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									                                                                   Compliment Letters
                                                                As At: December 13, 2006

NO.     DATE REC’D            FROM                   REGARDING                    EXCERPT FROM LETTERS

1.      Nov. 6, 2006          Civilian               Officers                        •   Would like to bring to your attention the efforts of 2 Officers
                                                                                         played in helping save an at risk youth from the street.
                                                                                     •   Encloses an update that the youth completed a drug treatment
                                                                                         program and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Mother and son
                                                                                         are both doing well.

2.      Nov. 6, 2006          Agency                 Officers                        •   Acknowledging the efforts of 3 Officers at the scene of an
                                                                                         accident. Their efforts played a large part in the successful
                                                                                         resuscitation of this patient.
                                                                                     •   Please convey to the VPD our appreciation and thanks for a job
                                                                                         well done.

3.      Nov.8, 2006           Citizen                Officer                         •   Would like to commend and thank the Officer who witnessed a
                                                                                         vehicle accident and then quickly took control of the situation
                                                                                         ensuring the injured victims were immediately taken care of.
                                                                                     •   Officer was very compassionate when offering his assistance,
                                                                                         consoling the victims who were extremely upset.

4.      Nov. 10, 2006         Agency                 Officer                         •   Thank you to an Officer for speaking at a business function.
                                                                                     •   Officer made himself available, setting a fine of example of the
                                                                                         dedication to duty that the members of the VPD have always and
                                                                                         without fail shown the related agency.

5.      Nov. 16, 2006         Business               VPD                             •   Commending the VPD for the action and excellent service
                                                                                         provided to a victim of a home invasion.
                                                                                     •   Victim’s experience with the Vancouver Police was absolutely
                                                                                         positive and victim supports the VPD

6.      Nov. 16, 2006         Citizen                Officer                         •   Would like to thank the Officer for a job well done when dealing
                                                                                         with protestors for were causing problems.
                                                                                     •   Officer showed compassion and respect to the protesters and for
                                                                                         their cause

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                                                                   Compliment Letters
                                                                As At: December 13, 2006

7.      Nov. 17, 2006         University             Officer                      •   Thank you for a comprehensive and researched presentation
                                                                                      given by a VPD member.
                                                                                  •   Officer was extremely knowledgeable and the University is
                                                                                      extremely appreciative of the educational contributions of the

8.      Nov. 17, 2006         University             Officers                     •   Thank you for permitting Officers of such high caliber to give a
                                                                                      presentation to a graduating University class.
                                                                                  •   Officers were comprehensive, and very professional. They
                                                                                      answered complex questions in a manner which demonstrated
                                                                                      their level of expertise and devotion.

9.      Nov. 17, 2006         School                 Officer                      •   Acknowledge the great work 4 Officer’s provided at a high school
                                                                                      when a student was in crisis.
                                                                                  •   The Officers showed tremendous expertise in dealing with a
                                                                                      difficult situation and showed a high level of compassion for the
                                                                                      students, staff and parents.

10.     Nov. 20, 2006         Agency                 Officer                      •   Would like to show appreciation to an Officer for speaking to
                                                                                      youths at risk.
                                                                                  •   The Officer gave a positive presentation in the right direction
                                                                                      towards changing student’s attitudes towards police officers and
                                                                                      involvement in the legal system.

11.     Nov. 23, 2006         Citizen                Officer                      •   Deepest appreciation to an officer for the generosity and
                                                                                      graciousness shown to a civilian during a Remembrance Day
                                                                                  •   Officer went out of his way to bring a volunteer a hot drink and
                                                                                      something to eat while civilian stood out in the cold collecting

12.     Nov. 23, 2006         Citizen                Officers                     •   Thank you to all the VPD members and City employees for the
                                                                                      hard work they do in keeping Vancouver safe and clean

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                                                                   Compliment Letters
                                                                As At: December 13, 2006

13.     Nov. 23, 2006         Business               VPD                          •   Thank you to the VPD for the prompt response they’ve provided
                                                                                      during a call out to a protest
                                                                                  •   The VPD have always been fair, professional and hardworking.

14.     Nov. 23, 2006         Citizen                Officers                     •   Sincere thank you and appreciation to 2 Officers who helped
                                                                                      track down and deliver the tragic news to a tourist that his sister
                                                                                      was found murdered in the UK.
                                                                                  •   The Officer’s arranged travel for the tourist to be flown back to
                                                                                      the UK to be with his family.
                                                                                  •   The Officer’s were compassionate and supportive during this
                                                                                      family’s tragic loss and the family is very grateful

15.     Nov. 29, 2006         Citizen                VPD                          •   Would like to express appreciation for the increase of VPD
                                                                                      activity enforcing speeding and traffic violations
                                                                                  •   This makes a difference not only with speeding, as it shows a
                                                                                      force of police actively enforcing the law in Vancouver

16.     Nov. 29, 2006         Citizen                Officers                     •   Would like to thank the officers for participating in the Block
                                                                                  •   We enjoyed the participation of the VPD who highlighted their
                                                                                      skills in wresting and dog handling.

17.     Nov. 29, 2006         Citizen                Officer’s                    •   Thank you to the Officer’s who assisted a civilian after purse and
                                                                                      cell phone were stolen.
                                                                                  •   Officer’s showed compassion for the victim who was extremely
                                                                                  •   Great appreciation to the Officer’s and VPD who made the victim
                                                                                      feel safe

18.     Nov. 20, 2006         Citizen’s              VPD                          •   Numerous appreciation letters pouring in from the COV
                                                                                      regarding By-Law 2807.

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