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                                     Wednesday, September 10, 2008
                                     Moorestown Community House
Call to Order: President Mark Morgan (Moorestown Theater Company) called the meeting to order at 7:35 AM and had
members introduce themselves around the room.

Attendance (26): Mark Morgan (MTC), Brian Cooper (Homecomings Financial), Kathy Logue (Liberty Bell Bank), Harry
Koons (Moorestown Community House), John Ginley (Wharton Mortgage Group), Harvey Howard (Long & Foster), Jay
Winkler (Idea Lab), Bill Wares (Jersey Central Insurance), Hala Al-Shawaf (Susquehanna Bank), Justin Cunnane (SB),
Jason Henckel (South Jersey FCU), Tom Sheckels (Sheckels Creations), Helen Davies-Miramontes (Prudential Fox &
Roach), Ester Kane (Care One), Geri Finio (Studio 187), Michelle Arnold (PFR), Noan Yalon (Time Plus Payroll), Jeanette
Habina (Wealth Strategy), Kevin Aberant (Taenzer, Ettenson, Aberant), Steve Chepurny (Beechwood Landscaping),
Michael Testa (MLT Ventures), Lynne Winfrey (Banfield), Greg Gallo (Impactrx), Kristy Harkins (Remember Me), Jake
DerHagopean (EDAC), Mark Hines.

Minutes: Kathy Logue reported the minutes for the July General meeting had been posted on our website and copies
were on the table for review. The minutes were approved after a motion by Bill Wares and a second by Brian Cooper.

Financial Report: Harry Koons, Treasurer reported we currently have $36,800 in accounts.

Township Report: Mayor Kevin Aberant reported the Planning Board had reviewed the Master Plan and the council was
continuing its implementation by approving the Lenola Town Center ordinance on 8-25.

Breakfast Host: Mark thanked the Breakfast Host, Esther Kane (Care One) and had her tell us about her business.
While Care One’s Assisted Living Community has been established in Moorestown, their new Harmony Village Assisted
Living facility for dementia patients will have their Grand Opening 9-24. She invited all to attend the Grand Opening and
to call her with any elder care issues.

Fishbowl: Brian Cooper collected business cards in the fishbowl and had our guest speaker select a card. Geri Finio
from Studio 187 won the business card drawing.

Speaker: Mark Morgan introduced John Seitter, President and CEO of the South Jersey Tourism Corporation. He told us
his is a Destination Maker Organization. Twice a year they print a Tourism Guide of places of interest and invited all to
email him information to be included. He also showed a history guide, “Trailways to the Past”. He noted tourism brings in
$38 billion in revenue. He noted Burlington County and Moorestown are rich in history and encouraged us to pursue
marketing Moorestown as a Tourism Destination.

