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									                                         hhSeniorS SunSet timeS mAY 2010hh                                                                          PAge 13

                                                        The Change Purse
                                                            By Wayne Nelson
                                                            narrow strip of paper) for   buy our usual bag of                   of summer. That change
                                                            another 10¢ leaving us       goodies and go home to                 purse was quite a gift for
                                                            with more than enough        burry our change purse                 Bobby and me and as
                                                            left for the movies. While   in an old Prince Albert                Jimmy Durante used to
                                                            sitting down on those        can. Then, we would take               say at the end of his TV
                                                            steps, I spotted it! Half    out a little each time we              show “Thanks to Mrs.
                                                            buried in dust, covered      went to the movies. Must               Challahn where ever you
                                                            in cobwebs and etc. THE      have lasted for the rest               may be”
                                                            CHANGE PURSE!!!!

                                                                                         Do you know?
                                                              The steps were too
                                                            narrow for me to crawl
                                                            through, but just right
 A   change purse, you
     don’t see them much
nowadays, the 3 to 4 inch
                                I t was a couple
                              of mile hike on Sylvester
                              Road up to “Elllers” Store
                                                            to shove my brother
                                                            through, while I held his
                                                            skinny legs and acted
wide small clasp made of      at Five Corners. Stopping     as though this were an
black cotton material.        as needed to toss stuff off   everyday event for us.
       The Scene              the bridge, then crawling     I was making sure all
  Two small boys-in           down under it to view two     the time Old Man Eller
thread bare cord pants        stick figure drawings of      didn’t notice us. Bobby
and smelly old stripped       naked girls!                  at last emerges from
shirts that are far             All the while we’re         under the porch covered
too small. Their shoe         figuring out how to spend     in cobwebs and dirt. We
strings busted on pairs       our 25¢ allowance and         can’t go into the store
of sole flapping shoes        still leave enough for        that way, so we crossed
that usually had a heel       the Saturday Matine at        the street and cleaned                                      l’Eco
there was a war on and
                              the Den Borien Theatre.
                              Hoping to join the 300
                                                            up Bobby with ferns and
                                                            moss down by Miller
they can’t get extra shoes)   plus yelling kids tossing     Creek- Then and only do                         Rich with aromatic aromas of nutmeg, clove and
Must have been around         popcorn all over each         we open the change purse                         cinnamon, this spicy Merlot shows red cherry fruit,
1943. That was how it         other.                                                                            black plum, blackberry and dark fruit avors
                                                            and it is a FORTUNE!!!                                        encased in a peppery, chocolate,
was for my little brother             The Store             full    with    NICKLES,                                         black cherry nish.
Bobby and me.                   Sitting down on the         DIMES, QUARTER AND
  The sun was shinning        wide wood porch steps         5 DOLLAR BILLS!!
and our chores were           we finalized our plans to         Our Big Problem                                                            Price
all done, there was no
school and our allowance
                              purchase some Hostess
                              cupcakes 2 for 12¢, a
                                                              Old man Eller knew our
                                                            dad and knew we would
                                                                                                                                           29 Price
was waiting to be spent...
What more could two
boys want?
                              couple of feet mechanical
                              gun candy (spots of
                              colored sugar on a
                                                            never have had this kind
                                                            of money. So we hatched
                                                            up our plan. We would

                                                               lyde &
                                                       Frames-N-Things                      Reg.
                                                        Gifts & Gallery                    $
                                                            113 East Wishkah               Sale
                                                               Aberdeen                    Price
                                                            Your Custom                    CASAde
                                                              Framing                      A avorful and
                                                                                           traditional wine with
                                                             & Awards                      great structure and body.
                                                                                           It’s brilliant and clean ,intense

