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How to Start a Property Management Business


How to Start a Property Management Business document sample

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The past 12 months has seen some radical developments in MITIE’s
property services division. We’ve evolved our business model to
meet the challenging requirements of current markets, and
positioned ourselves to enter exciting new ones.

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Through some strategic acquisitions          MITIE Property Management                    centre management and integration,
and a new start-up, we’ve added              Our new start-up property                    facilities management and
more specialists and expertise to MITIE,     management business really offers            maintenance and estate services.
bolstering our world-class business.         something new to social housing                 Our end-to-end bespoke approach
    In March 2008, we expanded our           landlords and public and private asset       to delivering property services adds
national roofing capability by acquiring      owners. By using our systems thinking        value to our clients by helping them
DW Tilley Ltd, the long-established          approach to take the waste out that          reduce costs, procedural duplication
roofing and cladding business with            exists between the traditional client        and procurement costs. We’re also able
branches throughout the UK.                  building surveying and contractor            to make clients’ assets more sustainable
    The company, renamed MITIE Tilley        function, we now deliver a one-stop          through better management and
Roofing Ltd has been successfully             shop service. This means providing long-     investment planning. By tailoring our
integrated, and gives clients access         term strategic partnerships where we         services to each client we can help
to a wider national network of highly-       manage and deliver all of the property       them meet their strategic goals.
skilled specialists. “Having combined        management functions for a client,              By thinking, managing and delivering
our expertise with that of DW Tilley,        end-to-end. Simply put, we’re thinkers,      differently we will support our clients
customers can expect to work with            managers and deliverers!                     to achieve sustainable assets and
some of the most experienced and                The two business streams we provide       communities, and provide world-class
forward-thinking people in the roofing        are consultancy and outsourced               services even better than before.
industry.” Bill Robson, Managing Director    landlord services. As part of our
of MITIE’s Property Services division.       consultancy services we deliver
    DW Tilley has a customer focus and       business process transformation,
sector approach that complements             housing inspection support as well as
our own. We share the same vision            asset management and investment
and values and together, will continue       planning advice.
to deliver a first-class service to all          Being involved from the start of the
our customers.                               planning phase, we’re better placed
    David Tilley, Director of MITIE Tilley   to also provide our bundled property
Roofing, commented: “Being a part             management and maintenance
of MITIE, with its extensive capability      outsourcing services. MITIE’s property
and resourcefulness, means that we’re        services specialists now deliver
able to draw on a range of expertise         asset management and investment
to provide customers with a full suite of    planning services, budget and financial
property services – all under one roof. ”    management, property surveying,
A MITIE good mix then…                       supply chain management and
                                             integration. It doesn’t stop there though;
                                             we can also deliver customer contact

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