        Assisted
and exits the project.                                                                                                             Living announced
                                                    Five residential developments are in the             that they were expanding to Dakota Dunes.
Residential Product Lines Determining               construction process, including:                     StoneyBrook is constructing a 39,000 SF, 44-
the housing product mix within the master-          • A 24-unit townhome site on East                    unit assisted living complex on the west side
planned community has been an evolving                 Pinehurst                                         of Dakota Dunes Boulevard. The facility is
process. Initial efforts were focused on            • A 22-unit townhome site on Prairie                 scheduled to open in the spring of 2009.
developing country club lots only. In April            Boulevard
1992, DDDC announced plans for the devel-           • A 30-unit townhome site on Crooked                 A sixth commercial building, an 11,000 SF
opment of The Meadows. In September                    Tree Lane                                         office condo facility, is near completion on
1998, DDDC announced plans for the devel-           • Twelve single-family lots on East                  the west side of Sioux Point Road. The office
opment of The Prairie. Dakota Dunes offers             Sawgrass Trail                                    condo includes the Crary, Huff, Inkster,
five distinct residential product lines for cus-    • Forty-seven single-family lots on                  Sheehan, Riggenberg, Hartnett and Storm,
tomers.                                                Spanish Bay.                                      P.C. law firm, Heartland Chiropractic
                                                                                                         Associates, Edward Jones, and Jeff
The Prairie. The Prairie offers single-family       Dakota Dunes also experienced exceptional            Hemmingsen, DDS.
homes starting at around $165,000. The              business growth in 2008. Malloy Electric is
development of The Prairie marked the first         constructing a new state-of-the-art industri-        Each of these businesses - and dozens of
time at Dakota Dunes that land was sold in          al service center. Construction of the 66,000        others who have operations at Dakota
bulk to an outside developer, the Dunham            SF facility began in early 2008 and is located       Dunes - credit South Dakota's lack of a cor-
Company. A total of 232 lots are planned, of        on 11 acres along the east side of Interstate        porate state income tax, lack of a personal
which 232 have been developed and 186               29. The service center will house Malloy's           state income tax, Dakota Dunes' lack of a
have been sold as of December 31, 2008.             inside technical support, motor repair               local sales tax and Dakota Dunes' competi-
                                                    machine shop, electronic service depart-             tive property tax rates, as huge incentives for
The Meadows. The Meadows offers sin-                ment, engineering services, general offices,         doing business at Dakota Dunes. South
gle-family homes starting around $190,000.          and a large warehouse.                               Dakota's other business-friendly traits
A total of 305 lots are planned of which 253                                                             include one of the lowest unemployment
have been developed and 245 have been               Other commercial growth is also prevalent            insurance costs in the nation, no personal
sold as of December 31, 2008.                       in Dakota Dunes. At present, there are six           property tax, no business inventory tax and
                                                    commercial buildings under construction              no inheritance tax.
Country Club Estates. The Country Club              including Malloy Electric, a total of approxi-
consists of single-family homes at prices start-    mately 139,000 SF. These include a 4,000 SF          Dakota Dunes Development Company looks
ing around $225,000. A total of 669 lots are        veterinarian office called Dunes Animal              forward to continued growth over the next
planned, 522 have been developed and 451            Hospital located on Steamboat Drive. The             few years.
lots have been sold as of December 31, 2008.        Dunes Animal Hospital started at Village