                                                               Center                      cherry-garnet coloring. The nose
                                                                                           boasts ripe blackberry, cherry, violets
   Photography                                                                             and licorice.Pair it with a ‘lamb-burger’
                                                                                           or even grilled salmon, it will surprise you!
    by Margaret
   Sherwood for
     the month
       of May
                                                                                                      110 East Heron • Aberdeen
                                                                                            Because there is a di erence • 537-5755                                                              360-533-3880
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Annual Choker Club golf tournament
                                         hh SeniorS SunSet timeS mAY 2010 h
  Grays Harbor College’s annual Choker Club golf tournament – now called the Ken
Waite Memorial event -- takes place Saturday, May 15, at the Grays Harbor Country
Club. This annual event starts with registration at 12:30 p.m., with golf teeing off at 1
p.m. Entry fee is $60 per person and proceeds from the tournament help fund GHC
athletic scholarships.
  Pro golfer Ann Swanson is a co-sponsor of the Choker Golf Tournament along with
Rich Hartman’s Five Star dealership, Grays Harbor Contracting and Snell Crane. Entry fee                                      By David L. Aldrich
includes green fees, beverages, barbecue following golf, tee prizes and awards. Waite
died in 2009 from cancer while serving as the College’s athletic director.All participants
will receive a sleeve of Ken Waite Memorial golf balls. For further information, contact
the Choker Athletic Department at (360) 538-4207,
                                                                                              Living Well With
                                                                                             Chronic Conditions
                                                                                             N    ational Health Care and our lives, can we breathe
                                                                                                  yet? Maybe we should just take a moment and
                                                                                             take a collective deep breath. You probably know
                                                                                             by now that the federal government health care plan
                                                                                             passed congress with all of the fanfare and the many
                                                                                             concerns of a number of individuals. Should I worry?
                                                                                             No. I agree with those who have said that the world
                                                                                             will not end and we need to continue on.
                                                                                               This Act of Congress is cited as the “Patient
                                                                                             Protection and Affordable Care Act” and I find much
                                                                                             of the Act includes many references to existing
                                                                                             programs. Medicare is sited at least 443 times and
                                                                                             Medicaid is sited 322 times for example. I see in this
                                                                                             Act that it is the intention of Congress to develop
                                                                                             and strengthen preventive programs as one of the
                                                                                             systems to decrease the frequency of hospitalizations
                                                                                             and to help individuals be more in control of their
                                                                                             health and health care needs. Congress included in
                                                                                             this Act many current and past programs that have
                                                                                             been developed and tested over the years and are now
                                                                                             considered by the healthcare community to be best
                                                                                               One area getting attention in this Act is a program
                                                                                             associated with helping folks manage chronic health
                                                                                             conditions. I know that for the past two years the
                                                                                             state of Washington and the Olympic Area Agency on
                                                                                             Aging has participated in a trial of helping folks live
                                                                                             well with chronic conditions. This has been expressed
                                                                                             with classes that were developed by Stanford
                                                                                             University’s Chronic Disease Management Program
                                                                                             and taught throughout the Olympic Peninsula by
                                                                                             trained instructors and coordinated through Olympic
                                                                                             Area Agency on Aging nurse services.
                                                                                               This current chronic care management program
                                                                                             that we and others across the state has been involved
                                                                                             with has been part of a trial to see if the packaged
                                                                                             program would lower health care costs and the
                                                                                             numbers indicate that it did.
                                                                                               This new Act of Congress has incorporated years
                                                                                             of trials associated with preventative programs that
                                                                                             have been tested and shown positive results. I am
                                                                                             looking forward to our agency and the state being
                                                                                             able to provide continued coordinated opportunities
                                                                                             for folks to be in control of their health and their
                                                                                               Speaking of Living Well with Chronic Condition
                                                                                             workshops I know of two free workshops scheduled
                                                                                             to start in May. The Quinault Indian nation, in
                                                                                             collaboration with the Olympic Area Agency on
                                                                                             Aging, has scheduled a Living Well with Chronic
                                                                                             Conditions workshop open to the public, to be held
                                                                                             one day a week (2.5 hours, 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.) for
                                                                                             six weeks beginning Tuesday May 11, 2010 at the
                                                                                             Taholah Senior Center, 409 Commux St. Olympic
                                                                                             Area Agency on Aging has also scheduled a workshop
                                                                                             in Raymond starting on May 28th to be held one day a
                                                                                             week (2.5 hours, 9:00 to 11:30 a.m.) for 6 weeks. This
                                                                                             workshop will be held at the Raymond Union Hall
                                                                                             at 302 2nd St. The workshops will be taught by two
                                                                                             trained leaders. All of the materials that individuals
                                                                                             will be using were developed by Stanford University’s
                                                                                             Chronic Disease-Self Management Program. This
                                                                                             program is designed to help folks who suffer from a
                                                                                             chronic condition, including diabetes, asthma, heart
                                                                                             disease, chronic pain, arthritis to name a few; to lesson
                                                                                             their stress and frustration, manage symptoms and
                                                                                             deal with fatigue. The goal of the program is to help
                                                                                             the participants live a healthy life with their chronic
                                                                                             condition by managing their symptoms. Spaces in
                                                                                             these two workshops are limited so please register
                                                                                             early. For more information and registration, please
                                                                                             call 1-866-582-1487 or 360-538-2457.
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Lady Washington
15 MORE Puget Sound ports
A   berdeen – The State of Washington’s official tall
    ship, the Lady Washington, and her companion
ship, Hawaiian Chieftain have added 15 Puget Sound
ports to the pair’s summer sailing itinerary. The
vessels will visit major cities, as well as small ports
rarely called on by tall ships. At most stops, Lady
Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will offer walk-
on tours, Battle Sails, Adventure Sails, and K-12
educational programs. The July schedule includes the
popular family and youth sailing camp experiences in
the San Juan Islands. Here’s the schedule:

