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									Leeds – 29th January 2008
West Yorkshire Telecare Group
Benefits of Group
 Help and support
 Sounding-board
 Share information about suppliers
 Share information about innovative products
 Share innovations around service re-design

For future…
 West Yorkshire purchasing group
 Expanding group to the North East
West Yorkshire Telecare Services

 All now have Telecare Services in place
 All will continue after PTG finishes
 All know about one another’s services
We have all…
 Established excellent links with Fire Service, NHS,
  voluntary organisations and local stakeholders
 Done extensive training with potential referrers
 Used a variety of suppliers – best solution
 Provided Telecare solutions around risks such as:
    Fire
    Carbon Monoxide
    Wandering
    Floods
    Falls etc.

Began service in March 2007
167 Referrals
90 Telecare Installs
Case Study
 Lady with Dementia
 Family and neighbour concerned about night-time
 Lady not aware – thought she stayed in bed
 Installed Just Checking system
 Established clear picture of activity
 Working with Community Mental Health team to
  maintain her independence
Launched service in November 2006
Around 200 Telecare solutions
Telecare - Falls strategy
Doing LTC pilot - Telehealth
Case Study
 New Falls Strategy (POPPs)
 Falls Prevention Workers
 Install TeleMedCare Triax
 Technology in Falls Clinic
Service launched in late 2006
934 people supported to live
50 people with learning disabilities
Case Study
 Elderly lady with Downs Syndrome
 Early signs of Dementia
 Receives domiciliary support
 Started wandering
 Installed Tunstall Property Exit Sensor
 Link to NKDSS who then can accompany her
 Can assess any deterioration
Service launched in October 2006
1308 homes have had Telecare
 installations to date
1800 referrals including 1100 smoke
Case Study
 COPD Pilot with Leeds NHS Trust
 Tunstall Genesis Units installed
 Monitored by COPD nurse
 Agreement to support other LTC’s
Service launched in Dec 2006
Over 700 Telecare sensors installed to
Lot of work around Physical and
 Learning Disabilities
Case Study
 Young woman with Cerebral Palsy and learning
 Difficulty swallowing – only mashed food
 Risk – gaining access to kitchen
 Installed Chubb Carer Alert and Care Sensor
Any questions please contact

Tanya Parker – Bradford
Sharon Jarvis – Calderdale
Lyndon Peasley – Kirklees
Jeanette Dowden – Leeds
Frances Thompson – Wakefield

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