2   DAKOTA DUNES NEWS   Winter 2009
Design Review                                    Dakota Dunes                                      Dakota Dunes
Committee                                        Commercial                                        Community
The Design Review Committee (DRC) pur-
                                                 Association, Inc.                                 Association, Inc.
pose is to assure that the design guidelines
                                                 The Dakota Dunes Commercial Association,          Dakota Dunes Community Association, Inc.
established for the Dakota Dunes communi-
                                                 Inc. (Commercial Association) was estab-          (Community Association) was organized by
ty are followed. The DRC reviews all plans
                                                 lished in August 1990. The purpose of the         Dakota Dunes Development Company with
submitted and verifies that the plans meet
                                                 Commercial Association is to establish            a general plan of improvement for the bene-
standards set forth to assure the highest
                                                 covenants, conditions and restrictions upon       fit of all residential owners within Dakota
quality of design. These guidelines help to
                                                 the commercial property at Dakota Dunes.          Dunes. The Community Association is
enhance and maintain property values. In
                                                 This is done for the benefit of all owners of     responsible for the enforcement of the
addition, the DRC facilitates the requests for
                                                 commercial property to provide a method-          covenants. It also handles the administra-
any modifications to a house or commercial
                                                 ology for the administration, maintenance,        tion of the design review process and the
building after the initial construction. Gary
                                                 preservation, use and enjoyment of the            maintenance, repair and improvement of
Roan serves as a representative of the
                                                 commercial property.                              entry features within the Dakota Dunes resi-
Design Review Committee and is available
                                                                                                   dential development. All owners of proper-
to interpret the guidelines and offer sugges-
                                                 The Commercial Association is managed by          ty pay assessments which fund operating
tions you may have concerning building or
                                                 a four person Board of Directors and oper-        expenses of the Community Association.
remodeling at Dakota Dunes.
                                                 ates with an annual budget. Members of the        Currently the residential assessments are
                                                 Commercial Association pay assessments to         $15/month billed quarterly with a $30 initia-
The DRC requires that submittals for your
                                                 cover the annual expenses of the                  tion fee.
site, architectural plans, exterior materials
                                                 Commercial Association. The Board has
used on your new construction and land-
                                                 been controlled by Dakota Dunes                   Dakota Dunes Development Company con-
scaping plans are received and approved
                                                 Development Company since its inception.          trols the Community Association by a Board
prior to their construction and/or installa-
                                                 This control period terminates at the earlier     of Directors until the earlier of (i) 75% of the
tion. The DRC requires a $500 deposit at the
                                                 of (i) 90% of the commercial property has         residential lots have been sold or (ii)
time of a lot sale in The Prairie and a $1,000
                                                 been sold or (ii) December 31, 2009. It is pro-   December 31, 2009. It is projected, based on
deposit at the time of a lot sale in The
                                                 jected, based on commercial sales, that the       residential sale activity, that the control peri-
Country Club and The Meadows which is
                                                 control period will terminate December 31,        od will terminate December 31, 2009 at
refunded after construction of your home
                                                 2009 at which time the Board of Directors         which time the Board of Directors will be
upon meeting the design guidelines.
                                                 will be elected by the commercial members         elected by the residential members of the
                                                 of the Commercial Association.                    Community Association. Currently, the
The design guidelines are available to resi-
                                                                                                   Board of Directors consists of three mem-
dents in printed form upon request and are
                                                 All construction activity for commercial          bers appointed by the developer and two
categorized based on the area of the Dunes
                                                 buildings must be submitted and reviewed          residents elected by the membership for
that you reside, such as The Prairie, The
                                                 by the Design Review Committee to insure          two-year terms.
Meadows or The Country Club. For further
                                                 compliance with the covenants, conditions
questions, Gary can be reached at 605/232-
                                                 and restrictions of the Commercial                In 1993, the Board of Directors established
                                                 Association.                                      neighborhood groups that determine the
                                                                                                   Voting Members for the Association. Today,
The current members of the Design
                                                 The current Board of Directors are:               these Neighborhoods have a chairperson
Review Committee are:
                                                   Dennis Melstad                                  who serves on the Community Association
  Brad Anderson
                                                   Tim Swanson                                     Advisory Committee. The Committee is a
  Don Fuxa
                                                   Carla Muller                                    liaison between residents and the Board of
  Dennis Melstad
                                                   Tim Boyle                                       Directors. Their meetings serve as a forum to
  John Nilges
                                                                                                   exchange project information, concerns and
  Tim Swanson
                                                                                                   preparation for resident control. According
                                                                                                   to the By-Laws of the Community
                                                                                                   Association, each Neighborhood bi-annually
                                                                                                   elects representation.

                                                                                                   The current Board of Directors are:
                                                                                                     Dennis Melstad
                                                                                                     Tim Swanson
                                                                                                     Gary Roan
                                                                                                     Stew Huff
                                                                                                     Jim Redmond

                                                                                                                    Winter 2009   DAKOTA DUNES NEWS   3

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