                                     Port Orchard:
                                      June 15-20
                                      Gig Harbor:
E   arlier this month, the
    Grays Harbor Historical
Seaport Authority, which
                                      June 22-23
                                      June 25-29
owns and operates the                    Seattle:
vessels,    announced     its           July 1-11
itinerary for April, May                 Blaine:
and the first half of June.            July 13-19
A complete schedule is                Bellingham:
available on the Historical            July 21-24
Seaport’s Sailing Schedule      San Juan Islands Family
                                and Youth Camps: July
page at the Seaport website,              26-30                                Lady Washington under sail. Photo by Thomas Hyde
Tickets may be purchased           July 31-August 3
online or by calling 800-           Roche Harbor:
200-5239.                             August 5-9
  For     information     on    Cama Beach State Park:
our dockside and sailing               August 12
education programs for                Coupeville:           114 East Chance a la Mer                         Ocean Shores
                                     August 14-15
young people, as well as our
annual family and youth            Bainbridge Island
                                    (Eagle Harbor):
camping trips to the San
Juan Islands, contact Roxie            August 17            Eclectic Gif
Underwood, runderwood@
                                     August 19-22
                                                                                        t items,           Tacoma: August 25-29
  800-200-5239, ext. 102.            Port Angeles:
                                  August 31-Sept. 12

                                                              Original Stained
                                                                Glass Art

                                                                  & Collectible
                                                                   Treasures                             Open
                                                                                                       Daily 10-5
                                                                                                   Closed Sun & Wed

                set ”        on.
             ve      e neymo
                   at Ho
        o u’
      Y e Dn the
           h To pla
       “T e
                ’s tim
       o wi                                                                                                     Let the professionals
     N                                                                                                            at Journey Travel
                                                                                                                   do all the work.

                                                                                                                    108 E. First • Aberdeen
                                                                                                              360-532-2860 • 800-541-0186
PAge 16
                                         hh SeniorS SunSet timeS mAY 2010 h

MUTTLY                                                                                                               By

                                               Baby Girl Has Arrived
                                               Baby Girl     this surprise delivery, as I   was able to take over with    I was. We spent the next