Committee Reports:
Board – Mark Morgan reported Jeanette Habina had resigned from the board, but will still be Chair of Autumn in
Moorestown. Harvey Howard was the only nominee to fill the remainder of the three year term. Brian Cooper passed out
ballots to be completed and tallied. Mark also noted Bill Ware had reviewed and renewed our insurance policy. He had
also been directed by the Board to get quotes for a Directors & Officers policy.
Budget - Harry Koons reported we are currently on balance with the budget.
By-Laws – John Ginley reported the committee will meet to resolve some open issues. Mark noted we will be posting the
Bylaws on our website.
Community Affairs – Jake DerHergopian (EDAC) gave an update on Main Street businesses. Blue Sky Green Earth is
now open and we have boutique where the paint store was. Akira is expanding into the area that was ReMax. They are
encouraging businesses to stay open later, especially on Friday nights. He encouraged us to support our local
businesses. He noted they have been working on parking areas behind Main Street with property owners to ease some
traffic and parking issues. He added that in accordance with the Master Plan the Township was acquiring the property at
Main & High streets. Mark Morgan asked if this should be a pocket park or a commercial property on Main Street. Jake
answered the Master Plan encourages pocket parks and he believed the ratable for such a small property were negligible
compared to its value as a pocket park adding to the town center area. Bill Wares asked if they could encourage Main
Street businesses to upkeep their properties better. Jay Winkler added some trash cans on Main Street are often
overflowing. Jake responded they are working with merchants and property owners on upkeep and Chris Schultz,
Township Manager, was looking into having the trash on Main Street picked up more often.
Ethics - Mark noted John Ginley will move to Vice Chair, since the new bylaws call for a non-board member to Chair this
committee. Anyone interested in Chairing this committee should contact him or Harvey Howard.
Marketing – Jay Winkler reported we will have a Co-Op ad for Autumn in Moorestown. Each business card ad is $75.
We have seven spots taken but have three open. He passed around sample sheet to sign up for these ads. Jay also
displayed the Autumn in Moorestown poster which will also be sent to the schools in a flyer version. Jay had a sample
biodegradable plastic bag to be ordered for our fall events. He added we will have food tents for this event and we will
have banners advertising the MBA and the sponsors on the tents.
Membership – Brian Cooper reported we have 200+ members and the committee is distributing directories to all member
Nominations- Harvey Howard said we have several positions currently open: Board at large member for the remainder
of 2008, Ethics – Chair, Social – Chair & Vice Chair, Sponsorship – Vice Chair, Easter Egg Hunt – Vice Chair,
Moorestown Day – Chair & Vice Chair. He encouraged members to get involved. He noted we will have all officer
positions and a one year board term open for our 2009 elections to be held in December. He encouraged members to get
nominations to him or his committee through October, to be presented to the board and the membership in November and
voted on in December.
Scholarship – Kathy Logue thanked Tom and Jay from Idea Lab for the photo and press release on our first annual
scholarship. She will get input from the committee on the selection process for next year.
Social – Member upcoming events are 9-24 Open House at Care One and 9-25 at Long & Foster for some post family
Fun Day networking.
Sponsorship – Kathy Logue reported we have a total of $20,750 committed with 18 sponsors. She has a Sponsorship
form prepared for 2009 to be sent with a membership renewal letter in October.

Event Committees:
Moorestown Day (2009) – Chair & Vice Chair positions are open.
Autumn in Moorestown (10-11-08) – Jeanette Habina, Chair, reported Gina Zegel is collecting information on vendors.
Helen Davies-Miramontes is working on entertainment. We will have a food tent and an MBA tent. Volunteers are
needed to man the MBA tent and keep the street nice. She passed around a volunteer sheet.
Halloween Parade (10-25-08) – Brian Cooper said we will have the parade on Main Street and a bonfire with ghost
stories at Stokes Hill. We will posters around town and flyers for back backs.
Candlelight Night (11-7-08) – Harry Koons is Interim Chair with Brian Cooper as Vice Chair to assist in the planning.
Easter Egg Hunt (04-09-08) – Bill Wares is Chair and a Vice Chair is needed.

Brian Cooper announced Harvey Howard was elected to fill the three year vacant board position with 17 votes.
Kevin Aberant noted Congressional candidate John Adler will have a Town Hall meeting 9-15 at 6:30 at the Community
Harvey Howard announced the annual Family Fun Day will be 9-21 at Strawbridge Lake from 12-5.
South Jersey Federal Credit Union is under construction at Church & New Albany Roads.
Mark Morgan said the October Candidates Forum may or may not happen. The board will discuss it after this meeting
and report to the members.

Next Meetings:
       Board of Directors – 7:30 AM – Idea Lab – 7 East Main Street – Wed., Oct 1 and Nov 5, 2008
       General Membership – 7:15 to 7:30 AM Networking, Meeting at 7:30 AM
               Wednesday, October 8, 2008 Moorestown Community House
               Breakfast Host: Jason Henckel, South Jersey Federal Credit Union

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Submitted by: Kathy Logue, Secretary


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