                                         didn’t     arrive   had no clue of the arrival     the camera so her sister      couple days making lists
       une       2009      I   until February of this        date, and we could share       could return to work. We      of things that she needed
       told Muttly, my         year, just in time for my     with Greg and the family       have such a great family.     and trying to decide what
invisible pest of a dog,       birthday! What a neat         my excitement on this          They always manage to         to do first. It was finally
that Baby Girl would be        surprise and a most           memorable day. Robin,          be there for us and each      decided to go throughout
here on June 13th. As you      welcome one. Greg had         Gramps (Sylvia’s dad)          other.                        the fuel system first,
may recall, Baby Girl is a     sent the car on it’s way      and I headed with Baby           After everyone left and     then fix the leaks in the
collector car that our son     from El Paso, and our         Girl for our home in           I was alone with my new       cooling system. Between
Greg, who lives in El Paso,    son Robin met the truck       Hoquiam.                       car, Muttly showed up         extra work coming into
Texas, purchased for me        and finished the delivery       It was exciting to finally   from wherever he had          the frame shop and
in 2008, and Sylvia and I      to Hoquiam. You can           unload Baby Girl in front      been, asking, “Hey Clyde,     trying to keep up with a
went for a visit soon after,   imagine my surprise           of the house, and more         What’s up?” Beaming           big family, things have
that included checking         when Robin stopped by         fun to get in her and          with joy I told him Baby      progressed very slowly.
out my car and enoying         the shop that Saturday        actually drive her around      Girl had arrived and was      I must admit Muttly has
some hands on time             and had Baby Girl             the block and into the         in the garage and would       been very helpful, diggng
working on it with our         proudly sitting on the        garage. Backing up was         he like to see her? “Of       out leaves, dirt, etc. from
son. Well, as it happens,      trailer behind his pick up.   a real challenge as I have     course!” he yelped, and       all over the car. If this
there was an even bigger       We made quite a show          gotten so used to side         headed for the garage. I      behavior keeps up, I may
time lapse than expected.      of it, with Sylvia taking     mirrors and Baby Girl          yelled, “Wait for me and      have to find a vet that
                               pictures of my reaction to    has none. But with son         I’ll start her up.” Muttly    believes in invisible dogs
                                                             Rob guiding, and being         beat me to the garage         and have him checked
                                                             able to roll the driver’s      and let out a real howl       out.
  Finding the Post Office                                    window down, the job
                                                             got done. Of course there
                                                                                            of disappointment upon
                                                                                            seeing the car. “Clyde,”
                                                                                                                             Oh, by the way, Baby
                                                                                                                          Girl is a 1951 Hudson
     A little boy was waiting for his mother to come
                                                             were more pictures of the      he said, “This is the same    Pacemaker 4 door sedan,
   out of the grocery store. As he waited, he was
                                                             unloading of Baby Girl         old car we worked on in       and here is a picture of
   approached by a man who asked, “Son, can you
                                                             and all the excitement         El Paso.” “Yes”, I said,      her.
   tell me where the Post Office is?”
     The little boy replied, “Sure! Just go straight         of her arrival at her final    “ain’t she pretty?”           Clyde Brown is co-owner of Clyde
                                                             destination. Sylvia who          Muttly      was    pretty   & Sylvia’s Frames-N-Things, where
   down this street a coupla blocks and turn to                                                                           Clyde enjoys framing customer’s
   your right.”                                              had to remain at the           miffed.      I believe he
                                                             shop, had called Rob’s         thought I had gotten a        memories. A long time Harborite,
     The man thanked the boy kindly and said,                                                                             he is a member of the Aberdeen
   “I’m the new pastor in town. I’d like for you to          oldest daughter Catrina        brand new car, not this
                                                                                                                          Elks, and has always been active
   come to church on Sunday. I’ll show you how to            who was able to leave          old clunker. But after I
                                                                                                                          in his community. As for the little
   get to Heaven.”                                           work to take pictures of       got her started and we        imaginary dog, Muttly, well, he is
     The little boy replied with a chuckle. “Awww,           the arrival at the house,      ran up and down the           always nearby, watching over the
   come on mister, you don’t even know the way to            and she in turn called her     driveway a few times, he      shop.
   the Post Office.”                                         sister Janice who then         began to get as excited as

Sudoku For SUE

                                                                                             Everybody does it!
                                                                                             Lil Johnny was at the community swimming pool
                                                                                            when he was approached by the lifeguard.
                                                                                             “I’m sorry son, but there is no peeing in the pool!”
                                                                                             Johnny quickly replied, “Other people do pee in the
                                                                                             To which the lifeguard said, “Possibly, but they don’t
                                                                                            do it from the diving board!”

                                                                                                 RETIREE’S today?”
                                                                                              A wife said, “Whatcha doinTHOUGHT
                                                                                              I said, “Nothing.”
                                                                                              She said, “You did that yesterday.”
                                                                                              I said, “I wasn’t finished.”
                                                                                              Send us your JOKES!!!

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